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The Rock's 'Shazam' Movie Will Be Different Than Any Other Comic Movies


shazamWith titles like Guardians of the Galaxy and the Iron Man trilogy, Marvel Studios has done an excellent job cornering the market for action-packed blockbusters with plenty of jokes and lighter entertainment, but now it seems like DC Comics and Warner Bros. are ready to start battling in the same arena. Earlier today we got news that Dwayne Johnson has been confirmed to play Black Adam in the upcoming Shazam movie, but what you may not know is that the film will differentiate itself from titles like Zack Snyder's Man of Steel and Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight by being more of a fun adventure story. 

New details about the Shazam movie have emerged thanks to the folks at Entertainment Weekly, who recently had the chance to chat with New Line president Toby Emmerich about what we can expect from the film (yes, this title is being made by the WB subsidiary New Line, not Warner Bros. proper). While the executive couldn't provide any plot or release date information for the project, what he did add to the conversation is that the tone of the feature will be different from all of the other comic book movies out in theaters. Said Emmerich, 

"It feels to me like Shazam will have a tone unto itself. It’s a DC comic, but it’s not a Justice League character, and it’s not a Marvel comic. The tone and the feeling of the movie will be different from the other range of comic book movies."

What's slightly bizarre about this quote is that Shazam is a Justice League character in the comics, and has been so - off and on - since the late 1980s. Perhaps even more importantly, he has also been included as part of the Justice League in the New 52 comics, which is said to be a an influence on the growing DC Cinematic Universe. It's possible that Emmerich is saying that Shazam wasn't a founding member of the Justice League, but his phrasing is still a bit awkward. 

dwayne the rock johnson black adamAs for what we can expect from the Black Adam set to be portrayed by Dwayne Johnson, Emmerich didn't give up any juicy details, but he did make another interesting choice of words describing him. While Johnson has said that he enjoys Black Adam's presence in DC Comics as an anti-hero, the New Line President paints the costumed character instead as more of an antagonist. Said Emmerich, 

"Black Adam is a complex character. The villain in superhero movies is often, I think, what makes the movie. And I thought Dwayne’s take on the character, and the way that he saw Black Adam, was really compelling and fun."

It doesn't sound like Shazam has actually found a director yet, but the studio has hired Darren Lemke to start working on a script. The screenwriter previously worked with New Line to make the Bryan Singer-directed Jack The Giant Slayer, but his other credits include the animated features Turbo and Shrek Forever After, as well as the upcoming Goosebumps movie starring Jack Black. 

In the comics, Shazam is actually a young boy named Billy Batson who can turn into an adult superhero by just saying "Shazam!" - the name of the wizard who granted him his powers and an acronym for the sources of his greatest abilities (Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury). We expect this to be a very active project over the next few years, so be sure to stay tuned for more updates! 

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Al Pacino Is Game To Star In a Marvel Movie


al pacino premiereAl Pacino is a modern acting legend, but even legends with a reputation such as Pacino's take a couple of projects that are way outside of their wheelhouse from time to time. One such project was the 1990 Warren Beatty vehicle, Dick Tracy, in which Pacino hammed it up as gangster Big Boy Caprice. Was it Shakespeare? Far from it. Was it fun? You bet your ass it was; and now it looks like Pacino would be willing to jump head first into the comic waters as he's expressed interest in working with Marvel Studios. 

Deadline got to talk with Al Pacino at the Venice Film Festival, shortly after he admitted to absolutely loving James Gunn's tour de force that we all know as Guardians Of The Galaxy. Here's a portion of his gushing comments... 

"I recognized the ingenious stuff they were doing; the invention, the attractiveness of the way they were performing it. It had Shakespearean feeling to it at times. I was caught up in the big screen, the great sound…"

To have Guardians Of The Galaxy described as "Shakespearian" in parts is just another feather in James Gunn's cap, and Al Pacino would be the guy to make that comparison as he's all about the works of The Bard. In fact, if one were to describe Pacino's more experimental attitude that he's taken with his career in the last decade or so, they would say that he has divided his acting portfolio into three pies: offbeat and challenging pictures, Shakespearian pictures, and paycheck pictures. As of late, the offbeat has been the most active portion in his career, which makes his the prospect of the man who was Michael Corleone working for Marvel Studios all the more tangible. 

guardians of the galaxyWhen asked point blank if he'd get involved with a Marvel project, were he ever approached, Pacino knew exactly how to answer. 

 "I would do anything that I could understand in terms of how I fit in it. And you know, of course if I could fit in it. Anything’s possible. You know, I did Dick Tracy and I got an Oscar nomination, so come on. I mean, what can I say?"

That type of attitude is exactly what fans like to see in actors such as Al Pacino and even current Marvel contract player Michael Douglas. That eagerness to teach themselves a new trick in a vastly growing genre that's pretty much cornered the cinematic market in our modern times. It's not only an excellent method of staying relevant, it's also a really exciting prospect for comic fans to see characters from the page come alive on the screen with an A-list personality behind them. 

Of course, all of the eagerness in the world won't stop a heavy hitter like Al Pacino from dropping an offbeat project at the last minute, so perhaps it's not the best time to start revving the rumor mill. Though if you're a Marvel executive and you happen to be reading this, it is definitely a good time to start approaching Al Pacino's people with an offer. Phase 3's still shrouded in mystery, and there's bound to be plenty of room for a man of Pacino's stature to play. 

In the meantime, Al Pacino can next be seen in both The Humbling and Manglehorn, which are awaiting release dates before the end of 2014. 

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'Fast & Furious 7' Is Already The Most Buzzed About Movie Online


fast and furious 7 paul walker vin dieselEver since 2009, when Vin Diesel made his return to the franchise, the Fast & Furious series has been on a serious upswing. The $155 million take of Fast and Furious in the U.S. ballooned to $209 million for Fast Five, and that was followed last year with Fast & Furious 6's $238 million domestic box office total. The more sequels come out, the more fans seem to be getting excited. That excitement is seriously showing for Fast & Furious 7, as the feature is still more than half a year away from release and yet is the most buzzed about title across multiple social media platforms. 

The Chicago Tribune has been reading Digital Audience Ratings (DAR) statistics - a measurement to determine the content that is "resonating most across Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube and Wikipedia" - and their findings have concluded that Fast and Furious 7 was the most attention grabbing title on the internet over the last week. Much of this success has been attributed to the title's regular engagement with its Facebook audiences. As evidence of this, the newspaper pointed to a post about the Fast & Furious page hitting 50 million followers. This post got more than half a million "likes" and was shared by more than 20,000 people: 

The title that took second place according to DAR statistics is perhaps just as strange as Fast & Furious 7, though for completely different reasons. Seventh Son, the upcoming Jeff Bridges-led fantasy film, apparently relaunched its social media campaign this week, and it was rather effective when you consider its placement on the top five this week. The film has had a rough go of it in the last year, as it wound up being caught in the middle of the divorce between Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures. Originally it was going to be released this past January, but when Legendary moved to Universal Pictures the feature was bumped off of the release calendar entirely. Now it is being prepared to come out in February of next year - a good two months before Fast & Furious 7

Directed by James Wan and penned by Chris Morgan (who has penned every sequel since Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift), the seventh chapter in the Fast & Furious saga will be bringing back together not only experienced franchise members like Vin Diesel, Paul Walker (RIP), Dwayne Johnson, Ludacris, Tyrese Gibson, Lucas Black, Michelle Rodriguez, and Jordana Brewster, but also newcomers Jason Statham, Tony Jaa, Kurt Russell, Nathalie Emmanuel, Djimon Hounsou, John Brotherton, and Iggy Azaela. The film is currently in post-production and will be in theaters on April 3, 2015. 

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One Huge Change In The 'Frozen' Story Line Helped Make It A Billion-Dollar Movie



It took Disney nearly 70 years to bring its most successful animated picture, "Frozen" to theaters.

Walt Disney tried adapting Hans Christian Andersen's "The Snow Queen" as early as the 1930s; however, he could never get the story quite right.

After the studio revisted the story in recent years, the resulting film was an instant hit in theaters making more than $1 billion to date.

But a new special on ABC, "“The Story of Frozen: Making a Disney Animated Classic,” reveals that one big change in the film could have cost the Mouse House its billion-dollar movie.

While the film revolves around two sisters, Queen Elsa and Princess Anna, early sketches show the two weren’t originally related. Anna was a peasant who asked an evil Snow Queen to freeze her broken heart.

Elsa's character looked completely different. She originally had light blue skin and short, spiky blue hair. She even had a coat made out of living weasels. elsa frozen sketches

anna elsa early sketch

"Elsa was going to be the complete antagonist," says director and screenwriter Jennifer Lee in the book "The Art of Frozen.""They kept calling her the 'villain.' But there came a point where we said, 'We can't use that word anymore.' You care about someone who's been forces to hide who they are. Elsa's not a villain, she just makes some bad choices because she's in a very difficult situation."

According to the ABC special, a big push for the character's redesign came from songwriter husband and wife duo Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez who were working on a song to go with the character.

"We were still writing a villain song and we started getting into the headspace of what you'd feel like if you were that isolated,"says Anderson-Lopez.

"We knew in this moment that she would go through a transformation," said Lopez. "From repressed to letting her powers out ... trying to get away from society and be who she really was."

elsa let it go frozen

From there, "Let It Go" was born and Lee knew she had to rewrite the film's script to accommodate for the change in Elsa's character.

"The issue that kept coming up is, 'What do Anna and Elsa have to do with each other? Why does it matter, and how could it matter more?'" says Lee. "Someone in the room said, "What if they were sisters?"

Women from Disney Animation collaborated together in what was called a Sister Summit where they all discussed their own relationships growing up with sisters in order to strengthen the characters.

"Elsa became more the yin to Anna's yang, as opposed to the bad guy," Lee recalls in "The Art of Frozen." 

frozen elsa annaIn the end, it was worth it. Instead of an Evil Queen, Elsa's character took on a more symbolic nature as a misunderstood individual who others could identify with.

And instead of delivering a predictable fairytale ending with the power of "true love's kiss,""Frozen" flipped Disney's traditional princess model on its head by emphasizing the importance of family over any potential romance. That theme and the bond between sisters Elsa and Anna helped make it a universal film in 2013.

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Robert Downey Jr. Says There Are No Plans For 'Iron Man 4'


iron man robert downey jrIt was just last year that Robert Downey Jr. signed a contract extension with Marvel Studios, confirming him for appearances in both The Avengers: Age of Ultron and the inevitable Avengers 3, but one title that was left out of all the talks was any plans for Iron Man 4Many took this as a sign that the number of Tony Stark solo films would be ending at three - and today new quotes have arrived that pretty much confirm that speculation. 

"There isn’t one in the pipe. No, there’s no plan for a fourth Iron Man."

That was the rather blunt response that Downey Jr. gave to Variety recently when asked about the potential future of the successful comic book franchise. The actor is currently up at the Toronto International Film Festival promoting his new movie The Judge, which is the actor's first dramatic film since 2009's The Soloist

Anyone who is in any way familiar with the history of contract talks between Robert Downey Jr. and Marvel shouldn't be too surprised that the star's stay as Tony Stark may not extend past The Avengers 3. As, statistically, the biggest draw in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Downey Jr. has long had an upper hand in negotiations with the company - to the point where he even got them to pay him $50 million for his work in The Avengers - a figure that he himself has confirmed. Because of these hardball tactics, there was a time when there was a possibility that the Oscar-nominee wouldn't be in The Avengers 2 - and writer/director Joss Whedon even said that he wouldn't do the movie without him. It's not hard to see why Marvel might not be eager to jump back into contract extension conversations for an Iron Man 4

Furthermore, while Downey Jr. was undoubtedly an extremely important player in the establishment of Marvel Studios as a blockbuster success, the company has been doing just fine making movies without him recently. James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy and Joe and Anthony Russo's Captain America: The Winter Soldier currently stand as the two biggest domestic releases of the year, and both achieved their positions without Iron Man's presence (provided you ignore the blink-and-you-miss-it photo of the character in the latter film). It's true that Downey Jr. has appeared in all of the studio's top four titles, but the comic book giant is learning how to achieve big things without the star's presence. 

So, if Iron Man 4 isn't part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Phase Three plans - what projects are coming up? In addition to Peyton Reed's Ant-Man, the Russos' Captain America 3, and Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy 2, they are also working on seven untitled projects that will be coming out between now and 2019 - three of which are all but confirmed to be Doctor Strange, Thor 3, and The Avengers 3. Will Iron Man's presence be missed, or do you think Marvel can move on without him?

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Chris Rock's New Movie Might Sell For A Crazy Amount Of Money


Chris Rock Rosario Dawson Top Five TorontoAs successful as Chris Rock's career as a comedian has been, the same can't really be said for him as either a lead actor or a director.

Ensemble films like Grown Ups and animated movies like Madagascar have certainly raised his profile, but let's also not forget that his record includes forgettable titles like Down To EarthBad Company and Head of State (which he also directed).

This history doesn't seem to be causing any studios pause regarding Rock's newest film, however, as the comedy is starting a huge bidding war at the Toronto International Film Festival. 

News of this in-development deal comes from Deadline, which says that Sony, Paramount, Fox Searchlight, Open Road, A24, Relativity and Lionsgate have all been looking to buy Chris Rock's Top Five, and they're willing to pay top dollar to do so. While the numbers continue to grow, the most recent update has said that the price has gone over $12.5 million (a big deal for a TIFF sale). 

Top Five, previously known as Finally Famous, is Rock's first directorial effort since 2007's I Think I Love My Wife and also features him in the lead role. The comedian-turned-film star plays Andre Allen, a comedian-turned-film star who is looking to change his public perception and change up his career by doing a serious drama. This turns out to be a major mistake, but his celebrity rebounds when it's announced that he will be televising his marriage to a young reality star (Gabrielle Union). To help publicize the event, Andre agrees to an interview with New Yorker reporter Chelsea Brown (Rosario Dawson), and the conversation takes more than a few twists and turns before it's ended.

Deadline notes that the movie is filled to the brim with big names, bringing in not only the two aforementioned talented actresses, but also fellow stand-ups like Tracy Morgan, Cedric The Entertainer, Kevin Hart, Jerry Seinfeld, Adam Sandler, Whoopi Goldberg, Jay Pharoah. 

The film reportedly got an extremely positive response at its Toronto International Film Festival premiere, which obviously is a big part of what's causing the aforementioned bidding war.

When we actually get to see Top Five for ourselves completely depends on which company winds up winning the distribution rights and their determination of when it will best strike a chord with audiences. Is it serious and good enough to be a film that runs during this year's award season? Or is it a lighter piece that could be a breakout next spring? Is it big enough to launch during the summer?

These will all be questions that we will hopefully get answers to soon. Stay tuned for more updates about who actually winds up winning! 

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Bill Murray Wants To See These 4 Actresses In 'Ghostbusters 3'


ghostbusters bill murrayIn the past, Bill Murray has been very vocal about his complete disinterest in reprising his role as Peter Venkman in Paul Feig's upcoming Ghostbusters 3, but his attitude regarding the project as a whole seems to have softened in recent days.

Asked about the reports of an all female cast in the movie. the actor gave a blessing of sorts to the project, saying, "It’s a grand idea, I don’t know who they’re talking about, but it’s a good idea."

Obviously it doesn't sound like he has any kind of an inside track on the production, but that doesn't mean it isn't still interesting to hear who he would actually want to see in the movie. 

Murray has recently been up at the Toronto International Film Festival promoting his new film St. Vincent, but while doing some interviews the Toronto Star was able to pick up some interesting actress suggestions from the legendary comedic actor for Ghostbusters 3

1. Melissa McCarthy

melissa mccarthy jimmy fallon golden globesMurray's first suggestion was a rather natural one: Melissa McCarthy. In addition to the fact that the two actors star together in St. Vincent, the Tammy star also worked with director Paul Feig on his last two films: Bridesmaids and The Heat

2. Kristen Wiig

kristin wiig harry styles jimmy fallonMaking another natural jump from Melissa McCarthy, Murray's second suggestion was Kristen Wiig, who co-starred with McCarthy in Bridesmaids, and therefore has the exact same Paul Feig connection. 

3. Linda Cardellini

linda cardelliniThe third suggestion is an interesting one, mostly because it's hard to tell if Murray knows exactly how interesting a suggestion it is. Continuing to list names, the Stripes star pitched Linda Cardellini, saying "I like this girl Linda Cardellini a lot." What makes this a fitting choice is that Cardellini is yet again another talented actress with whom Paul Feig has worked with as a lead: she was the star of his short-lived dramedy series Freaks & Geeks.

4. Emma Stone

emma stoneEmma Stone was the only actress suggested by Bill Murray who hasn't previously worked with Paul Feig, but what she lacks in that department she may make up in the fact that she's worked with Murray before. Many of you will remember a memorable sequence featuring the two performers in the movie Zombieland - where they actually played out a scene from Ghostbusters - but they also both recently signed on to work with Cameron Crowe for his upcoming untitled comedy. 

What do you think of these suggestions? Let us know by speaking your mind and making your own pitches in the comments below. 

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DC Comics May Be Making Its Own Version Of 'Guardians Of The Galaxy'


guardians of the galaxyJames Gunn's Guardians of The Galaxy, now the biggest domestic release of 2014, is likely going to change the film industry. Not only did it reaffirm that the entire world is hungry for comic book movies, it proved that movies don't solely have to be based on characters who were already famous on the page.

We've already started to see this affect the world of DC Comics adaptations, as there is now a Shazam film in development, but now, if rumors can be believed, the company and Warner Bros. will soon be developing a big space epic of their own. 

legion of superheroes dc comicsLatino-Review is now reporting buzz from their inside sources saying that DC and Warner Bros. are now developing a movie based on the Legion Of Superheroes. If the story can be believed, then the companies are currently sending out copies of the long-running comic to both screenwriters and their representation to gauge interest in adaptation. The expectation from there is that the writers will come back to the companies and try to sell them on their individual ideas. In case you couldn't tell, this means that the project is truly at the earliest, earliest level of production and can really only be called an "idea" at this point (if the reports are even to be believed). That said, it's not impossible that the project could be one of the nine untitled comic book features that will be coming out between now and 2020

The Legion of Super-Heroes were first introduced in 1958 largely as characters related to Super Boy, but eventually they evolved beyond him, and were then rebooted back in 1994. The team exists in the 31st century of the DC Universe and there has been a number of rotating members over the years - some of whom have been known to travel back in time to associate with some of the better known heroes of the comic book world. Those of you who are familiar with the series Smallville will remember that the team was featured in the Season 8 episode "Legion," which aired back in 2008. 

The next step in the DC Cinematic Universe will be the release of Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but everything beyond that point is a bit of a question mark. In addition to the aforementioned Shazam movie - which has Dwayne Johnson attached to play the villain/anti-hero Black Adam - there have been talks about a Wonder Woman solo film and, naturally, a Justice League feature (also set to be directed by Zack Snyder), but nothing is actually on the calendar. Would you be interested in seeing a Legion Of Superheroes film added to this list? Tell us what you think in the comments below. 

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Faith-Based Movies Are Now Bombing At The Box Office


the identical

The box-office washout of “The Identical” made it four straight misfires for faith-based movies after an unprecedented run of success for religious films earlier this year.

The low-budget independent film “The Identical” took in just $1.5 million from 1,956 theaters — a feeble $815 per-screen average — and failed to crack the top ten on the slowest box office weekend of the year. Blake Rayne, Seth Green, Ashley Judd and Ray Liotta star in the musical drama, which was produced for $12 million by Nashville-based City of Peace Films.

That comes on the heels of underwhelming box-office performances by “When the Game Stands Tall,” “Persecuted” and “Mom's Night Out,” all of which featured faith as a key element.

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To be clear, all of those films had production budgets of under $20 million and only “When The Game Stands Tall” received a wide release, so no one was expecting box-office miracles. But what makes the run of misfires surprising is that earlier this year saw an unprecedented run of success for religious-themed movies; “Son of God,” “Noah,” “Heaven is For Real” and the indie film “God's Not Dead” all scored at the box office, the latter two spectacularly. Grassroots and social media campaigns aimed directly at the Christian community had a lot to do with their success.

faith based movies chart the wrap“We knew this was a risky date,” said Mark Borde, distribution chief at Freestyle Releasing, which distributed “The Identical.” “But we thought we were marketing to an under-served market with a movie that spoke to them and had a very strong message, which is why it's so disappointing.”

One factor that may have made the difference is that none of the recent missesweren't as overtly religious as the films that connected, a theory put forward by Box Office Mojo's Ray Subers, right down to their titles.

The films that scored all had the word “God” or another clearly religious reference in their title, while the more recent films had titles that didn't scream “faith-based.” That may have made sense artistically, as faith was a key element rather the focus in the latter films, but it may hurt at the box office. “When the Game Stands Tall,” for example, had far more to do with football than faith.

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“When you make a movie for a special interest group, be it a gay audience, political or environmental, you have to have the banner up to make clear what it's about,” said Phil Cooke, a producer and best-selling author with a PhD in theology, who works with religious groups and media organizations (including Paramount for “Noah”).

“I'd love to see more Christian values infused into mainstream movies more often, but the Christian film industry is evolving, and at this point you have to connect with your base first and foremost,” Cooke added. 

The success of the earlier films may have hurt the recent films and the biggest sin of the backers of the recent flops may have been being overly ambitious, said BoxOffice.com vice-president and senior analyst Phil Contrino.

“When the market is flooded with a certain type of movie, nobody really wins,” he said. “I don't think the well is drying up in terms of the market for these movies at all, there just needs to be more consideration given to spacing them out.”

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Another factor may have been the films themselves, which had trouble competing in a summer dominated by superheroes and sequels. The four recent movies all had positive scores of 18 or less on review aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes, and just two of 55 reviews for “The Identical” were “fresh.” But poor reviews were hardly the kiss of death for “God's Not Dead” (a weak 17) or “Heaven is For Real,” which had a 46.

Contrino also thought pursuing wide audiences wasn't necessarily the best approach for many faith-based films.

“There is clearly enough of a Christian market that these movies don't need to be mainstream hits with their low budgets,'” Contrino said. “And avoiding wide releases makes sense because it takes the pressure off the opening weekend and allows them to maximize their grassroots campaigns with their core, which holds marketing costs down.”  Most of the films have solid home entertainment potential and that helps, particularly given the films modest budgets.

Also read: Paramount Nearing Deal to Distribute Martin Scorsese's Religious Drama ‘Silence’

If distributors have been aggressive in terms of rolling out the religious films, it's understandable given the success of the earlier films.

son of god jesusMark Burnett's “Son of God,” a reworking of his hit TV miniseries, has brought in $68 million globally on a budget under $10 million for Fox after opening in February. “God's Not Dead” was made for $2 million and has grossed more than $62 million for Pure Flix and distributor Freestyle Releasing. The book-based “Heaven is For Real” followed in April, and the Greg Kinnear family drama has grossed more than $100 million for Sony's TriStar.

The bottom line on Paramount's “Noah” is murkier, given its $125 million price tag and unknown marketing costs, but Darren Aronofsky‘s Russell Crowe epic has brought in nearly $360 million worldwide since opening in March.

Freestyle's Borde remains bullish on another film he called “faith-friendly,” the book-based rapture thriller “Left Behind,” which stars Nicolas Cage. BoxOffice.com is projecting a $13 million opening on Oct. 3, not bad given its modest $16 million budget.

And no one interviewed thought that the recent misses were harbingers for Fox's upcoming epic “Exodus: Gods and Kings,” the Ridley Scott-directed Biblical epic starring Christian Bale, Aaron Paul and Sigourney Weaver.

“With Scott's following, that cast and Fox running mainstream and church-based campaigns, that one feels like a blockbuster,” Contrino said.

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What's New On Video On Demand In September


There are quite a few benefits to catching new releases on video on demand as opposed to the theater.

The average cost of a HD rental for a new film is $9.99, which certainly bests movie theater prices. When you factor in that multiple people can view the rental for the same cost, the savings truly add up. There's also no need to "shush" any obnoxious patrons sitting near you, as you are watching from the comfort of your own home.

With more and more independent films popping up on video on demand services prior to or in accordance with a proper theatrical release, choosing which one deserves your hard-earned money can be difficult. 

Here are some great new September releases now available on video on demand:

1. "Frank"frank fassbender

This quirky comedy about real life pop-star Frank Sidebottom is anything but your standard biopic. Michael Fassbender stars as the titular Frank, although you'd never know it by just watching the film as he remains under that silly mask the entire time. The film, which explores what it means to be an artist and all the psychological treachery that the lifestyle inspires, has receieved rave reviews. 

Watch the trailer here.

2. "Ida"Ida

This gorgeous, critically acclaimed film revolves around the spiritual education of a Polish nun who finds out she's actually Jewish the very week she is to take her vows. While its stunning black-and-white cinematography certainly shines on the big-screen, the film packs just as much of an emotional punch at home. Ida's journey through Poland functions is rendered unforgettable by the sheer beauty of its locations and the photography.

Watch the trailer here.

3. "Night Moves"night moves eisenberg fanning

The latest from indie darling Kelly Reichardt ("Old Joy,""Wendy and Lucy") stars Jesse Eisenberg, Dakota Fanning and Peter Sarsgaard as radical environmentalists who wish to blow up a dam as their ultimate form of protest. When things don't go as planned, they must deal with the repercussions of their actions and learn what i truly means to stand for something in the process. The character-driven film features stellar performances from its leads and is a great example of how a realistic approach and a compelling story can succesfully fuel a narrative.

Watch the trailer here.

4. "The Rover"the rover guy pearce robert pattinson

Australian director David Michod's follow-up to his debut "Animal Kingdom" pays tribute to "Mad Max" and other post-apocalyptic road movies while weaving a tale of his very own. The film follows Guy Pearce as he searches the vast, empty landscape that the world has become for the men who stole his car. Robert Pattinson turns in a particular excellent performance in this dark, moody and violent film.

Watch the trailer here.

5. "Life of Crime"life of crime hawks bey aniston

This adaptation of Elmore Leonard's "The Switch" acts as somewhat of a prequel to "Jackie Browne," and while it may be nowhere near as memorable as the Tarantino film, it's still a fun and star-studded affair. John Hawkes and Yasiin Bey (formerly Mos Def) star in the roles made famous by Robert DeNiro and Samuel L. Jackson as two bumbling criminals whose plan to kidnap the wife of a wealthy businessman backfires when the husband has no interest in paying the ransom.  It may be a minor film in the Elmore Leonard catalogue, but with such great talent involved, it's still worth a watch.

Watch the trailer here.

There are plenty of other recent releases worth checking out on VOD, including:

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How Hispanics Became Hollywood's Most Important Audience


michelle rodriguez fast and furious 6Hollywood experts love to fret about the future of the movie business, but the industry has begun to embrace one group that is indisputably on the rise: the Hispanic audience.

Hispanics are the fastest-growing ethnic group in the United States, and their passion for movies is unsurpassed. The group bought 25 percent of the tickets sold in 2013 though they comprise just 17 percent of the population, according to the Motion Picture Association of America's year-end study.

According to figures from the U.S. Census and a Nielsen report on movie audiences, Hispanics make up 15 percent of the population over the age of 12, and 19 percent of tickets sold for teens and older.

The group, defined by the U.S. Census Bureau as people of “Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American, or other Spanish culture or origin regardless of race,” is making its presence felt at the summer box office. The group has accounted for more than 20 percent of the audience for hits as disparate as “Maleficent” and “Godzilla,” according to data compiled by Nielsen and Univision.

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“You don't have a major hit without Hispanic moviegoers,” Chris Aronson, Fox's president of domestic distribution, told TheWrap. John Fithian, the CEO of the National Association of Theaters Owners, dubbed Hispanic moviegoers “far and away the most important consumer at our cinemas” at the Produced By Conference in June.

As a result, movie studios, publicity firms, talent agencies and theater chains are all catering to the growing Hispanic audience like never before.

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CAA and WME, Hollywood's two biggest agencies, have assembled groups to devise a strategy for the group. Universal and Warner Bros. have hired and promoted marketing executives dedicated to the same market while Pantelion, a joint venture of Lionsgate and Televisa, makes movies specifically for the Spanish-speaking market.

“We went in with the notion that the Latino market was underserved,” Paul Presburger, CEO of Pantelion, told TheWrap. “That turned out not be the case, for the most part. They are buying more tickets; Hollywood is serving them well, and it can do even better.”

Why invest now? Rapid growth. The ethnic group accounted for more than half of growth in the U.S. population between 2000 and 2010.

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“Hispanics are becoming less of a niche audience and more a part of the mainstream,” Fabian Castro, SVP of multicultural marketing at Universal, told TheWrap.

The data supports his point. Hispanics have constituted more than 20 percent of the opening week audience for the highest-grossing movies in May and June (see chart below), according to the Nielsen/Univision data. (This does not include July releases “Tammy” or “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.”)

hispanic opening week box office summer movies wrap series

“The Fault in Our Stars,” for example, shocked most industry experts when it grossed $48 million over its opening weekend. Fox, the movie's distributor, owes 21 percent of those grosses to Hispanics. 

Women drove the success of “Maleficent” while men flocked to “Godzilla.” Hispanics ventured to both, constituting 25 percent of the opening-weekend audience for the former, and 22 percent of the audience for the latter.

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hispanic franchise movies wrap seriesYou see similar numbers for major superhero franchises “Iron Man” and “Spider-Man,” major comedy franchises “The Hangover” and “Jump Street,” animated hits “Despicable Me” and “Ice Age,” as well as action juggernauts “Fast & Furious” and “The Expendables.”

Horror, action and comedy are considered the favorite genres of Hispanics and Latinos. Yet data suggests the Hispanic audience is increasingly vital to the success of movies in every genre. Between 2009 and 2013, the number of adult Hispanics who saw dramas rose by 15 percent while the audience for romantic comedies rose by 12 percent. The total audience for both of those genres dropped over the same time frame.

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While movie studios rely on specific audiences for certain movies — women for romantic comedies, fanboys for comic book movies and African-Americans for select films — it can count on the Hispanic audience for all of the above.

“With a wide rollout you're going to reach [the Hispanic audience],” Aronson said. “Word of mouth spreads more quickly among that group, because they're more frequent moviegoers.”

Hispanics go to the movies an average of six times a year, twice as often as the average moviegoer, per the MPAA's report. Word of mouth is even more important within that audience because “Hispanic consumers are even more heavily engaged with their mobile devices than non- Hispanics,” according to a recent study by PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

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Hispanics are also more likely to use their phones to shop, access the Internet and communicate with friends than non-Hispanics, according to the same report.

Many wonder if this sudden fascination with the Hispanic market is fleeting. Census data, studies, and successful movies have prompted interest before.

“This happens every few years, this renewed desire to take advantage,” Alexis Garcia, a partner at WME and former boardmember of the National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP). “The question: is who will make a concerted effort to actually understand and embrace the market rather than just be reactionary?”

Studios have often recoiled after one negative experience, Bob Orci, the Mexico-born writer and producer of hit movies “Star Trek” and “The Amazing Spider-Man,” told TheWrap.

“The studio has one misfire, and they all say, ‘We're wrong; there's no targeting this market,'” Orci said. “That's not true.”

Future installments of TheWrap's series on the growing power of Hispanic moviegoers will investigate studio marketing outreach, casting and movie theaters.

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'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Star Dave Bautista May Have A Big Role In 'Avengers 3'


drax the destroyer guardians of the galaxyDave Bautista's turn as Drax The Destroyer was easily one of the most surprising and fantastic elements featured in James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy. Rather than just being a hunk of dumb muscle, the character was both one of the funniest and one of the most emotional in the movie, and the pro-wrestler turned actor disappeared into the role completely. One can imagine that there is a bright future for Bautista in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and if new rumors are to be believed, then the details of that future are currently being mapped out. 

A new report has popped up on a wrestling website called PW Mania that says Bautista and his people are now working behind closed doors with the folks at Marvel Studios to "restructure" the actor's contract following the success of Guardians of the Galaxy. The source says, as you might assume, that Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is part of this conversation, but they also add that there have been talks about the eventual Avengers 3, which hasn't actually been officially announced yet, but is expected to be the capstone of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Phase Three. 

With Guardians of the Galaxy 2 having been set on the release date calendar more than a full week before the release of Guardians of the Galaxy, we can probably assume that Marvel already had all of its main cast members - including Bautista - already completely locked in, but the idea of the characters crossing over with The Avengers in The Avengers 3 has merely been a theory amongst fans for years (ever since we first learned that Guardians would be set away from all of the action featured in every other MCU title). This new report is hardly a confirmation of anything, and the report should be taken with a huge grain of salt, but the idea is definitely floating out in the universe. 

Now that the Infinity Stones have been firmly established in the Marvel Cinematic Universe - thanks to both Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor: The Dark World - many believe that The Avengers 3 will follow the "Infinity Gauntlet" storyline from Marvel Comics, which featured superheroes from all around the galaxy gathering coming together in order to try and defeat the Mad Titan Thanos, who has used the Infinity Stones to basically become a god. Drax not only plays an important role in this plot in the comics, but eventually - in an arc called "Annihilation" - winds up actually killing Thanos. As the new report suggests, it's not hard to see how he may have a "significant" part to play in the future of the Cinematic Universe, so it's in Marvel's best interest to keep Bautista around. 

Hopefully it won't be too long before we get more official details about Dave Bautista's official involvement in Marvel Studios dealings, but for now we'll just look forward to Guardians of the Galaxy 2, coming on July 28, 2017, and The Avengers 3 reportedly coming some time in 2018

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'22 Jump Street' Is Getting A Sequel After Huge Summer Box Office


22 jump street channing tatum jonah hill

"22 Jump Street" is currently the tenth highest earner of the year having accumulated $190.8 million at the domestic box office, so it’s no surprise to hear that Sony Pictures is moving forward with a third installment.

The studio apparently just recruited one of the "22 Jump Street" scribes, Rodney Rothman, to pen the third film.

There’s no word on whether or not Phil Lord and Chris Miller will be back to direct the next one, but they will at least serve as producers alongside Rothman, Jonah HillChanning Tatum and Neal Moritz.  Hit the jump for more on "23 Jump Street."

According to Deadline, the directing gig is theirs if Lord and Miller decide that they want it and hopefully they will; "22 Jump Street" and "The Lego Movie" are two of the best of the year.  But of course, all of that success results in many new opportunities and there’s a chance they may just stick with the producing positions on this one so that they can move on directorially, much like they’re doing with the next "Lego Movie."

Lord and Miller opted to produce "The Lego Movie" sequel but hand over directing duties to Lego’s animation co-director, Chris McKay. Lord and Miller are also in the same position on the Ninjago movie. They’re producing and the movie will mark Charlie Bean’s feature directorial debut.

We’ll have to wait and see how this plays out, but in the meantime, how about the story?  Odds are, nobody’s taking those end credits seriously, but if they were the real deal, 23 Jump Street: Medical School would be next.  However, if I got my pick, I’d go for 40 Jump Street: The Retirement Home or 2121 Jump Street instead.

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Here's The First Image Of The Batmobile On Set Of 'Batman V Superman'


Sweet ride, Bats. A Detroit native took social media by storm last night when he posted what are believed to be the first images of Ben Affleck’s Batmobile from Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The Instagram account of amacro13 went nuts with comments, where he explained that he didn’t get to see the car in action, but that it was parked in Detroit (and open to photos somehow). Check them out below, and we will kick into some serious analysis. 

And this one, which backs up a bit to give us the full profile of Batman’s new assault vehicle. 

The look of the new Batmobile is a lot closer in design to Christopher Nolan’s military-style ride than it is to, say, the Adam West car. That basically was a tricked-out convertible with a long body, gliders on the sides and back, but still held the form and function of a car. 

Tim Burton started to enhance the structure of the Batmobile in his films, but they still had an overblown sense of ornate design to them. It was Nolan who suggested that Bruce Wayne would have acquired his tumbler through military channels, so the Batmobile would be more rugged, formidable and macho. Zack Snyder appears to have built on that starting point. 

"It’s a black… tank." This new car isn’t quite as boxy as Batman’s Nolan rides. The tires remain chunky and wide, but the body narrows into a stealth design. The doors, as you can see, lift like those of a DeLorean. (Is this a time machine?!) And the enhancements around the tires suggest that this ride is fortified for heavy fire. Perhaps this grizzled, veteran Batman has been through some messes before, and know that he needs a vehicle that can sustain damages. 

It has to be near impossible to shoot on the streets of Detroit while attempting to hide your secrets. That’s how image like this get out. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opens everywhere on March 25, 2016. What else will we see before then? 

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Here's The First Official Photo Of The Batmobile In 'Batman V Superman'


Director Zack Snyder just shared the first official image of the new batmobile that will be featured in "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" summer 2016.

Here's the high-resolution image.batmobile batman v superman

The director's tweet comes after low quality images of the batmobile on set surfaced on social media.

The car definitely reminds us of Batman's new ride he'll have in next year's video game "Batman: Arkham Knight."

batman batmobile arkham knight

Snyder first showed off an image of Batman's vehicle in May. batman vs superman batmobile

"Batman V Superman" is set for release May 6, 2016.

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Watch The 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Funny New Gag Reel


star trek into darkness abrams

It's been well over a year since JJ Abrams' "Star Trek Into Darkness" opened in theaters, but a new Blu-Ray release has brought the film back into the spotlight.

Star Trek: The Compendium
, a set that includes "Star Trek" (2009), "Star Trek Into Darkness" and tons of new bonus features, hit shelves earlier this week, and this hilarious never-before-seen gag reel proves the cast and crew had a great time on set.

After some hilarious flubs and blunders, the reel comes to an end with a glorious mash-up of various members of the Starship Enterprise crew gettin' jiggy with it. 

Here's Simon Pegg (Scotty) gettin' down on set.

star trek gif simon pegg dancing

John Cho (Sulu) and Alive Eve (Carol) having some fun.

star trek gif john cho 

Zachary Quinto (Spock), Benedict Cumberbatch (Kahn), and Zoe Saldana (Uhura) stage a peculiar fight scene.

star trek gif spock benedict

Benedict Cumberbatch again with the big finish while the crew worker in front of him appears oblivious.

star trek gif benedict dancing

Watch the full gag reel below:

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Here's How Jake Gyllenhaal Lost 20 Pounds For His New Movie 'Nightcrawler'


In May, 33-year-old actor Jake Gyllenhaal was back to his beefy leading man looks as he sat courtside during the NBA Playoffs at the Barclays Center.jake gyllenhaal clapping

But for the majority of this year, Gyllenhaal was sporting a much leaner look while he shot his new movie "Nightcrawler," due in theaters October 31.jake gyllenhaal

"Nightcrawler," in which Gyllenhaal both stars and is a producer, is the story of a career-hungry young man who stumbles upon the underground world of L.A. freelance crime photojournalism.

Gyllenhaal spent three months in pre-production brainstorming with screenwriter and first-time director Dan Gilroy on the appearance of his character, Lou.

“I knew that [Lou] was literally and figuratively hungry,” Gyllenhaal told Us Weeklyadding that he got into character by transitioning into a "mode where I was always a bit hungry." 

In order to drop 30 pounds from his 180-pound frame, Gyllenhaal told Variety: “I would try to eat as few calories as possible. I knew if I was hungry that I was in the right spot. Physically, it showed itself, but chemically and mentally, I think it was even a more fascinating journey. It became a struggle for me.”Jake Gyllenhaal Nightcrawler

"He'd have a bowl of luxury chewing (gum) and they were, like, really elaborately flavored, to trick his brain into thinking he was having a meal,"Gyllenhaal's co-star Riz Ahmed told The Canadian Press at the Toronto Film Festival this week. "So he was on his exercise bike having chewing gum and, like, almond tea with one calorie."

He also said Gyllenhaal was aware and apologetic about his sometimes-sour demeanor, "So he was like: 'Sorry I'm grumpy, I haven't eaten."'

On some nights during shooting, Gyllenhaal told Variety he wouldn’t eat at all, or he’d only take small bites of meat, crackers, or kale salad. To stay lean and fit, he would run 15 miles from his house to the film's set.

“There was a general sense that he was a coyote,” Gyllenhaal says. “I just wanted to live that way.”

Gilroy adds: “When you watch the film and see the angularity of his face, the hollow cheeks, the way that his eyes become prominent  it’s such a haunting look for a night shoot.”Nightcrawler Jake Gyllenhaal lighter

Gyllenhaal's co-star and Gilroy's wife, Rene Russo, told E! Online"It's incredible what he put his body through. I actually was worried."

But this isn't Gyllenhaal's first physical transformation for a film.

In 2010, the Oscar nominee added major muscle to his physique for "Prince of Persia." The actor told UsWeekly at the time that he would eat six small meals loaded with protein, carbs, and fats.

Prince of Persia Jake Gyllenhaal
Gyllenhaal, however, says there was no special diet to shed pounds for "Nightcrawler.

"I just love this movie," he said. "That’s how I did it. There really was no technique."

Watch the "Nightcrawler" trailer below. Gyllenhaal's performance is already being called "stunning":

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Netflix Has Revolutionized The TV Industry Several Times In Just 17 Years


The Netflix website shown on a laptop screen in Stockholm on September 11, 2014

Los Angeles (AFP) - From doorstep DVD delivery to binge-watching on tablets and phones: In 17 years Netflix has revolutionized the US television industry several times over.

The company -- which is about to arrive in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany and Austria -- has also totally revamped the relationship Americans have with both TV shows and film.

After launching in 1997, the service simply killed the traditional DVD or video store, experts say.

"Their catalogue was huge, it was so simple," said Robert Thompson, a professor of pop culture at Syracuse University.

Netflix subscribers could -- and still can -- watch an unlimited number of DVDs per month, delivered to their door. After viewing the DVD, the customer slips it in a pre-paid envelope and mails it back, triggering the next DVD to be sent.

Paradoxically, "Netflix in the beginning was a new technology company but based on the oldest technology possible: the US post office," Thompson told AFP.


- Riding the streaming wave -


Based in Los Gatos, California, the company, which is led by co-founder Reed Hastings and has 50 million subscribers, surfed straight onto the online streaming wave as it took off on the Internet.

Competitor Hulu.com and several other platforms were already offering these services, but Netflix had an advantage of scale.

This also made it easier to export beyond the United States, as it is now doing in several European countries.

The arrival of tablets and large smartphones on a massive scale also helped popularize streaming, all the while marginalizing both traditional television and DVDs.

"There's now a whole variety of ways to watch programs on TV but also on the computer, on your tablet, on your cell phone," said Jeff Kagan, an independent technology analyst.

"Netflix allows people to watch programs when they want, where they want," he added.

But its catalogue of shows and films for streaming remains far smaller than its DVD offerings, and Netflix meanwhile faces streaming competition from Hulu, Amazon and Google, not to mention illegal downloads.


- Shows of its own -


With its distinctive red-and-white branding, Netflix has also taken another turn to woo more subscribers and tempt back those who might have strayed: it began ordering its own shows, going straight for high-production value like cable channels HBO and Showtime.

When David Fincher, the director of "Fight Club", "Se7en" and "The Social Network" was pitching the adaptation of a British political series to cable companies, Netflix made an audacious move to secure the show.

Instead of offering to buy only a pilot episode or to produce one season of "House of Cards", Netflix ordered two seasons, with two-time Oscar winner Kevin Spacey cast in the central role.

In addition to the ground-breaking series, Netflix is "making equivalent kinds of commitments with lesser names in 'Orange is the new Black,' with mostly unknown actresses," said media expert Tom Nunan, who teaches at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) School of Theater, Film and Television.

The company understood that people only need to watch one or two shows to be hooked as subscribers. 


- Entire season at once -


Netflix made yet another innovation by offering not only one episode per week but the entire season in one go.

"Netflix was a game changer not only through binge viewing" but also by providing "high-quality content with at least two seasons of confidence," Nunan said.

"They're making this kind of commitment with big-name Academy Award winners," he added.

Netflix may have begun the revolution, but the market is now wide open, with everyone -- not only Amazon and Google, but also the traditional networks like NBC and CBS -- diversifying how they provide content, said Thomspon.


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17 Movies You Should See This Fall


the hunger games mockingjay katniss

The summer box office may have had one of its worst years financially, with hits few and far between, but thankfully, the fall looks to be a bit more promising. 

In addition to some major tentpole releases, there are a slew of Oscar-hopefuls as well as some performance-heavy films including the return of the "girl on fire" Katniss Everdeen and "The Dark Knight" trilogy director Christopher Nolan.

We've sifted through dozens upon dozens of upcoming releases to bring you a definitive list of films you can't miss this fall.

"The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby"

Release Date: 
Sept. 12

Why to see it: The ambitious film chronicling both sides of a broken marriage debuted as two separate features (one told from the man's point of view, the other from the woman's) at the Toronto Film Festival last fall before The Weinstein Company picked it up and altered its structure. The film opening in September is the cut that debuted at Caanes, "The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them," a streamlined, two-hour version of the three hours that make up the individual features.

The uncut individual films "The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Him" and "The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Her" open in limited release Oct. 10. Release strategy aside, the film has garnered its fair share of positive feedback and boasts an epic cast featuring Jessica Chastain, William Hurt, Bill Hader, Viola Davis, and James McAvoy. 

Watch the trailer.

"The Skeleton Twins"

Release Date: 
Sept. 12

Why to see it: SNL alums Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig star as siblings in this offbeat dramedy, and if early buzz is any indication, the film may wind up on quite a few "best of" lists by the end of the year. The film debuted at Sundance to rave reviews, many of which cited Hader's and Wiig's performances as its greatest asset.  

Watch the trailer.

"The Equalizer"

Release Date: 
Sept. 26

Why to see it: It's been over a year since Denzel Washington's most recent appearance on screen ("2 Guns"), which is a shame considering the man tends to elevate the material no matter how generic the idea may seem on paper; the man made a movie about a runaway train exciting. "The Equalizer" sounds like a perfect Denzel vehicle, ripe for butt-kicking and name-taking, as he must "come out of retirement" to rescue Chloe Grace Moretz from Russian gangsters. Another reason to tune in? Denzel reunites with "Training Day" director Antoine Fuqua for the first time since making the award-winning film.  

Watch the trailer.

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

Chris Pratt Shares His First Headshot Before He Was Famous


chris pratt headshot 2000

Following the announcement that Chris Pratt will host the season premiere of "Saturday Night Live", the "Guardians of the Galaxy" star reminisced on Twitter by sharing a hilarious old headshot featuring the popular "throwback Thursday" hashtag

He clearly has a sense of humor about his former image, as he refers to himself as "Douchemaster McChest" in the tweet.

The headshot was taken back in 2000 when Chris Pratt was a struggling actor forced to wait tables and live in a van to get by. Things have certainly changed for the better for Pratt since then, as he is the star of the most succesful movie of the year and plays "Parks and Recreation" favorite Andy Dwyer on the NBC comedy.

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