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Leonardo DiCaprio To Produce A Film Where A Bunch Of Wall Street People Mysteriously Turn Up Dead


Leonardo DiCaprio Great Gatsby

Leonardo DiCaprio is already set to grace the screen in The Wolf of Wall Street, an upcoming highly-anticipated Martin Scorsese film about a 90s-era pump and dump firm.

Now it looks like Leo has caught the finance bug. Deadline is reporting that DiCaprio will produce an adaptation of Wall Street thriller novel Graveland by Alan Glynn.

Here's Deadline's synopsis:

The novel is a murder mystery that begins with the discovery of a dead Wall Street investment banker, who was shot while jogging in Central Park. Later that day, a top hedge-fund managers is gunned down outside a restaurant. A female investigative journalist is on the trail as bodies pile up and she tries to figure out if terrorists are killing the financial industry’s best and brightest, or if someone is holding accountable those who engaged in Wall Street corruption.

Sounds pretty gripping.

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Before 'The Wire,' Actor Idris Elba Used To Sell Drugs And Work As A Doorman To Make Ends Meet


gq idris elba cover

Idris Elba is quickly becoming a big star in Hollywood. 

He's the title character of BBC's detective series "Luther" and was one of the leads of this year's summer monster movie "Pacific Rim." (Elba is the one you heard yelling "We are canceling the apocalypse" in nearly every promo for the film.)

He also has an upcoming role in "Thor: The Dark World" and will play Nelson Mandela in a biopic this November. 

But before he was the Asgardian doorman Heimdall in "Thor" and played a drug dealer on HBO's critically acclaimed show "The Wire," life imitated art. 

In the October issue of GQ, Elba revealed that before his time on HBO he was selling drugs as a doorman and performing as a DJ to make ends meet.

“I was running with cats," says Elba. "I mean, I was DJ’ing, but I was also pushing bags of weed; I was doing my work. I had to. I know that sounds corny, but this is the truth.”

Elba tells GQ that while he was also working as a doorman for a comedy club called Carolines where comedians such as D.L. Hughley and Dave Chappelle would pass through.

During the same time, Elba was DJ'ing at New York dive bars to make rent and served as a bouncer.

Though Elba's popularity has spiked since his popular BBC show and his many film roles of the past year, he continues to DJ on the side under the name DJ Big Driis or Big Driis the Londoner.

You can read the rest of Elba's GQ interview here.

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WikiLeaks Blasts Dreamworks' 'The Fifth Estate' Adaptation In 4,000-Word Memo


benedict cumberbatch the fifth estate

WikiLeaks is not happy with Disney and DreamWork's adaptation of the news-leaking site.

Wednesday night, a leaked script for upcoming film "The Fifth Estate" wound up online from none other than WikiLeaks. 

After tweeting about the film and its lead actor Benedict Cumberbatch much of Wednesday, WikiLeaks published a complete version of the script along with a lengthy 4,000-word memo tearing apart the film bullet point by bullet point. 

The script and memo were accompanied by the following tweet

"As WikiLeaks was never consulted about the Dreamworks/Disney film on us, we've given our advice for free: It's bad"

Since the film's announcement in 2011, WikiLeaks has been very vocal about the film.  

Earlier this year, founder Julian Assange called the adaptation "a mass propaganda attack" after obtaining a copy of the script. 

Star Benedict Cumberbatch also told New York Magazine Assange asked him not to do the film. 

The memo released breaks the film down according to inaccuracies in the picture. 

Here are a few of WikiLeaks' problems with "The Fifth Estate." Spoilers ahead.

1. "'The Fifth Estate' falsely implies that WikiLeaks harmed 2,000 US government informants."

2. "The film is fictional. Most of the events depicted never happened, or the people shown were not involved in them. It has real names, real places, and looks like it is covering real events, but it is still a dramatic and cinematic work, and it invents or shapes the facts to fit its narrative goals ... People should not in any way treat this film as an historical account of WikiLeaks, its activities or its personnel."

3. "'The Fifth Estate' is based on two books, both written by people who had personal and legal disputes with WikiLeaks. These are personally biased sources and are now outdated by three years. They tell only one side of the story."

4. WikiLeaks claims Assange was never in a cult which is insinuated in the film.

5. "The film falsely states that Julian Assange has been charged (with 'rape') and makes a number of other related false imputations."

6. "'The Fifth Estate' presents Julian Assange as a transparency zealot who believes everything should be made public, but this is wrong. Julian Assange believes transparency should be in proportion to power."

7. "The film makes it look like WikiLeaks was finished in 2010. Three years later, WikiLeaks is still here, has been going from strength to strength, and the issues raised in 2010 are more urgent and relevant than ever."

8. WikiLeaks points out two characters depicted in the film — Anke and Daniel — are incorrectly portrayed. The character of Daniel is mostly fictitious. 

"Although the film shows several hostile interactions between Julian Assange and Anke Domscheit-Berg, in fact Julian Assange has never met or spoken with Anke."

"'The Fifth Estate' inserts a 'Daniel Domscheit-Berg' into the story for the events of 2010, during which Collateral Murder, the two sets of War Logs and Cablegate were released. The real Domscheit-Berg was not present for any of these. The character of 'Daniel' in the film is almost entirely fictitious."

Read the script here and the entire memo here. 

"The Fifth Estate" will have a wide release in theaters October 18.

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Aaron Paul: People Harass Me To Find Out How 'Breaking Bad' Ends


aaron paul jimmy kimmel

"Breaking Bad" star Aaron Paul was on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" Wednesday to discuss his crazy fan following and the end to AMC's hit series.

With only two episodes left, Paul tells Kimmel fans are constantly asking him about the ending to the show, something he doesn't mind sharing.

"It is just madness out there." says Paul."People come up to me constantly just begging to have me tell them what is happening with the show ... how it's going to end. They just constantly harass me. Finally, I'm just like, 'All right, fine. I will tell you.'"

However, before Paul gets the chance to say another word, he says fans stop him.

"They just start screaming at me, 'How dare you! Don't tell me!'" Paul tells Kimmel.

If you're wondering about the last two episodes, Paul says it continues to get even crazier. (That's difficult to imagine after last week's jaw-dropping episode.)

"Last week's episode was pretty messy," says Paul. "The final two episodes are so much more messier. It goes to a place where … It gets so crazy, I can't wait for people to see how it all plays out."

Watch Paul discuss the final episodes of "Breaking Bad" below:

Paul also shared that he held a screening of the most recent episode for fans in his hometown.

However, things got a little out of hand when he gave away tickets by hosting a scavenger hunt around town. Paul says fans started flocking to areas he was at and wrestled each other for a chance to watch with him.

Hear about Paul's "Breaking Bad" scavenger hunt:

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'Blue Is The Warmest Color': The Trailer For The NC-17 Movie That Won The Cannes Film Festival


Despite winning the Cannes Film festival's highest honor, the Palme d'Or, "Blue Is The Warmest Color" has caused quite a bit of controversy.

Firt of all, it contains a very graphic lesbian sex scene that led to its NC-17 rating. Then the actors said they had a horrible time filming, followed by the writer of the novel on which the film is based blasting the movie as porn.

The trailer, however, keeps it clean.  

Cannes jury president, Steven Spielberg, says of the film: “We just all felt (this) was a profound love story. We didn't think about how it was going to play, we just were really happy that someone had the courage to tell this story the way he did."

The film opens stateside October 25. Watch the trailer below.

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AND: The Film That Won Cannes Is Being Blasted By Its Writer As 'Porn'

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Vin Diesel Shows Off First Photo From 'Fast & Furious 7'


fast furious 7

"Fast & Furious 7"just started filming this week and Vin Diesel is already sharing photos from the set with his fans.

Diesel put up a spoiler-y photo on his Facebook page along with the caption "The first week of filming, has been both intense and surreal ... P.s. One from set... a more somber moment in Our Saga..."

Earlier this summer, "Fast & Furious 6" broke records when it earned a massive $120 million at the box office over the four-day Memorial Day Weekend.

The film went on to earn more than $788 million worldwide.


The "somber" scene depicts what appears to be a funeral. If you've seen "Fast & Furious 6," this scene shouldn't come as a big surprise.

"Fast & Furious 7" is scheduled for a July 11 release next summer.

vin diesel fast and furious 7

Fast and Furious also put out a video yesterday to announce the first day of production in Atlanta.

Check it out below:

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10 Awesome Behind-The-Scenes Photos From 'Iron Man 3'


iron man robert downey jr

"Iron Man 3" comes out on Blu-ray and DVD this Tuesday.

To get fans excited for the release of the biggest movie of the summer — the film made a massive $1.2 billion — Disney and Marvel have been unveiling exclusive content from the film. 

Today, Marvel shared a bunch of behind-the-scenes images from the film featuring stars Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow and director Shane Black.

Extras on the discs will include commentary from Black, deleted and extended scenes, along with a look at Marvel's next "Avengers" standalone film, "Thor: The Dark World."

Before the film's release, take a look at what went in to making the film. 

Robert Downey Jr. reviews the platform Tony Stark stands on in front of his collection of Iron Man suits.

That same platform was used in a majority of the marketing for the film.

Gwyneth Paltrow who plays Tony Stark's love interest Pepper Potts gets cues from director Shane Black.

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J.J. Abrams Wants The New 'Star Wars' Film To Feel Like The Original


j.j. abrams star warsFor fans hoping to hear more news on the upcoming "Star Wars" movie, you're in luck. 

Director J.J. Abrams, who is notoriouslysecretive over his projects, spoke with Entertainment Weekly briefly about the film, saying he wants to bring the series back to its roots.

"We are working really hard to make a movie that feels as emotional and authentic and exciting as possible," says Abrams.

As a big "Star Wars" fan himself, Abrams knows how big of a task he has ahead of him.

If he screws it up, there will be a ton of angry fanboys.

"We all know that [creator George Lucas'] dream has become almost a religion to some people. I remember reading a thing somewhere, someone wrote about just wanting [the new film] to feel real; to feel authentic," says Abrams. "I remember I felt that way when I was 11 years old when I saw the first one. As much of a fairy tale as it was, it felt real. And to me, that is exactly right."

It sounds like he has the right mindset about the direction he wants to take the new series.

The new "Star Wars" is currently set for an unspecified 2015 release date.

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'Prisoners' Steals Away The Competition — Here's Your Box-Office Roundup


hugh jackman prisoners

Hugh Jackman's gut-wrenching action thriller "Prisoners" easily won the box office this weekend.

With Ron Howard's car-racing film "Rush" making its wide release this Friday and a poorly-received dancing flick out this weekend, the only real competition for the Warner Bros. movie came from horror scare sequel "Insidious 2."

While the Film District movie packed a punch opening weekend, it failed to catch on with word of mouth this weekend.

Out of the top ten this week is "One Direction: This Is Us." The boyband concert film which has earned $62 million worldwide has been on a downward track since it's opening a month ago.

Matt Damon's futuristic "Elysium" and "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters" also end their seven-week run at the top of the box office.

Here are this week's winners and losers in Hollywood:

10. Disney's "Cars" spinoff "Planes" rounds out the top ten with $2.9 million. The $50 million animated film has made $155 million worldwide.

9. Warner Bros.' re-release of "The Wizard of Ozin 3D and IMAX drew in $3 million. The film is celebrating it's 75th anniversary this year.

8. Universal's "Riddick" sequel featuring Vin Diesel dropped five spots after three weeks earning $3.6 million. The film has now made $74 million, the least of all the series' films. 

7. Weinstein's "Lee Daniels' The Butler" takes in another $4.3 million. The historical film featuring Forest Whitaker and Oprah has earned $109 million worldwide. 

6. Surprise comedy hit "We're the Millers" is still going strong in week seven with another $4.7 million. Jennifer Aniston's return to the big screen has earned a huge $222 million worldwide. 

5. Sony Gem's "Battle of the Year" dance film opened to a slow start with $5 million. The film, starring Chris Brown and Josh Holloway ("Lost"), cost an estimated $20 million to produce. To be fair, whether or not it was because of Brown and his trouble with the law, there wasn't a lot of marketing for the dance film. However, the flick could have benefitted from showcasing it's "Lost" star Holloway.

4. Lionsgate indie flick "Instructions Not Included" continues to do well in its fourth week with $5.7 million. The dramedy about a Mexican playboy raising a daughter alone has been doing increasingly well at the box office each weekend. So far, the film has made $34 million. 

3. Robert De Niro's mafia movie "The Family" fell more than 50% this week earning $7 million. The Relativity film cost an estimated $30 million. 

2. The horror success of last weekend "Insidious Chapter 2" falls hard in week two with $14.5 million. The Film District movie debuted to a huge $40 million so that's a big drop in week two. With a $65 million haul so far, the sequel is a huge success considering it was made on a $5 million budget. 

1. Hugh Jackman's thriller "Prisoners" had little competition this weekend earning $21 million. The film received rave initial reviews saying this was Jackson's best performance of his life. "Prisoners" still has a way to go to hit its $46 million budget. After seeing the film this weekend, word of mouth should help the film pick up in the weeks to come.

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New Trailer For Scarlett Johansson's Creepy Alien Movie 'Under The Skin'


scarlett johansson under the skin

There's a new trailer out for Scarlett Johansson's alien movie "Under the Skin." 

Earlier this month, Film4 debuted the first trailer for the movie in which Johansson plays a seductive alien sent to Earth to pick up unsuspecting hitchhikers. 

"Under the Skin" comes from Jonathan Glazer ("Birth") who filmed the movie using actual unsuspecting people. In a dark wig, Johansson was sent to wander Glasgow city and people's reactions to her were filmed. 

The film has received positivereviews after premiering at the Venice film festival.

There's currently no release date for the film.

Check out the trailer below. 

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Christian Bale's Original Batman Audition Tape Shows Him Wearing The Batsuit From 'Batman Forever'


Tomorrow, Warner Bros. is releasing the ultimate collector's edition of "The Dark Knight" trilogy.

Ahead of its release, a clip of Christian Bale's original audition tape to play the Caped Crusader has hit the web. 

What's cool — other than seeing original test footage — is that Amy Adams can be seen performing the screen-test with him. 

Many often make fun of the voice that Batbale adopted in the trilogy. However, director Christopher Nolan briefly details in the clip that Bale's need for a different voice heavily influenced his casting.  

"I think Christian's voice was a part of the big impression he made in the test," says Nolan. "He had decided that Batman needed to have a different voice to Bruce Wayne … that he needed to put on a different voice." 

Also — Bonus points if you noticed that Bale is wearing what looks to be one of Val Kilmer's Batsuits that he wore in "Batman Forever." It's just spray-painted black.

Here's Batbale:

batman forever suit christian bale

And, here's a look at the cowl:

batman christian bale

Here's Kilmer. It's the second suit on the right.

batman forever val kilmer

Note: An earlier version of this story had a photo of George Clooney from "Batman & Robin." We regret the error.

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12 Summer Movies That Smashed Expectations


we're the millers jennifer aniston

Earlier this month we brought you the biggest box-office bombs of the summer.

Considering the summer generated a record $4.7 billion it's only fair also to look at the films that performed well. 

There were plenty of them. 

Note: These are not the highest-grossing films of the summer. This list is made up of the movies that surprised and exceeded expectations.

Other notable films include Disney Toons film "Planes"— an obvious spinoff of Pixar's "Cars"— earned $139 million worldwide when it only cost an estimated $50 million.

Seth Rogen's "This is the End" grossed $118 million on an estimated $32 million budget.

"Monsters University" doesn't appear on this list, because the film was expected to follow the Pixar streak of success. The "Monsters Inc." prequel had the second-largest opening of any Pixar movie ever behind 2010's "Toy Story 3."

There was no surprise that "Iron Man 3" fared well at theaters, but it wasn't expected to have the second-highest opening weekend of all time.

12. "Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain" (Lionsgate / Summit)

Release date: July 3
Estimated budget: n/a 
Opening weekend: $10 million
Worldwide gross: $32.2 million

While others were distracted with "Despicable Me 2" and "The Lone Ranger" bomb, Kevin Hart's second comedy movie snuck in to become the second-largest opening weekend for a comedy film. Now, it's the fourth highest-grossing stand-up comedy movies ahead of Martin Lawrence's 2002 Paramount film.

(Source: Box Office Mojo)

11. "Instructions Not Included" (Lionsgate)

Release date: August 30 (September 6, wide release)
Estimated budget: $5 million 
Opening weekend: $7.8 million
Worldwide gross: $28.3 million 

Chances are you never heard about this Spanish indie dramedy. While the end of summer was extremely slow, no one was talking about the film that follows a former Mexican playboy raising his daughter by himself. "Instructions" grossed $7.8 million its first weekend from only 348 theaters. During its wide release the following weekend, the film nearly beat out "Lee Daniels' The Butler" to take the second spot atop the box-office top ten.

(Source: IMDB pro / Box Office Mojo)

10. "Lee Daniels' The Butler" (The Weinstein Company)

Release date: August 16
Estimated budget: $30 million 
Opening weekend: $24.6 million
Worldwide gross: $104.8 million 

A silly name change didn't hurt Lee Daniels' film. Warner Bros. made a big stink over the rights to the title "The Butler" (they have a 1916 short by the same name) resulting in a long, exhaustive change. But if anything, the complaint produced more media hype for Weinstein's film and probably helped ticket sales.

TWC made a smart decision to move this film up from an initial October release to August when the box office is otherwise sluggish. The change resulted in the film being atop the box office five weeks straight. In its fourth week — Labor Day weekend — while most were talking about the "Getaway" bomb, "Butler" made a surge and actually beat out every new release. It's now one of TWC's highest-grossing films behind Oscar-nominated "Silver Linings Playbook."

(Source: Box Office Mojo)

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

First Photos Of Jim Carrey And Jeff Daniels On Set Of The 'Dumb And Dumber' Sequel


They're back!

Earlier this year, it was announced Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels will be starring in a sequel to their 1994 hit "Dumb and Dumber" and now the first photos from the set are out.

"Dumb and Dumber To" began filming this week and both stars are sharing photos.

Here it is in full size:

carrey daniels dumb and dumber toThe news of the sequel was a warm welcome after 2003's prequel attempt "Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd" flopped hard at theaters. 

After the Emmys, Daniels told E! Online they've topped some of the stunts in the original.

"There are some things that's we're going to do in Dumb and Dumber To that make the toilet scene [in the original] seem lame," says Daniels. "Pales in comparison."

"Dumb and Dumber To" is set for a 2014 release to commemorate the film's 20th anniversary.

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'Blue Is The Warmest Color' Director Says His NC-17 Film 'Shouldn't Be Released'


La Vie d'Adele Blue is the warmest color

"Blue Is The Warmest Color"won the top honor — the Palme d'Or — at this year's Cannes Film Festival.

Cannes Jury President Steven Spielberg called the film"a profound love story" and said "we just were really happy that someone had the courage to tell this story the way he [director Abdellatif Kechiche] did."

But soon after the film swept the festival, controversy surrounding the movie emerged.

The leading actresses, who have a graphic lesbian sex scene that took 10 days to shoot, said the filming experience was so physically taxing that they would never work with the director again.  

Then the writer of the novel on which the film is based blasted the movie as porn.

And now even the director himself is slamming the film, saying he wants nothing to do with it.

"According to me, the film shouldn't be released. It has been soiled too much,"Kechiche told French magazine Telerama, as translated by Vulture. "The Palme d'Or had been a brief moment of happiness; then I've felt humiliated, dishonored, I felt rejected, I live it like I'm cursed."

The film opens stateside October 25. Watch the trailer for the controversial film below:

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'Need For Speed' Trailer Starring Aaron Paul Looks Like The Sixth Season Of 'Breaking Bad'


The first trailer for "Need for Speed" is out.

We've been waiting a long time for the popular video game series to be made into a movie — especially with the popularity of the "Fast & Furious" franchise.

Fans of "Breaking Bad" can get excited as the film stars Aaron Paul in his first big film.

Dakota Johnson, who was recently cast in the "Fifty Shades of Grey" adaptation, will co-star.

The opening line to the trailer makes us immediately think of Paul's character in "Breaking Bad." Actually, if you're a fan of the show, the trailer plays out like a sequel to the series which is ending this Sunday.

"Need for Speed" hits theaters March 2014.

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Jennifer Lawrence Will Star In A Remake Of John Steinbeck's 'East Of Eden'


jennifer lawrence oscars academy awards

Jennifer Lawrence is going to go from the girl on fire to Salinas Valley mistress.

"The Hunger Games" actress is set to star in a remake of John Steinbeck's classic "East of Eden,"according to Deadline.

Lawrence would re-team with "Hunger Games" director Gary Ross on what is set to be a two-film project.

Imagine and Universal will be distrubuting.

Sources close to the project tell us the deal came unexpectedly late Tuesday evening.

Imagine and Universal previously had a deal to the film rights to "East of Eden" in 2004, but allowed the timeframe in which they could make that film to run out.

Since then, Imagine and Universal have slowly been negotiating for the rights to make the film with McIntosh & Otis (M&O) who control the rights to the entire Steinbeck estate and represent his entire catalogue of works including "East of Eden."

There's certainly enough detail in the more than 640-page novel for two films. 

"East of Eden" is largely centered around two generations of the Trask family — Cathy and Adam Ames and the ongoing fued between their twin sons Aron and Caleb. 

Deadline reports that Ross wants Lawrence to play the role of Cathy, a character described as "cold, cruel, selfish, and violent" (spoiler — she sets her house on fire, killing both parents in the process). After abandoning her sons she becomes one of the most popular prostitutes in Salinas, California.

"East of Eden" was first made into a film in 1955 starring James Dean and Julie Harris.

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Watch The Teaser Trailer For 'Avengers' Sequel 'Age Of Ultron' That Debuted At Comic-Con


When the title to the "Avengers" sequel ("Age of Ultron") was announced this summer at San Diego Comic-Con, audience members got to witness a cool flashy teaser trailer presented by director Joss Whedon.

If you were wondering what it looked like, someone finally uploaded a low-resolution version of the event online yesterday months after event.

Today, Marvel Studios released a high quality version of the teaser for all to see. 

It gives us a little teaser that the Avengers crew may need some nudging to work together again. It's great because you can hear everyone's reactions to the announcement.

"Avengers: Age of Ultron" opens in theaters May 1, 2015.

In the event the above video is pulled, try here.

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'Rush' Reviews: Ron Howard's Racing Movie Is A Must-See


rush chris hemsworth

Ron Howard's racing car drama "Rush" is out this weekend and it's been getting great reviews. 

It's a giant welcome to what's been a pretty slow September at the box office despite Hugh Jackman's "Prisoners" thriller last weekend. 

The film follows the rivalry of Formula One racers James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) and Niki Lauda (Daniel Brühl) during the 1970s. 

The film won't make "Fast & Furious" type money at the box office — the sequel to "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" looks like it will win the weekend— but that's not a surprise since Formula One's not a popular sport in the states. 

Howard nearly cancelled the project after he didn't think he could find the right actor to play Hunt. 

But what is getting critics revved up about this movie is the depiction of the rivalry between the drivers along with the up-close and personal touch to the way racing scenes are filmed.  

Word of mouth for the film may help it perform better than expected opening weekend. Right now, it's predicted to come in fourth behind the kid flick, "Prisoners," and Joseph Gordon-Levitt's directorial debut "Don Jon." 

Howard made the right decision in casting Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Brühl as two racing rivals. 

rush hemsworth bruhlRolling Stone 

"Hemsworth nails every vulnerable nuance of this conflicted charm boy. He's terrific." 

New York Times: 

"Mr. Hemsworth is prettier than the all-too-real man he plays in “Rush.” Yet this surplus of beauty works for the role because the actor, who holds the screen with the unconscious physical confidence of the truly lovely, looks like the star that James Hunt became." 

The Wrap:

"If Brühl doesn’t give the movie class, exactly, he does give it a heart and a brain, taking a character who races not for girls and glory but for the love of the sport and making him someone we care about and respect."  

Entertainment Weekly

"Pitted against each other, they're like Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner. It's not just about beating the other guy, it's about humiliating him in the process." 

The racing scenes put "Fast & Furious" to shame. You're put in the drivers seat. rush movieVariety:

"He takes audiences places that human eyes could never fit as the cars hurtle forward at top speed, pioneering an intuitive visual logic that flows from the stands to the cars to the subjective perspective of the racers themselves." 

It's not just the cars. Unlike other racing films ("Days of Thunder"), the movie also plays well with the storyline off the track. 

The Hollywood Reporter (THR): 

"Most modern-era car racing movies, from Grand Prix and Le Mans to Days of Thunder, have been far stronger at portraying the excitement on the track than at developing interesting downtime drama among the characters. But rather the reverse is true with Rush ... offers perfectly coherent racing coverage but devotes far more time to exploring the personalities of two drivers who represented behavioral polar extremes and drove each other to distraction." 

You'll be impressed with the visuals.rush


"The technique is so cutting-edge, it’s impossible to tell where the practical photography ends and visual effects begin." 

Time Out London

"Cinematographer Anthony Dod Mantle matches the film’s look to period archive footage and finds angles and perspectives you’d think impossible. It’s anything but boring." 


Despite all the praise, L.A. Times says the film never feels "completely convincing."  

"Though one enjoys and appreciates "Rush" for what it is, it does not thrill the blood the way we have the right to expect a film like this to do." 

THR says Hemsworth and Bruhl's characters are the only two of which you'll really receive in-depth character analysis. 

"Morgan hasn't bothered to add more than one dimension to any of the other characters nor to provide especially memorable dialogue."

Overall consensus: See it. 

If you're not interested in seeing Joseph Gordon-Levitt's directorial debut "Don Jon" (which also looks really good), this sounds like a great alternative. Clearly, if you're looking for a good racing film this is your movie. Obviously, if cars aren't your thing stay away. But if you're a fan of Hemsworth and want to see him in another "godly" role, "Rush" should give you the adrenaline boost you're looking for. Plus, it never hurts when you have composer Hans Zimmer putting together the score.

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How A 7-Figure Offer From Weinstein Forced Universal To Go Forward With 'East of Eden'


Harvey Weinstein Jennifer Lawrence

While Jennifer Lawrence is set to star in the upcoming "East of Eden" remake, what's really interesting about the film is how Universal and Imagine finally landed the rights to the John Steinbeck classic ... yet again.

The news was a bit unexpected considering Universal has been hashing out the rights for the book with McIntosh & Otis(M&O), the literary agency that controls the rights to Steinbeck's works, for more than two decades.

You see, Imagine and Universal previously made a deal for the film rights to the book in 2004, but allowed the option to expire.

When the rights became available again last year, Universal once again was among interested parties. Since then, the studio has been slowly negotiating terms with M&O over the past few months.

So why did the two all of a sudden come to terms? 

Thank Weinstein.

Turns out The Weinstein Company (TWC) more or less forced Universal's hand into finally getting serious about moving forth with the project after years of back and forth about making this film. 

M&O president Elizabeth Rubinstein tells Business Insider that before the deal was locked Tuesday evening, Weinstein offered more than double Universal's original offer to try and nab the rights to the book.

According to Rubinstein, Weinstein's "out-of-the-blue offer" was a seven-figure deal, and M&O was given only three hours to act upon it. 

However, Rubinstein says the studio wanted to make a limited TV series instead of a motion picture. In addition to that, there wasn't a clear focus for the project. 

east of eden"Weinstein had doubled [Universal's] initial offer when they sort of caught wind of where Imagine / Universal was … but there wasn't a specific way in which they were going to tell the [story]," says Rubinstein. "It's great to put all this money up front, but we also need to know how this is going to be portrayed. ['East of Eden'] is an American classic."

Weinstein first expressed interest in rights three months ago, so this wasn't a last-minute negotiation.

According to Rubinstein, Universal somehow learned of TWC's offer. Soon after, the studio put together a new proposal based on Ross and Lawrence's involvement and after consideration M&O decided to close the deal with Universal / Imagine Tuesday evening.

"Until the Weinstein deal came in, [Universal] wasn't putting all their cards on the table even though they've always been passionate about the project," says Rubinstein.

After speaking at length with Universal, Imagine, and the potential screenwriter, M&O felt more confident to sign.

"What we didn't want to happen with Universal and Imagine again is to tie up the rights and have something not move forward," says Rubinstein. "The thing that we have to be mindful of with Steinbeck is that we don't want to just put something under option so somebody can say 'Oh, I have a Steinbeck property.' We want to negotiate with someone who is passionate about the work, curious about the work, values the work, and wants to get it made. Not just have it as a possession." 

Rubinstein says she and M&O have no idea how Universal got wind of the TWC offer, but added that it's a small industry, meaning it's not difficult for news to travel.

Universal and Weinstein weren't the only interested parties in the Steinbeck property.

"We had other huge offers that we didn't jump on because there wasn't a vision behind it," says Rubinstein.

Until the Weinstein deal came in, [Universal] wasn't putting all their cards on the table even though they've always been passionate about the project"— Elizabeth Rubinstein, President of M&O

Apparently the book had plenty of attention ranging from Weinstein, to Sony Television, and a few indie producers before settling on Universal. Nearly three years ago, WB TV was in talks for an "East of Eden" miniseries. 

Jennifer Lawrence is set to star as the main antagonist of the film and re-team with her "Hunger Games" director Gary Ross for what's expected to be a two-part film.

Rubinstein says she's glad the "East of Eden" project looks like it's finally moving forward with Universal after all this time.

"We're thrilled ... There hasn't been a new Steinbeck film in a very long time. Part of that is because we don't want to just give an option to someone," says Rubinstein. "[Steinbeck] is one of the icons of American literature, so we need to make sure all of his works are handled in the best way possible. I really think this will hopefully be the dream team."

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DAY IN THE LIFE: How Chris Hemsworth's Stunt Double Stayed In Shape For 'Thor: The Dark World'


bobby holland hanton stunt double

Critics are saying the fight scenes in "Thor: The Dark World" have a "grittiness and muscularity" that make the movie worth the ticket.

Chris Hemsworth, the God of Thunder himself, can thank stunt double Bobby Holland Hanton for that on-screen magic. 

British-born Hanton has stunt-doubled for Christian Bale in "The Dark Knight Rises," Daniel Craig in "Quantum of Solace," Ryan Reynolds in "Green Lantern," and most recently, Channing Tatum in "Jupiter Ascending."

The former semi-professional soccer player and gymnast previously spoke with Business Insider about what the actors are like off-camera.

Now, he shares what a day in production on "Thor: The Dark World" is like:

5:30 a.m. Wake up. If he's trying to beef up so he can imitate Chris Hemsworth's build, a typical breakfast consists of grilled chicken, turkey or tuna with boiled eggs, some broccoli and a handful of nuts. Iced green tea to top it off.

bobby holland hanton selfieThen he hits the shower. "I use a product called Dove Men+Care Odor Guard Body Wash, so I have one less thing to worry about while I'm performing stunts," Hanton said, "So the actors won't look at me and go, 'Who's that dude who smells over there?'"

6:30 a.m. If he's on location and far from his home in London, a car sent by the production company will deliver him to set about an hour and a half before "crew call" for hair and makeup. Depending on the role, he can sit in the chair for up to two hours.

"The makeup and prosthetics crews are so good at what they do, and making it look realistic takes time," Hanton said.

8 a.m. Unless something in the script has changed dramatically and they need to run it through, they begin shooting the first pre-rehearsed scenes of the day.

Large stunts with massive special effects may require only two takes. They have to nail it, because set-ups like that can require two hours of staging.

bobby holland hanton stunt double1 p.m. Lunch break. Occasionally, they will do what's called a 10-hour continuous day, during which people eat lunch on the go so they can wrap filming earlier. "I prefer that because it gives you more hours in the evening to relax," Hanton said.

Afternoon. He shoots another scene and, depending on the list of shots slated to film that day, leaves to rehearse a stunt for later in the week.

The actors and stunt doubles train with each other. "You spend a lot of time together," Hanton said. "You kind of become a family."

10 p.m. Time to go home, or to the hotel. For dinner, Hanton chows down on grilled steak, turkey, or chicken with spinach and natural nuts.

bobby holland hanton stunt doubleIn his free time, he trains—three hours per session, twice a day, six days a week. "Chris Hemsworth is in the best shape of any actor I've seen, so I had to work pretty hard to keep up with his size," Hanton said.

He might sneak in some relaxation.

"I think because the job is so physical, me-time is important to keep this thing going." 

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