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'Spectre' has no problem topping the box office for a second straight weekend


Spectre James Bond Daniel Craig

The new releases at the multiplex this weekend were no match for 007.

The latest movie in the James Bond franchise, "Spectre," topped the weekend box office for a second straight week with an estimated $35 million, according to The Hollywood Reporter, putting the film's domestic total at over $120 million.

Trailing "Spectre" for a second week is "The Peanuts Movie." With an estimated $24.2 million, the film, like the latest Bond movie, is continuing to find audiences.

The same can't be said for the Angelina Jolie passion project, "By the Sea." Written and directed by Jolie — who stars opposite her husband, Brad Pitt, as a married couple going through a tough patch in their relationship — the film only took in an estimated $95,440 in 10 theaters (that's 9,544 per screen), according to THR.

By The Sea 1 Universal.JPGReleased by Universal, which made it for $30 million (including advertising), according to Deadline, the film is a rarity for a Hollywood studio. A modest-budget melodrama with little appeal for the treasured 20-something demo.

But, as Universal has a relationship with Jolie, having released her last directing effort, "Unbroken," it was best to support one of its star's works (even if it was an obvious vanity project).

Though the film gives an honest take on the challenges of being in a relationship, it was mixed with critics. It only has a 32% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and, according to a source close to the studio, "By the Sea" was never planning to get an award-season push.

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Here's why you likely won't see Angelina Jolie's vanity project 'By the Sea' in this year’s Oscar race


By The Sea 3 Universal.JPG

It had all the makings for a project that would appeal to Oscar.

A movie star writing, directing, and starring in a romantic drama, in which her fellow-movie-star husband plays opposite her.

But the opening weekend confirmed what many in Hollywood already knew: Angelina Jolie’s latest directing effort, “By the Sea,” is not going to be an Oscar contender.

“By the Sea” stars Jolie and her husband Brad Pitt as a married couple struggling to recapture the flame in their relationship following a traumatic event in their lives. They travel to a small French village to vacation, but that mostly entails Jolie’s character perched on her balcony all day while Pitt’s character gets drunk down the road at a cafe.

An intimate tale with little dialogue and even less happening (though it does have intriguing moments about being in a relationship), it will likely go down as a vanity project by Jolie that will be quickly forgotten or find an audience a generation from now at the repertory theaters.

So why was the movie even made?

The Pitts are still huge movie stars, and with “By the Sea” being touted as the pair’s first time together on the screen since 2005’s “Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” many were intrigued.

Jolie also has a strong relationship with Universal, the studio that released the film. Her last directing effort, “Unbroken,” was made at the studio. To keep the relationship secure with one of its big stars, Universal made a relatively small gamble in forking over $30 million ($10 million budget, the rest for prints and advertising).

But with negative reviews (the film currently has a 32% rating on Rotten Tomatoes), the chances for “By the Sea” to do well in its opening weekend were slim.

On Sunday, “By the Sea” came in with a disappointing $95,440 in 10 theaters for a per-screen average of $9.544. But Universal isn’t giving up. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the studio will expand the movie to 100 theaters in 40 markets next week.

But that’s more to show it's not burying the movie. Universal has no intention of campaigning it for the awards season, a source close to the studio told Business Insider.

Tom O’Neil, of awards tracking site Gold Derby, told BI that early screenings of the film proved its lack of awards buzz.

“Audience reaction was mixed,” O’Neil said of the screenings. “Some people view it as a lightweight vanity production brimming with arthouse pretension. Others truly appreciate the film, but don’t feel passionately enough about it to champion for Oscars.”

The film currently has a 100/1 shot to win Best Picture, according to the odds Gold Derby lists for the movies that could be eligible for the Academy Awards. That's one very long shot.

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Every new thing we saw in the latest 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' clips


New footage of 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' released in TV spots over the weekend shows Rey (Daisy Ridley) and Finn (John Boyega) taking control of the Millennium Falcon.

The Disney Channel featured a behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming film, with a few seconds of the duo preparing themselves for their adventure. Rey is the pilot and Finn is in charge of the guns. Both say, "I can do this." 

star wars rey finnThe promotional video also featured a glimpse of Domhnall Gleeson as General Hux, shouting "Fire" from the Starkiller Base.  domhall gleeson star warsA clip from another TV spot also shows Rey and Finn in action on the Millennium Falcon. rey finn star wars force awakensThere is a massive attack on a rather large castle-like building, Maz Kanata's presumably.star wars the force awakensWhile footage of a battle between an X-Wing and TIE fighter isn't new, the full clip with an explosion at the end is.star wars the force awakensAnd Kylo Ren fends off attacks with his three-pronged lightsaber.kylo ren star wars force awakens

Watch the TV spots below: 

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Val Kilmer confirms he's back for 'Top Gun 2' in Facebook post, starts other sequel rumors


top gun

Val Kilmer took to his official Facebook page to announce his role in "Top Gun 2," the sequel to the 1986 original film. 

According to his status, he had no reservations about accepting the script without even reading it. He'll presumably reprise his role as Iceman. 

I just got offered #topgun2 - not often you get to say "yes" without reading the script..."It's starring Gene...

Posted by Val Kilmer on Monday, 16 November 2015

But his status also gave some false hope that Gene Hackman would be coming out of retirement or that Francis Ford Coppola would take over directing for the late Tony Scott. In a comment, Kilmer clarified that those examples are fantasy scenarios.

val kilmer facebook

Business Insider contacted a representative for Jerry Bruckheimer, a producer on "Top Gun 2," who said, "The project is in development, so we have no comment on it."

The sequel was confirmed earlier this summer by Skydance CEO David Ellison. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Ellison said the sequel would explore the modern world.

"It is very much a world we live in today where it’s drone technology, and fifth-generation fighters are really what the United States Navy is calling the last man-made fighter that we’re actually going to produce," Ellison said. "So it’s really exploring the end of an era of dogfighting."

Tom Cruise is set to reprise his role as Maverick. 

Update: Kilmer posted a status clarifying his remarks.

Francis Coppola and Gene Jackman are examples of what an actor says "yes" to. They are not involved. So sorry for the misunderstanding.

Posted by Val Kilmer on Tuesday, 17 November 2015

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Justin Bieber dies and Will Ferrell is jacked in the 'Zoolander 2' trailer


zoolander1 final

After years of rumors and speculation, Ben Stiller is finally giving the world a sequel to his 2001 cult comedy "Zoolander," and the full trailer is here.

Stiller returns as supermodel Derek Zoolander, whose trademark move "Blue Steel" is still the most iconic pose in the fashion world. 

In fact, it has become the death selfie made by the world's most beautiful people — yes, Justin Bieber, too — who are suddenly being killed.

zoolander2 finalAnd only Zoolander and his best bud, Hansel (Owen Wilson), can solve the case. 

There are familiar faces coming back, like the evil Mugatu (Will Ferrell), who has changed since going to prison.

zoolander3 finalWell, not really...

ferrel zoolander 2And there are new faces like Benedict Cumberbatch and Penélope Cruz.

Watch the trailer below. "Zoolander 2" opens in theaters February 12.


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'Mockingjay — Part 2' gives Jennifer Lawrence a triumphant end to the 'Hunger Games' movies


jennifer lawrence hunger games mockingjay part 2

The worst decision the mostly consistent “Hunger Games” movie franchise made was splitting its final chapter in two. And yet, it still managed to (mostly) come out on top.

“Mockingjay — Part 2,” the final “Hunger Games” movie, is a solid and fitting conclusion to a great series. And while it might not stand perfectly on its own, it feels like exactly the ending that this story needed.

Josh Hutcherson Hunger Games Mockingjay

One issue this franchise has faced is with its cliffhangers. Each of the movies, no matter how good, felt like it ended so abruptly. “Mockingjay — Part 1” literally ends in the middle of a scene. The good part about this is that it allows “Part 2” to jump right into the action. 

At the start, the long-awaited revolution begins. But before it can fully get going, Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) needs to snap out of a brutal brainwashing, and Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) needs to recover from her injuries. It's representative of how powerful this character is that she still seems like the strongest person in the world even with damaged vocal cords preventing her from giving a rousing speech or bursting into song.

The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 Murray Close Lionsgate

Once she gets better, Katniss sort of returns to the frontlines of battle. President Alma Coin (Julianne Moore) and Plutarch (the late Philip Seymour Hoffman, in his last film appearance) lead troops to the Capitol in hopes of finally overthrowing President Snow (Donald Sutherland). For better or worse, “Mockingjay” is paced sort of like the “Lord of the Rings” movies: There is a lot of wandering with pit stops including battle scenes that are worth the wait.

“Mockingjay — Part 2” emphasizes that this is probably the darkest young-adult series ever put on film. The "Hunger Games" movies include an incredibly healthy dose of cynicism while also including the requisite love triangle. It's not something you often see in movies targeted at teenagers. A lot of the colorful ceremony sequences from the previous films have been replaced by the landscape of the Capitol, which looks like a Chinese ghost city. 

Hunger Games Mockingjay

The biggest reason that “Mockingjay — Part 2” is such a satisfying conclusion is because it feels like every theme and every bit of character development from the previous films were actually building up to something. The “Hunger Games” movies are partially about revolutions fought through propaganda rather than violence. Even though some bombs are going to be dropped, the key to winning Panem is symbolism.   

Here, Katniss is told not to fight and instead be the face of the revolution. This is an interesting challenge to “The One” narratives that make up most popular blockbusters, from “Star Wars” to “The Matrix.” Katniss, the supposed chosen one, is told that she was nothing more than “a face in the crowd.” But in a stellar twist, she proves us wrong. And with this narrative, “The Hunger Games” series proves itself to be much smarter than people give it credit for. 

One of the greatest buildups here is watching the actors evolve. As Peeta, Hutcherson has become much more confident of himself. He never seemed like the kind of guy who could tell it like it is until “Mockingjay — Part 2.”

Hunger Games Mockingjay

Then, of course, there's Jennifer Lawrence, who's filled Katniss with so much humanity over the past three years. There is a scene in “Mockingjay” where the ever-strong Katniss finally breaks down. It is a reaction that is both genuine and overbearing. It is the kind of moment that looks physically exhausting.

Again, “Mockingjay — Part 2” might have been better if it had been combined with the weaker “Part 1.” And yet, even when “Part 2” had a lot of action to get through, it still managed to get to the heart of what makes “The Hunger Games” a surprisingly thoughtful blockbuster.

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The crazy story of how 'The Big Short' got Led Zeppelin to approve song rights


The Big Short Jaap Buitendijk Paramount

Director Adam McKay— who is best known for helming many memorable Will Ferrell comedies like the “Anchorman” movies, “Talladega Nights,” and “Step Brothers” — is proving he also has skills to make an engaging drama. His latest movie, “The Big Short,” is building impressive notice from critics in its early screenings (the film opens in limited release December 11 and wide on December 23).

Based on the best-selling nonfiction book by Michael Lewis that looks inside the housing-bubble collapse, the unconventional, documentary-like movie grabbed the attention of A-list talent including Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Christian Bale, and Brad Pitt, who play the few people in the finance world who saw the crash coming.

But one of the film’s biggest coups was featuring Led Zeppelin’s classic track “When the Levee Breaks” in the debut trailer and in the movie’s end credits.

zeppelin finalZeppelin has been known for decades as one of the hardest bands to get to approve its music for use in movies (“Almost Famous,” “School of Rock,” and “The Fighter” are some notable projects that pulled it off). McKay confirmed to Business Insider that it was a challenge signing the group on to "The Big Short."

In fact, the filmmakers almost had to postpone the premiere of the trailer because, up to the 11th hour, they didn’t know if they could legally include the song.

“We cut the trailer and put in the Zeppelin song, and it’s not only one of the greatest songs of all time, but it drives you through the trailer,” McKay said. “But then we were told we might not be able to get the rights.”

McKay explained that the producers and music supervisor on the film had covered the globe trying to get approvals. Reaching out to everyone from the publishing company that owns Zeppelin’s music, to surviving band members Robert Plant and John Paul Jones. Even getting the blessing of the family of the band’s deceased drummer, John Bonham. Everyone said yes, but no one could find lead guitarist Jimmy Page.

“I’m like, ‘What do you mean you can’t find Jimmy Page?’ And I was told he has a new girlfriend and I guess they were off having a good time,” McKay said.

Fast-forward to the night before the trailer premiere, and they still couldn’t find Page. McKay said by that point he and his team were trying to figure out another song to replace “When the Levee Breaks.” They even considered postponing the launch of the trailer, but were scared rumors would start around Hollywood that the film was in trouble. While in England, a team of people was on the search for Page.

“We finally heard that he was in some pub out in the English countryside,” McKay said. “So an assistant drove two hours to get to the pub, breaking every speed limit, goes into the pub and puts a computer in front of Jimmy Page so he can look at the trailer and say either yes we can use the song or no. Then at like 1:55 a.m. or something I got the email that he said yes.”

Adam McKay Michael Bowles GettyBut the story doesn’t end there. McKay also wanted to use the song in the film’s end credits, and when Page was told that, he had one condition.

“He said we can’t edit the song,” McKay said. “He told us he didn’t like how they cut up his songs in movies.”

So McKay was now stuck trying to figure out how to make the uncut song — which has a 1:24 instrumental before Plant begins to sing — work in the credits.

What McKay and his editor, Hank Corwin, came up with was to begin the song very faintly among sounds of New York City traffic during the text cards at the end of the movie, which inform the audience what has happened to the characters. Then when the credits follow, Plant begins to sing.

“That was the crazy thing,” McKay said. “That was a pure accident. It just happened to lay out perfectly when the credits begin.”

Watch “The Big Short” trailer:


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Cate Blanchett's new lesbian-romance movie 'Carol' has a lot to say about female power


CarolIn most movies with a romance between a man and a woman, the man is older than the woman — sometimes by decades — and no one seems to mind. In "Carol," a new movie directed by Todd Haynes, age makes all the difference, but there's a gender twist.

The story takes place in New York around 1950, when same-sex relationships started out as furtive glances and carefully phrased questions. Therese, played by Rooney Mara in a performance that won her the Best Actress award at the Cannes Film Festival this year, is a twentysomething woman being courted for marriage by her boyfriend. Carol, played by Cate Blanchett in a performance that should've shared the Cannes award, has a daughter and is in the middle of a divorce. She's 16 years older than Therese, in the movie and in real life (Blanchett is 46 and Mara is 30).

Because this is the middle of the 20th century, everyone's still in the closet. Haynes never makes it clear whether Carol and Therese are bisexual or lesbian. He considers it beside the point: It is a romance between two women. When Therese becomes the subject of Carol's advances, she doesn't know what to do. She has not read Out magazine, she has not seen "Blue Is the Warmest Color," and she doesn't have any gay friends to talk to. Carol, on the other hand, is experienced.

And so what follows is a story in which Carol brings Therese "of age," so to speak, guiding her through new experiences, changing her perception of the world. Carol takes Therese on a road trip. They leave New York and have the vague plan of heading to Chicago, but their trip almost seems aimless. At the same time, it’s like Carol has done this before. She knows which coy gestures she needs to make to answer Therese's curiosities, and she takes things at a careful pace.


Haynes is careful not to exploit their relationship on screen. When Carol and Therese finally have sex, it’s filmed in tasteful close-ups and doesn’t run for a second too long. By contrast, Abdellatif Kechiche, in 2013's “Blue Is the Warmest Color,” filmed those scenes immoderately. In “Carol,” every touch tells you about Carol and Therese’s tenderness, about how they behave. “Blue” told you that, and then wouldn’t shut up.

Carol is not just the older, experienced person in the relationship teaching the younger person how it's done — she is the older, more experienced person teaching someone with no frame of reference, and teaching her to understand everything without shame. And she has no idea what she's doing.

If the legendary French director Jean-Luc Godard said, “All you need to make a movie is a girl and a gun,” “Carol” provides two girls and a gun. On the road trip, Carol discovers that a private investigator has followed her and Therese. We should have seen it coming, given that the movie is based on a novel (“The Price of Salt”) by noir writer Patricia Highsmith, but Haynes’ gorgeous photography makes you forget. The detective is working for Carol’s husband, who threatens to use the evidence of her homosexuality to invoke a “morality clause” that would give him sole custody of their child. In 1950, homosexuality was considered a mental illness, and Carol sees a psychotherapist to ensure the court doesn’t take her daughter away from her. She stays away from Therese to try to prove her straightness.

In all this, Therese is left adrift. Because she has no one else to talk to about her newfound sexuality, she is dependent on Carol. Carol isn’t just her guide through a new world, she is the only person in that world. When Carol leaves, she is all alone. After two women hide away from the world, a man suddenly arrives, wielding power over both of them. Carol is at his mercy, and she can do nothing for Therese anymore.

When Carol first met Therese, she thought she had her own destiny — and Therese's — under her own control. By the end, she's watching powerlessly. In their first shared scene, Carol purchases a train set from Therese as a Christmas gift for her daughter. When it arrives at her home, she assembles it, lights a cigarette, flicks a few switches, and the train runs. It goes around the track in circles, and Carol just sits back and watches.

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Here's how you can see 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' and meet the cast before anyone else


The only thing better than going to a midnight showing of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" is being one of the first to see the movie — with the film's entire cast.

Thursday, online fundraiser Omaze launched a new campaign with Disney and Lucasfilm to give two lucky fans the chance to head to the US and UK premieres of the new movie.

Harrison Ford made the announcement in a video surprising previous donors with the news they could win.

Two grand prize winners will not only head to the premieres, but they'll also walk the red carpet, meet the cast of "The Force Awakens," and get to head to the film's after-party.

They'll also get to bring along three extra friends.

For a chance to head to the premiere, fans are asked to donate as little as $10 through Omaze to support Star Wars: Force for Change, an initiative launched in 2014 by Disney and Lucasfilm to help find solutions to some of the world's biggest problems.

Money raised from the event will benefit one of 15 different causes selected by the cast and crew: Africa Cancer Foundation (Lupita Nyong'o), Arts in the Armed Forces (Adam Driver), Barnardo's UK (Andy Serkis), Central London Samaritans (Anthony Daniels), Damilola Taylor Trust (John Boyega), fStop (Harrison Ford), Feeding America (Mark Hamill), Make-A-Wish (Peter Mayhew), Malala Fund (J.J. Abrams), PACER (Carrie Fisher), Phab (Daisy Ridley), St. Francis Hospice, Raheny (Domhnall Gleeson), The Circle (Gwendoline Christie), UNICEF (Kathleen Kennedy), and Union of Concerned Scientists (Oscar Isaac). 

Omaze's last "Star Wars" campaign, which allowed a lucky fan to be an extra in "The Force Awakens," was a huge success raising over $4.2 million for United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund's (UNICEF) Innovation Labs.

"It once again speaks to how innovative Disney and Bad Robot [director J.J. Abrams' production company] are," Omaze co-founder Ryan Cummins told Tech Insider. "They're really taking a moment where there's so much awareness around 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' — probably the biggest film release ever — the fact that amid all of that [they're] taking the time to make sure that this raises money for 15 really remarkable causes speaks to how creative and innovative they both are."

The amount you donate corresponds to how many entries you will have in the contest. 

Every donation level comes with a "Star Wars" treat for fans ranging from Millennium Falcon artwork to newly-designed "The Force Awakens" T-shirts.

omaze star wars force awakens shirts

If you donate $10,000 you'll receive a replica Kylo Ren helmet. $20,000 will get you your own life-sized Stormtrooper suit.

The contest runs through December 4 11:59 PST.

Enter for a chance to win HERE.

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Here’s how often Disney is planning to release 'Star Wars' movies


The Force Awakens' villain, Kylo Ren

We’ve known since the day they bought Lucasfilm that Disney had big plans for "Star Wars." First, they announced three new entries in the saga beloved by millions, and then they announced more. We’re getting films based on side stories and standalone films for individual characters. There are several of these in various stages of production already.

Exactly how many "Star Wars" films is Disney planning to make? Well, they’re planning one a year for the next six years. After that, they hope to continue to make one a year, every year, forever.

Episodes one through three were not the prequels. The entire franchise has been the prequel up to this point. According to an extensive feature in Wired Magazine, the plan for "Star Wars" is to continue to make films until people stop buying tickets. The next three years of "Star Wars" are set in stone. "The Force Awakens" hits next month. The anthology film "Rogue One" is currently in production for a release date in 2016, and "Episode VIII" will hit in 2017.

Rogue One Cast
It’s not clear at this point what’s planned for 2018, in between "Episode VIII" and "IX." The plan for a young Han Solo story appears to be the furthest along at this point as we know the movie has a director, but there are also plans for a Boba Fett film as well as at least one, if not three, being considered about Obi-Wan Kenobi.

While it’s easy enough to look at this as Disney viewing the franchise as a never-ending ATM machine, and to some extent, that certainly is obviously true. That shouldn’t be the only thing to take away from this, though. They’re using their success with the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a template to recreate the same magic with "Star Wars."

While the MCU has been immensely profitable for Disney, it should not be overlooked that it has also created a fantastic series of films. They haven’t just made financially successful movies, they’ve made good movies. While opinions do vary, of course, by and large the Marvel films have worked on every level.

And Marvel has nothing on "Star Wars" when it comes to the fan base. The MCU has turned people into Marvel fans, but "Star Wars" already has all the fans. If they can continue to make solid movies those fans will go to everyone. They may not buy all the tickets up in the first evening after a while, the uniqueness will eventually wear off, but if the films are still good, those fans will continue to come.

Does the prospect of an endless stream of Star Wars movies fill you with joy, or dread? Let us know in the comments.

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Finn goes full-on hero in new 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' TV spot


It's seems as if we're getting new ads and teasers for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" each day.

With one month until the new movie debuts in the US, Disney and Lucasfilm dropped another commercial showing several new snippets from the film.

The 30-second spot shows a few new shots of Harrison Ford, Kylo Ren, Finn, and everyone's new favorite droid, BB-8.

Finn tells us we don't know anything about him and what he’s seen. He looks like he’s talking to Rey aboard the Millennium Falcon here, about his time as a Stormtrooper.

finn star wars

A castle, which most likely belongs to Lupita Nyong’o’s alien pirate Maz Kanata, is under attack.

maz kanata castle star wars

Nyong'o's voice repeats what she's said in other teasers: "Hope is not lost today. We must face them. Fight them." Perhaps this is in response to a potential attack on her castle.

We finally get a full look at the Stormtrooper who was facing off against Finn in another commercial. This is definitely riot gear based off of Ralph McQuarrie's original concept art for "A New Hope."

stormtrooper riot gear

Here's a better look at how that scene between Finn and the First Order Stormtrooper will go down.

finn stormtrooper

Kylo Ren looks like he may be behind this attack. 

kylo ren star wars force awakens

Oh BB-8, stop being so adorable. 

bb 8 you see me rolling

Han Solo and Finn get ready to fight side by side as Chewie's in the background. Han: "Are you sure you're up for this?" 

harrison ford john boyega star wars

Not so much.

finn star wars force awakens

But then we cut to a scene of Finn in the Millennium Falcon. 

finn millennium falcon star wars

Yeah, I think he's got this whole ditch-the-Dark-Side-for-the-light-one thing down.

Check out the full spot, via Facebook, below.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens "Finn" TV Spot

We're up for this.

Posted by Star Wars on Wednesday, November 18, 2015


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Jennifer Lawrence got drunk to film her sex scene with Chris Pratt


Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence recently filmed her first sex scene, which happened to be for "Passengers," with Chris Pratt, and she got drunk to do so.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter as part of the annual actress roundtable, Lawrence revealed that she hadn't said no to doing something on-screen, even skinning a real squirrel for "Winter's Bone." She said filming her first sex scene, however, was "bizarre."

To prepare for the scene, Lawrence said, she drank — heavily.

"I got really, really drunk. But then that led to more anxiety when I got home because I was like, 'What have I done? I don't know.' And he was married. And it was going to be my first time kissing a married man, and guilt is the worst feeling in your stomach. And I knew it was my job, but I couldn't tell my stomach that. So I called my mom, and I was like, 'Will you just tell me it's OK?' It was just very vulnerable. And you don't know what's too much. You want to do it real, you want everything to be real, but then … That was the most vulnerable I've ever been."

She also shared her most embarrassing moments on Wednesday night's episode of "The Tonight Show." Watch below:

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8 reasons why Seth Rogen's 'The Night Before' is the year's new holiday comedy classic


the night before Columbia Pictures

Now that the holiday season is in full swing, this is the time you dust off the old classics like "A Christmas Story" or "Christmas Vacation," and sit around the TV with those nearest and dearest.

But starting Friday, you'll have another movie to add to the holiday canon.

"The Night Before," starring Seth Rogen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Anthony Mackie as three friends who go out to find the ultimate party on Christmas Eve, might look like just another dumb Christmas comedy — but it's much more. Not only hilarious, it combines a "Hangover"-style party-hard/male-bonding vibe with classic holiday movies of the past to create something that's certain to be an instant classic.

Don't believe us? Here are the reasons why we're right.

Warning: some spoilers for the movie.

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1. This isn't your parents' Christmas story

Co-written and directed by Jonathan Levine, who grabbed people's attention with the urban indie "The Wackness" and found success with "Warm Bodies," this is a story catered to the late-twenties/early-thirties demo, people who are thinking about starting a family but still have the urge to go wild (and play the Nintendo 64 classic Bond videogame "GoldenEye") once in a while.  

2. Run DMC's Christmas song gets respect

One of the joys of the film is its appreciation of a holiday classic like Run DMC's 1998 anthem "Christmas in Hollis." The three friends in the movie perform the song a couple of times in very different settings. In both instances it's perfect.

3. Ilana Glazer is the perfect Grinch

One half of the funniest duo on television, comic Ilana Glazer briefly parts from her "Broad City" pal Abbi Jacobson so she can make Mackie's life a living hell in the movie as the "Grinch" of the story.

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George Lucas says if he could be any 'Star Wars' character, he'd be Jar Jar Binks


george lucasOf all the characters in "Star Wars," creator George Lucas says he'd be Jar Jar Binks in a video for Vanity Fair.

"I like all the characters," he said when posed the question of which character he'd want to be, before making his unusual choice.

In the interview, Lucas gives his thoughts on the new "Star Wars" film, and he says that he doesn't enjoy being criticized for making the movies he wants to make.

"You go to make a movie and all you do is get criticized, and people try to make decisions about what you're going to do before you do it, and it's not much fun," he says. "You can't experiment. You can't do anything. You have to do it a certain way. I don't like that; I never did."

He'd rather make experimental films.

"I started out in experimental films, I want to go back to experimental films, and of course, nobody wants to see experiemental films." 

He also had a question for "The Force Awakens" director J.J. Abrams: "What happened to Darth Vadar's grandchildren?" 

Watch the Vanity Fair video below: 

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These images show how similar the upcoming 'World of Warcraft' movie is to the game


"World of Warcraft" launched in North America nearly 11 years ago.

The game still boasts over 7 million players— a huge feat for such an aged game, and one that requires a monthly subscription to play, no less.

And in 2016, "World of Warcraft" finally gets its big Hollywood debut:


The film, simply named "Warcraft" arrives in theaters on June 10, 2016.

The first "Warcraft" trailer went live earlier this month. It's full of references to people and places from the long-running game, and one Reddit user named "aerial51zd" put together a massive comparison chart detailing what's what.

Check it out right here:

Warcraft vs World of Warcraft

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Why the new 'Star Wars' won't be winning many awards


star wars force awakens trailer

With the release of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” less than a month away, anticipation for the seventh installment and seeing the original cast in the saga after a 32-year hiatus is at an all-time high.

And though box-office numbers are projected to be record-breaking, it’s unlikely that the J.J. Abrams-directed movie will compete for much awards consideration.

Disney did not enter “The Force Awakens” to be eligible for awards-season staples like the National Board of Review, the New York City Film Critics Circle, the Los Angeles Film Critics, or the Screen Actors Guild Awards, according to The Wrap

The major reason why the movie will be largely absent this awards season is simple: Disney does not want any spoilers to come out.

To be considered for end-of-year awards, a film has to be sent to (or screened for) voters. And for a movie like “The Force Awakens,” that risks plot revelations too much (not to mention the likelihood of bootleg versions suddenly on the streets). In fact, rumors have swirled for a month that Disney will likely not have any advanced screenings of the movie for press (a source at the studio has confirmed to Business Insider that this is likely).

But historically, “Star Wars” movies haven’t meshed with Oscar season.

The Hollywood Reporter points out that while “Star Wars: A New Hope” earned 10 nominations, including Best Picture, Director, and Original Screenplay at the 50th Academy Awards, the other entries have won only a few Oscars (mostly for visual effects), and the three prequels didn’t take home any gold statues.

With the film having its world premiere on December 14 before a wide US release on Dec 18, it’s still possible the film could grab some Oscar nominations, as voting doesn’t close until January 8. But if history proves correct, it won’t be an impressive showing.

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'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' earns more than $50 million in advance-ticket sales, breaking records


star wars

It's a still a month away from release, and the new "Star Wars" is already breaking box-office records.

The Wall Street Journal reports that insider sources say "The Force Awakens" has already sold more than $50 million in advance tickets.

That figure means "Force Awakens" is setting new records for all-time presale numbers, with Fandango and IMAX saying they've beaten their previous bests. 

It's widely assumed the J.J. Abrams-directed sequel will become one of the highest-grossing films ever, if not the highest-grossing, which will depend largely on how it does internationally. The current record holder for biggest global box-office take is "Avatar" with $2.79 billion.

"The Force Awakens" opens December 18, and there will be plenty of time over the holidays to catch it in theaters.

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These photos of 'Star Wars' ships on Earth are mesmerizing


Vesa Lehtimaki Star Wars Scale Models 7

More than three decades after first falling in love with "Star Wars" in theaters, Finnish photographer Vesa Lehtimäki is bringing the franchise's most beloved ships and fighters to planet Earth.

Lehtimäki dug up his old scale models from the 1980s and carefully photographed them in the great outdoors, so the ships appear to be parked on Earth. The results will delight any aspiring Rebel pilot.

You can check out more of Lehtimäki's stunning work on Instagram or buy his book, "LEGO Star Wars: Small Scenes from a Big Galaxy."

"I saw the first [movie] in its theater run back in 1977," Vesa Lehtimäki tells Tech Insider. "For my generation, that's like Woodstock."

As a kid, he bought scale models and built them. Later, they made their way into cardboard boxes where they collected dust for three decades.

In 2009, the Finnish photographer began photographing his son's “Star Wars” LEGO toys and rediscovered his passion for the franchise. He dug up his old scale models.

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You can buy the real-life villain's lair from 'Spectre' for $4 million


Marrakesh James Bond Villian House

Fancy yourself a super villain? This may be your chance to live exactly like the main baddie from the new James Bond flick "Spectre."

A contemporary villa in Marrakesh, Morocco, is now on the market for $4 million. It served as part of the lair of the main evil villain, Franz Oberhauser, played by Christoph Waltz.

French real estate agency Emile Garcin has the listing.


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Recognize this? This contemporary African villa played a prominent role as the lair of Franz Oberhauser — played by Christoph Waltz — in the new James Bond film "Spectre."

Though in the movie it was superimposed in the middle of the Moroccan desert, the home is actually closer to the city of Marrakesh.

The listing calls the villa a "cutting-edge contemporary design."

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Melissa McCarthy is the worst boss in trailer for 'The Boss'


Melissa McCarthy the boss

Melissa McCarthy is the wealthiest woman in America and the worst boss in the new trailer for "The Boss." 

Based off of a character McCarthy created while a member of the Groundlings comedy troupe in Los Angeles, Michelle Darnell is a titan who is sent to prison for insider trading. Once she is released, she finds that the people she treated cruelly before aren't quick to support her.

She moves in with a former employee (Kristen Bell) and attempts to get her life in order by creating a new "brownie" empire, a Girl Scout-esque group called Darnell's Darlings in direct competition with the Dandelions group.  

The script was written by McCarthy, her husband, Ben Falcone, and another Groundling member, Steve Mallory. Falcone also directs and makes a cameo appearance alongside his wife. 

The film also stars Peter Dinklage and Kathy Bates and is slated for an April 8, 2016 release. 

Watch the trailer below:

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