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Here’s how the head of HBO documentaries decides which projects get made


sheilanevins_Timothy Greenfield Sanders

For over 30 years, HBO Documentary Films president Sheila Nevins has found compelling ways to make us want to watch non-fiction films.

Though documentaries are more popular than ever, the way Nevins finds the stories hasn’t changed much over the years.

She still searches through The New York Times for stories that need deeper exploration, her team brings her ideas, and filmmakers with a relationship at HBO pitch her.

She recently told Business Insider that what makes the best films are the ones “you’re just busting with a desire to tell a story and find out more about it.”

When BI spoke with Nevins the day after the Amktrak crash in Philadelphia, she didn’t see a story there to tell as an HBO doc. However, something like law enforcement’s handling of the capture of those responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing still fascinates her.

“That’s what makes the job so interesting,” said Nevins. “It’s always different.”

“I'm a great believer in the anonymity of the documentary subject,” she added. “I think the stories of ordinary people are much more interesting because they are extraordinary. Fame tends to repeat itself. Someone's famous because they wear certain clothing or are famous because they've been in something or famous because of their political views. They just kind of regurgitate the same philosophy. It's interesting, but it doesn't require discovery in the same way that anonymity does.”

For the latest HBO documentary, "Requiem for the Dead: American Spring 2014" (airing June 22), the idea in how to tell the story of gun violence in America was very different. The film’s directors Shari Cookson and Nick Doob told Nevins they wanted to make the whole film out of the social media posts the victims made before they died. Nevins said yes without hesitation. 

requiemforthedead03“There’s not one bit of original filming in it,” said Nevins of the film. “So it’s America on its own without any creative engagement. I think it’s one of the best documentaries we’ve done.”

But there are some projects Nevins passed on that still keep her up at night. Particularly the 2011 Oscar-nominated “Restrepo,” which looked at a year in the life of a platoon stationed in one of the most deadly locations in Afghanistan. 

“’Restrepo’ eats away at me,” said Nevins. “It pissed me off that I didn’t see it as being successful. I was more careful the next time about choosing a war story.”

That next time would be her executive producing the documentary short “Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1,” which looks at a unique service that supports the traumas our military veterans suffer.

The film won best documentary short at this year’s Academy Awards.

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Netflix actually paid $60 million for Brad Pitt's new military satire


Brad Pitt Mark Davis Getty

Adam Sandler is one thing, but how did Netflix land Brad Pitt? Turns out, money talks.

In April 2014, actor-producer Pitt announced he would star in Plan B's adaptation of the late Michael Hastings' book The Operators: The Wild and Terrifying Inside Story of America’s War in Afghanistan as Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, the commander of U.S. and international troops in Afghanistan who was forced to resign after mocking Vice President Joe Biden and other Obama officials in Hastings' 2010 Rolling Stone story.

What wasn't publicly known was that Pitt and edgy Australian auteur David Michod (Animal KingdomThe Rover) wanted to make a satirical comedy, not a mainstream, dramatic biopic that would appeal to the U.S. heartland as Clint Eastwood's American Sniper did. Their movie, War Machine, could easily irk conservative audiences.

The film had been set up at New Regency and RatPac Entertainment, but even though New Regency made 12 Years a Slave with Plan B, the backers wanted Michod and producers to lower the proposed $60 million to $70 million budget. The filmmakers balked, putting the project up for grabs, and Netflix revealed June 8 that it had swooped in and grabbed War Machine. CAA, which represents Pitt and Plan B, brokered the deal with Netflix, while Michod is repped by UTA.

Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos was willing to pay the $60 million the filmmakers wanted, according to a knowledgeable insider, debunking reports that pegged the price at about half that. "It's great for the specialty film business, since people might be more willing to see challenging, liberal-leaning material in the comfort of their own home [rather] than in a movie theater," says a source close to the deal. "More people might actually see the movie this way."

Ted SarandosOr, as Netflix spokesman Jonathan Friedland tells THR: "David Michod and Brad Pitt are known for the fearless and exceptional intelligence of their work, which is why War Machine will be a great treat for Netflix audiences around the world."

And Netflix, which won't reveal budgets, doesn't have to worry about the same things a studio does. "You have a new player in the market willing to invest in material that is provocative," says another person involved with the film. "They have the money and need premium content to drive their subscription base."

The move comes after Netflix has been relatively quiet at festival markets since it ramped up its push into original films in 2014 with Sandler's four-picture deal, although it did plunk down $17 million in Berlin earlier this year to pre-buy worldwide rights to Jadotville, an Irish war drama starring Jamie Dornan.

And outside of the festival circuit proper, Netflix paid $12 million for rights to Cary Fukunaga's African war drama Beast of No Nation, starring Idris Elba (look for the movie to premiere at the Toronto Film Festival in September in hopes of an awards run).

beasts of no nation netflix focus featuresSuch a huge investment in War Machine likely signals a commitment to film similar to the one the streaming service has made to TV, which has helped it lure 62 million subscribers. Michod starts shooting in August for a 2016 release on Netflix and in select theaters.

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14 'Jurassic Park' references made in 'Jurassic World'


Jurassic World

Warning: This article contains some major spoilers for "Jurassic World."

Despite being the fourth movie in the "Jurassic Park" franchise, "Jurassic World" is considered to be a direct sequel to 1993's "Jurassic Park." 

It's a faithful sequel filled with references to the original. Some are obvious, and some you'll have to think twice about.

Here are all of the "Jurassic Park" references we spotted while seeing the film:

1. Mr. DNA hasn't gone anywhere.

Jurassic Park Mr DNAThis helpful cartoon was first featured in a movie that John Hammond (Richard Attenborough) showed guests as a fun way to inform them about the crazy genetic experiments happening at Jurassic Park. He can be seen once again at the entrance of Jurassic World.

2. Claire's outfit echoes the past

jurassic world chris pratt jessica chastainA lot has been said about how ridiculous it is to watch Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) run away from dinosaurs while wearing high heels. 

However, her actual outfit in general could be a throwback.

Bustle points out she wears an all white outfit just like John Hammond before her. 

Then, at one point in the movie, she dramatically pauses to tie her shirt in a knot. On The /Filmcast, Joanna Robinson points out that the other great "Jurassic Park" heroine, Laura Dern did the same thing in the first movie:

Jurassic Park

3. The T. rex once again feasts on a goat

In "Jurassic Park," you get a lot of hints at the T. rex's fury before she can actually be seen in full view. One of them is a goat attached to a rope that eventually disappears.

Jurassic Park Night VisionEarly in "Jurassic World," the boys visit the T. rex, and a live goat is seen once again, only to be devoured seconds later. But don't worry, that isn't our only view of the beast.

Jurassic World Goat

4. Baby Triceratops finally makes an appearance

Jurassic World Baby TriceratopsAccording to a making of feature, Spielberg originally wanted to include a baby Triceratops in "Jurassic Park." Despite the fact that this scene was cut, they still made an animatronic reconstruction of it.

To make up for this absence, we get an entire baby Triceratops petting zoo in "Jurassic World."

5. The Dilophosaurus returns in less-deadly hologram form

Dilophosaurus GIFThe lizard-like Dilophosaurus famously ended Dennis Nedry's (Wayne Knight) plans in "Jurassic Park."

Fans of the first will notice the small, yet terrifying dinosaur can be seen in hologram form in "Jurassic World" near the end of the film.

6. John Hammond statue

Jurassic Park Richard Attenborough

In "Jurassic Park," billionaire John Hammond's dream of a dinosaur theme park is crushed, and he is absolutely devastated.

In "Jurassic World," his dream comes to life. And while he isn't around to see it (actor Richard Attenborough passed away in 2014), a statue of him stands tall in Hammond Hall.

7. Mosquito in amber

Jurassic World MosquitoAs it's revealed in "Jurassic Park," dinosaurs are created through DNA extraction from ancient mosquitoes trapped in amber.

The mosquitoes make many cameos in "Jurassic World," including giant statues all around the park.

8. Jake Johnson's got a "Jurassic Park" T-shirt

Jake Johnson Jurassic WorldIn one of the film's many meta moments, Lowery (Jake Johnson) wears a Jurassic Park T-shirt from the original park souvenir shop which he paid a big price for on eBay. 

9. Jeff Goldblum's character Ian Malcolm wrote a book

chris pratt jake johnson bookUnfortunately, chaos theorist Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) couldn't return for a "Jurassic World" cameo. However, his impact in this movie universe can still be felt.

At one point, a copy of his book, "God Creates Dinosaurs," can be seen on Jurassic Park nerd Lowery's desk.

10. The return of Dr. Henry Wu

BD Wong Jurassic ParkB.D. Wong is the only original cast member to return for "Jurassic World." 

BD Wong Chuck Zlotnick Universal.JPGWu is the scientist responsible for much of the dinosaurs that are seen in the park, including Indominus Rex. In "Jurassic World," it comes to light that he may just be the franchise's biggest villain.

11. Tim Murphy's night vision goggles

Jurassic Park Night Vision GogglesWhile running from the Indominus Rex, Claire's nephews Gray (Ty Simpkins) and Zach (Nick Robinson) discover the ruins of the original Jurassic Park hidden deep in the woods of Isla Nublar. 

Inside an old shed, Gray picks up a pair of night vision goggles, most likely the same ones worn by Tim (Joseph Mazzello) during the T. rex's night attack. 

12. The original "Jurassic Park" Jeep

Jurassic ParkAlso found in the shed are two Jeeps from the original park. They look withered both by time and the T. rex attacks. 

Jurassic Park T rex jeep attack GIFThe Jeep Gray and Zach end up taking is marked 29, the same one driven by John Hammond near the start of "Jurassic Park"

13. "When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth" banner

T Rex, Ending, Jurassic ParkAnother item found from the original park is a tattered banner with "When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth" written across it. This banner could be seen in one of the last shots of "Jurassic Park," after the T. rex defeats the Velociraptors, re-establishes her dominance in the animal kingdom, and inadvertently becomes the hero of the film.

14. The reappearance of the T. rex

Jurassic World Bryce Dallas HowardThe original T. rex makes a very brief appearance at the beginning of "Jurassic World," but it is not the last time we see her.

Just when it seems like the Indominus Rex will make a meal out of everybody left at the park, Claire demands Lowery open up a certain gate. She walks up with a flare, just like Ian Malcolm before her, and signals that yes, the T. rex is back, giving fans something to cheer about.

Jurassic Park Flare

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'Inside Out' will be the first Pixar movie ever to not open No.1 at the box office


inside out

Though Pixar’s latest animated feature “Inside Out” has drawn critical acclaim and is on track to be a hit at the box office, it will likely not join the other titles from the studio in one category.

Looking at projections for this weekend’s box office take, The Wrap believes that “Inside Out” will be the first Pixar movie not to debut at No.1. 

The main reason is because “Jurassic World” is going to take a huge bite out of the box office again, with it expected to gross around $100 million in its second weekend, analysts tell The Wrap. 

“Inside Out” is projected to gross around $60 million in first-weekend sales, according to Bloomberg. Pixar titles that had a similar opening weekend take include “Cars,” “Brave” and “WALL-E.” All of them went on to gross over $450 million worldwide.

“Inside Out” is set in the mind of a young girl named Riley, whose emotions — Joy (Amy Poehler), Fear (Bill Hader), Anger (Lewis Black), Disgust (Mindy Kaling), and Sadness (Phyllis Smith) — conflict in how to manage her move to San Francisco.

Though it might not take the top spot, “Inside Out” has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, leading Dave Hollis, distribution chief at Disney, to tell The Wrap he’s “pretty sure that by the end of the summer, this one will be among the top [grossing] films.”

The 14 preceding Pixar films have taken in $8.5 billion and grossed more than $600 million globally.

“Jurassic World” is coming off a historic opening weekend where it took in over $200 million, making it the highest-grossing debut weekend of all time. 

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15 movies to watch with Dad this weekend


Dad doesn't beat around the bush. For Father's Day, he's already told you exactly what he wants: to be with his family. He's more about life's simpler pleasures, if you will. 

If Pop is a certified movie buff, then binging some of his favorite films is a solid (and inexpensive) way to spend some time with him this weekend. Below, we selected 15 patriarch-approved flicks — My Cousin VinnyFear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and more — to rent or buy on Amazon. Bonus: If you're also planning to give Pop the gift of Prime, he can stream some of our picks without spending a dime.

And, the Best Kid of the Year award goes to...

51l1m++CXvL 2

1. In Bruges

After a young Hitman (Collin Ferrel) botches his first job, an older gangster takes him under his wing and into hiding in Belgium. Let the twisted, dark comedy commence. 

Price: $2.99 to $12.99

016 fdv dvd filme casablanca romance original 1551 MLB4758150979_082013 F2. Casablanca

Just found out you and Dad both share the same favorite flick? We think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Price: $2.99 to $12.99 


3. Up

When a movie manages to hit the sweet spot of humor and heart, it's a win-win for the whole family. 

Price $2.99 to $19.99

23574. Big Daddy

Nothing like father-son bonding time over a movie about exactly that. The hilarity of Big Daddy lies in the louder-than-life acting of Adam Sandler who attempts to raise the child he never knew he had.

Price: $9.99 to $12.99 

anchorman_ cast pp31684

5. Anchorman

In true Will Ferrell fashion, Anchorman's hysterical one-liners are sure to leave Pop in stitches. 

Price: $2.99 to $14.99

MV5BMTczNTA2MDc0OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwMTg4MDY2._V1_SX640_SY720_6. Remember the Titans 

Any excuse to watch an inspirational football flick is a good excuse in Dad's book.

Price: $2.99 to $17.99


7. American Sniper

Dad might not have had time to go to the movies this year (he's a busy guy). Bring the blockbuster hits — like Clint Eastwood's latest war biopic — straight to him. 

Price: $3.99 to $14.99

MV5BMTQxNDYzMTg1M15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNzk4MDgxMTE@._V1_SX640_SY720_8. My Cousin Vinny

When a loud-mouth Italian lawyer and his girlfriend walk into a conservative Southern trial (no, this isn't the start to a lame bar joke), the outcome is comedic gold. 

Price: $2.99 to $13.99

51A3RXJ2QRL9. Coming to America 

Prince Akeem (Eddie Murphy) may not know the ins and outs of NYC, but we definitely get a kick out of watching him try to conquer the Big Apple. 

Price: $2.99 to $14.99

anewhopeposter 1

10. Star Wars: A New Hope 

There's something about the first Star Wars flick that everyone can get behind — no matter their age. 

Price: $19.99 

oG2Sy003pbY.movieposter11. 7 Psychopaths 

After a group of odd friends, including Christopher Walken and Sam Rockwell, accidentally kidnap the wrong puppy, they find themselves stuck in the middle of a full-out gangster brawl. Yes, it is as ridiculously funny as it sounds.

Price: $2.99 to $12.99

darkknight030 69100 framed 1

12. The Dark Knight 

Heath Ledger's imitable Joker and Christopher Nolan's incredible cinematography make The Dark Knight a modern classic.

Price: $2.99 to $12.99

The Godfather13.  The Godfather 

You and Dad have to decide on what to do with your spare three hours after dinner? We'll make you an offer you can't refuse... 

Price: $2.99 to $9.99

fear and loathing in las vegas14. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas 

The 'American Dream' takes on new, obscure meaning in Terry Gilliam's psychedelic and surrealist cult classic. Also, Johnny Depp.

Price: $2.99 to $12.99

large_bax2Hutz1IUjxJGu8iuxfHpHMty15.  Jurassic Park 

You and Dad need to do your homework before you goes to see Jurassic World this weekend.

Price: $0.99 to $7.99


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The original ‘Star Wars’ trilogy is playing in China for the first time ever


star wars luke leia han solo

Rejoice, China! 

For the first time ever the original “Star Wars” trilogy — “A New Hope,” “The Empire Strikes Back” and “Return of the Jedi” — will screen in mainland China.

The films are currently being shown during the Shanghai Film Festival, however, Yahoo Movies reports Disney has no plans of showing the films outside of the festival venue.

“Episode IV: A New Hope” opened in the US in 1977 and though it also played all over the world, it didn’t make it to China as the country was in the wake of their Cultural Revolution, in which Chairman Mao Zedong banned the import of foreign culture

Hollywood films began making its way into the country in 1986, meaning Chinese citizens had the opportunity to see the “Star Wars” prequels — “The Phantom Menace,” “Attack of the Clones,” and “Revenge of the Sith” — during their original theatrical releases in the late 1990s/early 2000s.

The prequels are also screening at the Shanghai Film Festival.

However, it's likely many in China have seen bootlegs of the saga over the decades. The six-DVD box set currently sells around $12 in the Chinese commercial city.

But this is still a clever move by Disney.

As China is the largest film market outside of the US, it’s good to give the country an opportunity to get properly caught up on the complete saga before the latest “Star Wars” chapter, “The Force Awakens,” opens December 18.

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Bradley Cooper's new movie tells the crazy-but-true story behind inflatable artillery used to trick the Nazis


bradley cooper golden globes 2013On the heels of his Oscar-nominated performance as Navy SEAL Chris Kyle in last year’s hit, “American Sniper,” Bradley Cooper looks to be returning to the war-drama genre.

Deadline reports that 22 & Green, Cooper and his "The Hangover" director Todd Phillips' production company, has teamed with Warner Bros. to adapt the book “The Ghost Army Of World War II: How One Top-Secret Unit Deceived The Enemy with Inflatable Tanks, Sound Effects, And Other Audacious Fakery.

The book title kind of says it all.

In World War II, the US Army recruited artists to make up the secret 23rd Headquarters Special Troops with the mission to fool the Nazis in thinking the US Army was larger than it actually was.

They would become known as the “Ghost Army.”

ghost army 2

To pull this off the unit created inflatable tanks and rubber airplanes and delivered phony radio messages to make Nazi forces think there were US forces in the area (when, in fact, they were not). 

ghost army 1

ghost army 2Ghost Army members who went on to have glowing careers in the arts included painter/sculptor Ellsworth Kelly, wildlife artist Arthur B. Singer, and fashion designer Bill Blass

The film will also use the 2013 documentary “Ghost Army” (directed by coauthor of "The Ghost Army" book, Rick Beyer) as resource material.

There’s no word yet if Cooper will also star in the film.

See the elaborate creations made by the Ghost Army in this trailer for the doc below:

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The embarrassing reason why 'The 40-Year-Old Virgin' was shut down 2 days into production


40 year old virgin

In an interview featured in his new book, "Sick in The Head," Judd Apatow revealed that his successful directorial debut, "The 40-Year-Old Virgin," initially had some trouble getting off the ground. 

Just two days into the film's production, Universal Studios shut the movie down — for reasons that Apatow finds "really silly" in retrospect.

"They thought Steve Carell looked like a serial killer," he said. 

"They thought Paul Rudd was fat," added Leslie Mann, Apatow's wife.

In addition, the studio took issue with the fact that Apatow was "lighting [the film] like an indie," and the resulting shut down "cost themselves half a million dollars."

In order to get production going again, the cast and crew had to make some adjustments. 

paul rudd 40 year old virgin"Paul went on a diet. He literally stopped eating," Mann said. "If you look at Paul Rudd in the speed-dating sequence compared to the rest, he's, like, ten pounds heavier. Then in the rest of the movie his hair looks cute and he's thinner." 

As for the titular character, Andy Stitzer, Steve Carell toned down the "serial killer" vibes by making Andy less intense.

"Steve decided the character would be a little more Buster Keaton-esque," Apatow said. "He was low-energy and everyone else was spinning around him."

Eventually, Apatow and the studio patched things up, and the speed-dating sequence stayed in, despite the studio's notes.

"Everything we shot in those first two days became some of the funniest stuff in the movie," Apatow said. 

Apatow's book, "Sick in The Head," is available now and features 32 years worth of his interviews with famous comedians — from Jerry Seinfeld in 1983, when Apatow was "just a 15-year-old kid with a tape recorder," to Jimmy Fallon in 2015. 

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Disney has been hiding a secret message in its movies for years


Woody, Toy Story, number

Pixar has been known for its Easter eggs — hidden messages in films — but one of its best has to do with A113.

A video on Disney Pixar's YouTube page shows A113 can be found in almost all of Pixar's films, from "Toy Story" to "Finding Nemo."

It's also probably hidden in Disney and Pixar's latest film, "Inside Out," debuting this weekend. 

What does it mean?

Pixar's John Lasseter has explained A113 is the number of the animation classroom at the California Institute of the Arts.

Many animators like Lasseter attended school there, and by including the number they are giving a subtle shoutout to their alma mater.

The number has been used for many different things in Pixar films, such as Andy's mom's license plate in 1995's "Toy Story."

Woody, Toy Story, number

It was on a camera in 2003's "Finding Nemo."

finding nemo, number

A113 is the number of a train in 2006's "Cars."

train, cars, number

It can also be found on a box that Flik walks by in 1998's "A Bug's Life."

a bugs life, number

Here's Sully from 2013's "Monsters University" entering a classroom whose number is A113.

monsters university sulley

However, Pixar films aren't the only ones to hide the number in plain sight. Here's Tiana from Disney's 2009 "The Princess and the Frog" jumping on a trolley car marked A113.

Princess and the frog, number

"The Simpsons" used it for Bart Simpson's mug shot.

the simpsons, number

It even shows up on a door in 1987's "The Brave Little Toaster."Joe Ranft, who went on to work on Pixar movies including "Toy Story,""A Bug's Life," and "Monsters, Inc.," and Dan Haskett, a character designer on "Toy Story," worked on the film.

the brave little toaster

You can also notice the number on a chewed-up vehicle in Warner Bros.' 1999 movie "The Iron Giant." The director, Brad Bird, later made Pixar hit "The Incredibles."the iron giant a113

Even live-action films like 2012's "The Avengers" had a file labeled A113.

the avengers, number

Finally, here's a photo of Lasseter and Pixar animators Andrew Stanton and Pete Docter standing outside the famed classroom:

Pixar animators

Frank Pallotta contributed to an original version of this story.

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'Inside Out' is Pixar's most stunning animated film since 'Finding Nemo'


inside out pixar

Pixar's latest, "Inside Out," packs all the feels. Quite literally.

The movie follows 11-year-old Riley, spirited and goofy, as her dad's new job in San Francisco uproots the family from the Midwest. Helping to navigate Riley through this change are her emotions: Joy (Amy Poehler), Fear (Bill Hader), Anger (Lewis Black), Disgust (Mindy Kaling), and Sadness (Phyllis Smith).

The anthropomorphic emotions live in Headquarters, the control center of Riley's mind, where they work together to advise her through everyday life. It's one of Pixar's most daring concepts to date. Directors Pete Docter and Ronnie del Carmen reimagine the brain as a Rube Goldberg-inspired aparatus, where memories are stored in glowing orbs that play back like Vines and a literal train of thought runs on a track through her psyche.

"Inside Out" is an unmistakable Pixar production. Much like "Toy Story," Finding Nemo," and "Up," the movie takes you on wildly funny adventures, all while tugging at the heartstrings. It strikes a perfect balance between childlike wonder and enthusiasm and smart, crass humor — appeasing both the kids and adults watching. And while "Inside Out," which is the studio's first release since 2013's "Monsters University," falls just shy of its predecessors' emotional pull, it surpasses them in its stunning animation and technical feats.

inside out pixar

In an interview at Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville, California, Del Carmen ("Up,""Ratatouille") told Business Insider that the team set out to create the "largest set" of any animated movie. It was an absurdly tall order.

"We had to create the worlds that have never existed before. What does the interior of the mind look like? What are the systems in place?" del Carmen said. How do you visualize short-term memory converting into long-term memory, and the process of forgetting things? "We had to make that represented in the movie."

A person's personality, for example, is made up of large, amusement park-like "personality islands." Each represents a core trait or value. Below, we see the emotions peering out into the vast landscape of Riley's mind, where family island, friendship island, ice hockey island, and goofball island form her very essence.

pixar inside out

The emotions interact with the real world through the looking glass: Riley's eyes. The vibrant colors and detail are exquisite.

pixar inside out

Getting an audience to care about such conceptual characters — emotions that you recognize, but have never seen manifested in the physical form — is an enormous challenge. But Pixar made their lives all the more difficult by advancing the tech used to make the film.

If you look at Joy, her clothes, teeth, and hair appear plain, however, her skin appears to shed twinkling particles of energy. Pixar's chief creative officer John Lasseter described them as "champagne" bubbles.

pixar inside out

When Anger is particularly angry, his skin prickles even more. This technique informs the viewer how the emotions are feeling.

pixar inside out

Del Carmen told us this bold style didn't come cheap, but the effect was worth it.

"Having a character that is made of little particles that actually move around and lift up and disappear and not be distracting" was a tall order, he said. They blew through the budget in order to do it. But, "these characters are uniquely their own. They're not toys, they're not made out of plastic or wood, they're emotions." Their texture is how you know.

Typically, once the animators and voice actors finish their jobs, the footage is sent to the lighting department, where technicians manually light the frames and characters to make them more dynamic. This process can be arduous, particularly when the leads appear to be light sources themselves.

Pixar sped up this process by developing a new lighting technology that automatically made the characters' feet and appendages emit light on their surroundings, Cinemablend's Nick Romano reported in an interview with the filmmakers. 

inside out light sources

It's as simple as that. Add some effervescent glitter, and boom — you've turned chemical firings in the brain into a digestible and iconic visual metaphor for understanding what role emotions play in your life and the lives of those around you. "Inside Out" teaches that each serves you in some way, be it Joy who fulfills you, Fear who keeps you safe, or Anger who defends you when you are wronged; and the film's ambitious animation succeeds in executing that concept.

I certainly hope for an "Inside Out" sequel starring Puberty.

"Inside Out" is in theaters June 19.

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Silicon Valley has a huge role in Pixar’s movie ‘Inside Out’


inside out dad

In an increasingly tech-savvy world, there's no escaping Silicon Valley.

The startup universe even made its way into Pixar's latest kids' movie, "Inside Out."

The Bay Area-based animation giant often sets its movies in the Golden State. All three "Toy Story" movies take place in California's Tri-County area, and the famous "Up" house bears a striking resemblance to the Victorian-style houses in Berkeley. Still, it comes as a surprise that Pixar would admonish the tech capital in its latest flick.

"Inside Out," in theaters Friday, follows bubbly 11-year-old Riley (Kaitlyn Dias) as her dad's new job in San Francisco uproots the family from Minnesota.

Helping to navigate Riley through this change are her emotions: Joy (Amy Poehler), Fear (Bill Hader), Anger (Lewis Black), Disgust (Mindy Kaling), and Sadness (Phyllis Smith), who live in the control center of her mind.

*Warning: Some spoilers ahead.*

Riley's picture-perfect family life turns sour, however, the moment their sedan crosses the Golden Gate Bridge.

They pull up outside a skinny Victorian-era house, where dust bunnies and a dead mouse currently reside.

inside out pixar

The interiors are white-walled and dull, reinforcing Riley's disappointment.

inside out family hockey mom dad riley

The depiction of San Francisco draws a stark contrast to the movie's other setting: Riley's mind. The girl's psyche is visualized as a technicolor landscape, saturated and bright.

pixar inside out

"Inside Out" finds other little ways to antagonize the city.

Riley revolts at the sight of the earthy-crunchy, broccoli-topped pizza at Yeast of Eden, a pizzeria that only serves one topping on its pies. The restaurant parodies Berkeley's Cheese Board Collective, which has an identical menu gimmick.

inside out pizza cheese board collective pixar

While the movie's "bad guys" are hormones and the realities of growing up, the dad's (Kyle MacLachlan) career path drives the plot forward. He moves the family so he can launch his startup, Brang — a nonsense word intended to fit in among oddly named tech companies. Upon settling, he slips into the Silicon Valley uniform, a branded T-shirt that says "What did you brang?"

inside out brang startup pixar

Shortly thereafter, the job consumes him. He misses Riley's try-outs for the local hockey team, and can't tuck her into bed at night because a phone call with a presumed investor holds him up. According to Mom (Diane Lane), he's too stressed focusing on his new "venture."

inside out mom riley

His unrelenting work schedule causes his relationship with Riley to quickly deteriorate. And by the movie's end, we're left wanting closure. The dad makes no apologies for being absent.

Working around-the-clock has become a status symbol in America, and that observation couldn't be truer among the Silicon Valley elite. Mark Zuckerberg said in an interview that he logs 50 to 60 hours per week in his role as Facebook's CEO. Yahoo chief Marissa Mayer returned to work just two weeks after giving birth. "Inside Out" reflects the price those innovators pay.

Perhaps the directors will tackle "work-life balance" in a sequel. Here's hoping Brang gets funded.

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The funniest movie of the year is finally here


taylor schilling adam scott the overnight

Raunchy sex comedies are a dime a dozen, but the hysterically funny "The Overnight" is far from a typical film of the genre. Rather than depicting the exploits of horny teenagers, "The Overnight" is decidedly for adults, and the filmmakers make sure we know that from the opening scene.

The film opens with workaholic Emily (Taylor Schilling from "Orange Is the New Black") and her husband/stay-at-home dad, Alex (Adam Scott from "Parks & Recreation"), having awkward sex, doing all they can to finish before their kids burst in and ruin the fun.

They just moved from Seattle to Los Angeles and don't know anybody in the area, and they joke about how they could use some friends their own age.

Enter Kurt (Jason Schwartzman), an organic, artisanal, juicing LA-hipster father who practically reeks of charisma. After Kurt's kids hit it off at the park with Alex and Emily's, Kurt invites the couple over for dinner and they graciously accept, and that's when things get a little weird.

As you may have guessed from the title, the exploits in "The Overnight" take place over the course of one evening. It becomes clear pretty quickly that Kurt and his (very French) wife, Charlotte, did not invite Alex and Emily over for a traditional meal — they have other, dirtier plans.

Once the kids are put to bed and the drinks start to flow, Kurt and Charlotte's flirtation sparks Alex and Emily's intrigue, and the comedic tension and number of laughs escalate until the film reaches its wildly satisfying finale.

While the story may sound unremarkable on paper, the chemistry among the film's stars makes it stand out. Schwartzman gives undoubtedly the funniest performance of his career, and huge laughs stem from the sheer ludicrousness of his character.

Even though his role is not as outwardly comical as Schwartzman's, Scott is also hilarious and gets plenty of great lines. Schilling plays it pretty straight, but everyone truly gets a chance to shine. It's a real ensemble piece, and the interplay between everyone is so much fun to watch.

taylor schilling the overnightAmong the poignant deconstruction of modern relationships, "The Overnight" peppers in a lot of lowbrow humor. Running gags involve a prosthetic penis, paintings that look more like colonoscopy results, and a bizarre massage sequence.

What's amazing about these moments is that in context they totally work and are genuinely funny. The jokes are there only because they help add to these character's identities — the laughs are earned.

There's a real vulnerability to the film and these characters that gives it a certain charm. It's a testament to the sharp writing and unique perspective that, despite their outlandishness, even the film's raciest scenes are rendered completely natural and real in the moment.

Great films often engage with ideas outside of the status quo, but rarely do they do so with a grace that makes the audience question their own inhibitions.

Ultimately, the element that keeps "The Overnight" so fun and engaging is the careful, steady reveal of information. We spend just the right amount of time soaking up these characters and their beliefs, and when caution is thrown to the wind, it's impossible to not just smile and watch how they deal with it.

Watch the trailer below.

"The Overnight" debuts at the Angelika Film Center in NY on June 19 and will open June 26 in select cities. For full theater-rollout information click here

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The 'Jurassic Park' theme song from 1993 hits No. 1 on Billboard charts


jurassic park

Twenty-two years after the release of "Jurassic Park," the memorable theme song from the 1993 film has found its way to the top of a Billboard chart.

On the strength of the recent box-office domination by the film's sequel, "Jurassic World," John Williams' "Jurassic Park Theme" has jumped to No. 1 on Billboard's Classic Digital Songs list — a "205 percent gain" after selling 3,000 copies last week, according to Nielsen Music.

john williams composerWith 2,000 digital copies sold, the No. 2 song on the list is a cover of the same "Jurassic Park Theme" by The Piano Guys. The group also recently released a cover of the "Jurassic World Theme," accompanied by a music video with surprisingly impressive production values

On this week's Billboard 200, Michael Giacchino's original soundtrack for "Jurassic World" is sitting rather dormant at No. 126.

By comparison, Williams' original soundtrack for "Jurassic Park" debuted at No. 28 on the same chart back in 1993 and has sold 863,000 copies to date.

Watch Williams conduct a live rendition of "Jurassic Park Theme" below:

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There's a 'Finding Nemo' Easter Egg in 'Inside Out'


inside out pixar

Disney and Pixar's latest film "Inside Out," is out this weekend.

If you're a big Pixar fan, you know the studio has a knack for hiding fun hidden messages and images in its films, some of which give nods to previous and future films. 

Supposedly, the Pizza delivery truck from "Toy Story" makes an appearance in every single Pixar film. Occasionally, you'll spot the Luxo ball or lamp

It's always a fan favorite to scour Pixar movies for these hidden gems. 

While we're sure "Inside Out" is filled with Easter eggs, they're definitely not the easiest to spot. 

Warning: There are some minor spoilers below.

While seeing the film earlier this week, though we couldn't spot the pizza truck (we'd be surprised if it isn't there!), there is one Easter Egg fans are bound to notice. 

Around midway through the film, when Joy (Amy Poehler) is heading through a part of Riley's mind called Imaginationland, atop a stack of items is a blue board game labelled with a familiar clownfish. The words on the box read "Find Me." It's a clever nod to Pixar's 2005 hit "Finding Nemo," in which the small clownfish of the same name gets snatched up by humans, prompting a search that leads down the EAC (East Australian Current). 

Pixar is releasing a sequel to the film, "Finding Dory," next summer.

finding nemoBelow the "Find Me!" game, is one called "Dinosaur World," which is almost certainly a reference to Pixar's November release, "The Good Dinosaur."

Unfortunately, there's no image available from Disney/Pixar at the moment of the scene. 

But it is showed prominently in the background more than once on screen.

This site The Disney Blog appears to have a low-res image you can view here.

"Inside Out" is in theaters Friday, June 19.

Happy hunting!

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Here's how Chris Pratt got in such great shape for 'Jurassic World'


"Jurassic World"smashed box-office records this weekend, in part thanks to the universal appeal of its star, Chris Pratt.

chris pratt jurassic worldBut Pratt, who worked with a trainer six days a week to prepare for the role, didn't always have muscles bulging through his shirts.

chris pratt jurassic worldDespite Pratt's superfit physique in "Jurassic World," the 35-year-old actor's latest look is actually less intense than last summer.

Before shooting the long-awaited "Jurassic Park" sequel, Pratt initially got in insane shape to star in August's "Guardians of the Galaxy."

chris pratt guardians of the galaxy lighterIn order to prepare for the action-packed role, the actor lost 60 pounds in just six months.

Last July, Pratt posted a photo to his Instagram account showing off his dramatic weight loss and newfound six-pack.

How did he do it? "Six months no beer. #GOTG Kinda douchey to post this but my brother made me," Pratt wrote alongside the below photo.

Chris Pratt ripped

In reality, the process of losing pounds was a bit tougher.

"Three or four hours a day of just consistent, ass-kicking hard work," he told Men's Fitness.

Pratt's workouts included P90X , running, swimming, boxing, and kickboxing, and he even completed a triathlon.

With the help of a personal trainer and nutritionist, the actor increased his caloric intake to 4,000 calories a day and drank tons of water. "I was peeing all day long, every day," Pratt told the magazine. "That part was a nightmare."

But the actor was happy to learn he could still eat on the intense weight-loss program.

"I actually lost weight by eating more food, but eating the right food, eating healthy foods, and so when I was done with the movie my body hadn't been in starvation mode," Pratt told People magazine. "It wasn't like I was triggered to just gorge myself and get really fat again."

Now, he says: "It's something that I think I can maintain because I don't spend four hours in the gym each day. I do maybe one hour in the gym maybe four days a week, and that's it."

Pratt joked to Vulture of his weight loss and gain for roles: "I just like to gain weight and lose weight. It's a roller-coaster. I just want to do this. I want to touch God."

Before beefing up, Pratt was best known for playing the bumbling Andy on NBC's "Parks and Recreation."

chris pratt parks and rec

Pratt says he packed on 60 pounds for his role as a lawyer in 2013's "Delivery Man," in which he costarred alongside Vince Vaughn.

"The first 20 pounds was sympathy weight because my wife was pregnant," Pratt told SheKnows. "I was gaining weight as she was gaining weight ... The other 35 pounds I did just by declaring that I was going to do it. And then my rule of thumb became: 'If it's there, eat it.' And then I would order two entrees at every meal. I would always have dessert, and I would drink the darkest beer on the menu."

Chris Pratt Vince Vaughn Delivery ManBut before that, in 2012, he got into tip-top shape for the Oscar-winning film "Zero Dark Thirty."

To play a Navy SEAL, Pratt told People he "was doing 500 push-ups a day, working out at the gym, running five miles a day, but with no food, and I tore my body apart ... I felt terrible afterwards, had to get shoulder surgery, and I wore myself down doing that because I didn't have the proper coaching."

At the film's premiere months later, Pratt told E! Online: "I was about 50 pounds or 40 pounds lighter than I am now. I worked out really hard and I cut out everything bad for me for a long time and I just focused on trying to become a believable Navy SEAL."

The actor shared the below photo of his physique while filming during an appearance on "Conan."

Chris Pratt Zero Dark ThirtyIn 2011, Pratt played real-life Oakland A's baseball player Scott Hatteberg — opposite Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill, and Philip Seymour Hoffman — in "Moneyball."

Chris Pratt "MoneyBall"Before that, Pratt appeared as Anne Hathaway's ill-fated fiancé in the 2009 comedy "Bride Wars."

Chris Pratt That same year, he married his real-life love, actress Anna Faris.

Chris Pratt Anna Faris

The comedic couple, who welcomed their first child in 2012, showed off their svelte physiques promoting "Guardians of the Galaxy" last July.

Chris Pratt Anna FarisThis June, the couple have again been busy promoting Pratt's latest summer blockbuster, "Jurassic World."

Chris Pratt Anna Faris

Despite Pratt's A-list looks these days, let's not forget that a lighter-haired Pratt starred as Bright Abbott on the WB's "Everwood" way back in 2002.

Chris Pratt Everwood

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These 2 indie movies are going to give the summer blockbusters a run for their money


DOPE2 final

You’ve seen “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” “Mad Max: Fury Road,” and “Jurassic World.” Though you concede they are all thrilling and visually stunning, you’re still searching for movies this summer with a little bit more … story.

Thankfully there are two movies in theaters that can help feed that need.

Alfonso Gomez-Rejon’s “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl” and Rick Famuyiwa’s Dope” on the surface look like two very different movies, from where they're set to dialogue and characters. But they have a lot in common.

me and earl and the dying girl1Both films played at this year’s Sundance Film Festival and walked away with awards (for “Me and Earl” the prestigious Audience Award and Grand Jury prizes, and for “Dope” best editing), they both look at modern-day high-school life, and they have both been thrust in the middle of the summer blockbuster season (“Me and Earl” is in theaters; “Dope” opens Friday).

Distributors Fox Searchlight (“Me and Earl”) and Open Road Films (“Dope”) are using the classic counter-programming maneuver in the hopes that audiences who aren’t into Hollywood blockbusters, or by mid-June are ready for something new, will give these indie darlings a try.

This was a play Searchlight had success with when releasing the cult comedy “Napoleon Dynamite” in mid-June 2004.

Building off the success of the film-festival circuit without a star or name director, the film had an impressive opening weekend take of $117,000 and went on to have a total domestic gross of over $44 million (the film’s budget was around $400,000).

napoleon dynamiteIn its opening weekend “Me and Earl” took in similar numbers with over $196,000.

For this weekend, “Dope” is also getting creative in their purchase options, allowing tickets to be purchased via Bitcoin, making it the first time digital currency has ever been allowed for ticket sales.

But strategic placement and gimmicks aside, the movies are strong enough to grab the attention of even the most dedicated Hollywood blockbuster moviegoer.

In “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl,” we follow the senior year of outsider Greg (Thomas Mann). With a daily existence that includes staying friendly with all the different cliques at his Pittsburgh high school (but not committed to any) and making ultra-low-budget knocks-offs of classic films with his buddy Earl (RJ Cyler), Greg’s priorities change when he befriends Rachel (Olivia Cooke), a classmate who has recently been diagnosed with cancer.

me and earl and the dying girl2The story has a been-there-done-that feel, but the style is a fresh one to the high-school dramedy genre with its creative use of stop-motion animation and high IQ in movie geekdom.

“Dope” is set in the Inglewood neighborhood (known to those who live there as “The Bottoms”) of Los Angeles and follows another geek, Malcolm (Shameik Moore), and his two friends Jib (Tony Revolori) and Diggy (Kiersey Clemons).

Unlike Greg and Earl, who have zero aspirations, Malcolm and his crew have high hopes for the future. Keeping away from the gang culture of South Los Angeles and completely obsessed with ’90s hip-hop, their main goal is to leave the 'hood and get into college, especially Malcolm, who has aspirations to attend Harvard.

Dope1 finalBut things get complicated when Malcolm goes to the party of the neighborhood drug dealer and unknowingly leaves with drugs. Malcolm and friends then embark on an adventure through LA to get rid of the goods. 

If you listened to hip-hop in the ’90s, you will likely love “Dope.”

It’s filled with nostalgic tracks from A Tribe Called Quest, Nas, Public Enemy, Digital Underground, and Naughty By Nature, curated by executive producer Pharrell Williams. They are perfectly placed and elevate the enjoyment of the story that’s part “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” part “Friday.”

What both films exemplify is that movies with strong stories (and without massive explosions) can survive in the summer months. Whether the hook is geek culture, or a killer soundtrack, once you’re watching, it’s the excellent crafting of these characters by Gomez-Rejon and Famuyiwa that keep you engrossed for the next few hours.

This weekend, take a break from the CGI-fueled blockbusters and check out one of these films instead.

And if you need more convincing, here are the trailers for both films.

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11 documentaries that will make you smarter about business


Burts Buzz

If you've got just a few hours to boost your business savvy, we've got you covered. These 11 documentary films offer in-depth looks at entrepreneurs, companies, and big ideas you might only be superficially familiar with.

From a film on Wal-Mart's business practices to one on aspiring sommeliers, each will simultaneously entertain and educate you about business.

What it really takes to launch a company

If you think that starting and building a company is like a real-life version of "The Social Network," think again. The 2014 documentary miniseries "startupland" takes viewers through the development of five businesses enrolled in a tech accelerator, showing how scary the experience really is. Each episode features interviews with well-known business execs and entrepreneurs, including Reddit's Alexis Ohanian and AOL's Steve Case. (The feature film "startupland," from the same creators, comes out this year.)

How a personal-care line became an accidental success

The face on Burt's Bees products belongs to Burt Shavitz, a beekeeper who never anticipated that he'd found a billion-dollar international brand. "Burt's Buzz" tells the story of Shavitz's career, starting from his days as a young New York City photojournalist. Viewers also learn about Shavitz's complicated relationship with cofounder Roxane Quimby, who eventually bought Shavitz out and sold the business to the Clorox company.

How to turn your passion into a profession

"Somm" follows a group of four men preparing for the master sommelier exam, a test with one of the lowest pass rates in the world. Their obsession with getting ready for the exam consumes them as well as the people closest to them. The film will inspire you to pursue your own ambitions, however lofty they may seem.

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

Whether or not you watched the show 'Entourage' — you will absolutely love the movie


Entourage MovieWarning: There are some spoilers ahead

I'm not going to beat around the bush here, I was a huge fan of the show "Entourage" and I knew with little doubt in my mind the movie would be awesome.

I was not wrong.

It makes sense, though, when you think about it. For all intents and purposes, the team that made the movie also made the show. They didn't mess with anything.

If you went into the movie expecting and hoping for an hour and 45 minute long version of the successful show, that's what you get here. And that's fantastic. It's also worth noting that I went with someone who hadn't seen a shred of the original series and she loved it too. Creator Doug Ellin has done something very right here.

The movie picks up just six days after the conclusion of the HBO series. That's a bit surprising considering the show's been off the air since 2011. But we don't stay there too long and soon flash forward eight months into the future and launch into our plot.

The basic premise of "Entourage" is generally this: Four childhood friends from humble upbringings in Queens move to LA armed with the new found success of one of the four, Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier).

Throughout the course of the show, Vince rises through a series of highs and lows to Hollywood super stardom. His best friend growing up, Eric (Kevin Connolly), is his manager. His brother, Johnny (Kevin Dillon), a D-list actor, is also around, as well as Turtle (Jerry Ferrara), who drives everyone around and plans parties. Things change and evolve through the course of the series' eight seasons, but that's the basic idea. Those four guys make up the entourage of "Entourage." Most of the time, they all live together and live off of Vince's spoils.

Entourage super gif

The fifth main character is their agent, Ari Gold, played with as much zest and intensity as ever by Jeremy Piven.

The basic plot here revolves around Ari's first project as a Hollywood studio head. Vince has convinced him to let him both star in and direct the movie (which he hasn't done before). Eric is producing, and Johnny gets a small but "pivotal" role.

Things are going decently well with the movie, except Vince and Eric need more money to get the movie finished. To do that, Ari is forced to try to convince the movie's financiers in Texas (played by Billy Bob Thornton and Haley Joel Osment) to pony up more cash. Osment, in a somewhat crazy and a little brilliant turn, travels to LA to see the goings on with the movie itself — and all hell breaks loose.

There's not really much that will surprise you about this movie if you watched the show, and that's why it works. Creator and director Doug Ellin didn't try to fix what wasn't broken, and didn't overstep the bounds of the show. It's the boys of "Entourage" in all their crassness and hilarity in a movie as sharply funny as the series.

ari gold entourageThis is not to say, though, that if you're coming into this movie with no prior knowledge you won't enjoy it. Everyone in the theater I was at seemed to eat this movie up, and there is plenty of exposition at the beginning. It feels a bit forced, especially if you've seen the show. But after thinking about it a bit, I think it works. 

Ellin made the choice to use a Piers Morgan long form journalism piece on the guys as a way to give us the basics on our main characters for those who hadn't seen the show. It's fine. I'm sure the team behind the movie thought long and hard about how to sum up eight seasons of television into 15 minutes of exposition. Looking back, I think they made the right choice.

The plot was funny and engaging, a classic "Entourage" tale of rescuing movies from the depths of hell, dealing with relationship stumbles, and of course, partying like rock stars.

One of the big surprises comes courtesy of Haley Joel Osment. Yes, that cute 11-year-old who claimed he could see dead people in an M. Night Shyamalan movie all those years ago is back. He's playing a crass, rich, young Texan that's a royal pain in Vince, Eric, and Ari's butt.

His transformation is awesome in this movie. The guy can act. He's funny, obnoxious, and completely believable as the misguided and naive Texas millionaire.

Entourage Movie

There is also a veritable army of star-studded Hollywood cameos in this one. Let me first put fans of the show at ease, everyone from Billy Walsh to Andrew Dice Clay make appearances here on the tails of their arcs in the original series.

And that's just the beginning. There are cameos here from all over Hollywood and beyond: Mark Wahlberg, Jessica Alba, Warren Buffett, Mark Cuban, Russell Wilson, Ronda Rousey (who makes more than a cameo), Rob Gronkowski, Tom Brady, Pharrell Williams, Liam Neeson, Armie Hammer, Kelsey Grammer, George Takei, and the list goes on and on.

There's not much to say about the original cast. They're all as entertaining as they've always been. These guys have plenty of practice in these roles and they all nail them again. It was no surprise the audience was particularly drawn to Ari Gold, Piven's character. He's always been the funniest thing in the show and that didn't change in this movie.

"Entourage" isn't reinventing the wheel here. They found a formula that worked very well for nearly a decade, and now it's on the big screen. This movie is going to alienate the same audience it always has (those sensitive to the sometimes chauvinistic humor), and delight most. It's not a think piece, it's just raunchy, fast-paced fun.

The real achievement here is that the creators didn't overthink this movie, they just continued a beloved story with beloved characters. And those who don't know the show will probably love it almost as much as the ones who do for the same reason it was popular to begin with: great writing, solid cast, and fun stakes. Don't miss this one.

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Bradley Cooper's new movie tells the crazy-but-true story behind inflatable artillery used to trick the Nazis


bradley cooper golden globes 2013On the heels of his Oscar-nominated performance as Navy SEAL Chris Kyle in last year’s hit, “American Sniper,” Bradley Cooper looks to be returning to the war-drama genre.

Deadline reports that 22 & Green, Cooper and his "The Hangover" director Todd Phillips' production company, has teamed with Warner Bros. to adapt the book “The Ghost Army Of World War II: How One Top-Secret Unit Deceived The Enemy with Inflatable Tanks, Sound Effects, And Other Audacious Fakery.

The book title kind of says it all.

In World War II, the US Army recruited artists to make up the secret 23rd Headquarters Special Troops with the mission to fool the Nazis in thinking the US Army was larger than it actually was.

They would become known as the “Ghost Army.”

ghost army 2

To pull this off the unit created inflatable tanks and rubber airplanes and delivered phony radio messages to make Nazi forces think there were US forces in the area (when, in fact, they were not). 

ghost army 1

ghost army 2Ghost Army members who went on to have glowing careers in the arts included painter/sculptor Ellsworth Kelly, wildlife artist Arthur B. Singer, and fashion designer Bill Blass

The film will also use the 2013 documentary “Ghost Army” (directed by coauthor of "The Ghost Army" book, Rick Beyer) as resource material.

There’s no word yet if Cooper will also star in the film.

See the elaborate creations made by the Ghost Army in this trailer for the doc below:

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13 famous father and son duos who have appeared together in movies


zoolander ben jerry stiller

Happy Father's Day!

There are a lot of fathers and sons in Hollywood, but not all of them have starred together in the same movie.

Then there's Ben and Jerry Stiller who have appeared together in a total of four films.

In celebration of Father's Day, here are 13 fathers who starred in movies with their sons. 

Additional reporting by Ana Douglas and Melia Robinson

Will Smith and son Jaden both appeared in 2013's sci-fi movie "After Earth."

Comedic father-and-son duo, Ben and Jerry Stiller have appeared together in "The Heartbreak Kid,""Zoolander,""Heavyweights," and "Hot Pursuit."


Three generations of the Douglas clan—Kirk, Michael and Cameron—starred together in "It Runs in the Family."

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