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Why Bruce Wayne will drive an Aston Martin in 'Batman v Superman'


Not only will Batman have a sleek new Batmobile in "Batman v Superman," but his alter ego Bruce Wayne will also have a flashy new car to drive around.

Wayne will drive a green 1957 Aston Martin in the film, according to a recent article in Bloomberg Pursuits.

You can spot the car in the second official trailer when Wayne heads to a gala hosted by Lex Luthor.

aston martin batman v superman

Here's a better look at the car, a Mark III.


In Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight" trilogy, Wayne drives three different Lamborghinis— two Murciélagos in "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight," and an Aventador in "The Dark Knight Rises." (Murciélago means bat in Spanish.)

lamborghini dark knight rises

Why the change?

The Aston Martin belongs to "Batman v Superman" director Zack Snyder. It's been a favorite car of Snyder's since he began filmmaking.

Bloomberg Pursuits reports he purchased his first used Aston Martin for $28,000. After the success of his 2007 movie "300,"which made $456 million worldwide, Warner Bros. bought him a $350,000 Aston Martin Vanquish and offered him a production deal.

"They don't really do that in Hollywood anymore," said Snyder.

While the car is a favorite of Snyder's, many Batfans will be quick to notice it's also a favorite of James Bond. The latter is often cited as Britain'sBatman and Bond drove an Aston Martin DB10 in last year's "Spectre."

Aston Martin DB10

For those who like to make the comparison between the two, this will only add fuel to the fire.

"Batman v Superman" is in theaters March 25, 2016.

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A theater owner calls billionaire Sean Parker's $50 home movie plan 'half-baked'


sean parker

Theater owners have started to weigh in on Sean Parker's bold bid to make new films available to rent in the home for $50 via an encrypted $150 set-top box on the same day they hit theaters — and not all the theater chains are happy about it.

"I think this is not a good idea, and I sincerely doubt the studios will go for it at that price point. It feels like a half-baked plan to me," said Tim League, founder and CEO of Alamo Drafthouse Cinema.

Parker — the founder of Napster who later played a key role in Facebook's rise — and music executive Prem Akkaraju are pitching the proposal for their new company, The Screening Room, and will need significant support from theater owners if it is to work. Otherwise, Hollywood studios will be reluctant to license their titles in fear that exhibitors could retaliate by either refusing to carry the movies in question or by striking tough terms to agree to book them.

The Screening Room hopes to entice exhibitors by sharing revenue, and giving them $20 for every $50 spent by a consumer renting a title for a 48-hour window. Parker and Akkaraju's push comes at a time when serious discussions are going on between studios and theater owners about how to shorten windows without jeopardizing the box office; however, a $50 day-and-date rental service may not be the solution. (In the past, League has not been adverse to playing day-and date releases.)

Major theater circuits Cinemark and Regal Entertainment aren't expected to partner with The Screening Room, according to sources. While Cinemark wouldn't reveal its position, CEO Mark Zoradi issued a statement raising his concerns.

"The exhibition window has been the most stable window long-term and the theatrical success of a film drives the value proposition for the studios’ downstream ancillary markets," he said. "Cinemark believes that any day-and-date propositions must be critically evaluated to avoid the devaluation of the exhibition window and all subsequent revenue streams of our content providers."

“Cinemark diligently evaluates and considers all business proposals. We have great relationships and an open dialogue with our studio partners and work directly with them individually regarding film content, windows, and decisions that may impact the long-term health of our industry," said Zoradi, a longtime studio executive who recently took the job at Cinemark.

Cinemark is the third-largest chain in the U.S. behind Regal and AMC Entertainment.

AMC, on the other hand, has signed a letter of intent with Parker's company, according to several sources who have been briefed on the matter. However, any formal deal is incumbent on certain conditions being met. AMC, owned by Chinese giant Dalian Wanda Group, will pass Regal to become the largest theater circuit in North America once it completes its recently announced acquisition of Carmike Cinemas later this year.

To date, both Cinemark and Regal have declined to make a similar commitment.

peter jacksonThe Screening Room, represented by attorney Skip Brittenham, has attracted a powerful board of advisors that includes J.J. Abrams, Steven Spielberg, Brian Grazer, Ron Howard and Peter Jackson, who in 2011 was among 23 directors and producers who opposed a plan to make movies available on premium VOD 60 days after their release. 
But in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter, Jackson explained his support for the new proposal, saying, "I had concerns about 'DirecTV' in 2011, because it was a concept that I believe would have led to the cannibalization of theatrical revenues, to the ultimate detriment of the movie business. Screening Room, however, is very carefully designed to capture an audience that does not currently go to the cinema."

He continued, "This is a critical point of difference with the DirecTV approach — and along with Screening Room's robust anti-piracy strategy, is exactly why Screening Room has my support. Screening Room will expand the audience for a movie — not shift it from cinema to living room. It does not play off studio against theater owner. Instead it respects both, and is structured to support the long-term health of both exhibitors and distributors — resulting in greater sustainability for the wider film industry itself."

Former Sony Pictures vice chairman Jeff Blake is consulting with the venture and, along with Akkaraju, has been meeting with the major studios in recent weeks and months, including Fox, Universal, Sony and Paramount. Disney won't participate in the venture, although the others have yet to decide on the proposal.

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This 'Batman v Superman' mega-trailer pieces together all the best footage so far


superman wonderwoman batman

We're only days away from the release of "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," and the wait is unbearable. 

The first of 11 upcoming films in the DC Extended Universe, "Batman v Superman" will feature comic legends Batman (Ben Affleck), Superman (Henry Cavill), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot). Director Zac Snyder also teased appearances from Flash (Ezra Miller), Aquaman (Jason Momoa), and Cyborg (Ray Fisher.)

While we wait on the full film to hit theaters, YouTuber M1llion has put together an incredible supercut of all the trailers, edited into (presumably) chronological order. Beginning with Bruce Wayne present for Superman's climactic battle against General Zod, then moving on to his first time meeting both  "Clark Kent" then Superman, the supercut work  almost a mini-narrative of its own. 

It's a very cool way to tide fans over until the full film is released. You can check it out here. And, if it's not already circled on your calender, "Batman v Superman" is coming to theaters March 25.

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RANKED: The 12 best modern Marvel superhero movies


Guardians Of The Galaxy

Ever since "Iron Man" was released in 2008 and kicked off the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel has taken over the box office.

In the past eight years, Marvel Studios has put out well over 20 movies that span multiple studios — from Disney to 20th Century Fox. 

"Deadpool," which came out on February 12, has been shattering records since its opening weekend. It has grossed over $679.1 million worldwide.

In anticipation of the upcoming "Captain America: Civil War" and "X-Men: Apocalypse," we ranked the 12 best Marvel movies we've seen since Robert Downey Jr.'s era-defining "Iron Man."

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12. "The Wolverine" (2013)

The hugely entertaining "The Wolverine" stays true to the characters' roots while telling an unconventional superhero story that involves Yakuza gangsters. There's a lot of great action here, such as a train chase that is as memorable as it is implausible. What really makes this stand out is Hugh Jackman, who has committed to this character for so long. He's a hero who is immortal and haunted by the prospect of death.

11. "The Amazing Spider-Man" (2012)

Spider-Man didn't need to be rebooted, but Sony really didn't want to lose this franchise. While nothing can top what Sam Raimi created — even if "Spider-Man 3" didn't do anybody any favors — the first reboot had a lot of great stuff to offer. It has a whole new Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) who's less of a geek. And Parker created the web blasters this time, making it just slightly more faithful to the comics.

10. "Ant-Man" (2015)

With Edgar Wright originally onboard, "Ant-Man" was looking to be one of Marvel's best. Indeed, Joss Whedon even called it Marvel's best script yet. But when Wright and the studio couldn't see eye to eye, the director dropped out.

Replacement director Peyton Reed had high expectations to live up to. He crafted a superhero story that goes through the standard motions of an origin story while also managing to be a fun heist movie with great performances by Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas. We will never know what Edgar Wright's "Ant-Man" would have looked like, but the version we ended up with isn't so bad.

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Fans think they've found a huge spoiler in the latest 'Captain America: Civil War' trailer


captain america civil war team

The latest trailer for "Captain America: Civil War" stunned and delighted fans by teasing big moments for the Avengers and debuting Spider-Man. But an especially detail-oriented fan noticed that a single frame of the trailer may have revealed a huge moment (and possible death) for a major character. 

Spoiler alert! We're diving into major plot details for "Captain America: Civil War," so read at your own risk! 

Nearly every moment of the trailer was action-packed and full of details. But one Imgur user re-posted an image discussed on IMDB's message boards. It reveals that at the 2:04 moment, you can just make out what will likely be a hugely impactful moment in the film.  The trailer showed several clips of Iron Man battling against Captain America, but this one in particular revealed more. In the background you see someone lying on the ground behind Captain America.

captain america civil war bucky?

It's Bucky, the Winter Soldier.

The imgur user zoomed in on this frame, revealing Bucky's distinctive logo on his left arm. He isn't just lying on the ground, he's missing most of his metal arm: 

Would Iron Man kill the Winter Soldier?

We don't know yet. But given that the trailer also teased a serious injury for War Machine, Tony's close friend and ally, it's clear that the battle between Iron Man and Captain America is extremely personal. 

Speaking to Empire, co-director Joe Russo teased far-reaching consequences for "Civil War." Russo said, "the consequences of 'Civil War' will have an even more significant impact [than 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier']. In 'Civil War,' we’re going to change the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s psychology, and it’s an extreme shift."

We'll see the Winter Soldier's fate when "Captain America: Civil War" is out May 6.  

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John Boyega surprised sick kids with toys as Finn from 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'


john boyega

John Boyega really brought the heart from the "Star Wars" universe.

The "Force Awakens" actor spent Friday dressed in character as Finn and delivered "Star Wars" toys to children at the Royal Hospital in London. 

Boyega was passing out the toys for the Rays of Sunshine Children's Charity and was joined by Daniel Bell, a five-year-old diagnosed with a brain tumor. Bell's wish was to meet Finn and take toys to the sick children in the hospital with him.

"I stayed in character while I was with this brave boy asking him what a car was," Boyega wrote on Instagram. "He taught Finn about everything earth-related! Really thankful for the opportunity this child granted me and I'm just humbled! I hope I played a little part in making you smile young stormtrooper."

Boyega's Finn and Bell, dressed as a stormtrooper, were joined by a young girl named Layla, who was dressed as Rey. 

There was also time for a lightsaber duel, as you can see in the photos below.

Boyega was ecstatic at the chance to grant Bell's wish, the Daily Mirror reported.

"When I heard about Daniel's wish to meet Finn, I jumped at the chance to make it come true," he said. "It was fantastic to be a part of his very special wish with Rays of Sunshine."

"It was also great to meet the children at the Royal London Hospital and be a part of something so positive," the British actor added.

Bell's mom, Rosalind, called the experience "priceless."

"To see Daniel smile like that without a care in the world after everything he's been through, knowing how much time and effort Rays of Sunshine have put in to his wish and that John Boyega gave his time to make it come true, is priceless," she said. 

She also wrote a note on Facebook: “Thank you so so much Rays of Sunshine and John Boyega for granting Daniel’s wish to meet Finn and take toys to the hospital. It was just amazing, I have no words! Daniel is still totally overwhelmed, I have never seen him so happy."


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The incredible 75-year evolution of the Batman logo


ben affleck batman

Since his first appearance in 1939, Batman has become a hugely important cultural icon.

Key to this longevity is the ability to evolve and change with the times and across media. From the campy Adam West television series to the dark realism of Frank Miller's "The Dark Knight" comic run, Batman has found his footing on TV and film and in comics, novels, and games.

This evolution is exemplified by the Batman symbol, the iconic bat featured prominently on his armor and on the covers of the comics. It's changed with the times, as well. To track the morphing signal, we relied on Calm the Ham's Batman poster, Rodrigo Rogas' animated version of the changes, and illustrations from DeviantArt user JMK-Prime for guidance.

Below is the incredible 75-year evolution of the Batman symbol:

1940: The original Batman logo resembled a man in a cape. It's a bit bulky, but fit the time period where he was wearing a costume instead of high-tech armor.

1965: The updated logo from the '60s comic run resembles a bat in flight as opposed to a costumed man.

1966: The symbol from the live-action Adam West show is best known for zooming in and out over a spinning background during transitions.

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Spider-Man's suit in the new 'Captain America' trailer is a nod to a classic


spider man captain america civil war

After Marvel's explosive reveal of Spider-Man in the second "Captain America: Civil War" trailer, the wait seems longer than ever. 

19-year-old actor Tom Holland will take on the role of the webslinger in "Civil War." We still don't have plot details on Peter Parker's role in the film, but we can discern a few hints about the third on-screen appearance of the legendary character from his costume.

His suit hasn't changed much from the webslinger's debut comic back in 1966, but there are a few important nods to his classic appearance that attentive fans were thrilled to see. Read on to see how Spidey's Marvel debut is staying in line with his old school appearance. 

"Captain America: Civil War" arrives on May 6. 

The new Spider-Man suit appears to closely resemble the original 1966 design from Steve Ditko, with elements from the partial redesign from Ditko's successor, John Romito Sr.

Spider-Man fires his trademark webs from a shooters, placed strategically on his wrists. They shoot when he places his middle and ring fingers on the triggers.

As we see in the trailer, Spider-Man's suit has external shooters that trigger when he touches them with his fingers. The shooters are colored black and look like bracelets.

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We finally know a big mystery role cut from 'Batman v Superman'


batman v superman

"Batman v Superman" will debut a lot of DC characters to the big screen. Not only will we see Ben Affleck as a new, older Batman, we'll also get the first on-screen appearances of Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, and maybe even more superheroes.

But there's at least one role that's been kept well hidden, until now.

One of the biggest mysteries of "Batman v Superman" has been Jena Malone's role. You may remember her as the fiery, outspoken Johanna Mason from "The Hunger Games." (She was the one who stripped in the elevator in front of Katniss.)

jena malone hunger games

The Hollywood Reporter first confirmed Malone was cast in the film back in October 2014. Rumors pegged her to play a version of Robin, or possibly Batgirl/Barbara Gordon. Well, it looks a survey from Warner Bros. spilled the beans.

Warning: There are spoilers ahead!

Comicbookresources noticed a Reddit posting showing off a screenshot of a survey taken by members of Warner Bros.' A-List Community site. (You can apply to be a member, here.)

Among the questions in the survey, one asked members which actors/characters they would like to see "more, less, or the same amount of" in future advertising for the film.

Malone is mentioned and her role appears to be Barbara Gordon.

Gordon eventually becomes one of Batman's sidekicks in the comic, Batgirl. Depending on the timeline, Gordon goes on to become another heroine known for her hacking skills, Oracle as well.

Batman Arkham Batgirl

Unfortunately, we won't get to see Malone make an appearance in "Batman v Superman." Her role was cut from the theatrical version of the film.

Malone will appear in the R-rated cut of the film which will be available on the Blu-ray release for the movie.

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These new photos from the set of 'Star Wars: Episode VIII' will blow your mind


New photos from the set of "Star Wars: Episode VIII" have emerged, and they're pretty wild. 

The sequel to "The Force Awakens" is currently shooting in Dubrovnik, Croatia, and the outdoor shooting location offered a glimpse of new aliens and a ship that appears to hark back to the landspeeder we know so well.

Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Adam Driver, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Lupita Nyong’o, Domhnall Gleeson, Anthony Daniels, Gwendoline Christie, and Andy Serkis are all returning for the movie. Benicio Del Toro, Laura Dern, and Kelly Marie Tran are joining the cast. 

Rian Johnson is directing the film, which is slated for a December 15, 2017 release.



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Johnson shared a behind-the-scenes photo on his Tumblr March 10.


RAW Embed


Check out some of the photos posted on Twitter below:





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The Spider-Man and Punisher actors teamed up on audition tapes that made them Marvel stars



Actors Tom Holland and Jon Bernthal are poised to make big waves in the Marvel universe when they debut in "Daredevil" and "Captain America: Civil War" later this year. As it turns out, the co-stars worked together on landing the roles that fans are dying to see. 

While filming independent Irish film, "Pilgrimage," Holland and Bernthal teamed up to work on audition tapes to send to Marvel HQ.  Holland sent tapes for Spider-Man and Bernthal for Punisher. Both were eventually awarded their roles as the iconic characters.

“During this independent movie that we did in Ireland we were constantly making tapes for Marvel — just acting together," Bernthal told the New York Daily News. "We were making tapes from Ireland in the process of getting him [Holland] cast in 'Spider-Man,' and then he and I made a tape for The Punisher."

spider man captain america civil war

The audition tapes won't likely see the light of day anytime soon – "you can call Marvel and ask for it, but that’s like breaking into Fort Knox," Bernthal said. But the tapes seemed to play at least some part in landing the talented pair their roles.

Just in case the audition tapes weren't enough, Holland asked for help from Thor himself  – actor Chris Hemsworth. The two worked together on the 2015 seafaring epic, "In the Heart of the Sea."

"I called the guys at Marvel when they were casting (Spider-Man) and I heard he was in the final handful of guys and said, 'Look for what it's worth you're not going to meet a harder working more appreciative kind of guy,'" Hemsworth said. 

jon bernthal daredevil season 2

We'll see Bernthal as Punisher when "Daredevil" season two drops March 18 and Holland will debut as Spider-Man when "Civil War" is out May 6. 

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Robert Downey Jr. just delivered some bad news for 'Iron Man' movie fans



Bad news, "Iron Man" fans. Actor Robert Downey Jr. says it's unlikely there will be a fourth "Iron Man" film.

Speaking to USA Today on the set of the upcoming "Captain America: Civil War," he told the publication: "I don’t think that’s in the cards."

Downey debuted as fictional billionaire Tony Stark in the very first Marvel Cinematic Universe film, "Iron Man," back in 2008. Since then, the MCU has grown to 13 films, including huge box office smashes "Guardians of the Galaxy,""Avengers: Age of Ultron," and "Ant-Man." 

Downey says to him, "Civil War" feels a bit like an "Iron Man" sequel. 

"In a way it’s 'Cap 3' but for me it’s like my little 'Iron Man 4' and then it's back to the thing we all recognize," he explained. "Everything pulls over to the side of the road when the thunder of an 'Avengers' thing comes through because that’s how it is until it changes. If it changes."

The next two "Avengers" films are set for 2018 and 2019 releases, but in the meantime, we'll see Downey co-star alongside Chris Evans when "Captain America: Civil War" hits theaters May 6. 

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The trailer for Seth Rogen's expletive-filled food comedy 'Sausage Party' is here


sausage party

The first trailer for Seth Rogen's new movie "Sausage Party" is here. 

Described by Rogen, who cowrote it, as an "R-rated Pixar-style movie," the film follows a group of food items dreaming about being purchased and discovering that life isn't so great once they arrive in someone's home ready to be eaten.

Rogan and cowriter Evan Goldberg — who worked together on "Superbad" and "Pineapple Express"— unveiled a rough screening of the film at the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival Monday night, and Sony Pictures released the first red-band trailer Tuesday morning.

Rogen voices the lead sausage, aptly named Frank. Kristen Wiig, Jonah Hill, Bill Hader, Michael Cera, James FrancoDanny McBrideCraig RobinsonPaul RuddDavid Krumholtz, Nick Kroll, Edward Norton, and Salma Hayek all contributed their voices to the film.

"Sausage Party" is scheduled to hit theaters August 12. 

Watch the (warning: expletive-filled) trailer below:

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J.J. Abrams says he was 'terrified' making 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' while introducing new behind-the-scenes footage


star wars the force awakens documentary

Luckily for "Star Wars" fans, the impending Blu-ray release of "The Force Awakens" will include special features to help fill the gap between films.

Among those features is "Secrets of The Force Awakens: A Cinematic Journey," a feature-length documentary about the making of the "The Force Awakens." 

The documentary was shown for the first time at South by Southwest (SXSW) Monday. Director J.J. Abrams surprised those in attendence by introducing it and revealed his early worries going into the film.   

“We worked so hard and were so terrified when it came out that it might not work," he said, Mashable reports. 

Broken into chapters, the doc goes into every aspect of the film's creation.  

“What’s so cool about this is that it shows and highlights people who put their heart and soul into making 'The Force Awakens,'" Abrams said, according to Entertainment Weekly. "They were the greatest group of filmmakers, artists, and storytellers. To get to see the people behind the scenes was fun, frankly, even for me, and I was there." 

In a clip for "Good Morning America," fans could catch some of those behind-the-scenes moments, including clips of John Boyega's auditions — he auditioned nine times — and how Harrison Ford and Adam Driver prepared for one of the film's most climactic scenes. 

The documentary also dives into the making of the film's creatures, how certain characters got their names, and the first table read with the cast.

 Watch the documentary teaser below:

"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" will be available for digital download April 1 and on DVD and Blu-ray April 5.

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This brutal Batman story is getting an R-rated movie with Mark Hamill as the Joker


In less than two weeks, Batman will have his cinematic encounter with Superman in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," but that won’t be the Caped Crusader’s only big moment on screen this year. It was confirmed several months ago that "Batman: The Killing Joke" would be made into an animated movie, and today it was officially revealed that "Batman: The Animated Series" alums Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill will reprise Batman and The Joker, respectively, for the project. To mark the announcement, Hamill posted the first official image from the adaptation with one of the story's famous quotes on his own Twitter feed.

Hamill subsequently tweeted the same picture two more times to complete the movie title with more quotes from the original source material. KILLING was accompanied by the line, "Remember there's always madness... Madness is the emergency exit." Then JOKE followed with, "If I have to have a past, then I prefer it to be multiple choice." Following Mark Hamill’s temporary retirement as the Clown Prince of Crime in 2011, he said that he would return to the role if a "Killing Joke" adaptation were ever made. Well, now it’s a reality! Hamill didn’t elaborate on his new Joker experience, but he’s clearly excited to be back.

Like Kevin Conroy with Batman, Mark Hamill has continued to voice The Joker in multiple projects over the decades, from episodes of "Superman: The Animated Series" and "Justice League" to three of the "Batman: Arkham" video games. Both actors are also reprising their roles for the upcoming "Justice League Actionanimated series. As for the rest of "Batman: The Killing Joke’s" cast, Comic Book Resources reports that Tara Strong will voice Barbara Gordon and Ray Wise will voice her father, Commissioner James Gordon. 

Written by Alan Moore (of "Watchmen" and "V for Vendetta" fame) and Brian Bolland, "Batman: The Killing Joke" was published in 1988 as a one-shot, and has since become one of the most famous Batman stories ever written. However, it’s earned its share of controversy over the years, primarily for its brutal treatment of Barbara Gordon, who is paralyzed at The Joker’s hands. This cut short her career as Batgirl, though she later served as Oracle from 1989 to when the New 52 began in 2011. Conversely, "The Killing Joke" is also considered by many as the definitive Joker story and one of the few to depict the super villain’s origin, though the clown himself casts doubts on whether events happened the way they’re depicted.

No release date has been set for "Batman: The Killing Joke," but the movie will premiere later this year at San Diego Comic-Con, and the movie’s wide release will follow later in the summer.

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This is the first animated movie that's R-rated and produced by a major Hollywood studio


"Sausage Party" promises to be one of Seth Rogen's raunchiest movies yet — and it's animated! Similar to "Toy Story," it makes inanimate objects — in this case food — sentient, and gives them inner lives.

The movie comes out in US theaters on August 12th.

Story by Jacob Shamsian and editing by Stephen Parkhurst

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An actor explains how he spent years voicing hundreds of characters in the trippy Charlie Kaufman movie, 'Anomalisa'


Anomolisa Paramount

Charlie Kaufman is known for the unique movies he’s both written (“Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”) and directed (“Synecdoche, New York”) that invite audiences into strange worlds often focused on unrequited love.

Kaufman’s latest film is his most imaginative one yet. Titled “Anomalisa” (now available for digital release, on Blu-ray in May), the stop-motion animation follows the business trip of a self-help author named Michael (voiced by David Thewlis). Stranded in a hotel, he finally finds a connection with Lisa (Jennifer Jason Leigh), who's a fan of his work, and the two have a one-night stand.

To represent the lack of interest Michael has with almost everyone in the world, Kaufman brought on a single actor to voice the rest of the characters in the movie. Character actor Tom Noonan takes on everything from supporting roles to the background bits (he even sings the song in the closing credits).

“It was trippy,” Noonan told Business Insider about the job. “The voices are part of me, but they are also their own separate entity.”

Noonan was first given the script in the early 2000s. Kaufman gave him little explanation, and the actor quickly caught on. In 2005, he was acting out the characters for the stage play of the story.

Kaufman, along with the film's co-director Duke Johnson, then used a Kickstarter campaign and other funding to make a feature-length version of the play.

Noonan was called back to do the voices of “everyone else.” According to the actor, he did around 40 to 50 voices in the stage version, and approximates he did triple that by the time the stop-motion version of “Anomalisa” was complete.

Tom Noonan Alberto E Rodriguez Getty“Each character had their own persona and are in different situations,” Noonan said. “But I did the scenes like I would any other movie. I didn’t worry about sounding like a girl here or a kid there.”

Having starred in all three films Kaufman has directed so far, Noonan is well aware how different the experience is.

The most time-consuming part of Noonan’s work was doing the background characters. He six different voicing sessions over a number of years. And to create the voices for everyone from the airplane passengers to the patrons in the hotel lounge, Kaufman and Noonan developed backstories and came up with material on the spot.

“Charlie would talk to me in my headset, and I would have a microphone, and we would just do an improv,” Noonan said. “He would say, 'We’re two businessmen from Wisconsin on the plane and we are on a trip selling cheese,' and we would improv for five minutes. They would tape that, play it back to me, and I would have to respond to my own voice. So first, one end of the conversation would be Charlie, and then he would drop out and I would take his place, and the end product would be me doing both voices.”

It would go on like that for hours. Noonan notes that only a fraction of the dialogue was used in the movie, and it would just be in the background of the scenes.

But Noonan’s voice is also front-and-center for many characters: the person sitting next to Michael on the plane who is scared of flying, Lisa’s best friend, even Michael’s son.

Noonan said he’s “thankful and proud” to be involved in Kaufman’s films, but he does admit that watching “Anomalisa,” which was nominated for a Best Animated Feature Oscar this year, was a disarming experience.

“It was just generally odd to sit and watch a movie and have your voice coming out all of these different people,” he said. "At one point I thought, 'I'm ruining the movie.'"

Trust us, Tom. You didn't ruin anything.

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There's a new Indiana Jones movie with Harrison Ford coming in 2019


Harrison Ford Indiana Jones

It's now official. There will be a fifth Indiana Jones movie, which is slated to come out July 19, 2019.

Disney has announced that Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford are attached to the yet-untitled project.

“Indiana Jones is one of the greatest heroes in cinematic history, and we can’t wait to bring him back to the screen in 2019,” Walt Disney Studios Chairman Alan Horn said in a statement. “It’s rare to have such a perfect combination of director, producers, actor and role, and we couldn’t be more excited to embark on this adventure with Harrison and Steven.”

The previous four films, all starring Ford in the iconic lead role, have grossed nearly $2 billion globally

Veteran producers of the franchise, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall, are also returning. Disney now owns the franchise after buying Lucasfilm for $4 billion.

Last year Kennedy told Vanity Fair that there would "one day" be a new addition to the franchise. And though there were rumors of Chris Pratt taking over the fedora and whip, it looks like Ford was able to convince the powers that be he can still lead the franchise.

Disney has found huge success from the other franchise it took from Lucasfilm, "Star Wars," as "The Force Awakens" broke box office records and is the start of a slew of movies from the franchise to come. It's hard to see the studio churning out Indy movies as frequently as "Star Wars," but the anticipation for the fifth Indiana Jones will certainly be close to the level of "The Force Awakens."

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Here's the final shortlist for the young Han Solo role


Jack Reynor

Chewie, we’re almost home.

The search for the young actor who will fill Han Solo's leather vest could be in its final stages as multiple sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that a final shortlist quietly has emerged.

According to sources, tests were conducted in London last weekend that involved actors Alden Ehrenreich, who did scene-stealing work in "Hail, Caesar!," Jack Reynor, best known for his work in "Transformers: Age of Extinction," and Taron Egerton, the star of "The Kingsman" and "Eddie the Eagle."

Sources say there could be a few other names on the list, though due to the high level of secrecy on all "Star Wars" projects, it’s hard to ascertain them. Disney declined to comment.

Those that tested – and it’s unclear if these were costume tests or screen tests – were plucked from a previous group of around 10 actors who met with the directors. Among the names whispered to have met include Miles Teller, the "Whiplash" star who also appears in the "Divergent" movies; Ansel Elgort, the "Fault in Our Stars" star who, too, appears in the "Divergent" movies.

Emory Cohen, who played Saoirse Ronan’s love interest in the Oscar-nominated "Brooklyn," also tested. Actors from Richard Linklater’s new movie "Everybody Wants Some" also had meetings, according to sources.

Disney and Lucasfilm have searched from Alderaan to Yavin in their search for the new star, with sources saying that more than 2,500 actors have either met or put themselves on tape, becoming part of one of the widest casting calls ever.

As THR reported in December, Disney cast a wide net to find the right actor to play a younger version of the character made famous by Harrison Ford in 1977's "Star Wars: A New Hope," as well as "The Empire Strikes Back,""Return of the Jedi" and 2015's "The Force Awakens."

The character will debut in a "Star Wars" spin-off film being made by Disney, Lucasfilm and filmmakers Phil Lord and Christopher Miller ("21 Jump Street,""The Lego Movie") and scheduled for 2018.

Ford's swaggering Solo is considered a standout character of the seven-film "Star Wars "series. The 73-year-old actor’s appearance as Solo in "The Force Awakens" was a major factor in the movie’s critical and commercial success.

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Here’s the untold, dark backstory of ‘Mad Max'