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Daniel Craig Says He Wants Rihanna As The Bond Girl To His 007—If He's Forced To Stay In The Franchise


Daniel Craig Rolling Stone

Daniel Craig scored the biggest "James Bond"opening at the box office this weekend in the franchise's 50-year history.

After opening Friday, "Skyfall"—the 23rd film in the franchise— has already earned a whopping $518.6 million worldwide.

But that doesn't mean Craig is happy with his current Bond mission and the two films after "Skyfall" he is contracted to do.

The actor reveals to Rolling Stone, “I’ve been trying to get out of this from the very moment I got into it. But they won’t let me go, and I’ve agreed to do a couple more, but let’s see how this one does, because business is business and if the [bleep] goes down, I’ve got a contract that somebody will happily wipe their ass with.”

Unlikely anyone will be using Craig's contract as toilet paper after the box office success of "Skyfall," but if he does stay to finish his mission, Craig has a request for a Bond girl.

GlobalGrind.com asked the 44-year-old actor who would make a better Bond girl between Beyoncé and Rihanna. Craig chose 24-year-old Rihanna because "she's dirtier."

Perhaps Craig hasn't seen the singer in "Battleship."

Watch the full interview below:

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'Lincoln' Helps Bring $60M And Over 1K Jobs To Virginia


Daniel Day Lewis Abe LincolnWith Virginia's 15 percent to 20 percent refundable tax credit, many Hollywood productions are taking advantage of the state's less expensive shooting locations—and it's seriously boosting the local economy.

Clint Eastwood’s "J. Edgar" and Ben Affleck’s "Argo" recently shot in the state prior to Steven Spielberg's "Lincoln."

Together, the A-list productions have helped create 1,166 jobs and brought in $60 million in state and local tax revenue.

During a news conference at the historic Byrd Theatre in Richmond, Va., before a screening of "Lincoln" hosted by the Virginia Film Office and Tourism Corporation, Gov. Bob McDonnell discussed the benefits of the state's budding film industry:

"The increase in jobs and revenue from Virginia’s film industry is encouraging and demonstrates the effectiveness of our state’s incentive programs for film production. It is particularly significant that the industry has added 1,166 jobs during the past year and contributed nearly $60 million in state and local tax revenue. Thanks to the bipartisan effort to put in place policies attractive to the industry, Virginia continues to land major films, like Steven Spielberg’s 'Lincoln.'"

At the same press conference, Chris Dodd, chief executive of the Motion Picture Assn. of America, told reporters how having large film crews eat in local restaurants and stay in local hotels has been beneficial for the entire state:

"For the three months that 'Lincoln' filmed here in Virginia, it brought tens of millions of dollars into the state – hundreds of men and women in the cast and crew stayed in hotels, ate in local restaurants, and shopped in local retail stores. During the course of this film being made, the production company used Virginia film industry vendors to construct the sets, purchase authentic props, rent equipment, provide catering, and so much more. That’s money for Virginia businesses and jobs for Virginia workers."

"Lincoln," which cost about $65 million to produce and stars Daniel Day-Lewis as the 16th president, has already earned $900K in the past three days at the box office—and it was only released in 11 theaters.

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Here's How Anne Hathaway Lost 25 Pounds For Her Role In 'Les Misérables'


Anne Hathaway Vogue

A healthy looking Anne Hathaway graces the cover of the December issue of Vogue, in which she opens up about losing 25 pounds from her already-slim frame for her role as Fantine in the upcoming movie musical, "Les Misérables."

After first losing ten pounds with a cleanse, the 29-year-old newlywed actress then spent two weeks eating nothing but ... dried oatmeal paste.

During a two-week break in filming, Hathaway lost an additional 15 pounds by only eating two thin squares of the dried oatmeal paste per day.

“I had to be obsessive about it — the idea was to look near death,” Hathaway revealed to Vogue. “Looking back on the whole experience — and I don’t judge it in any way — it was definitely a little nuts. It was definitely a break with reality, but I think that’s who [my character] Fantine is anyway.”

After filming wrapped, Hathaway says she was in “a state of deprivation — physical and emotional" and " I couldn’t react to the chaos of the world without being overwhelmed. It took me weeks till I felt like myself again.”

Anne Hathaway Les MiserablesBut Hathaway eventually began to feel like her old self with the help of her new husband, Adam Shulman.

“He gets what I do and who I am and supports me in it, and that’s pretty awesome,” she tells the magazine, adding that they share “true love — the full-on romantic, till-death-do-us-part real deal.”

While she won't be sticking to the oatmeal diet, Hathaway did say she's into her new, shorter 'do.

“I love the short-haired lifestyle. I’m turning 30, and — I hope this isn’t obnoxious to say — feel prettier, and much more myself. I guess I just feel much more satisfied with less now.”

Now watch Hathaway's opening monologue spoofing "Les Misérables" during this weekend's "Saturday Night Live":

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Three Dark Knight Rises Posters That Didn't Make The Final Cut


Just when we thought we couldn't see any new images of the Caped Crusader from "The Dark Knight Rises," three previously unreleased poster concepts for the film have emerged. 

Trailer Park worked on both key art and posters for the last film in Nolan's trilogy. (You'll know them from posters such as this one.)

Here's a look at three unused one sheets that didn't make the final marketing cut. We don't mind the first two; however, we're at a loss with the third.

Check them out below:

the dark knight rises poster 
We imagine the heavy repetition of the word "rise" in both this and the next poster is meant to parallel the chants of the same word in the trailers.

the dark knight rises bane
The above reminds us a lot of this poster

Then there's this:

the dark knight rises poster 
Are those teeth

We're guessing this is supposed to resemble Bane's headgear; however, it comes across looking more like Venom's mouth from Spider-Man.

Plus, the word fear seems out of place. The only thing Batman really ever had to "fear" was the Scarecrow's fear gas. Given the trajectory of the third film, "reckoning" may have proved more fitting.

Let us know what you think of the poster concepts. Should Warner Bros. have included any of them in the film's marketing?

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12 Things You Didn't Know About James Bond


50 years of james bond

"Skyfall" just saw the highest opening weekend of any James Bond film earning a huge $87.8 million at the U.S. box office. 

However, how much do you know about the secret agent of MI6?

Sure, you may know this isn't REALLY the 23rd film in the franchise, and that Bond's been around for more than 50 years–59 to be exact, but we bet you didn't know Bond was almost a woman on screen.

We read through LIFE's "50 Years of James Bond" to uncover some of the spy's dirty laundry.

The 176-page book details many great tidbits from 007's cars to gadgets, and shares behind-the-scenes photos of creator Ian Fleming and the many Bond men and women.

Here are a few items you may not know about 007.

"Skyfall" isn't technically the 23rd Bond film.

There are 25 James Bond movies in all.

There were two non-Eon production films–the 1967 parody film "Casino Royale" and Sean Connery's "Never Say Never Again" in 1983.

(50 Years of James Bond)

Bond's first appearance was not in the 1962 film, "Dr. No."

Before his theatrical debut, 007 made his entrance in a television episode of Climax Mystery Theater on October 21, 1954.

CBS paid Fleming $1,000 to show the hour-long adaptation of his novel Casino Royale. 

(50 Years of James Bond)

James Bond was nearly Jane Bond.

Producer-director Gregory Ratoff and screenwriter Lorenzo Semple Jr. found the male James Bond to be unbelievable for the film adaptation of Fleming's "Casino Royale."

Ratoff nearly wanted Susan Hayward to play the role of Jane Bond.

(50 Years of James Bond)

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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Jon Hamm And Daniel Radcliffe Bathe Together In New Trailer For British Miniseries


Jon Hamm Daniel Radcliffe

At first glance, the new trailer for British miniseries "A Young Doctor's Notebook" looks like a parody skit out of "Saturday Night Live." 

The opening scene of the trailer shows "Harry Potter" star Daniel Radcliffe and "Mad Men" actor Jon Hamm in a small bathtub together, with Radcliffe asking Hamm to pass him the loofa. 

The miniseries, based on a short story collection by Russian playwright Mikhail Bulgakov, takes place in a small Russian village in early 1917 during the dawn of the Russian Revolution. 

Radcliffe plays a younger version of Hamm, a doctor reevaluating his life and career through a series of dialogues with his younger self.

The miniseries, produced by Playhouse, is set to air in Britain on December 6th. No word yet if the show will also play in the U.S. 

Check out the comedic trailer here:

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Former Disney CEO Michael Eisner Returns To Moviemaking ... With Universal: Michael Eisner's Tornante Company h...

The Johnny Carson Estate Has Finally Agreed To Let Hollywood Make A Biopic On The Late Show Host's Life


Johnny Carson

Seven years after his death and 20 years since "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" went off the air, there is finally movement on a biopic about the life of legendary late night host, Johnny Carson.

The film will be based on the Bill Zehme book "Carson The Magnificent: An Intimate Portrait," reports Deadline.

Zehme, who has also written features on late night hosts Jay Leno and David Letterman, was the only journalist Carson spoke to after his retirement in 1992.

The film version of Zehme's book will be adapted for the big screen by John McLaughlin, who wrote the Oscar-winning "Black Swan" and upcoming "Hitchcock."

McLaughlin, who is currently working on the script, will again team up with his "Hitchcock" producer, Tom Thayer, to bring the Carson project to life. The two will reportedly shop McLaughlin’s script to buyers right after the holidays.

While Carson appeared in viewers' homes every week night and won six Emmys throughout his career, he preferred to keep his private life just that while he was alive. This film would uncover the four-times-married Carson's personal life for the first time.

Now who should play the title role?

Watch Carson interview David Letterman about Jay Leno:

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Take A Tour Of The Real-Life Deserted Island From 'Skyfall'


javier bardem skyfallThe island behind Javier Bardem's master hideaway in "Skyfall" does not have a happy story.

If you've seen the 23rd Bond film, you remember the abandoned island housing Bardem's villain. Its remains reminded us of the ruinous, barren wasteland Christopher Nolan depicted in "Inception."

Unlike Nolan's film, the deserted island shown in the latest Bond flick isn't a dream. It's real. 

And, it didn't always look the way it did in "Skyfall." 

Located off the coast of Nagasaki, Japan, is the now-abandoned island of Hashima.

In 1959, the small island was overflowing with people, of essential use to Japan for its underground coal mines. Today, the abandoned Hashima mirrors a post-apocalyptic world.

A documentary of the island appearing on YouTube reveals some of the more harrowing details of the island.

Located nearly 18 miles from Nagasaki, Japan is the island of Hashima.

Also known as Battleship Island, the entire plot of land is 480 by 150 meters.

(Japan Guide)

The Mitsubishi Corporation purchased the island in 1890 with the purpose of using the island as one of Japan's primary coal mining facilities during World War II, the Korean War, and afterward.

(Japan Guide)

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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New 'Oz The Great And Powerful' Trailer Shows James Franco & Mila Kunis In A Mystical Land


Mila Kunis James Franco Oz

A more in-depth trailer for director Sam Raimi's "Oz the Great and Powerful" was just released, revealing further details about the mystical land of Oz where the film takes place.

The film, set to be released on March 8th, stars James Franco as the Wizard Oz, Mila Kunis as witch Theodora, Rachel Weisz as witch Evanora, and Michelle Williams as witch Glinda. 

Set as a sort-of prequel to the classic "Wizard of Oz," the film tells the story of how a magician from Kansas fulfills a prophecy to become the ruler of Oz. It follows in the footsteps of "Wicked," the Broadway musical "Wizard of Oz" spinoff that tells the backstories of Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West, and Glinda, the Good Witch of the North. 

The movie is directed by Raimi, who also directed the "Spiderman" trilogy, and is produced by the same producer as 2010's "Alice in Wonderland." The estimated budget of the film, according to IMDB, is $200 million.

Watch the colorful yet spooky trailer here:

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Here's What Jake Lloyd—The Boy Who Played Anakin Skywalker In 'Star Wars'—Looks Like Today


anakin skywalker

With all the news circulating about the new "Star Wars" film in 2015, we only found ourselves recounting the old–and repressed–films and its actors. 

We've heard recently from Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, and Mark Hamill about their thoughts on the new franchise.

But what about the prequels?

More than ten years after "Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace" Liam Neeson has become an action star in the "Taken" franchise, Natalie Portman has won an Oscar, and Ewan McGregor was in Spanish film, "The Impossible" with Naomi Watts last month. 

And, then there's Jake Lloyd who played little Anakin Skywalker in 1999. Three years prior, he starred alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in holiday film "Jingle All the Way."

Since his Jedi days, Lloyd voiced characters in a handful of "Star Wars" video games and made an appearance in 2005's "Madison" starring Jim Caviezel.

However, he quit acting after "Star Wars," telling The Telegraph the Lucasfilm experience was a nightmare.

"My entire school life was really a living hell — and I had to do up to 60 interviews a day."

Rather than continue his acting career, Lloyd returned to school, and is focusing on editing these days.

So, what does he look like now at age 23?

See how he's transformed:

Here's Lloyd as Anakin in "Star Wars" in 1999:

anakin skywalker star wars

In "Madison" in 2005:

madison jake lloyd

And, here he is ten years after "Star Wars" in June 2009:

jake lloyd today

And, today, at age 23:

jake lloyd today

Here's one more:

jake lloyd today

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Tom Hardy Will Star In Video Game-Turned-Movie 'Splinter Cell'


tom hardy

From superheroes to video games, Tom Hardy has been cast as Sam Fisher in the adaptation of "Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell" video game series to the big screen.  

Game creator Ubisoft confirmed Hardy will play the role of the NSA black-ops agent in the upcoming film.

From Variety:

"Tom Hardy is currently one of the biggest talents in the film industry, and he has a phenomenal ability to take on complex and varied roles with his broad range of acting skills," said Jean-Julien Baronnet, CEO of Ubisoft Motion Pictures. "His involvement in the 'Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell' movie is exciting news for movie and video game fans alike."

 Ubisoft also announced Eric Warren Singer will work on the screenplay. He previously wrote the script for 2009's "The International" featuring Clive Owen. 

Warner Bros. and Paramount have been battling it out for rights to the film since the summer. 

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Did Disney Steal These Dogs To Make Its Ashley Tisdale Merchandise?


Modern Dog, a small Seattle design shop, has accused Disney and a bunch of its marketing partners of ripping off one of its dog-oriented designs to create a T-shirt for the Sharpay Evans clothing line (from the movie "High School Musical," starring Ashley Tisdale as Evans).

The suit names Disney, Target, and the Jaya Apparel Group as defendants. Founder Robynne Raye has sold her house to fund the suit. Compare the Modern Dog and Disney designs below.

First, Modern Dog, from its 2008 book "Modern Dog: 20 Years of Poster Art":

Modern Dog

Now Disney's Sharpay Evans T-shirt, which celebrates the character's dog, Boi:

Sharay Evans


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The Beautiful 'Skyfall' Title Sequence Has Landed Online


If you haven't seen "Skyfall" yet, the title sequence for the film is a dark but mesmerizing artwork to the tune of Adele's titular track.

The nearly 4-minute video has appeared online. For those waiting to see the film, it won't spoil anything you haven't already seen in the trailers. For those who have seen the latest Bond flick, a second watch puts the film's entirety into perspective.

Check it out below:

Want more Bond?

12 things you don't know about Bond >

Tour the deserted island from "Skyfall">

See what the Bond babes look like today >

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Here's Who's Benefiting From The Billion Dollar Bond Film 'Skyfall'


james bond skyfall daniel craig

"Skyfall" has been in theaters for a total of three weeks (in the U.K. anyway) and has already earned a massive $538.7 million worldwide

If —or when — it reaches the billion dollar mark at theaters, the film won't be the fastest to reach the mark. (That title will still belong to Marvel's "The Avengers" out earlier this year.)

Despite U.S. first week grosses of more than $100 million, it's not the domestic box office that's putting a dent into "Skyfall's" earnings.

Bond's making a killing overseas. Foreign grosses have amounted for nearly 80 percent of its total ticket sales. And, as of yesterday, "Skyfall" is now the second-highest-grossing film in the U.K. surpassing both "Titanic" and the final installment of "Harry Potter."

Other than the U.S. and U.K., here are the countries that have brought in the most for Bond: 

1. Germany: $43.5 million

2. France: $42.9 million

3. Russia: $16.7 million

4. South Korea: $14.4 million

5. Sweden: $11.2 million

6. Brazil: $10.7 million (The film also set an opening record here of $3.1 million.)

Now, the bigger question:

Where are all of the film's earnings going? 

They need to be split up between the remaining Bond franchise Broccoli heirs (Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson), the revitalized MGM studios, and Sony.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the majority of the film's profits — a 75 percent chunk — will stay with the former two parties while Sony will receive the remaining portion.

(Remember, the film cost an estimated $200 million to produce.)

At this point, the Broccoli half-siblings will receive tens of millions. However, if the film earns $1 billion, both the siblings and MGM will share in an estimated $150 million of profits. 

This is good news for the back-from-the-dead MGM so they don't have to depend so heavily on the success of "The Hobbit" franchise, if the company plans to go public next year.

As for 007 actor Daniel Craig, other than a few bonuses for hitting box-office milestones, his salary won't be affected by any added profits from the film.

Craig's getting a reported $17 million for "Skyfall," a number that will surely go up over the course of the next three films in the works. 


12 things you don't know about 007 >

Tour the deserted island featured in "Skyfall">

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President Obama To Host Screening Of 'Lincoln' Tonight In The White House


Obama Romney debate

Upon returning to the White House tonight after surveying Hurricane Sandy damage in New York, President Obama will host a film screening of Steven Spielberg's "Lincoln."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film's cast and crew, including Spielberg himself, Daniel Day-Lewis, Sally Fields, Tommy Lee Jones, producer Kathleen Kennedy, and DreamWorks co-chairman and CEO Stacey Snider will all be in attendance.

Spielberg was an outspoken supporter during Obama's re-election campaign, donating $1 million to super PAC Priorities USA

Day-Lewis, who stars as President Lincoln in the film, mocked Clint Eastwood's now-famous empty chair monologue at the RNA while accepting an award at the Britannia Awards earlier this month.

Daniel Day Lewis Abe Lincoln"I have to say that I'm so extremely grateful and glad that -- taking time out of his very busy schedule, the recently re-elected president of this country has made it here," Day-Lewis said as he pointed at an empty chair near him on stage.

During the film's unofficial bow at the New York Film Festival, "Lincoln's" screenplay writer Tony Kushner noted that the 16th president and current president have a lot in common.

"I feel like I watched the Obama presidency very much through a Lincoln lens," Kushner said. "The movie is the movie, but it's been, I think, extraordinary to watch what I consider to be a great president in action while working on a film about a great president in action."

"Lincoln" opened Friday in 11 theaters across the country and has already grossed over $1 million. It premieres nationwide November 16.

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Sean Connery Almost Made An Appearance In 'Skyfall'


tatiana romanova sean connery james bond

Sean Connery back as Bond? 

Not quite.

In a nod to 50 years of Bond, Mendes told The Huffington Post the first actor to play the infamous 007 could have made a cameo in the latest film.

Connery would have filled in for the Skyfall groundskeeper, Albert Finney. However, Mendes told The Huffington Post that idea was early nixed.

"I think that's problematic. Because, to me, it becomes too ... it would take you out of the movie. Connery is Bond and he's not going to come back as another character. It's like, he's been there. So, it was a very brief flirtation with that thought, but it was never going to happen, because I thought it would distract."

We're also not sure whether Connery would have gone for the role considering his longtime feud with Eon's Broccoli family.

The film does have some other nods to the original Bond films:

The bottle of alcohol Javier Bardem's Raoul Silva offers Bond in the film has the year 1962 on the label–the year the first film "Dr. No" was released.

As well, there's the return of the Aston Martin DB5–which also appeared in "Casino Royale." 

MORE BOND: 12 things you didn't know about 007 >

Tour the real-life deserted island featured in "Skyfall">

Watch the title sequence of the new film >

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Here's What Female Porn Stars Get Paid For Different Types Of Scenes


Jenna Jameson

Most people have heard the name Ari Emanuel — the WME super agent who inspired Jeremy Piven's Ari Gold character on HBO's hit show, "Entourage."

The name Mark Spiegler, a top talent agent in a different billion dollar entertainment industry, may not ring as many bells.

That's because Spiegler represents porn stars.

While Emanuel, 51, represents talent such as Charlize Theron and Steven Spielberg; Spiegler, 54, represents top adult female stars with names like Skin Diamond, Chanel Preston and Asa Akira.

Spiegler's boutique firm, Spiegler Girls, represents a small group of elite women and is regarded as one of the industry's top agencies in the Hollywood of porn: The San Fernando Valley.

"We are the buffer — so the girl doesn't look bad. We take the heat," Spiegler told The Hollywood Reporter in their article "Inside the Risky Business of Porn Star Agents."

But while many aspects of the business are changing — from the just-passed L.A. County measure requiring condom use in adult movies to shrinking profits — 40 million to 50 million people in the U.S. are reportedly still regularly watching pornography on the Internet.

"While a decade ago the average female performer would make about $100,000 a year," Spiegler told THR "she now might make as little as $50,000 — all while juggling responsibilities such as social-media outreach and personal appearances."

But for the select few females who make it to the top of the industry, paychecks can be "upward of $350,000 a year, while top male performers can make more than $100,000 annually."

According to Dan Miller, executive managing editor of industry trade magazine XBIZ, there are about 250 "in-demand" women (called "models") who work regularly, shooting between 100 and 150 scenes per year. "A popular girl is going to work a minimum of 10 times per month," he tells THR.

According to Spiegler, there is a relatively straightforward scale for performances by an in-demand actress:

  • $800 for a girl-girl scene
  • $1,000 for a guy-girl scene
  • $1,200 or more for anal sex
  • $4,000 or more for "double penetration"

According to THR, "guy-on-guy pornography has a separate pay scale; most agents in the mainstream straight porn world, including Spiegler, do not represent gay men."

But for each gig Spiegler books for his girls, he takes 10 to 15 percent, receiving the larger percentage if he also handles transportation for the client.

None of the agents THR spoke with would reveal how much money they personally make in a year, but sources told the trade that top agents can rake in around $250,000 a year from their 10 to 15 percent takes.

"It's very competitive, and the well-known agencies do control most of the talent," added Dan Miller. "It's just like Hollywood in that regard."

And agents don't just handle the financial aspect of a deal, they also help clients set up personal websites, advise them on plastic surgery procedures, arrange for transportation to and from film sets and make sure the actors are staying on top of their mandatory drug and STD testing regimens.

But when it's all said and done, shooting the actual porn films is just a small percentage of an adult film star's job.

According to XBIZ's Miller, "about 70 to 80 percent of an actress' annual revenue is derived from movies, and the remaining 20 to 30 percent could be generated by everything from exotic dancing to sex-toy sales and personal website subscriptions."

One of the most famous adult film stars of all time, Jenna Jameson, earned an estimated $30 million per year hawking her own brand of sex toys until she sold her popular website ClubJenna to Playboy for an undisclosed fortune in 2006.

While Jameson has managed to parlay her career into a mainstream market, other adult film stars argue the pay is simply better on the other side of the 'biz.

Porn star Sunny Leone, a new Bollywood sensation, was paid a lower SAG scale rate for her work on the 2010 Will Ferrell-produced comedy "The Virginity Hit" but made about $250,000 for her role in the adult film "Jism 2."

Now watch porn stars and their agents discuss the 'biz in their own words in this behind-the-scenes video shoot from The Hollywood Reporter:

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Here's How Channing Tatum Went From College Dropout To Box Office 'Magic'


Channing Tatum

It's no surprise Channing Tatum was announced People's Sexiest Man Alive this year. 

Every one of his big movies of 2012 from "21 Jump Street" to "Magic Mike" earned well over $100 million at the worldwide box office.

Tatum's been in the spotlight for much of the last decade most known for his dancing moves in the "Step Up" franchise

However, before he took over the Hollywood screen, he performed on a few different stages.

From college drop out to dancing alongside Ricky Martin, see how Tatum broke out in the biz.

Tatum went from college drop out to stripper and model.

Tatum dropped out of college despite receiving a full scholarship to Glenville State College in West Virginia to play football.

He then took on a multitude of jobs including construction work, mortgage broking, and a Dillard's cologne salesman. Tatum even spent time as a stripper before he began modeling.

2000: Tatum says he was paid $400 to perform as a backup dancer in Ricky Martin's "She Bangs."

At the time, Tatum told Jimmy Fallon he didn't realize dancers made little money.

"I had no idea that video dancers make like no money," said Tatum. "I made like $400 for five days of work."

It's kind of tough to find him in the video. He pops up near the end with decorative face paint.

Early 2000s: Tatum has modeled for Abercrombie & Fitch, Armani, Dolce & Gabana, and Vogue magazine.

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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'Ted' Raked In An Absurd Amount To Become Universal's Highest Grossing Film Of 2012—Here's Today's Buzz

  • There was real-life drama at Paul Rudd’s Broadway play “Grace” when an audience member who appeared drunk threw up over a mezzanine railing onto theatergoers below.“A drunk guy vomited over the railing onto about a dozen audience members seated in the orchestra, right in the middle of one of Rudd’s big monologues on Wednesday,” one disgusted witness told the NYP, adding, “There was mass chaos for several minutes, but the cast played right on through, ignoring the disruption.”

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