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The 'Batman v Superman' director pulled up to Comic-Con in the Batmobile to greet fans waiting in line for the Batman panel


It's pretty tough to top a secret "Star Wars" concert, but Warner Brothers is definitely pulling out the stops to try!

The studio's big movie panel featuring "Batman v Superman" doesn't start until 10:30 a.m. (PT) Saturday, but it may as well have begun. 

Director Zack Snyder pulled up to the San Diego Convention Center in the actual Batmobile to greet fans waiting in line for the day's big panel.




He also gave out some T-shirts to the fans.


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I crashed the insane 'Star Wars' fan concert at Comic-Con — here's what happened


star wars secret fan concert comic con 2

Since "Star Wars" arrived in theaters in 1977, music has been at the core of the franchise.

Growing up in a family of diehard fans, I learned "The Imperial March" along with nursery rhymes.

So when I learned that at the end of the "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" panel at San Diego Comic-Con, director J.J. Abrams invited all 6,500 fans in attendance at Hall H to a free, secret "Star Wars" concert— I knew I had to get in.

I did. And it blew away my expectations.

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There was no way I was going to get into Hall H for the "Star Wars" panel. People camp outside day and night to snag a seat. But I happened to be sitting nearby the exit while the panel took place, and watched a dozen Stormtroopers marching toward it. It seemed odd.

Just as the panel let out, I got a text from my colleague Kirsten, advising me to look out for a parade of Hall H attendees. Twitter was aflutter.

We quickly pieced together that the crowd was headed to the waterfront for a surprise "Star Wars" concert featuring the San Diego Symphony. I raced alongside the roped-off line.

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The 11 biggest box-office bombs of 2015 so far


mortdecai johnny depp

Thanks to the huge box-office grosses that movies are having so far this year — including record-breaking takes for “Furious 7" and “Jurassic World” — we may be headed for one of the highest-earning movie years of all time. 

But as we hit the halfway point of 2015, we have to address the titles that did not do well.

From “Mortdecai” to “Aloha,” here are 11 of the biggest bombs so far this year.

11. "Tomorrowland" (Disney)

Estimated Budget: $190 million
Worldwide Gross: $202.9 million
Opening Weekend: $33 million

Though this adaptation of the futuristic section of the Disney amusement park did hit No. 1 at the box office its opening weekend, the film's make-the-world-a-better-place vibe and long-winded storyline didn't motivate audiences — especially in the US. Though the George Clooney-starrer made $111.9 worldwide, it took in just $91 million domestically. 

(Source: Box Office Mojo)

10. "Chappie" (Sony)

Estimated Budget: $49 million
Worldwide Gross: $102 million
Opening Weekend: $13.3 million

Many were excited for the latest movie from director Neil Blomkamp, as he was returning to his South African roots, where he found major success with his debut feature film, "District 9." But those hopes were dashed when the reviews came out and ripped into the movie, which follows a robot that has signs of artificial intelligence. (The film has a 31% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.)

(Source: Box Office Mojo)

9. "Jupiter Ascending" (Warner Bros.)

Estimated Budget: $176 million
Worldwide Gross: $181.8 million
Opening Weekend: $18.3 million

With production delays pushing the movie from a summer 2014 release date to an opening in January, "Jupiter Ascending" was behind the eight ball very early on. And things didn't get any better for the latest sci-fi thriller from the makers of "The Matrix," Andy and Lana Wachowski, when the film had a surprise screening at the Sundance Film Festival with very few positives coming out of it. General US audiences would end up feeling the same way. However, the film found more takers overseas.

(Source: Box Office Mojo

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We’re finally going to know what Obi-Wan Kenobi was doing before the original ‘Star Wars’


Star Wars ObiWan1

Many fans of “Star Wars” have always been curious what Obi-Wan Kenobi did all that time between “Revenge of the Sith” and “A New Hope.” Finally a new comic book from Marvel will bring some clarity.

Following “Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith,” we found Obi-Wan Kenobi (played by Ewan McGregor) heading out alone after bringing twins Luke and Leia to safety from their father Anakin Skywalker — who by then had become Darth Vader.

The original film in the sage, “Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope,” shows “Ben” Kenobi (played by Alec Guinness) as an elder Jedi living in seclusion on Tatooine until he’s thrust back into the Rebel cause after crossing paths with the adult Luke.

Kenobi dies by the hands of Vader in “A New Hope” and that looks to be where the comic book "Star Wars #7" begins (available July 8).

According to the book’s description on the Marvel site, Skywalker comes across Kenobi’s journals after returning to his home world of Tatooine following the events that occur in "A New Hope." The writings he uncovers are his master’s experience on the planet during “a time when injustice reigned.”

star wars darth vader obi wan kenobi

From the synopsis:

“As villainous scum runs rampant over the blistering sands, only a Jedi Master stands any hope of liberating the planet from the grasp of gangs, thieves and thugs. But would Ben risk everything to do what was right? Even if it meant revealing himself to those searching for his whereabouts?”

Here are some pages Marvel has previewed:

This shows Kenobi living an isolated existence on Tatooine.

Star Wars 7 Comic

And here it looks like he's come across a young Luke Skywalker (perhaps keeping tabs on him?).

Star Wars 7 Comics2

For the last year Marvel has been releasing a "Star Wars" series of comics that gives us insight into what happened to the main characters in the original trilogy following “Return of the Jedi.” #7 is a special one-off tale in the series focused solely on Kenobi.

Read up because all these tales may be of importance leading to the release of the next chapter in “Star Wars” lore, “The Force Awakens,” opening Dec. 18.

Check out some of the variant covers from #7 below.

Star Wars ObiWan2

Star Wars ObiWan3

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There's a new movie about the Stanford Prison Experiment, and it's incredibly unsettling


stanford prison experiment film 5

In 1971, at the prestigious Stanford University, a group of young men were paid to participate in a study designed to observe the psychological effects of prison life.

The experiment didn't just focus on what it was like to be a prison inmate; half of the participants were randomly assigned to be guards, while the rest were their prisoners.

The experiment was supposed to last two weeks.

Things went so horribly wrong that the plug was pulled after only six days. Now there's another movie about it (a German movie was made about the study in 2001, and a 2010 take starred Forest Whitaker and Adrien Brody), and thankfully, this one is really good.

"The Stanford Prison Experiment" is a compelling story that is ripe for adaptation, but the film is elevated to even greater heights because of its ensemble of supremely talented young stars.

stanford prison experiment film 7Every single actor featured on-screen is terrific, with "lead" prisoner Ezra Miller ("The Perks Of Being A Wallflower,""We Need To Talk About Kevin") and guard Michael Angarano ("Almost Famous,""Sky High") doing the best work of their careers and making a convincing case for being the best in the business for their age group.

Miller is the first prisoner to push back against the guards, and when the reality of the situation starts to set in, he starts to break. His descent into unease and madness is so believable it's actually hard to watch at times.

Angarano is horrifying as the alpha-male guard, embodying the "bad cop" persona (he literally dons a pair of Aviators and starts acting like John Wayne) and really running with it.

john wayne stanford prison experimentBilly Crudup is creepy and perfect as Dr. Zimbardo, viewing the experiment from the safety of his control room as the viewer is left to question his intentions. Does this experiment serve a scientific purpose, or is Zimbardo just some twisted voyeur taking pleasure in it all?

Like the study itself, "The Stanford Prison Experiment" is about power, control, and how far a man is willing to go when given the opportunity to take charge. In addition to exploring the limits (or lack thereof) of the human psyche, the film is also a quasi-indictment of the experiment itself, showcasing what went wrong every step of the way. Zimbardo is not given any sort of a pass by the filmmakers here, despite his pedigree.

Most of the film showcases the experiment itself, and we watch these young men go from eager participants ready to make a quick buck to desperate souls who would do anything to make it all stop.

In the pre-study candidate interviews, nobody wanted to be a guard ... being a prisoner seemed like much less work. Most completed the interview with a smile, as if they were about to embark on a free two-week vacation. They arrive and are immediately stripped of every aspect of their identity, and it doesn't take long to realize this is far from a getaway.

Once the guards start taking themselves too seriously, it's all downhill from there, and it becomes of a question of how far will they take it. Where's the moral line in the sand?

stanford prison experiment film 2It would be a disservice not to mention how wonderfully shot and composed the film is, too. The tight camerawork, featuring mostly close-ups, ensures the audience is just as confined and uncomfortable as the film's subjects.

The only issue with the film is its ending. Everything that comes before it is so raw and powerful that the final stretch in which the writer attempts to spoon-feed the audience the "message" of the film and its significance is completely out of place. The suffering on display, Angarano and Miller's extreme reactions, and the moral ambiguity of Zimbardo speak for themselves.

"The Stanford Prison Experiment" is a film that implants itself firmly in your mind and won't let go. It's an unsettling, disturbing watch that has the power to make you question humankind.

Watch the trailer below.

"The Stanford Prison Experiment" opens in select theaters July 17 and hits VOD services July 24.

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'Terminator Genisys' studied 'dash cam videos of real car crashes' to create this crazy Golden Gate Bridge sequence


terminator bus final

Warning: Spoilers ahead

Like the previous films in the "Terminator" franchise, “Terminator Genisys” isn’t stingy with its insane action sequences.

And one in particular goes out of its way to dazzle you as its filled with car crashes, a demolished school bus, and Arnold Schwarzenegger going through a windshield.

The scene happens in the middle of “Genisys,” when an evil John Connor (Jason Clarke) chases after the Terminator (Schwarzenegger), Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke), and Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) through San Francisco.

The three are trying to evade John while driving a large school bus (it’s a long story).

They all end up on the Golden Gate Bridge, leading to a showdown that won’t go well for anyone traveling on the bridge. With Sarah behind the wheel of the bus, she swerves in all lanes of traffic, hitting cars as she tries to shake John off the bus.

The Terminator and Reese are in the back of the bus trying to locate where John is, leading to John throwing the Terminator off the bus; inevitably ending up head-first into a cop car’s windshield.

terminator arnold windshieldJohn soon makes the bus inoperable by first disabling the brakes and then causing it to flip into the air and crash on the bridge. It then rolls to the edge of the bridge, hanging perilously over the side as Sarah and Reese are still inside.

Before the bus falls off the bridge, the Terminator is able to pull Sarah and Reese to safety.

terminator jumpThe sequence was first shot on set in New Orleans where the production team built a 500-foot long piece of the Golden Gate Bridge.

The shoot did some practical stunts, including car crashes and the school bus rolling. But, like many action movies, the magic happened in post production when visual effects house, Double Negative, got their hands on it.

Oscar-winning VFX supervisor Pete Bebb of Double Negative had 30 people working on the sequence, which took months to complete following early test screenings in which Bebb got word that more had to be done to the scene.

“I think the scene started off originally as a relatively shorter sequence with less action,” Bebb told Business Insider. “It turned out they wanted to flesh it out and have more crashes and cars turning over.”

To create more chaos on the bridge and the feel that the audience is right there with the characters, Bebb and his team went to YouTube for inspiration.

“We didn’t want to refer to other movies, so we just collected hundreds of clips from YouTube of dash cam videos of real car crashes,” he said. “It sounds dark, but it gave the sequence a little more.”

They were also responsible for making that 500-foot set of the bridge look like the real thing. That meant digitally increasing the speed of the bus and cars, giving more detail to what they shot on set (like the rolling bus) as well as extending the bridge digitally.

terminator rolling busHowever, one of the biggest challenges Bebb and his team had to take on was making sure their CG work matched what was filmed in New Orleans.

Bebb said their work isn’t just in front of computer screens. During production they went out to San Francisco and filmed every inch of the Golden Gate Bride to then use as background plates — the visuals they will put in back of the graphics they create.

But tweaking was needed to make what they shot look identical to what production did.

“Trying to attain day-lit vehicles is not as straight forward as people think,” said Bebb. “The New Orleans sky was very bright while in San Francisco it was a bit darker. So it was a pretty big challenge to make it all match.”

terminator bridgeBebb, who won an Oscar for the visual effects in “Inception,” has learned that in his line of work plans always change, so he believes the best way to succeed is to anticipate the bosses wanting more.

“I think there's a preconception that it's computers so it's easy to fix but it's not,” he said. “There's alway the line on set [to the VFX department], ‘You guys can fix that, right?’ Yes, we can, but it's a huge amount of work. We try to circumvent that by planning for a worse. We create everything with detail that's over and above what you think is required, just to make sure we’re okay.”

“Terminator Genisys” is currently playing in theaters.

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Here's the new 'Batman v Superman' trailer that just got a standing ovation at Comic-Con




Warner Bros. is delivering during its huge movie panel at San Diego Comic-Con, on Saturday.

After debuting new footage for movies "The Man from U.N.C.L.E." and Peter Pan adaptation "Pan," the studio floored the crowd in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con with footage from its upcoming DC cinematic universe, including next summer's DC villain movie, "Suicide Squad."

However, the biggest reveal was a new trailer for "Batman v Superman." 

Fans are going nuts over it.

Apparently, it was so good that the audience stood up to give it the applause it deserved. 

Before it had the chance to possibly leak online, Warner Bros. released it themselves.

Great move!

Produced By Matt Johnston. Video courtesy of Warner Bros.
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The new 'Batman v Superman' trailer hints at the Joker


If you've been following online rumors, word on the street is that Jared Leto's "Suicide Squad" Joker may cameo in next year's anticipated "Batman v Superman" movie.

Well, that's starting to look like less of a rumor!

The Clown Prince of Crime was hinted at in the new "Batman v Superman" trailer that debuted at Comic-Con Saturday.

First, check out the trailer here if you haven't seen it.


Did you spot the reference?

Batfans will be quick to notice the costume on display belongs to a former Robin, Batman's sidekick.

batman v superman jokerbatman v superman joker hint

The writing on the suit, "HAHAHA JoKe'S on you BATMAN," is left by Bats' nemesis The Joker.

If you know the history there, it's a dark story between the dynamic duo and the Joker. I'm not going to spoil it here in case it's something further movies will adapt.

Now, we certainly may not see the Joker in "Batman v Superman."

This may just be a nod to the jokester in this film. Even if we don't see him in some form (flashback or in the flesh) in "BvS," it looks like the DC Universe has some big plans in store for him.

We can't wait.

"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" is in theaters March 25, 2016.

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We finally know why Batman is going head-to-head with Superman


batman superman comic con 3

At Comic-Con on Saturday the Warner Bros. panel turned out to be one of the highlights of the day with its showing of an over three-minute trailer for “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

In fact, it got a rare standing ovation from the crowd.

Warner Bros. quickly put the trailer online, and, from the looks of it, we are given a very big clue to why the Caped Crusader is so upset with the Man of Steel.

In fact, it goes back to Zack Snyder’s previous Superman film, 2013’s “Man of Steel.

You may recall that in the conclusion of that movie Superman (played by Henry Cavill), in an attempt to defeat General Zod (Michael Shannon), almost obliterates Metropolis.

man of steel comic conWell, from the footage shown at Comic-Con, Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) was there and was not pleased with what went down. Even running head-on into the rubble to save people.

batman superman comic con 2

It appears Wayne Tower was decimated in the fallout from Superman's big fight with Zod.

batman v superman trailer comic conWith Wayne feeling Superman is more of a threat than a savior, he decides to dust off the Batman suit, make a few modifications so he can withstand Superman’s powers, and go after him.

batman superman comic con 2If this trailer lives up to the hype, we’re in store for something special.

batman superman comic con 1See the full trailer below.

 “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” comes to theaters March 2016.

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The new ‘Batman v Superman’ trailer gives us our first good look at the new Wonder Woman


Warner Bros. stunned fans Saturday at Comic-Con with a new trailer for "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice."

The over three-minute video has a lot to unpack. 

Batman and Superman aside, one of the most exciting parts of the trailer didn't have anything to do with either caped hero.

Instead, we finally got our first good look at Gal Gadot ("Fast and Furious" franchise) as Wonder Woman.

Fans have been clamoring for a big female superhero on screen and Wonder Woman is certainly the most recognizable (sorry Black Widow and Scarlet Witch).

How does she look?


wonder woman batman v superman sdcc 2015

wonder woman batman superman

What do you think of Gadot as Wonder Woman?

"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" is in theaters March 25, 2016.

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The 'Suicide Squad' trailer fans went nuts over at Comic-Con has leaked online


Well, one for two isn’t bad.  

While everyone is freaking out about the ‘Batman v Superman” trailer, many fans are freaking out about another trailer Warner Bros. debuted during its big movie panel which has since leaked online. 

The trailer for next summer’s “Suicide Squad” movie wowed crowds at Comic-Con. The film, which revolves around a group of DC villains and anti-heroes, will be the first movie to feature a new actor taking on the iconic role of the Joker since the death of Heath Ledger.

Jared Leto will fill his shoes, and screaming fans were pleasantly surprised to see a tattooed Clown Prince of Crime on screen.  

While Warner Bros. was quick to get most of the leaked versions down from YouTube, footage from the trailer is still popping up online. You almost wonder why Warner Bros. didn’t release both of its trailers online, rather than risk the chance of one of them leaking. 

Check out the trailer below via MovieWeb. 

We’re sure it won’t be up for long.

The studio surely isn't the luckiest when it comes to leaked footage.

At last year's Con, footage for the "Batman v Superman" film leaked quickly online and took a few days to get pulled down. The first official trailer for the film leaked online ahead of its planned release earlier this year at a fan event.

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12 things we learned from the new 'Batman v Superman' trailer


batman superman comic con 2

The second "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" trailer debuted at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, and it was absolutely jam-packed. 

Clocking in at nearly three and a half minutes, the trailer gives us our first look at the plot of the film alongside a plethora of Easter eggs and glimpses at what the wider DC Universe will look like in the movie. 

Let's dive right in.

They're addressing one of fans' biggest issues with "Man of Steel."

A big problem a lot of fans had was the widespread destruction in the big finale to "Man of Steel." The movie sort of acted like it was no big deal. "Batman v Superman" looks like it's going to take this head on, revealing that Bruce Wayne was at the scene, and he's very, very angry. 

We finally know Batman's big problem with Superman.

Now that we know Bruce was in Metropolis when it was nearly leveled, we learn the personal stake he has in it — one of his buildings was completely destroyed in the fight, and Wayne feels responsible for the people who died on his watch.

This Batman is kind of messed up.

Ben Affleck's portrayal of Batman is the angry, ruthless sort with none of the deep sadness that seemed to haunt Christian Bale. He also seems to take things a bit too far — it looks like he even brands criminals he apprehends!

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This spot-on George Lucas impersonator blew everyone away at Comic-Con


san diego comic con cosplay 0775

One brave fan at San Diego Comic-Con cosplayed as everyone’s favorite "Star Wars" director to make fun of: George Lucas.

His spot-on parody inspired many passersby to stop and ask for photos, prompting him to respond, "Is it digital? Eh, we can fix it in post."

When we first spotted cosplayer Josh Robert Thompson outside the showroom floor, he wore a grey, slicked back wig, round glasses, and a prosthetic neck piece. He held a large sign that read "Gredo Shot First!" in one hand, and a Jar Jar Binks toy in the other.

For reference, here's what Lucas looks like in real life.

george lucas tribeca film festival

And here's a glimpse at the intense transformation Thompson, a professional comedian and voice actor, underwent in the make-up chair.

Rotating through a Rolodex of Lucas-inspired catchphrases, Thompson walked around the convention yelling to no one in particular, "Those are my movies, dammit."

And, "Where the hell is J.J.? I just want to ask him a question."

Thompson cosplayed as Lucas at Disney's "Star Wars" Celebration last spring and left as a celebrity of the community. A video capturing his parody went viral on YouTube.

He said the fan response has been more tame at Comic-Con.

Still, dozens are tweeting about their encounters with the divisive director.

Friday, the day of the "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" panel, he attempted to find a fan with an admission wristband — a hot ticket item — who would be willing to hand it over.

"I couldn't get into my own panel!" he laughed.

Follow along with Thompsons' escapades on Twitter and at jrtvoices.com.

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Channing Tatum stormed the Comic-Con stage to take an epic photo with all the X-Men and Stan Lee


Do you think Stan Lee has a photo with all of Disney's Marvel Cinematic Universe characters?

He definitely has one with 20th Century Fox's Marvel crew.

Near the end of Fox's movie panel Saturday evening at Comic-Con, the casts of the X-Men, "Fantastic Four,""Deadpool," and "Wolverine," gathered around to take a photo on the Hall H stage.

When Marvel legend Stan Lee asked who was available to take the photo, panel host Chris Hardwick suggested Channing Tatum, at which point the "Magic Mike" surprised the crowd coming out with a selfie stick and camera.

channing tatum stan lee chris hardwick

Everyone gathered around for Hardwick to take a photo.

channing tatum x men photo comic con

 Hardwick also took a selfie with the X-Men crew.


Here it is from his view:


Tatum is set to star in 2016's adaptation of "X-Men" character "Gambit." The actor not only came out on stage sporting a Gambit T-shirt, but he also showed off a Gambit-inspired haircut.

channing tatum x men panel sdcc 2015

Watch the moment below via ScreenCrush:


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Stan Lee let it slip that he will have a very different cameo in 'X-Men: Apocalypse'


stan lee, comic-con

Stan Lee will have a cameo in "X-Men: Apocalypse" that is "different than every other one I've done," the comic book legend revealed at Comic-Con on Saturday.

During an "Ask Me Anything"-inspired panel, a fan asked Lee what his favorite cameo was. 

The Marvel legend has appeared in more than 20 cinematic adaptations of his comic books — between the 1989 made-for-TV movie "The Trial of the Incredible Hulk" and this year's "Avengers: Age of Ultron."

"I really love them all," Lee said, before admitting that his next cameo is possibly his favorite.

"I did a cameo for the next 'X-Men' movie," said Lee before stopping short. The moderator whispered in his ear, assumedly, that the topic was off-limits. He claimed Marvel employees in the audience were giving him dagger eyes.

"When you say I'm not allowed — will I be arrested?" Lee quipped.

Fans cheered, egging him on.

"When you go see the next 'X-Men' movie when it comes out, and see my fantastic cameo, you will say, 'I remember he told me about it here," Lee said. "It's a different cameo in that it has one additional thing in it."

Despite the ambiguity of Lee's statement, the crowd went nuts.

"And if that doesn't make you go see 'X-Men,' I'm wasting my time," he added.

Fans will have a while to wait a little while.

"X-Men: Apocalypse" hits theaters May 2016.

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The 'Deadpool' trailer from Comic-Con leaks online and it looks like everything fans hoped it would be


Twentieth Century Fox debuted the trailer for Ryan Reynolds' "Deadpool" movie to massive cheers in Hall H on Saturday evening, so it's little surprise the footage has found its way online.

The film has been a pet project of Reynolds' since he took on the role of the "Merc with a Mouth" in 2009's "X-Men: Origins."

The Marvel character is the only comic-book character who's aware that he's a comic-book character. Often, he'll break the fourth wall, speaking to readers and referencing pop-culture items within the confines of his comics, confusing other characters.

"Deadpool" is expected in theaters in February 12, 2016.

Check it out below for now until it’s pulled:


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Paul Rudd is the most unlikely hero of the summer movie season in 'Ant-Man'


paul rudd ant man

The summer time is when we rush into dark theaters blasting ice cold air so we can watch the biggest and baddest actors on the planet duke it out —often against computer-generated foes — for a delightful two hours.

It’s a formula that has worked out well, particularly this summer where it seems no box office record is safe.

But with the release of “Ant-Man”on July 17, we are in store for something different.

Don’t worry, if you like large things blowing up and insane action sequences, there’s plenty of that. But this is unlike most Marvel movies in the way that there’s a playfulness about it that lowers the stakes of world destruction or preventing bad guys from obtaining Infinity Stones

A lot of that has to do with the actor playing Ant-Man — Paul Rudd.

We know Rudd for his comedy, ranging from the early days of his career with “Wet Hot American Summer” to being one of Judd Apatow’s go-to guys in movies like “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” and “Knocked Up.”

Wet Hot American Summer Elizabeth Banks Paul RuddRudd has always had an edge to him, but not in an intimidating or offensive way. Even at his most dickish (“Role Models” or “Dinner for Schmucks”), there’s always a redeeming quality that makes us still like him by the end credits.

This summer we've seen hunky guys like Chris Pratt dominate the box office in "Jurassic Park," Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson take on "San Andreas," and Arnold Schwarzenegger return in "Terminator Genisys" all engulfing the screen with incredible feats of strength and tenacity. Could Rudd's persona work in the tough guy mold we expect our summer movie heroes to be?

It does because thanks to rewrites by Rudd and “Anchorman” writer-director Adam McKay, “Ant-Man” still has action and thrills but plays to Rudd’s strengths of witty one-liners and self-deprecating humor.

Ant Man Paul RuddSome of Rudd’s most memorable moments in his career are when the directors let him and fellow actors rift off one another. With Rudd involved in the writing process, he’s able to throw in a few lines of his own, giving the Ant-Man character something that his fans are familiar with.

This was crucial because if you aren’t familiar with the "Ant-Man" comics before seeing the movie you might not know what the heck you’ve gotten yourself into.

Ant-Man is a superhero who wears a suit that allows him to shrink to nearly microscopic size while still keeping strength of normal size. He can communicate with ants, which he uses as an army to complete missions.

Ant Man Disney finalRudd is perfect in the role because he gives his character Scott Lang — a burglar who tries to get on the straight-and-narrow for the sake of his daughter until he meets Dr. Hank Pam (Michael Douglas) who wants him to become the Ant-Man — the mix of sarcasm and charm the audience needs to ease into the story.

Once you’re in, the Marvel machine takes it from there with incredible references of the universe and a fun comedic tone (looking at you Michael Peña) that hasn’t been found in any of the films from the studio so far (yes, even “Guardians of the Galaxy”).

But all of that is because of what Rudd gives us.

In a season where the giants rule, it’s this regular guy who may be the most interesting.

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Ryan Reynolds says the 'Deadpool' movie is happening because of the fans


ryan reynolds deadpool movie sdcc 2015

Ryan Reynolds has been trying to get a "Deadpool" movie made for 11 years.

When he took the stage for the 'Deadpool" movie late Saturday afternoon, he opened up the panel by letting fans know the film of the Comic-Con favorite character was getting made because of them.

“One year ago to almost today, some a—hole in here leaked that footage, and that’s why we’re standing here,” said Reynolds."

Reynolds is referring to test footage he shot for a "Deadpool" movie which later went viral on YouTube. The footage has since been pulled from the internet.

"Tim Miller [the director] and I just sat back there [pointing to backstage] and just shook our heads, in kind of awe, just thinking, 'How did we get here?'" continued Reynolds. "You guys, the internet, fans, you guys made the studio do this. You bent their arms behind their backs, twisted their frigging necks, and here we are."

When asked why he thinks people love this character, Reynolds responded, “I think this character inhabits a space in the comic book universe that no other person can or will ever inhabit. It's got everything you'd ever want. For one, I just think it's an absolute miracle that a studio let us make 'Deadpool,' let alone an R-rated 'Deadpool.'"  

"It was R, it was PG, it was R again," chimed in director Tim Miller. 

The “Deadpool” movie will be released February 12.

Flicks and the City released footage of the panel online.

You can check it out below.


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People don't seem to care about the Fantastic Four — and they're making an unfortunate mistake


fantastic four

Superhero movies live and die according to hype. In the current box-office climate, movies with the names "Marvel" or "DC" attached to them aren't interested in building audiences based on post-release word-of-mouth. But instead in guaranteeing attendance months and years in advance via sprawling interconnected universes that always have one eye firmly fixed on the next film in the sequence. Hence, the hype. Hence, Comic-Con. 

So what about "Fantastic Four?"

In a recent LA Times feature, director Josh Trank was interviewed about the way his film is being received by fans so far, which has ranged from apathy to downright hostility. In that same piece, producer Simon Kinberg goes as far as to say some of those fans have "a chip on their shoulder."

Of course, no one has seen the film yet. Even just one month out, the promotional machine for "Fantastic Four" has been much quieter than those touting films from other studios like "Batman v. Superman" or "Suicide Squad," both of which are roughly a year away. In fact, superhero films from the same studio as "Fantastic Four"— namely, the upcoming slate of X-Men films such as "Apocalypse" and "Deadpool"— are getting plenty more attention. 

To his credit, Josh Trank sounds like he expected this. 

"I made every single choice knowing that people would question it," the director told the LA Times. "And what better reaction than to have people then go see the movie and understand it and feel like maybe they've learned something about the world, to not question the next thing they think is going to be stupid or weird."

That's the sort of quote that makes you think Trank is the perfect guy to adapt the "Fantastic Four", a team all about learning and discovery. But no matter how thoughtful Trank sounds, it seems like he just can't shake the ghost of movies past. 

As ScreenCrush notes, the previous "Fantastic Four" movies, while blockbusters, are not fondly remembered. Even though the last film, "Rise of the Silver Surfer," came out in 2007, it feels like the product of another era with its kitschy family-friendly approach that you wouldn't see today. 

Still, there's that chip on fan's shoulders. While the second "Fantastic Four" film was legitimately terrible, the first one wasn't awful. Sure, it got some characters wrong (Dr. Doom), but mostly it was a case of a film attempting to appeal to everyone and really appealing to no one. But the strange thing about the failure of that first film franchise is that it seems to be projected onto the property as a whole —as if the Fantastic Four just aren't inherently interesting. 

That couldn't be more wrong. 

As Vulture's Abraham Riesman explains at length, if there's anything you love about Marvel comics or modern superheroes, they wouldn't exist without the Fantastic Four. They're also still relevant. "It has a core idea that never gets old," writes Riesman, "the struggles, compromises, joys, and agonies of being in a family."

That, right there, is what makes the Fantastic Four special. It's something that, frankly, the marketing behind the forthcoming film is pretty lousy at conveying: They're a family. Susan and Johnny Storm (played by Kate Mara and Michael B. Jordan) are siblings, while Sue and Reed (Miles Tellar) get married and have children.

This all happens extremely early in Fantastic Four history, by the way. The team debuted in 1961, and the marriage of Reed and Sue occurs in the fall of 1965. Franklin Richards, their first son, then shows up in 1968. So, for almost the entirety of their existence, the Fantastic Four has had a married couple at its core, with Sue's brother Johnny serving as a source of youthful energy and Reed's best friend Ben Grimm, aka The Thing, fulfilling the role of clear-eyed, blue-collared heart of the team. 

Fantastic Four scene

Granted, Trank's film seems to be adapting "Ultimate Fantastic Four," a newer take on the characters that significantly changes their origin, makes them all younger, and never has Reed and Sue marry. Still, family was important to that run too, albeit a more dysfunctional, Joss Whedon-style "found" family rather than one centered around matrimony.

The idea of family is so timeless and versatile that it gave us a hit Pixar film and transformed the "Fast and Furious" movies into one of the best crowd-pleasing franchises in existence. It's also something that the current crop of superhero movies refuses to come anywhere near — meaning that a good "Fantastic Four" movie has room to be truly unique, and not just a remix of things we've all seen before. 

This works on a visual level as well as a thematic one. The Fantastic Four go to impossible places and see incredible things. They're the relatable center of stories that take us to mind-bending places. They showed just how far superhero comics could take us, how much heart was hidden away in the comic books that were so often ignored by mainstream media.

The Fantastic Four matter. Let's hope they get a movie that treats them that way. 

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Here’s how a filmmaker shot his critically-acclaimed movie using just an iPhone


TANGERINE Mickey O'Hagan & Kitana Kiki Rodriguez & Radium Cheung & Sean Baker Photo Courtesy of Shih Ching Tsou

Earlier this year at the Sundance Film Festival, audiences were taken by zany comedy “Tangerine,” the latest film from “Greg the Bunny” co-creator Sean Baker.

Baker enjoys telling stories set in real settings, casting actors with little to no experience, and exploring stories you’ve likely never seen before on the big screen. That can range from a New York garment district wholesaler dealing with fatherhood (“Price of Broadway”) to a porn actress befriending an elderly woman (“Starlet”).

“Tangerine” continues that motif as Baker tells the story of a transgender prostitute named Sin-Dee (Kitana Kiki Rodriguez) who learns that her pimp is cheating on her and navigates through Los Angeles on Christmas Eve to confront him.

Tangerine1But what has grabbed people’s attention beyond Baker’s unconventional tale is his decision to shoot the film only using the iPhone 5S.

“I didn’t see any other way the film could be done,” Baker told Business Insider in the Manhattan office of the film’s distribution company, Magnolia Pictures, last week.

With a micro budget of only around $120,000 to make the film, Baker knew he had used up all his favors doing his previous films, and that if he wanted to make “Tangerine” he had to be creative.

“The film that turned me onto [shooting on an iPhone] was Spike Lee’s ‘Red Hook Summer,’” Baker said, referring to Lee’s low budget 2012 drama. “Remember the kid shooting on his iPad? There’s something about every time it cuts to his iPad footage I got more interested. I thought, Why isn’t anyone doing a whole film like this yet?”

Around the same time Baker realized that the iPhone 5S was coming out, and included an upgraded camera lens from its predecessors.

Baker realized he could pull off shooting the movie with the phone (he used three total, but never at the same time).

Moondog 081Through camera tests with his co-cinematographer Radium Cheung, Baker liked the high quality of the picture the 5S provided. But he was completely sold on shooting with the phone after coming across a new anamorphic lens adapter for smartphones created by Moondog Labs and the app, FiLMiC Pro

With the lens adapter and the app, which made it possible for the phone to shoot at the level a pricey DSLR camera provides, Baker felt the phone would be “elevated to a cinematic level.” (The FiLMiC Pro app costs $7.99 and the Moondog lens adapters range from $160-$175.)

And his financiers, who included Mark and Jay Duplass (creators of HBO’s “Togetherness”), agreed after Baker showed them his test footage.

What Baker didn’t realize until principal photographer on “Tangerine” began in the February of 2013 was the level of sophisticated shots they could pull off with the phone. Baker used his talents as a former bike messenger in Manhattan to weave closely around his characters as they said their lines. Biking with one hand on the handle bar and another holding a smart-phone designed Steadicam called a “Smoothee” ($149), the movie has these slick, eye-catching passing shots of Sin-Dee as she walks furiously throughout L.A.

TANGERINE Sean Baker & Mickey O'Hagan & Kitana Kiki Rodriguez Photo Courtesy of Shih Ching TsouBut perhaps the most dazzling of the cinematography in the film are the “crane” shots.

Throughout the film a handful of scenes begin high above buildings and then smoothly travel down to the faces of the characters. On traditional movie sets giant crane rigs that cost in the thousands of dollars are used to pull this off. Baker was able to do the same shots cheaper and in a more practical way.

“We purchased a large painter’s pole and we would rig the phone to the end of it and do these up and down movements,” Baker explains has he stands and imitates the movements, almost like he’s painting the walls off the Magnolia meeting room with a long paint roller. “We would do like 10 shots, one after the other, and then look at all of them on the phone and decide if we had to do it again. It was basically like being back in your parent’s yard, 12 years old, doing stuff with the VHS camera.”

Baker admits if the film was done a few years later they probably would have used drones for some of those shots.

Though shooting with the phone was a success, Baker was weary about promoting how “Tangerine” was shot. When the film got into this year’s Sundance Film Festival back in January, he did not allow any of the publicity material to state that it was shot with an iPhone.

“We didn’t want people to have any preconceived notions about how it would look,” he said. “I have to say, if I had a choice to see a movie between a film shot on 35mm and a film shot on an iPhone, I would pick the film shot on 35mm.”

Sean BakerBut following the premiere screening, Baker knew he had to reveal how they shot it. Overnight, he became the poster child of the future of low budget filmmaking.

“It’s starting to get crazy,” Baker admits. “I’m getting way too many Facebook messages and Twitter DMs from people asking how I made the movie. I just don’t have the time to answer all of them. It’s so easy — you get the phone, you get the app, you get the rig and you just do it.”

Apple has even warmed to the film.

Baker said when they originally sent Apple the film treatment they got the typical response that the company didn’t want to be involved. But after the Sundance premiere he began hearing from multiple departments in the company. Some praising what he did. Others, not so much.

“A few times they had been really nice to me, but a few times they rubbed me the wrong way,” he said. “One time a department was like, “We’re coming to your apartment and we’re going to shoot the way you edit and shoot and we’re going to spend two days with you.’ I was like no, you're not.”

But all is well, as Baker said Apple invited the film to take part in one of their Apple Store filmmaker chats recently, and they were all given new iPhones.

Baker is not planning to make another film on an iPhone, hoping that he will have a much larger budget to work with on his next one. But he believes audiences will be seeing more movies made on phones in the years to come.

“I went to Sundance thinking we would be one of many films shot on a phone,” he said. “But a lot of people are starting to use it for features and shots. And a lot have been used for commercials already. It’s about time.”

“Tangerine” opens in theaters on Friday.

Watch the “Tangerine” trailer below, and see the amazing picture quality yourself.

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