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13 Famous Father And Son Duos Who Have Appeared Together In Movies


zoolander ben jerry stiller

Happy Father's Day!

There are a lot of fathers and sons in Hollywood, but not all of them have starred together in the same movie.

Then there's Ben and Jerry Stiller who have appeared together in a total of four films.

In celebration of Father's Day, here are 13 fathers who starred in movies with their sons. 

Will Smith and son Jaden both appeared in last year's sci-fi movie "After Earth."

Comedic father-and-son duo, Ben and Jerry Stiller have appeared together in "The Heartbreak Kid,""Zoolander,""Heavyweights," and "Hot Pursuit."


Three generations of the Douglas clan—Kirk, Michael and Cameron—starred together in "It Runs in the Family."

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'22 Jump Street' Had A Huge Weekend At The Box Office


22 jump street channing tatum jonah hill

"22 Jump Street" ruled the box office this weekend.

The sequel, reuniting Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, brought in a huge $60 million opening weekend, matching analyst estimates.

That marks the second largest opening for an R-rated movie. 

2011's "The Hangover Part II" holds that record with $85.9 million.

The first movie, released in 2012, made $36.3 million opening weekend and went on to earn $201.6 million worldwide.

"22 Jump Street" marks the fourth successful film for directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller who had a big break-out hit with "The LEGO Movie" earlier this year.

The other big movie out this weekend, DreamWorks Animation's "How to Train Your Dragon 2" also had a big weekend debuting to $50 million.

The number wasn't as big as estimates predicted, but the animated picture should continue to perform well for the studio.

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Everything We Know So Far About 'Game Of Thrones' Season 5


tywin lannister game of thronesGame of Thrones Season 5 is an ungodly long way off but that doesn't mean it's too soon to start gathering information on the HBO fantasy's eventual return. While we don't know too many official details about next year (and this isn't about spoiling anything from the books), there have been a few tidbits released so far. And besides, there's always a lot to talk about when it comes to Game of Thrones, including details about the cast, where the story will pick up and more...

SPOILER ALERT: There are some updates about Season 5 that offer character details that may be considered spoilers ahead of the Season 4 finale. If you haven't read the books, read on with caution. 

When will Game of Thrones Season 5 air?

Game of Thrones follows a pretty consistent schedule, meaning that Season 5 of HBO's most popular series ever will start filming this fall for a spring premiere. If I was a betting man, my money would be on Sunday, April 6. 2015. By the old gods and new, that's not for forever. Even with all that time, George R.R. Martin better get writing if he wants the books to come out before Game of Thrones finishes his story for him.

Where will Season 5 pick up?

arya stark game of thrones maisie williamsObviously, the fifth season of Game of Thrones will pick up where it left off, which, well, is a lot of places. And we'll have more on that once the finale airs!

What do we know about the cast for Game of Thrones Season 5?

daenarys game of thrones emilia clarkeNo one has been officially cast yet but a some role breakdowns have leaked online and, thanks to winteriscoming.net, we know at least some of the characters David Benioff and Dan Weiss are looking to add for the fifth season. And with Dorne becoming a new location on the fantasy series, it probably shouldn't come as much of a surprise that most of the new characters have the last name Martell or Sand. The first breakdown shows that Game of Thrones is searching for the right actors to play Oberyn's older brother, Prince Doran, as well as the three eldest of his eight bastard daughters (the 'Sand Snakes'), Obara, Tyene and Nymeria. They are a lot like their father, his brother, not so much. Doran is ten years older and confined to a wheelchair but cunning. His son Trystane, Princess Myrcella's dashing fiancé, is also being added as well as the family bodyguard, Areo Hotah. 

Other characters included in the first casting call are The High Sparrow, a pious religious leader who will be appearing in several episodes, Septa Unella, an 'imposing and unrelenting' presence in a major character's life, Bronn's new wife, Lady Lollys Stokeworth, a fortune-teller named Maggy the Frog (more on her in a moment), Yezzan, a Meereenese slave owner and 'The Waif,' a strange child that Arya encounters in Braavos. It will be nice when these roles are actually cast so we can start putting faces to all these names. 

The second role breakdown only includes three characters, but one hints at a possible game-changing event for Game of Thrones. I don't think it's much of a spoiler but here's a warning just in case. First off, the fantasy is looking to add another warg with wildling skinchanger Varamyr Sixskins on the casting call. Next is a character not in the books, 'a 12 year old blonde girl' named Imogen which many believe is (THAT SPOILER) really a place-holder for young Cersei. Yes, Game of Thrones may be having a flashback in Season 5. Speculation first arose with the call for Maggy the Frog as she's part of a Cersei flashback in the books and 'Imogen,' as well as a 12 year old 'Brunette Girl,' being on the second breakdown only reinforced that theory. Of course, I have another theory on who that Brunette might be but now's not the time for real (END OF) SPOILERS. 

What have we seen from Game of Thrones Season 5 so far?

daenerys daario game of thrones season 4Nothing. It’s still a long, long ways away. 

Who will be the next to die on Game of Thrones?

game of thrones joffrey purple weddingKilling characters is kind of Game of Thrones thing. There are many pretenders to the crown out there but no other series goes after the major names like HBO's fantasy. Season 4 saw quite a few bite the dust, who do you think will eat it in Season 5? I'm not even going to begin to speculate cause, well, I know... 

Game of Thrones will return for its fifth season next spring (probably Sundays at 9 p.m. ET) on HBO. Based on the “Song of Ice and Fire” novels by George R.R. Martin, the series was adapted by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss and stars Peter Dinklage, Kit Harrington, Emilia Clarke, Lena Headey and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

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There's A Secret Coming Out Scene In 'How To Train Your Dragon 2'


how to train your dragon 2

Did you know How to Train Your Dragon 2 contains a very subtle scene where one of the beloved Vikings of Berk reveals he's gay? 

Even if you are one of the many who saw the animated adventure this weekend, you probably missed it. We certainly did. And we were looking, as the so-called "coming out" scene was teased by the hotly anticipated sequel's writer-director Dean DeBlois at the Cannes Film Festival. So, we got to wondering: what happened to it? You might suspect that DreamWorks got cold feet about potentially polarizing audiences in a societal climate that holds gay rights as a hot button issue. But the truth is more complicated, and less controversial. 

First, some background. How to Train Your Dragon 2 made its world premiere at Cannes back in May. While promoting the pic at the prestigious fest, Dean DeBlois, who is himself openly gay, told E!'s Marc Malkin that Gobber, the goofy Viking voiced by Craig Ferguson, would be coming out in the sequel. DeBlois explained that the idea wasn't in the original script, but came from an ad lib Ferguson made in the recording booth. In the film, Gobber is witness to a married couple's heated argument. The line as written was "This is why I never got married." But from there, Ferguson riffed. 

The original quote from DeBlois's E! interview is as follows: 

"When we were recording Craig Ferguson, I had written the line, 'This is why I never got married,' and he, as he often does, added it as an ad lib and he said, 'Yup, Gobber is coming out of the closet…’ I think that's a really fun [and] daring move to put in. I love the idea that Gobber is Berk's resident gay."

DeBlois later told Fox News of the ad lib's inclusion, stating, "It’s progressive, it’s honest, and it feels good, so we wanted to keep it." 

But watching How to Train Your Dragon 2, it seemed this headline-snagging line had been cut or replaced with the far more subtle "That and one other reason." However, a source from DreamWorks tells us this isn't a form of studio intervention or censorship, just a major misunderstanding. 

Reading DeBlois's comment to E!, you might well think that the ad-libbed line he's referencing is "Yup, Gobber is coming out of the closet." However, our source says that line was never in the movie, and the scene in question hasn't been altered. When DeBlois says, "he, as he often does, added it," the word "it" refers to the ad-libbed line, "That and one other reason." This ad lib by Craig Ferguson was meant as a nod to Gobber's sexual orientation/identity. "Yup, Gobber is coming out of the closet" was not the ad lib, but its subtext, explained by DeBlois when E! asked directly what Gobber's "one other reason" was. 

Personally, I admire DeBlois's intention in keeping Ferguson's ad lib, though I'm disappointed that the line itself is so subtle that it is likely to be overlooked by most. Nonetheless, some might insist a children's movie is no place to discuss sexual orientation. But I'd argue that Gobber being gay in this context is not about sex, but about identity and difference. As the How to Train Your Dragon franchise is very much about the power of love, acceptance and overcoming prejudice, Gobber's coming out makes thematic sense. If Vikings can learn to love and accept dragons--who they once saw as enemies--how difficult could it be to accept that one of their rank is gay? 

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The '22 Jump Street' Directors Have Had A String Of Unexpected Box-Office Hits


phil lord chris miller lego movie

Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are two of the most in-demand directors in Hollywood right now.

If you're not familiar with their names, then you and your kids are definitely familiar with the duo's movies: "The LEGO Movie," the "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" franchise (they wrote the story for the sequel), and both "21 Jump Street" and its sequel out this past weekend, "22 Jump Street."

"The LEGO Movie" was the unexpected break-out hit of February, and is now one of the highest-grossing movies of the year. Lord and Miller are already working on a script for a sequel.

Lord, 37, and Miller, 38, met while attending Dartmouth College and began working together on animation. 

The two have been able to make successful break-out movies on relatively modest budgets. ("The LEGO Movie" cost an estimated $60 million to make.)

One of the reasons behind Lord and Miller's success is that their films are incredibly self aware. An ongoing gag in "22 Jump Street" pokes fun at sequels. Early in the film, Deputy Chief Hardy (Nick Offerman) delivers a fantastic monologue on the subject to Hill and Tatum's characters.  

Below are the box office numbers for Lord and Miller's previous films.

They're a pair you should definitely be keeping your eye on. chris miller phil lord box office

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Harrison Ford Is Reportedly Out Of 'Star Wars: Episode VII' For Weeks Due To Broken Ankle


harrison ford

Harrison Ford was injured last week on set of "Star Wars: Episode VII," and it looks like he may be sidelined from filming for a while.

The Mirror reports the 71-year-old actor has sustained a broken ankle that could leave him off set for 6-8 weeks. 

Last week, it was reported a hydraulic door — most likely belonging to the Millennium Falcon — fell on the Ford, who is reprising his role as Han Solo in the sequel.

Ford's absence on set is causing production to shift around what scenes are being filmed.

“The initial day or two after the accident it was hard to move things around but now we have had more time we can juggle things, bring some scenes forward and push others back,"a source told The Mirror. "There are lots of other actors in the movie so it is not a disaster. We are still confident the film can stay on schedule."

"Star Wars: Episode VII" is set for a December 18, 2015 release.

We have reached out to Disney for comment.

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New 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Trailer Shows Off The Villain


drax the destroyer guardians of the galaxy

Marvel released a new international trailer for "Guardians of the Galaxy" and it finally gives us a much better idea of what to expect from Marvel's next big film. 

Every teaser and trailer up to this point has highlighted the comedic aspects of the movie between a hodgepodge group of unlikely heroes: Peter Quill/Star-Lord (Chris Pratt), Groot (Vin Diesel), Gamora (Zoe Saldana), Drax the Destroyer (Dave Bautista), and Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper). 

Finally, we're getting a sense of a more serious undertone to the film along with our first glimpse of the villain, Ronan (Lee Pace).

First check out the trailer:

Here's Ronan. He's the son of Thanos, the character we first saw in one of "The Avengers" end-credit scenesguardians of the galaxy ronanlee pace guardians of the galaxy

We get a little more about Peter Quill's backstory as a child abducted from Earth.abduction guardians of the galaxy

And we get to see more of the ships soaring in space.guardians of the galaxy spaceship

guardians of the galaxy ship

There are a lot of new shots of the main characters.

Drax the Destroyerdrax the destroyer guardians of the galaxy

Grootgroot guardians of the galaxy

Rocket Raccoonrocket raccoon guardians of the galaxy

Drax and Gamoradrax gamora guardians of the galaxy

And, yes, this is Glenn Close. She’ll be playing Irani Rael, part of the intergalactic police force in the film. She’ll rank as the highest member of the corps, Nova Prime.glenn close guardians of the galaxy

"Guardians of the Galaxy" is in theaters August 1.

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Why You Should Be Worried About The Next Season Of 'Game Of Thrones'


arya stark game of thrones maisie williams

Now that our Game of Thrones Season 4 watch has ended (har har), I think it’s safe to say that it was a pretty good run of episodes, right? Major characters died, there were some gnarly fights, and we got to spend some time in bed with Oberyn Martell before his head got squished. There was also plenty of genuinely great writing and acting to savor this season, from Tyrion’s tearful prison-cell scenes to Sansa Stark’s dark coming-of-age. There was much to admire about Season 4. Well, I hope you all enjoyed this season as much as I did, because as the show moves forward, it’s headed into some seriously uncertain territory.

O.K., I’ll cop to having written basically the same thing last year, urging fans of the show who had not read the books the series is based on to keep calm as the show began to morph into something nearly unrecognizable, and not as good. As it turned out, I probably acted a bit too hastily.

This past season, which roughly mirrored the second half of the third book in the series, proved as compelling as any other season of Game of Thrones. Most importantly, the writers tidily and smartly elided and connected story lines so the show could move rather elegantly through what becomes, in the books, a compellingly knotty but frequently disorienting jumble of places, names, and histories. So we were granted a reprieve, it would seem, from the narrative frustrations that have plagued readers for two books now.

But, alas, I’m afraid that grace period is up. As Arya sails across the Narrow Sea and Tyrion is shipped away, the show is barreling toward what I worry is inevitable confusion and disappointment. Certain beloved characters will stay stuck and stagnant (anyone hoping that Daenerys will get out of the dang slave desert anytime soon should probably stop holding their breath), while a bunch of new characters are introduced who, as far as any of us have read anyway, really don’t have anything interesting to do. Will viewers be happy to meet more salty, stolid Iron Islanders? Will various antics involving other Dornish folk intrigue them as much as Oberyn’s plotline did? I’m just not sure they will.

The show, at least, has one advantage over the books. What has proven especially frustrating to readers making their way through the series is that Martin completely omits main characters from book four before returning to them in book five. Meaning, fans went years, or at least many pages, without updates on Bran, Tyrion, Daenerys, Jon Snow, and others. The show can’t just forget about crucial characters for an entire season, so presumably that problem is solved. But still there’s all this business of the new guys, of Victarion and Quentyn and Jon Connington and others, to be dealt with. It’s hard to see how the show can streamline all that narrative expansion (the books just keep growing, and growing, and growing) into something as propulsive and, for the most part, cohesive as the last four seasons have been.

As an ardent fan of the books, I am also concerned that, as happened once or twice this season, Weiss and Benioff’s privileged knowledge of the series’s ultimate trajectory will result in accidental spoilers about the next two books. But if too much of that starts happening, it might simply be a sign that it’s time to stop watching the show and wait, perhaps in vain, for Martin to finish his books.

The series needs to find its own way, as its own entity. Now that they’ve made their way through the best and most exciting book so far, it’s really time the show exerts its independence. It could be bumpy for a while—ever hear of a Kingsmoot? Because you’re about to hear a lot about a Kingsmoot—but this show has proven again and again, no more so than this past season, that it can confidently navigate its way through Martin’s wild world, judiciously honoring or ignoring the original text as need be. In some ways, this season was a little test to see how the show could handle some extratextual outings. I’d say they passed. But the next couple of seasons will be the real trial. And, unlike Tyrion, the show will have to be its own champion.

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Details About The Villains In 'Star Wars: Episode VII' May Have Been Revealed


Darth Vader

When it comes to the plot of Star Wars: Episode VII, we know that Luke, Leia and Han will be back and that the story takes place about 30 years after the events seen in Return of the Jedi. Beyond that, everything else in J.J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan's script is a complete mystery that we won't begin to really unlock for at least a few more months. That said, the rumor mill is constantly pumping out various interesting reports on a regular basis, and today we have a very interesting one about the film's possible new villains. 

The report comes to us from the folks over at Making Star Wars, who claim to have various sources on the set of Star Wars: Episode VII who have been seeing some very interesting things happening recently. If they are to be believed, then the main bad guys of the film will be a group called "Jedi Hunters" who do exactly what their name suggests: hunt Jedi. There aren't really any character details available, though they are described as "scary individuals, dressed in black, some helmeted," and as using lightsabers. 

What makes this rumor a bit suspicious is the strange connection it seems to have to the new television series Star Wars Rebels and namely the character known as The Inquisitor - who is assigned the job of hunting down Jedi by Darth Vader. Making Star Wars says that their sources swear that David Oyelowo is playing one of these villain roles, but the writers at TheForce.net have done their part to shut that idea down. Apparently Oyelowo was rumored for a voice role in Star Wars Rebels at one point, and it's possible that some signals got crossed somewhere down the line. Two other actors said to be playing "Jedi Hunters" include Adam Driver (who has been rumored for a villainous role for months) and Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'o, who has reportedly been seen walking around the Star Wars: Episode VII set sporting a set of yellow contact lenses. 

The last bit of information Making Star Wars has it what actually sounds like a partial log-line for the film - albeit one based on an account from someone on set who hasn't actually seen a script. The source has apparently learned a good deal about what Luke Skywalker has been busy with the last three decades of his life, spending all of his time fighting back the Jedi Hunters and impeding their missions. By the time we catch up with him, however, he is "outnumbered, tired, and in need of help." We can't say whether or not this is actually true, but it does at the very least sound interesting. 

Star Wars: Episode VII is now filming and is scheduled to be released in theaters on December 18, 2015. 

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First Full 'Expendables 3' Trailer Is Packed With Explosions


arnold schwarzenegger expendables 3

The first full trailer for "The Expendables 3" has enough explosions that it could make Michael Bay jealous.

Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger are reloading for a third film filled with even more action stars — and Kelsey Grammer!

This time around, Mel Gibson joins as villain, Conrad Stonebanks, a scorned ex-partner of Barney Ross (Stallone) who helped form The Expendables and is now on a mission to hunt them all down.

"The Expendables 3" will be released August 15 and features Jason Statham, Jet Li, Terry Crews, Antonio Banderas, Harrison Ford, and more.

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Movie And TV Merchandise Revenue Reached A Staggering Amount Last Year


Simpson's Merchandise

Next year's lineup of Hollywood movies, which is expected to shatter box-office records, would have the heads of entertainment licensing executives bobbling … if bobble-head dolls were hot these days.

The smiling, bouncing little statues are still out there, but it's a whole new world when it comes to the licensing of characters and celebrities from current TV shows and movies.

Apps, computers games, fragrances and clothing lines are driving an increasing percentage of the retail sales from entertainment-based properties. In fact movie and TV-related merchandise hit $51.4 billion in 2013, according to industry figures released Monday. Royalties from those sales climbed to $2.66 billion.

Also read: CAA Rolls Fashion Clients Into Licensing Group; Founder Mitch Grossbach to Exit (Exclusive)

“There's still a tendency to think of licensing as toys and tchotchkes,” said Marty Brochstein, senior vice president of the Licensing Industry Merchandisers Association. The group is gathering in Las Vegas for Licensing Expo 2014, which DreamWorks Animation chief Jeffrey Katzenberg will kick off with a keynote speech Tuesday.

“The fact is, companies have become much, much more sophisticated in terms of understanding consumer and fashion trends, and smarter about tying in to them,” Brochstein said.

Also read: CBS and Hulu Strike Licensing Deal for ‘Ghost Whisperer,’ ‘Everybody Loves Raymond,’ Others

Youngsters are a critical market for the licensing industry, and they're the demo group that has evolved the most, according to Brochstein.

“Kids are getting older younger. They are far more entrenched in technology at earlier ages, and more likely to be doing things with apps, computers games and such,” he said.

Disney, for example, last week unveiled the “Star Wars Scene Maker,” an app that will let kids (and maybe a dad or two) create their own minute-long movie featuring the images and voices of the iconic characters.

Along with “Star Wars,” there will be new “Avengers,” “Jurassic Park and “Hunger Games” movies landing in 2015. That's a lot of franchise firepower for the licensing biz.

Also read: New Comedy Central Unit to Focus on Merchandise, Video, Downloads, Touring

“The good thing is that these franchises come with a built-in fan base and have a track record of satisfying those consumers with well-made movies,” Brochstein said. “The challenge is to be more creative in terms of the merchandise you offer.”

TV and celebrities as well as movies make up the entertainment licensing sector, which is that industry's largest and provided 42 percent of the $116 billion that it generated overall in retail sales in 2013. Corporate and brand names, fashion lines from celebrities such as Jennifer Lopezand sports are the next biggest sectors.

Fire and Blood beer, tied in with TV's “Game of Thrones” by Cooperstown, N.Y.-based artisan brewery Ommegang, is an example of the sort of creativity today's evolved and more crowded market demands, Brochstein said.

“It works because it seems organic to the story line of the show and they executed it well,” Brochstein said.

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Incredible Before And After Images Of Special Effects In Movies


We've shown a lot of before and after photos of visual effects in movies.

Reddit user SourceCode12 compiled a group of shots showing how scenes from some of the biggest films of the past year were captured. (A lot of green screens.)

While it may not be a surprise to see Hugh Jackman's hand without a Wolverine claw coming out of it, it's great to see scenes with actors in motion capture body suits and facing a giant green screen when you believe there's actual danger.

From "Godzilla" to "Elysium," check out the photos below.

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The Man Who Created The Video Game In The Movie 'Her' Is Making A Game In Real Life


In the film "Her," Joaquin Phoenix's character plays an augmented-reality space game, which was created by artist and filmmaker David O'Reilly. 

At the Horizon Game Conference last week, O'Reilly announced that he's taking his game-making skills outside of the movie realm and making a real, playable game that will be released on June 21. 

The game is called "Mountain." In it, you play as a mountain. It's a mountain simulator. Sound weird? Yes. But is it any weirder than a game that lets you play as a goat

"You play as a mountain, and you get to do all of the things that a mountain does," O'Reilly said when presenting the game. "Which I'm sure appeals to all of your darkest and most disgusting fantasies."

The game will start by asking you simple and open-ended questions, which you answer with drawings. And your answers lead to the creation of your mountain. The game processes the drawings and uses them to influence aspects of the mountain. 


The drawings dictate the shape of the mountain, the type of vegetation that grows there, the amount of vegetation, the amount of snow you're going to get, and so on. 

It's like an interactive screensaver. "It's designed to run kind of in the background, like it's part of your desktop," he said. 

But O'Reilly promises around 50 hours of gameplay, as well as a definitive ending to the game. 

Doesn't sound or really look as cool as the game in the movie "Her," but the two shouldn't be compared. This is a relaxing game; little NSFW aliens not included.

Mountain game

There are no controls, but it does auto save. Basically you just sit there and stare at your mountain.

There are some hidden features, however. You can move the camera around the mountain and zoom out all the way into space. You also have the ability to play music; the game detects when you're playing a song, and it allows you to accelerate time. Melodies even unlock different parts of the game.

There doesn't really seem to be a point, but that might be the point. It's kind of reminiscent of the "Grow" series, a Flash-based puzzle game that's just as simple and pointless, but still fun to look at. "Mountain" is gorgeous, though, so maybe O'Reilly will take the opportunity to make more games in the future. 

The game will be available June 21 for Mac, PC, and iOS for around $1.  

You can watch O'Reilly speak about the game in the video below (it starts at around the 51-minute mark):

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'Jurassic World' Set Photo Teases A New Dinosaur


Last week, three official photos were released from the Jurassic World set, featuring stars Chris PrattBryce Dallas HowardTy Simpkins and Nick Robinson. However, many fans were disappointed that we still haven't seen our first look at one of the dinosaurs in this massive sequel.

Director Colin Trevorrow must have heard the complaints from fans, posting a new photo from his Twitter account that gives us our first hint at what at least one of these dinosaurs may look like. It isn't known when we will get our first full glimpse at the massive, prehistoric creatures, but for now, this dinosaur shadow photo will have to suffice.

No official plot details have been released at this time, but the story is set on Isla Nublar, where the original Jurassic Park was set. The plot centers on a working dinosaur theme park that attracts millions of visitors per year, which we have seen in concept artwork and map photos.

We also reported last month that there will be a brand new dinosaur which will have camouflage abilities. In case you missed them last week, you can also take a look at the official photos below.

Jurassic World comes to theaters June 12th, 2015 and stars Ty SimpkinsBryce Dallas HowardNick RobinsonChris PrattVincent D'OnofrioIrrfan KhanB.D. WongOmar Sy. The film is directed by Colin Trevorrow.

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The 30 Most Expensive Movies Ever Made


transformers revenge of the fallenA big Hollywood blockbuster often requires a lot of cash.

While it doesn't always take a big production budget to make a break-out hit, the most successful movies are often the costliest.

We turned to IMDB and Box Office Mojo to gather the 30 priciest films ever made, and consulted the consumer price index to adjust for inflation.  

We've also included the original reported and estimated budgets for comparison. A few franchises make the list twice.

While none of this year's movies are among the most expensive, many of the most successful films ever made cost more than $200 million.

29. [TIE]: "The Lone Ranger": $218 million

Original estimated budget: $215 million
Worldwide gross: $260.5 million
Worldwide adjusted gross: $264.2 million

*(All budget estimates have been adjusted for inflation.)

29. [TIE] "Oz the Great and Powerful" (2013): $218 million

Original estimated budget: $215 million
Worldwide gross: $493.3 million
Worldwide adjusted gross: $500.3 million

(All budget estimates have been adjusted for inflation.)

28. "Troy" (2004): $218.9 million

Original estimated budget: $175 million
Worldwide gross: $497.4 million
Worldwide adjusted gross: $622 million

(All budget estimates have been adjusted for inflation.)

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A Hulk Standalone Movie Is Being Considered After 'Avengers: Age Of Ultron'


Hulk roar

Hulk had his chances on the big screen. Just focusing in on recent efforts, Ang Lee tried to recreate the artistic nature of the comic book panel in 2003. Louis Leterrier ramped up the action for his own The Incredible Hulk.

But they didn’t have the impact of Hulk as part of an ensemble in Joss Whedon’s The Avengers. So now that Whedon and leading man Mark Ruffalo have figured out how to use the jolly green giant, could a solo Hulk movie be in the cards? 


Mark Ruffalo was speaking with Digital Spy on behalf of his winning musical Begin Again, and was asked about the possibility of the Hulk getting his own movie after The Avengers: Age of Ultron. And instead of shooting the story down, Ruffalo playfully teased: 

"I think they are, for the first time, entertaining the idea of it. When we did The Avengers it was basically 'No!', and now there is some consideration for it."

You don’t say? Ruffalo went on to clarify that "there's still nothing definitive, not even a skeletal version of what it would be." But him just saying it on the record means that conversations between he and Marvel likely have taken place, perhaps in order to make sure the actor isn’t busy with Begin Again 2 when they need him to be filming a possible Hulk movie. 

Listen to Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk comments, in context. 

Let’s talk a bit about what we have heard regarding Marvel’s plans for the Hulk. Back in May, Lou Ferrigno, of all people, mentioned that Hulk was the "star" of The Avengers: Age of Ultron, and was poised to break out and get his own movie. Much earlier, there were rumors that Marvel’s Phase 3 could involve the Planet Hulk storyline. That story was debunked, but Mark Ruffalo’s comments have us wondering about their validity. 

From what we are hearing, Hulk is a major part of The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Ruffalo was quick to sprinkle cold water on the conversation, but not before he added just enough fuel to get the fires of a solo Hulk movie rumor roaring yet again. 

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Another 'Transformers' Sequel Will Come Out Summer 2016


grimlock dinobot transformers 4

Paramount Pictures is in the sequel business, and folks, business is booming. 

The studio is gearing up for the release of Michael Bay’s Transformers: Age of Extinction, the fourth film in Bay’s lucrative franchise. And while the rest of the summer is filled with semi-original tentpoles like Hercules and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (semi-original in that they are not direct sequels to existing properties), the studio just confirmed a handful of upcoming sequels that will fill its 2016 release calendar. 

At CineEurope on Wednesday, Paramount Pictures International SVP Edward Ryan mapped out the studio’s aggressive release plan (via THR), mentioning a few titles we knew about and confirming others that had been speculation to this point. For 2016, Paramount promises a fifth Transformers (as Bay has been saying Age of Extinction starts a new trilogy), a G.I. Joe 3, a Star Trek 3 (which we know will be directed by longtime screenwriter Roberto Orci), and Hansel and Gretel 2. Ryan also said that 2016 will bring the return of Eddie Murphy in a fourth Beverly Hills Cop movie, and a fifth Paranormal Activity. Looking for something original? Well, the sword-and-sandals epic Ben-Hur is getting a remake, with Wanted director Timur Bekmambetov behind the lens. I wonder if it will look like this? 

Some of these films even have release dates, and they aren’t all summer blockbusters. Ben-Hur, according to BoxOfficeMojo, will drop on February 26. And Beverly Hills Cop is eyeing a March 25 release date. Those are subject to change, of course. The rest of the Paramount movies discussed by Edward Ryan were rumored to arrive in 2016, but are now confirmed. 

The Transformers date strikes me as the most aggressive, particularly if Michael Bay finally decides that he is finished with Autobots and Decepticons, and is ready to move on to more non-Transformers material. Wheels will have to begin turning on a production schedule to maintain a 2016 date, as you can bet Paramount will want Transformers 5 to drop in the summer time. Right now, however, the favored Transformers weekend of late June / July 4 is occupied by Steven Spielberg’s The BFG, Sony’s Angry Birds movie, and Fox’s Independence Day 2. Crowded. But what weekend in 2016 won’t be? 

So sequels will remain the rage at Paramount, which also talked about Terminator 5: GenesisMission: Impossible 5 and Friday the 13th 3D at CineEurope. Everything old is new again. 

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5 Reasons Why 'Ghostbusters' Is Still Relevant 30 Years Later


Ghostbusters Poster

Ivan Reitman’s Ghostbusters – now celebrating its 30th anniversary — might seem an unlikely candidate to include in this column. After all, there’s not a (sane) person on earth who would watch this movie and say “Maaannnn, is this thing dated.” The filmmaking nor the humor has aged a day, and even the special effects make you appreciatively nostalgic more than critical.

Still, there are several elements of the story, characters and location that surprisingly evoke the specifics of our present more than one might think. Here are five ways Ghostbusters crosses the time stream from 1984 to 2014.

1. The (Entrepreneurial) Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth

Ray, GhostbustersMake no mistake, we may think Bill Murray‘s Peter Venkman is cool, but even he calls himself a geek. However, neither he nor the rest of the Ghostbusters represent the stigmatized image of geekhood that was standard in the decade the film was made. You know, the socially stunted, high-waisted panted, basement dwelling, Dungeons & Dragons playing four-eyes. The Revenge of the Nerds Geek.

Instead, the Ghostbusters anticipate our current world where geeks aren’t so much ostracized as they are enjoying a surge of positive cultural currency. Especially because the Ghostbusters aren’t unlike the big-time, 21st century web entrepreneurs we’re very familiar with. They’re a financially successful company with a tech-based service which impacts people’s lives significantly and earns them rock star status.

These aren’t your typical 1980s stock market yuppie traders raking in the dough. They’re a bunch of nerdy scientists who – as Winston says – have the tools and the talent to succeed in a way that’s become commonplace today.

2. Media Coverage Hasn’t Changed At All

Ghosts, New York“Print is dead,” proclaims Egon (Harold Ramis) amusingly not long before a montage splashes the Ghostbusters’ overnight success all over print magazines and newspapers. What makes that montage even funnier is how it illustrates that media coverage of any given phenomenon hasn’t changed. At all.

The spectral bounty hunters find themselves the subject of:

  • a Wired-like magazine covering the technology behind their proton packs;
  • The Atlantic probing – in a quintessentially Atlantic way – the bigger social ramifications of the Ghostbusters’ work; and
  • a trashy rag wondering about the men’s diet (which would probably only allow for Twinkies when using them as illustrative devices).

Media may have migrated online, but its nature (and taxonomy) has remained firmly rooted. The response to the Ghostbusters then is no different than what it would be now.

3. The Portability of Tech

Ghostbuster lasersIn 1984, when computers were the size of mini fridges, the notion that they might one day be portable, let alone fit in our palm or lap, would have been hard to imagine. Yet in Ghostbusters, the men stand out now because they succeeded in compacting their highly sophisticated technology. They make it maneuverable and transportable in a way that’s instantly recognizable to us today.

Okay, yes, their proton packs, trap, and P.K.E. meter, are a far cry from a sleek, hand-sized iPhone. Still, their conceptualization (and the movie’s) that tech will need to be compact and easy to carry, anticipated how so much tech now has become successful and pervasive for that very reason. All that being said, we’re pretty glad that nuclear reactors haven’t become as portable as they are in the movie.

4. The Prevalence of Sarcastic Insincerity

Slime, bill murrayThere’s an infectious delight in watching Venman refuse to take anything seriously – being fired, being slimed, talking to the Mayor, seeing the object of his affection (Sigourney Weaver) possessed by a randy demon. The man can’t even agree to a suicide plan without being flippant and sarcastic. Every situation he faces he greets without a trace of sincerity. Which is what makes him hilarious.

It’s also what makes him seem a product of our own times where, for example, 95% of Twitter greets most news (with the exception of tragedies) as an opportunity to make jokes. The state of our (online) society is not one prone to sincerity. Peter Venkman would not only feel very at home in 2014, he’d be its Emperor. He might even make a decent living photobombing engagement pics or showing up randomly at karaoke bars.

5. New York Can Withstand Anything

Stay puft ghostbusters“Nobody steps on a church in my town,” isn’t just a Bill Murray line, it’s a New Yorker line. It’s an instantly familiar representation of New York pride and protectiveness. Which makes sense, since Ghostbusters is in many ways an ode to The Big Apple and its people. Most of all, it speaks to how New Yorkers – in the form of the Ghostbusters – can withstand anything.

Sure, a looming supernatural apocalypse may not be the most realistic disaster Gotham has gone through, but it’s had its share since the release of Ghostbusters in 1984. Every time its proven itself a survivor.

The resilient spirit of Venkman, Stantz and Spengler is not just their own, but the quintessential spirit of all New Yorkers.

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New 'Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes' Trailer Will Make You Jump


ape planet of the apes sequel

20th Century Fox just released the final trailer for “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” and we were surprised it actually made us jump back in our seats and go "Whoa."

We’ll admit that we’ve been pretty skeptical about this sequel.

Sure, the film, which pits the apes against humans in an inescapable war, does have Gary Oldman, who’s always golden on screen; however, director Rupert Wyatt and James Franco aren’t returning from the first film. 

According to Deadline, Wyatt thought a 2014 release would be a rush for the film and Franco will be seen through a video flashback.

So for this final trailer to make us actually jump halfway through and go "whoa" is a big deal. We watch a lot of trailers, and I think the last time I've had any sort of emotional response was while watching the first "X-Men: Days of Future Past" trailer or the one for "The Fault in Our Stars" (come on, it's a sad movie). Coincidentally, both also happen to be movies put out by Fox.

“Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” is in theaters July 11.

Now, that you've watched the trailer, it's worth noting two versions of it were released that are slightly different from each other. The biggest change is the edit of the brutal gunning scene I was talking about.

In one version, an ape is seen viciously holding a firearm. In the the trailer above, a man’s hand obscures it from view. You'll notice the coloring is also different.

Here's what you see in the domestic trailer:ape gun

And here's what's shown in the international ones:ape gun handdawn of the planet of the apes

What really gets us and makes us jump is the man's reaction to watching his buddy get gunned down by an ape. It's visibly shown in the international trailer and cut from the other. I'm not putting an image in here because it's slightly graphic.

You can watch the other version with a few swapped out scenes, here.

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One Of The Villains In 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Might Not Be Who You Think It Is


darth vader star wars

So far, despite the detective work of the internet's best scoopers, we're still unsure as to what the major threat in Star Wars: Episode VII really is. Some early chatter pointed in the direction of "Jedi Hunters," though if a recent report is to be believed, that might just be the assumed name of the forces menacing Luke, Leia, Han and company in the next chapter of the sci-fi saga. 

Latino Review has been mowing through a sea of Star Wars Episode VII rumors and conjecture to find out the source of the "Jedi Hunters" rumors that we heard about earlier this week. It turns out that, despite previous reports, David Oyelowo is not on set, nor is he playing a CGI character, and is likely not one of three main villains in the film - the other two reportedly played by Lupita Nyong'o and Adam Driver. Which is too bad, considering Oyelowo is awesome. Get some Oyelowo in this movie, Disney! 

What makes this whole rumor situation quite a bit messier and what may have added to the confusion is the fact that Oyelowo's name has been thrown around in connection with Star Wars Rebels, the new animated television series offshoot that will be telling older stories set in the Star Wars universe. So the information about his possible role in the Star Wars: Episode VII series remains suspect. But if you can get David Oyelowo and his great voice for your movie, why wouldn't you? Star Wars, you're not better than David Oyelowo! The actor is about to have a moment, starring in this year's Interstellar and A Most Violent Year, and could enter the awards conversation this year or next for his portrayal of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the upcoming Selma

While Oyelolo might not be involved, if the rest of the reports are to be believed, the new baddies in Star Wars: Episode VII have one goal, and it's one that may shape the future of the Star Wars universe. 

Possible spoiler-ish details follow, so hold my hand and follow me, and I'll keep you warm all night, honey

According to the earlier rumors (which come across mostly as informed speculation), the Jedi Hunters are seeking to resurrect The Sith. Apparently this quest will provide the plot for Star Wars: Episode VII to some degree, and a Sith Lord will be resurrected at some point in Star Wars: Episode VIII - leading to their eventual destruction in Star Wars: Episode IX. Latino Review says that the name "Jedi Hunters" is rather informal and premature, and that the characters can be more accurately described as mercenaries. The site also adds that there are scenes now being shot on a set that looks suspiciously like a new Star Destroyer - one of the premiere ships of the Empire - which should excite hardcore fans. 

If Oyelowo isn't involved with Star Wars: Episode VII, then that means that the rumored villain trio is still short one interesting and compelling member. We still don't know what to expect from the inexperienced Nyong'o, who was absolutely gripping in 12 Years A Slave. Though it will be amusing to see Driver's anachronistic intensity in the Star Wars universe. 

Star Wars: Episode VII hits theaters December 18, 2015. 

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