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The $2 Billion Reason Why Paramount Wants To Set 'Transformers 4' In China


transformers 4 logo

Love it or hate it, "Transformers 4" is all go for 2014 with a new logo, a new lead actor Mark Wahlberg, and ... a new setting? 

According to Vulture, Director Michael Bay's been looking to set production in China and is trying to find ways to make the film with a Chinese partner.  

He's not the first to notice the overseas potential.  

Earlier this year, Disney teamed up with Chinese film production company DMG and filmed parts of the upcoming "Iron Man 3" in China.  

If Bay's planning on taking the franchise anywhere, China's his best bet considering these three things:

China's Huge International Market

Currently, China is the second-largest international market in the world. According the the Motion Picture Association of America, last year alone it grew a huge 35 percent. 

The top five international markets of 2011: 

1. Japan: $2.3 billion

2. China: $2 billion

3. France: $2 billion

4. U.K.: $1.7 billion

5. India: $1.4 billion

Tapping into one of the largest markets could lead to … 

TransformersA Wide Release in China 

Currently, China's been choosy with their rollout of big American box-office blockbusters.  

They opted to pit "The Dark Knight Rises" and "The Amazing Spider-Man opposite each other at the end of August.  

As a result both films earned paltry $30 million  when they each had the potential to earn much more

China's reasoning for doing this is to limit the effect of American films on the foreign box office.  

Filming in China and, even more ideally, working with a local production partner raises the odds that the fourth Transformers will get a wide release in the country instead of shoved off until a later date or put head-to-head with another American film. 

And, it wouldn't hurt if the film picked up a fan following in China as well since … 

Transformers fever has been on the decline in the U.S.  

"Transformers" has been far from a box-office flop at home, but like the tired "Shrek" and "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchises, after three installments, it gets to be a bit much for U.S. audiences. 

The one place where the "Transformers" flicks haven't seen a decline has been in the foreign markets. Rather, it's seen a sharp rise of $337.2 overseas million since the last film. Compare the differences in domestic and foreign grosses over the course of the franchise: 

                                                                     Domestic                    Worldwide

"Transformers":                                          $319.2 million                $390.5 million

"Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen":     $402.1 million                $434.2 million

"Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon":     $352.4 million                $771.4 million 

If the film can sustain a massive following elsewhere–as it's been doing–Paramount can expect an even bigger take in from the foreign box office. China is definitely looking like the hot spot of the moment to do so. 

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Men Prefer This 'Dark Knight Rises' Star To People's 'Sexiest Man Alive'


tom hardy

Forget Channing Tatum, according to social media, men would have preferred a certain Batman villain as People's Sexiest Man Alive of 2012.

According to research firm Fizziology, the biggest man crush of the year is on Bane's Tom Hardy from "The Dark Knight Rises."

The social media researchers gathered data on male actors who gathered the most buzz on Twitter during each of their last two films. Hardy blew the competition away.

Tom Hardy: 20%

Ryan Gosling: 4%

Channing Tatum: 2%

Like Tatum, Hardy also had three successful films out this year: romantic comedy "This Means War," Weinstein Company's "Lawless," and, of course, "The Dark Knight Rises," which has earned more than $1 billion worldwide.

Hardy was also just cast as the lead in the film adaptation of "Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell" video game and book series.

Do you agree?

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Sony Passes The $4 Billion Mark Thanks To One Huge Movie—Here's Today's Buzz

  • SkyfallAfter "Skyfall" just became the highest grossing film in James Bond history — currently at $669 million globally — Sony Pictures has hit the $4 billion mark for 2012. Its previous high was $3.6 billion in 2009. Special thanks go out to Sony's other big films of the year: "The Amazing Spider-Man,""Men in Black 3,""Hotel Transylvania," and "21 Jump Street."

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Despite Raking In $141M, 'Twilight' Just Misses Breaking Its Franchise Record—Here's Your Box-Office Roundup



With fans lining up for more than a week, it's little surprise that 'Twilight' took the biggest bite out of the box office weekend.  

Though the film had a huge opening weekend, it fell short of breaking the franchise record of $142.8 million held by the second film in the franchise, "New Moon." 

"Breaking Dawn: Part II" was the most anticipated of the fall according to Fandango. As of Thursday when the film released, 92% percent of its ticket sales were for the final film in the franchise. 

"Skyfall" performed better than "Quantum of Solace" in its second weekend. Though it hasn't hit the mark yet, but when "Skyfall" passes the $168.4 domestic take of "Quantum," it will pass it to be the highest-grossing Bond film.

Elsewhere, "Lincoln" out did itself in less theaters than most of the top ten, and one film makes a jump nine spots to make it onto the list. 

Out of the top ten this week include Adam Sandler's "Hotel Transylvania" after a long eight weeks earning $142.7 million and "The Man with the Iron Fists" which has grossed $14.6 million of an estimated $15 million budget after three weeks. 

Here are this week's winners and losers at the box office:

10. Two films tied to round out the top ten this week. First up, is "The Sessions" with Helen Hunt and William H. Macy earning $900,000. For the film to creep up into the top ten is big considering its now been in theaters for five weeks in limited release and has only amassed $2.8 million to date. 

10. "Cloud Atlas" just makes the top ten with $900.000. The film has earned $24.9 million in the month since its debut. 

9. For a film that began with one of the worst openings for actor Kevin James, "Here Comes the Boom," continues to hang on to the top ten with $1.2 million in its sixth week at theaters.

8. "Taken 2" continues its slow descent from theaters with $2.1 million. After seven weeks in theaters, Liam Neeson's action sequel has earned $352 million worldwide with $217.4 mill lion of the earnings coming from foreign ticket sales. The film cost an estimated $45 million to produce.

7. Following the "Glee" phenomenon, "Pitch Perfect" manages to stay afloat at the box office with a gross of $1.3 million in week eight. Led by Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson, the film has gone above and beyond its $17 million budget earning $62 million.

6. "Argo" drops two spots earning $4 million. In six weeks, the film is now less than eight million away from breaking the $100 million mark in the U.S. Worldwide, the film has grossed $132.4 million. Of the top ten, it's the film to drop the least in earnings from last week (38.5%).

5. Denzel Washington's "Flight" earned another $8.6 million setting the film's total U.S. gross at nearly double its $31 million budget. The film is earning most of its money at home as its only earned slightly more than $2 million overseas. 

4. "Wreck-It Ralph" drops two spots earning $18.3 million. Disney's videogame picture has now earned $157.2 million worldwide after three weeks. Its estimated budget is $165 million.

3. With an added 1,700+ theaters, the wide release of "Lincoln" earned $21 million. Its average earning per theater was nearly spot on with "Skyfall," despite Spielberg's film is in less theaters (1,775 vs. 3,505).

2. "Skyfall" continues to soar with a huge $41.5 million weekend. That brings the film's 2-week domestic total to $161.3 million. Worldwide, the film has now crossed $669 million.

1. The final installment of "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2" earned a massive $141.3 million opening weekend. Though it doesn't beat the earnings of "New Moon" ($142.8 million), its the eighth-highest opening of all time. Worldwide, the film has made $340.9 million.

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Here's What George Lucas' Role As Creative Consultant In The New 'Star Wars' Films Means


george lucas

Since news of a new "Star Wars" film in 2015, we've been wondering how much – if any – role George Lucas would have in developing the future of the franchise.

For Disney's release, he was given the vague title of "Creative Consultant." 

In an interview with Lucasfilm veteran Lynne Hale on StarWars.com, Lucas along with new director Kathleen Kennedy broke down what exactly his title of "Creative Consultant" means.

However, its not as easy to describe as thought.

Not even Lucas seems to be able to put a finger on it:

"I said that I would back her up and I would be there if ... and, especially helping with the script and making sure the script sort of ... there's a lot of blank spots in the story treatment that hopefully we can help fill in." 

New president of Lucasfilm Kathleen Kennedy quickly mediated to share what she describes as Luca's role as "the keeper of the flame."

"The beauty of the collaboration that can continue is as we work our way through these scripts if we're sitting and saying, 'Hmm, I wonder if this character can do that?' or 'Does this make sense within the rules of 'Star Wars'?' … He's the keeper of the flame when it comes to that.

Watch the interview below:

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Peter Jackson Posted This Impassioned Statement On Facebook Denying Animal Cruelty Claims


peter jackson

After quickly denying any allegations of animal cruelty on the set of "The Hobbit" in a statement yesterday, Peter Jackson took to his Facebook page to further comment on the allegations to relieve fans of accusations. 

Yesterday, an AP article alleged "The Hobbit" production responsible for the deaths of up to 27 animals, which has since led to PETA's "The Hobbit: Unexpected Cruelty" online petition.

Jackson says the only animal health that came into question were those of two horse wranglers let go by production more than a year ago:

The Hobbit production has always instituted swift and immediate investigations in to any concerns of any kind over the treatment of animals under its care.  A prompt and thorough investigation into the recent unsubstantiated allegations by the American organisation, PETA, in to the ‘hobbling’ of a horse during the making of The Hobbit was undertaken.  No evidence of such a practice was found to have occurred at any time.  Further, the production contacted the owner of the horse concerned who provided the following statement:  “I am 100% happy with the return of Shanghai and his condition. In the term that he was leased he was picked up and returned to me two times. On both occasions there was not a mark on him and he was healthy and happy. He has shown no signs of ill-treatment. I would not hesitate in leasing him to the movie again.” 

To date, the only horse wranglers whose treatment of animals fell below the production’s standard of care seem to be the two wranglers who have chosen to level this new  accusation on the eve of the premiere of the first Hobbit film and who were dismissed by the production over a year ago.  Reports of their actions are documented in several written statements dating back to October 2011.

The production regrets that PETA has chosen to make such a serious accusation, which has distressed many of the dedicated Kiwis who worked with animals on the films - including trainers, wranglers, care-givers, farm workers and animal health care professionals - without properly vetting the source from which they received this information. 

The director went on to include testimony from a veterinarian and farmer on set along with actor Jed Brophy (who will play dwarf Nori) who called the accusations appalling.

You can read the entirety of Jackson's post HERE on his Facebook page.

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See Every Twinkie Featured In Every Movie Ever Made


After this week's Twinkie scare, the Hostess treat has been on the top of everyone's minds.

And now The Huffington Post has put together a five-minute-long movie montage featuring every Twinkie and Twinkie reference in every film ever made.

From "Grease" to "Die Hard" to "Ghostbusters," check out which of your favorite films have featured America's favorite unhealthy snack.

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Someone Made An Epic 7 Minute Trailer For 'The Hobbit'

The First Poster For The 'Evil Dead' Reboot Doesn't Scare Us


Less than a month after releasing a gruesome red band trailer, we're getting a look at the first "terrifying" teaser poster for the "Evil Dead" reboot and we're confused.

Unless we're missing something, if this is franchise creator Bruce Campbell idea of the scariest film experience we're ever going to see, we're not impressed.

evil dead poster 

Where's the blood and gore that was in the first trailers?

The poster reminds us a lot of the first teaser poster for "Carrie" only in black and white and with the character facing away from us.

We're not going to let the poster deter us, completely. After seeing Campbell speak passionately about the film at New York Comic Con last month, we're sure it will be plenty scary considering the trailer is bloody disgusting.

"The Evil Dead" reboot hits theaters April 12, 2013.: 

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4 Reasons Why We Don't Need Another 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' Film


texas chainsaw massacre

Come January we'll have another chainsaw-wielding masked man running around causing mayhem in Texas.

When we first saw a trailer for another "Texas Chainshaw Massacre" revival our initial thought was just what we need, another revival of the 1974 classic filled with typical elements of a tired slasher: half-dressed girls, an old haunted house in the middle of nowhere and a murdering psychopath on a rampage.

Then we realized it's not a reboot at all. 

Though there have been two films in the past decade, next year's "Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D" will be a sequel to the original.

While a six-year hiatus from the big screen could bring a fresh take to the franchise, a few hints predict this may be the first of 2013's Hollywood busts.

It's a sequel 

You wouldn't know it from watching the trailer or reading a synopsis of the film; however, Lionsgate's 3D treatment is a sequel–and not to the 2003 remake featuring Jessica Biel or the Chainsaw sequel of 1986 (also by the original director Tobe Hooper), but rather the original 1974 classic.

We're sure a sequel 39 years later featuring a hip-hop artist appeals to the generation who went out and saw the original (who are now averaging between nearly 60 years of age).

Also, can we have a sequel when we've already had one sequel (1986), a reboot (2003), and a prequel to the original (2006)?

"Texas Chainsaw Massacre" 3D engineer Markus Lanxinger told site 3D Focus back in October he thinks so.

"We felt quite a bit of responsibility on set. The producer and the director were very concerned about it. For that reason they had some of the original cast enrolled in the movie. Everybody on the crew was required to watch the original [Texas Chainsaw Massacre]. I think that inspired us to do something that lives up to it. I could tell that the producer and director wanted to make something that appealed to the fans of the franchise."

trey songz can't be friendsThe Cast

"Chainsaw" is taking a huge gamble on Hip Hop and R&B artist Trey Songz to attract a younger crowd to theaters.

While it won't be Songz first film–he played a small role in 2010's box-office bomb "Preacher's Kid"–it will be his first lead acting role.

Though Songz is popular (here's his most listened to song, "Bottoms Up," on YouTube) he doesn't have the general mass appeal of other singers who have tried their luck at acting.

Sure, there have been successful films with singers in film; however, they were all huge stars. (Eminem in "8 Mile," Jennifer Lopez–enough said–and Beyoncé in "Dreamgirls." Then there was Britney Spears' "Crossroads" and Mariah Carey in "Glitter.")

If you're going to bring a film back to the big screen to be taken seriously, you don't make the lead actor a Hip Hop and R&B artist.

Among other actors in the film include Shaun Sipos ("The Grudge 2,""Final Destination 2"), Bill Moseley (who played Chop Top in "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2"), Alexandra Daddario ("Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief"), and Tania Raymonde ("Lost").

Oh, and Scott Eastwood is in the film–yes, Clint Eastwood's son.

A Little-Known Director

John Luessenhop is known for 2010's bank-robbing film "Takers," which was received as an overall generic heist film and 2000's drama "Lockdown."

Luessenhop's collaboration with Songz is of little surprise since his films always include a hip hop star.

"Takers" attempted to jump start singer Chris Brown's acting career (Brown later appeared in this year's hit, "Think Like a Man") while "Lockdown" featured Master P. 

Though "Takers" brought in a modest $69 million worldwide, "Lockdown" earned a box-office total of $449,000. 

dredd 3dThe "Dredded" 3D Title Killer

3D has long worn its welcome. It was a cool, nostalgic return to childhood when it first resurfaced in theaters.  

Like anything else, in small installments–and done right–3D is a welcome change. (Who didn't see "Avatar" wearing glasses?) 

However, when its exploited in everything from television sets to quickly churned out classic films that had no business being 3D but for a monetary boost its interest wanes. 

No one wants to shell out an exorbitant $14-$18* for what may end up being a mediocre film. 

What's worse is that "Chainsaw" decided to include 3D in the title of this film when it isn't exclusively playing in the format.  

Viewers will be able to see it in the less pricier 2D, but because of the confusing title treatment, that isn't always clear, causing audiences to see something else instead. Such was the case with "Dredd 3D," a well-received Lionsgate film that bombed at theaters.

Just look at a list of previous horror films released in similar format this year:

                                                                   Opening Weekend                      Worldwide Box Office

"Silent Hill: Revelation 3D":                                   $8 million                                $33.2 million

"Dredd" (had 3D in all its ad marketing):               $6.3 million                             $28.5 million

"Piranha 3DD" (released in 86 theaters)               $182,237                                $8.5 million

"Nitro Circus the Movie 3D"                                  $1.1 million                             $3.4 million 

The real exceptions were "Titanic 3D," which was the previous highest-grossing film of all time, and horror film "Saw 3D" in 2010 which earned $136.1 million worldwide. However, the Lionsgate thriller was a well-established popular franchise that needed a new gimmick to make it feel fresh.  

What's the bonus to seeing in 3D?

Lanxinger said it's taking archived footage from the original and showing it in the format.

“There were very few shots that we ended up converting on that film and the ones we did tended to be the archive footage and stills from the original movie.” 

Bottom line: With the addition of "Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D" there will be six "Texas Chainsaw" films. 

The 2003 reboot earned $107 million worldwide; however, that was with big producer Michael Bay and actress Jessica Biel.

2006's prequel, also produced by Bay but featuring no big name star grossed half of that worldwide. With no big name actor, producer, or director at the helm and an estimated $8 million budget, "3D" has its work cut out for it.

Watch the first trailer for the film below:

*(NJ / NY 3D prices)

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Here's What's Inside 'The Dark Knight Rises' Blu-ray Combo Pack


It's not out until December 4, but we just received an advanced copy of the Blu-ray combo pack of "The Dark Knight Rises" and it has a lot of goodies.

While we'll be going through a few of the features in the next two weeks, we couldn't wait to share some photos of the packaging with you, along with what to expect inside.

Here's the front, with Batman against a holographic background:

The Dark Knight Rises DVD cover

And, the back:

The Dark Knight Rises DVD

The three-disc combo pack comes with the standard movie DVD, a Blu-ray disc with special features, and an UltraViolet DVD which allows you to watch the film virtually anywhere (tablet, phone, computer, etc.). 

The special features DVD can be a bit of an adventure in itself to navigate. They're spread out in four categories which branch out. 

Here's a breakdown of what you'll find inside. We've highlighted our favorite bits so far:

The Batmobile "Short" Feature: The short film's actually an hour long documentary on the history of the Caped Crusader's automobile. Best part? Adam West makes an appearance. 

Trailer Archive: Containing four trailers for the film. 

Print Campaign Art Gallery: containing 31 pieces of advertising for the film that you may or may not have seen. 

The most expansive part of the features is split into three "Behind the Scenes" sections:


  • High-Altitude Hijacking: The making of the plane crash in the beginning of the film
  • Return to the Batcave: what went in to building the Batcave for the final film including a time-lapse of its creation.
  • Beneath Gotham: Inside the making of Bane's lair.
  • Concept art and the creation of Batman's jet, the Bat.
  • Batman vs Bane: What went into the primary fight scene between the Dark Knight and the mercenary.
  • Armory Accepted: How Bane's men broke into Applied Sciences to steal Batman's arsenal of weapons.
  • Gameday Destruction: How the production team blew up the football field and made the stadium appear filled.
  • Demolishing a City Street: How the crew blew up a Gotham street when Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character John Blake drove down it.
  • The Pit: What went into designing the hole where Bruce Wayne was trapped located in India.
  • The Chant: How director Christopher Nolan's team came up with the repeated words that became the inspiration for Bane's score.
  • The War on Wall Street: How Nolan brought the massive fight in front of the stock exchange in New York City come to life with 1,100 people.
  • Race to the Reactor: How the crew made the chase scenes between the Batpod, Tumbler, and the trucks.


  • The Journey of Bruce Wayne: How Nolan brought his version of Batman full circle in TDKR and how the character of Wayne grew and changed in the three films.
  • Gotham's Reckoning: Nolan and Tom Hardy share how they converted the adapted Bane for the Nolan-verse with some early concept art on what the villain could have looked like. (So far, this is one of our favorite features of the disc.)
  • A Girl's Gotta Eat: How Nolan went about casting Anne Hathaway for his version of Catwoman and how she cemented her own branding of the character.


  • Shadows & Light In Large Format: Nolan and the crew sound off on the challenge of shooting the film largely in IMAX.
  • The End of a Legend: Nolan, Christian Bale, and the team open up on completing the Dark Knight trilogy.

We're still making our way through the disc, but so far, we're excited about the Bane concept art and the hour-long featurette on the history of the Batmobile which we previewed at New York Comic Con. 

"The Dark Knight Rises" is available on DVD and for download December 4.

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'Skyfall' Is Now The Highest-Grossing Bond Film In The U.S. – Here's Your Box-Office Roundup



Daniel Craig and Bond can't be stopped at theaters … unless if you're a "Twilight" vampire.

Though he may not have taken the box office again this weekend, "Skyfall" continues breaking records now being the first Bond film to break $200 million at the U.S. box office.  

"Quantum of Solace" came close earning a total of $168.4 million back in 2008. 

Despite its huge earnings, the final installment of "Twilight" blows 007 away, earning $226 million in the U.S. in two weeks. 

However, the film has still earned less than the second film in the franchise, "New Moon." At this point, "New Moon" had earned $230.9 million at theaters. We expect "Breaking Dawn Part 2" will ultimately out earn the second installment of the vampire series.  

All together, it was a massive box-office weekend with the top ten grossing more than $198.3 million. The total resulted in a new top gross for Thanksgiving weekend beating out 2009's $175.2 million intake.  

This week's top films were much of the same as last week as no new release could break the stride of last week's top performing titles. 

Out of the top ten are two films. "Pitch Perfect" bows out after earning $66.1 million worldwide.  

And, it's been a long two months, but "Taken 2" is finally out of the top ten earning just under a million dollars. In its eight-week run, the sequel to the 2008 thriller earned a total $353.9 million worldwide.  

Here are this week's winners and losers at the box office: 

10. "Argo" fell four spots at theaters this week with $3.9 million to bring its seven-week total to $148.1 million worldwide. 

9. In its second, the Weinstein Company's "Silver Linings Playbook" earned $4.6 million. The figure may not seem like much; however, the film was playing in a total of 367 theaters. Starring "Hunger Games" Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, the film cost an estimated $21 million to produce. 

8. Denzel Washington's "Flight" moved down three spots in its fourth week with $4.6 million. To date, the film has earned $76.9 million. 

7. FilmDistrict's "Red Dawn" remake was shot three years ago with now stars Chris Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson. That may have helped the film open to $14.6 million. 

6. "Wreck-It Ralph" may have dipped two spots at the box office this weekend; however, Disney's video game film barely took a hit from last week's earnings with $16.8 million. The film has now earned $190.7 million worldwide. 

5. Ang Lee's eagerly anticipated film adaptation of "Life of Pi" earned a big $22 million. The film, about a boy stranded on a life boat with a vicious tiger at bay cost an estimated $120 million to make. 

4. Disney may have chosen correct in releasing its animated film a month earlier. DreamWorks' "Rise of the Guardians" opened to a paltry $24 million. In comparison, "Wreck-It Ralph" debuted to more than $70 million. This is the lowest box-office opening for a DreamWorks film since 2006's "Flushed Away" ($18.8 million). In total, that film went on to earn $64.6 million domestically, but finished out strong overseas. 

3. The top three films look exactly the same as last week. "Lincoln" opened in 243 more theaters grossing $25 million. Daniel Day Lewis' performance as the 16th president has brought the film's three-week total to $62.2 million. 

2. "Skyfall" added another $36 million to its overall total bringing the film just under the $800 million mark worldwide. $568.4 million of the 23rd Bond's earnings have come from overseas.  

1. Once again, "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2" owns the box office earning $43 million. In two weekends, the final installment to the franchise has earned $577.8 million worldwide.

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DreamWorks Stock Tanks After Weak Debut

Charlie Sheen Gave Lindsay Lohan $100K To Pay Tax Debt


Charlie Sheen Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan, 26, and Charlie Sheen, 47, may have a 21-year age difference, but the hard partying, seemingly reformed by rehab duo found they had a lot in common while bonding on the set of the upcoming "Scary Movie 5."

TMZ is reporting that while on set, Lohan mentioned her ongoing tax problems to Sheen, who offered to cut her a check on the spot — but she declined.

But just last week, Lohan's business manager received a check from Sheen for $100,000 intended to pay off the IRS, which the actress promptly did.

Lohan previously owed the IRS $233,904 in unpaid back taxes, according to TMZ, but between her "Liz & Dick" and "The Canyons" roles, is slated to earn over $2 million by the end of this year.

Sheen and Lohan, who play themselves in the film set for a 2013 release, briefly appear as "The world's hottest new couple" but, in true "Scary Movie" horror spoof fashion, at least one of them gets brutally murdered in the film's opening.

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There's A 'Harry Potter' Box Set On Sale For A Seriously Ridiculous Amount


harry potter books

Just when we thought we'd never see something bigger than the pricey 31-disc "Harry Potter" DVD set, Amazon outdoes itself.

Starting December 4, the site is selling a set of eight books chronicling how the boy wizard went from children's page turner to theater phenomenon for $1000.

Harry Potter: Page to Screen: The Complete Filmmaking Journey is for the diehard Hogwarts fan.

The set won't include any of the original series by J.K. Rowling. Instead, the majority of the books follow one of the film's creative departments from graphic arts to props.

There's also a replica of Harry's "The Monster Book of Monsters" which looks ... well, like a monster.

monster book of monstersWhat do you get for a grand? Still no invisibility cloak.

  • A book of the Hogwart's paintings: The Paintings of Hogwarts: Masterpieces from the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Sets 
  • A special edition of New York Times Best-seller, Harry Potter: Page to Screen.
  • The Creature Shop Compendium: Flora and Fauna from the Harry Potter Films 
  • Environments Envisioned: Building Fantastic Sets and Scouting Dramatic Locations 
  • A Guide to the Graphic Arts Department: Posters, Prints, and Publications from the Harry Potter Films 
  • Movie Magic: Practical Props and Exciting Effects 
  • Ten Years Later: Life on Set with the Harry Potter Cast and Crew 
  • Wizard Wear and Muggle Attire: Costuming the World of Harry Potter
  • Five pieces of Harry Potter concept art
  • The Monster Book of Monsters film prop replica

The set's currently on sale for $600.

If you're considering whether or not you should wait a few days before ordering, there are only 3,000 of them available for purchase.

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Here's What A Very Early Hollywood Rejection Letter Looks Like


The first films ever made were created in the late 1800s, but by the early 20th century, studios were already rejecting screenwriters.

One of those studios, Essanay Film Manufacturing Company out of Chicago — which was famous for producing a series of Charlie Chaplin films between 1907 and 1925 — had a stock rejection letter they sent aspiring screenwriters who didn't make the cut.

The studio would check one of 17 reasons why they didn't think the writer's manuscript was a good match for them. Check out the letter below (via Retronaut):

Hollywood rejection letter

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Despite Impending Release Date, Peter Jackson Says 'The Hobbit' Still Isn't Finished


Peter Jackson

In director Peter Jackson's latest "Hobbit" update, he shares his eagerly-awaited prequel to "The Lord of the Rings" still isn't finished being put together, and it probably won't be done until two days before its premiere!

Jackson's been sharing video blogs of the entire film's journey since production for the film began early last year.

The 14-minute clip shows a glimpse at the jobs of the various departments in putting the final touches on the film. The most interesting one? The Department of Internal Beards.

The film comes out December 14.

Check out the video below:

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Beyoncé's Directing A Personal HBO Docum

Despite The Media Hate, 'Liz And Dick' P

10 Awesome Behind-The-Scenes Photos From 'The Dark Knight Rises'


anne hathaway the dark knight rises

With "The Dark Knight Rises" DVD out next week, we're going through the special features on the Blu-ray disc between this week and next.

So, we were in for a treat when the film's Facebook page unveiled 52 new never-before-shared photos from the film that you won't find with the movie.

While some of them are purely set pictures, a ton of them show a look behind the scenes with director Christopher Nolan. 

Nolan speaking with Gary Oldman.

Christian Bale doesn't seem too worried that the Bat's back has been broken.

More of Nolan in the prison cell.

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