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Paramount's 'Ego And Failure' Made The 'Star Trek' Video Game A Massive Flop

Michelle Rodriguez Nearly Quit 'Fast And The Furious' Because 'I Can’t Play A Slut'


michelle rodriguez fast and furious 6

Michelle Rodriguez reprises her popular "Fast and the Furious" role in the newest film out this weekend.  

However, in an interview with Vulture, the actress revealed she wasn't happy with the initial vision for her character, Letty Ortiz.  

"Originally this girl was a slut. Girls don’t respect girls that are this way, and guys don’t respect girls that are this way," said Rodriguez. "They want to bang them, or they make a good one-night stand, but no man respects a floozy." 

Rodriguez disliked the character so much so that it left her in tears offering to leave the part.  

“I was crying on the set. I was like, 'Look, dude, I love you guys, I really want to be a part of this, but I can’t play a slut in front of millions of people around the world.' I’d rather go back to Jersey City, doing my small little indie movies." 

Instead, she fought with director Rob Cohen to alter her role into an independent fighting machine because to her, it shouldn't matter who's throwing the punches.  

Rodriguez made it clear she doesn't settle for demeaning female character roles, and doesn't think other actresses should either.

"I’m really about that girl power, you know, not just about me, but just about anyone who’s in the game repping what we’re repping," said Rodriguez. "You need to bring it. And if you’re a girl who’s not bringing it, it’s kind of pointless to me."

Check out the latest trailer for the film:

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The True Street-Racing Story That Inspired The 'Fast And Furious' Movies


Michelle Rodriguez Fast and Furious

At the heart of explosive, globe-spanning, physics-defying "Fast And Furious" franchise lies a real-life story about street racing in New York City.

The movies, which had earned $1.6 billion globally before today's release of "Fast And Furious 6," were inspired by an article by Ken Li in the May 1998 issue of Vibe.

"Racer X" tells the story of street racer Rafael Estevez from Washington Heights and how he Estevez transitioned into the sport of drag racing.  

The article also divulges on the popularity of Japanese import car customization and the operations in place to crack down on New York City street racing.

Universal featured "Racer X" on a feature-loaded "Fast and the Furious" disc that came out in 2002 that's missing from the latest Blu-ray edition of the film. 

In the features, director Rob Cohen reveals he was inspired to make the film after hearing about the article and subsequently watching a race in Los Angeles.

As a result, Cohen convinced Universal to make the film and the studio bought the rights to the article from Vibe. 

The result was a film featuring an LAPD officer (Paul Walker) go undercover into the world of illegal street racing joining the ranks with a well-established racer (Vin Diesel). 

Watching the film now, it's easy to see the article's influence in the movie. 

Here are excerpts from "Racer X": 

A black Nissan 300ZX and a white Mitsubishi Starion pull out of the pack and creep up to the starting line. As the sun dances on the nearby river, the sound of honking horns and screaming drivers is drowned out by the sonic blast of the two engines revving for takeoff. A stocky Latino dude in a blinding yellow shirt stands in the middle of the highway and raises his hands. Both cars lurch and halt like chained pit bulls, their wheels spitting out black smoke. The hands drop.

Young men have been fascinated with tweaking and tuning big block Chevys and Mustangs since the days of Rebel Without a Cause. But the new guys wouldn’t be caught dead driving the gaudy muscular beasts of yesteryear. Instead, they’re tricking out low-buck Japanese imports like Honda Civics and Acura Integras and tattooing them like skateboards with Neuspeed and Greddy car parts stickers. By stroking the engine, adding a supercharger, and hitting the “juice” (nitrous oxide: a gaseous liquid once used to boost bomber planes in WWII), they can smoke the herb in the Iroc at the stoplight.

Read the full piece HERE.

Here's the latest trailer for the film:

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Why The Fourth Season Of 'Arrested Development' May Be Awful


buster arrested development

The highly anticipated season 4 of "Arrested Development" premieres Sunday on Netflix.

While we've all been waiting for the return of the Bluth family — binge-watching the series before its return — Netflix may be selling expectations it can't quite deliver.

When all 15 episodes launch on the streaming site, don't expect to see every Bluth member on-screen together.

During the TCA press tour, creator Mitch Hurwitz explained each of the 15 episodes will revolve around a singular Bluth family member and what they have been doing since the show was cancelled in 2006.  

Michael (Jason Bateman) will be the only character to be featured in every episode. (After all, he's the glue that holds the family together.)

"Contractually, we couldn't use all the characters in every episode; they were not free to do as much television as they want. [As a result], we’re not jumping from one thing to another [as we did in seasons 1-3]; you’re staying with one character [per episode]. The moment you saw in one show will reappear in another show from a different character’s perspective. If people watch it all at once, it will seem like a giant ‘Arrested Development.’ It’s really tailored for Netflix.”

That should automatically have some people worried. 

Arrested DevelopmentThe chemistry between the characters on each episode is what has made the show a breakout hit and cult favorite.

We've never had an entire episode revolve around a single character—with perhaps the exception of Michael while he was pursuing/dating Mr. F (Charlize Theron) in season 3. 

This means you can kiss goodbye any chances of another family group chicken dance or moments like this in a hospital.

Other than "contractual" obligations, Netflix couldn't afford to have every member of the family on screen at once. 

The show is an expensive bet for Netflix. 

Each half-hour episode cost nearly $3 million to produce.

For reference, the video streaming site spent more on other original series. "Hemlock Grove" cost nearly $4 million an episode while "House of Cards" was upwards of $4.5 million. 

While breaking down the unusual salary of the "Arrested Development" cast, The Hollywood Reporter revealed just how little we'll be seeing of other actors per episode.  

"The actor “starring” in the episode is paid $125,000. If he or she appears in more than 90 seconds of an episode (but is not the star), that actor receives $50,000. For less than 90 seconds of airtime in an episode, he or she receives $10,000. Finally, if a clip featuring the actor from a previous episode is used, that actor gets another $1,000." 

While Bateman will be seen in each episode, it sounds like a lot of actors may appear for a little over a minute or in flashback clips.  

If you go back and look at the trailer for season 4, you'll notice there aren't any gatherings of more than three characters together at a time. And when there are three characters on screen, it's with Bateman's character.

What this means is that the crew needs to get insanely creative (which we don't doubt they're capable of). We're expecting an uptick in one-sided telephone conversations. 

This is also most likely why there is such a full slate of minor characters reprising their roles – Henry Winkler, Ben Stiller, Scott Baio, and Judy Greer along with appearances by other celebrities including Terry Crews, Kristen Wiig, Isla Fisher, and John Krasinski to fill voids in half-hour episodes that otherwise would have had Bluth family members.  

Right now, Huritz is telling fans to look at the new episodes as chapters  

“Everyone has their own chapter, but they're all Bluths, so they occur in each other's stories, and it does take place over the same period of time.”  

In addition, the creator also warned people not to binge watch all of the series at once because it loses its laugh factor.   

Hurwitz told Vulture he gave one of the producers seven episodes to watch and he got tired of viewing.  

arrested development banana stand"I heard him in the other room laughing and laughing, and then I heard him laughing a little less, and then a little less, and then later I saw him getting a drink of water and I said, ‘What do you think?’ He goes, ‘I’m just getting a little tired. I love it, it’s great, but you can’t really laugh the whole time."

The video streaming site has been pulling out all the stops to promote the return of the Bluths from funny posters to a worldwide tour of the family side venture (there's always money in the Banana Stand).

Hopefully, any lack of family integration won't affect the upcoming season much and the return of the Banana Stand, Gob's less than stellar magic tricks, and juice boxes will be as awesome as we hope.

All 15 episodes of "Arrested Development" launch May 26 at 12:01 a.m. 

Check out trailer for the new season below:

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'Fast & Furious 6' Reviews: An Over-The-Top Thrill Ride That's 'Ludicrous, But Undeniably Fun'


vin diesel fast and furious 6

"Fast & Furious 6" hits theaters this weekend in a very crowded box-office weekend complete with new cars, tanks, and airplanes.

At this point, it shouldn't be any surprise what you're getting yourself into when seeing one of these films – fast cars, ridiculous stunts, faster cars, an epic brawl, really ridiculously fast cars (okay you get it), and a whole lot of Vin Diesel.

Director Justin Lin returns to the driver seat to for his fourth film of the series.

Diesel, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Paul Walker, Tyrese, and Ludacris all star in the latest film. There's even the return of fan-favorite Michelle Rodriguez after she "died" in the fourth installment

The "Fast & Furious 6" crew goes head to head to with "The Hangover" wolfpack this weekend, and is already making a killing at the box office.

Can't decide which to see? 

Here's what to know before deciding to see the "Furious 6."

If you haven't already figured this out, suspend all disbelief at the door.  


"The streamlined plot had the effect of channeling the series' excesses into a handful of giddily over-the-top action set pieces. The CGI ballet of flying sports cars and twisted wreckage may insult the physics of gear head classics — to say nothing of the laws of Isaac Newton — but no one could say director Justin Lin doesn't go full throttle."

L.A. Times:

"Buildings topple, bridges crumble and speed limits are shamelessly broken as "Fast & Furious 6" roars through the streets of London."

USA Today:

"Amazingly, the British capital's busy streets are wide open for racing — except for the occasional double-decker bus that nearly gets toppled."

The car scenes (filled with tanks and airplanes) aren't only action-packed and put you into the driver's seat, but they're visually mesmerizing. 


"The camera heads into the traffic, swerving between onrushing cars like some speed-demon oldster who’s confused Palm Beach with Daytona Beach." 

There's an epic girl fight (if you're into that sort of thing). 

USA Today:

"On the plus side, women get to play as rough as the men. Rodriguez, who made her screen debut in 2000's Girlfight, takes part in an extended smackfest with Gina Carano, who plays Interpol officer Riley."

One thing critics agree on: The film makes sure to drive home the importance of family.


"These criminals don't have time for traffic regulations, but they still operate under a strict code of their own, a code that echoes Alexandre Dumas's famous motto for "The Three Musketeers:" All for one and one for all."


"Family being such a clangorous motif here, you’d think that Dom and Brian might be concerned for the women and children they’ve left back home."

L.A. Times:

"And the underlying theme of family and loyalty that remains key to the "Furious" appeal is so heavily underscored, I believe every actor in the film gets to say "family" at least once."

Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. If you can do that, you'll most likely enjoy the testosterone-filled pile up of bulked up men and sleek cars. 


"If you’re like me, you’ll be wanting F&F 7 (which will be directed by Saw auteur James Wan) to premiere not on July 11, 2014, but right now, this second. This adrenaline-stoking series is addictive, for its chases, crashes, crushes — and for its poetic limning of the closest camaraderie many men can ever know: with their cars."


"Ludicrous, but undeniably fun and surprisingly affectionate, this is really all you could ask of a car crash movie, and more. Stick through the end credits for a satisfying coda."

Overall Consenus: See it. 

Why not? You're not supposed to take the "Fast & the Furious" franchise seriously. When tanks are crushing cars on the highway and cars are shooting out of airplanes, it's time to hold off on all criticism heading into this picture. Just enjoy the movie for what it is: a mindless ride in fast, expensive cars.  

Also, though it probably won't happen, we can hope for another fight between Vin Diesel and The Rock for no other reason than it's a fight between Vin Diesel and The Rock and they are literally throwing each other through windows and walls.

Check out the trailer: 

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21 Cool Minimalist Posters Of Your Favorite Movies


jawsThis is really cool.

Michael Krasnopolski, an art director and graphic designer from Poland, has allowed us to republish the "minimalist" movie posters he's created for basically every epic adventure/thriller movie you've ever loved (and some other genres too).

Using only the template at the right and swapping in various color schemes, he's created some stunning pieces.

Here's his own description of the process:

The basic concept was to create a very modernist, minimalist poster series for movie enthusiasts. The idea is based on a very simple grid: a circle and two diagonals inscribed in a square. It surprised me how many posters I could create based on this very simple approach; the possibilities aretheoretically unlimited.

See more works at www.michalkrasnopolski.com and http://www.behance.net/krasnopolski.

'Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope'

'Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back'

'Star Wars Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi'

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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'The Hangover Part III' Has The Worst Opening Weekend Of The Trilogy — Here's Your Box-Office Roundup


fast and furious 6 tank ford escort mustang

"Fast & Furious 6" had no competition from "The Hangover Part III" at the box office this weekend.

That's a surprise considering this was supposed to be the first real box-office showdown of the summer.

While "Fast 6" revved toward $100 million in a three-day weekend, "The Hangover" crew had a tough time grossing little more than $40 million over an extended four-day weekend.

Just how bad is that? 

Well, it's $2 million less than the opening weekend of the first "Hangover" film. 

Also, "The Great Gatsby," which originally had poor critiques, earned nearly $10 million more than "The Hangover Part III" opening weekend.

Expectations for "The Hangover Part III" were to bring in near $100 million opening weekend.

Instead, it fell pretty flat. 

How'd the rest of the box office fare?

Fantastic. Overall, this weekend was the largest Memorial Day Weekend ever with $323 million in ticket sales.

DreamWorks Animation released new film "Epic" and while it didn't quite earn numbers like "The Croods" opening weekend, it performed well and should continue to do so with no competition from other children's films until Disney's "Monsters University" roars into theaters June 21.

Out of the top ten this week is Tyler Perry's "Peeples" which fell seven notches after dropping out of more than 1,500 theaters in week three. The film has earned $8.8 million to date and cost an estimated $15 million to produce.

Here are this weekend's winners and losers at the box office:

10. "Oblivion" rounds out the top ten with $815,000. The Tom Cruise film has earned $266.8 million in six weeks worldwide. Universal was smart to put this film out before the onslaught of all the May films because it's been able to have longevity at theaters.

9. DreamWorks Animation now has two films in the top ten. "The Croods" added another $1.2 million this weekend to its $562 million worldwide haul.

8. Another film that was released in April, "42" earned another $1.25 million. The film, based on the story of Jackie Robinson, has earned $91 million in seven weeks.

7. Matthew McConaughey and Reese Witherspoon's "Mud" takes in $1.9 million in its fifth week. Compared to big tentpole films, the Roadside Attraction's movie is playing in 712 theaters.

6. With three new releases out, "The Great Gatsby" falls three spots this week earning $13.7 million. The film just became director Baz Luhrmann's first film to cross $100 million domestically. Overseas, the film is earning a little bit less to bring its total to $200 million worldwide.

5. "Iron Man 3" also moved down three spots earning $19.4 million. Robert Downey Jr.'s return as Tony Stark has now brought in $1.1 billion worldwide.

4. DreamWorks Animation's latest film "Epic" has earned $34.2 million in its opening weekend. The film has already earned $77 million worldwide. The film cost an estimated $100 million to make. Beyoncé, Colin Farrell, Josh Hutcherson, and Amanda Seyfried voice characters.

3. "Star Trek Into Darkness" nearly beat out "The Hangover Part III" opening weekend with $38 million. In two weeks, the J.J. Abrams' sequel has earned $249 million worldwide. 

2. "The Hangover Part III" opened to a disappointing $42.4 million. That's less than half of what "The Hangover Part II" earned opening weekend two years ago.

1. "Fast & Furious 6" drove off with the box office this weekend earning $98.5 million. That's the largest opening of any film in the franchiseWorldwide, the sixth installment has already earned $275.5 million.

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A Graphic Lesbian Drama Won The Top Prize At The Cannes Film Festival


La Vie d'Adele Blue is the warmest colorJust like it has done for the past 66 years, the 2013 Cannes Film Festival came to a close Sunday — but this year, something was different.

The winner of the Palme d'Or — the festival's top prize — went to a racy, controversial French love story described by some as a “graphic lesbian drama.”

Abdellatif Kechiche's film "La Vie d'Adele," or "Blue is the Warmest Colour," was honored just as anti gay-marriage protestors in Paris clashed with French police following the passing of France's new same-sex marriage law.

“After long weeks punctuated by outbursts of homophobic gay marriage debates, 'Blue is the Warmest Color' looks directly at its two young heroines not as an anomaly or a curiosity but as a passion taking seed in eternal love,” wrote France's La Liberation newspaper.

Cannes jury president Steven Spielberg insisted politics played no role in "Blue is the Warmest Color" beating out 19 other films for the festival's top honor.

“Politics was not in the room with us,” Spielberg said. “We just all felt (this) was a profound love story. We didn't think about how it was going to play, we just were really happy that someone had the courage to tell this story the way he did."

Scottish director Lynne Ramsay, Spielberg's fellow Cannes jury memberechoed his sentiments, saying the film won because "It was a love affair that everyone can identify with. And that is what makes it very special that everyone recognized their own relationships, whether they were straight or gay."

Watch a clip from the award-winning French film below:

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Astonishing Charles Bronson Ad From Japan Puts Old Spice Guy To Shame


Charles Bronson in Mandom Ad

Facial hair, ripped abs, horseback riding, gunplay.

A new ad for Old Spice?

Not exactly.

It's an old commercial for the Japanese men's toiletry brand "Mandom" which — unlike Old Spice — is not a parody. 

The ad in question stars the late Charles Bronson, who starred in the "Death Wish" franchise.

The seventies mega-hunk channels several leading men in the two-minute epic: Humphrey Bogart in "Play It Again Sam", Sean Connery in just about any Bond film, and himself in many of his tough-guy, vigilante roles.

Mandom recruited Bronson to promote the fragrance line after his film, "Once Upon A Time In The West" became a hit in Japan. He was perceived as the quintessential 'Western Man.'

The actor was paid $100,000 to star in the commercial which took Japanese director, Nobuhiko Ohbayashi, four days to shoot. Apparently, the sum exceeded the fees Bronson made for his memorable roles in both "The Magnificent Seven" and "The Great Escape" together.

The ad turned out to be as successful in Japan as Bronson's films. Within weeks of airing the commercial, Mandom become the No.1 selling male toiletry brand in the country.

Watch the two-minute epic here:

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News Corp. Has A New Logo Based On Rupert Murdoch's Signature


News Corp., which split off its news properties from its TV and film divisions, has unveiled a new logo for the news unit, based on owner Rupert Murdoch's handwriting.

"The script is based on the writing of Rupert and his father," CEO Robert Thomson told employees in a memo.

Here it is:

news corp logo

Here's the old logo:

News Corp

News Corp also redesigned the logo of the holding company that contains the Twentieth Century Fox studio (the studio retains the "20th" name even though the parent went with "21st."

21st century fox logo

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New Documentary Follows The Everyday Lives Of 9 Lesbian Porn Stars


Porn star i love your work

Porn stars are used to being viewed in, shall we say, compromising positions — but filmmaker Jonathan Harris is exposing the other side of adult film stars' worlds: their more mundane everyday lives.

"I think about their lives, what they had for breakfast, what their apartment might look like, where they get their groceries," Harris, 33, explained to Slate of his new interactive film titled "I Love Your Work."

The project follows nine young women who make lesbian porn and "consists of 2,202 10-second video clips, taken at five-minute intervals over 10 consecutive days," states the film's website.

But for $10, the documentary lets viewers get to know the women even more intimately, according to the site: "There is an interactive environment for exploring this material (around six hours of footage). It is limited to just 10 viewers per day, and tickets cost $10 each."

We didn't pay the $10 to see what goes on after the pay wall, but we did watch the trailer, in which the women explain why they chose to become adult film stars. Here are some of the reasons:

  • "I want to feel like I've experienced being incredibly sexual in what is supposed to be a shameful situation  but not feeling shamed."
  • "Getting paid to have sex with beautiful women is one of those job descriptions you just can't say no to."
  • "It's an easy way to be famous, and Americans are seeking fame."
  • "The pornography that I make is true and authentic to my sexuality. It's not faking it or putting on a show."
  • "My parents cut me off so I had no money. Because I'm gay."

Harris says creating the film made him see a new side of porn and Americans' obsession with it:

"When I see porn now, I see real people performing. The power of pornographic fantasies is diminished for me now, because I understand the role of makeup and lighting and camera angles to convey a certain image that usually has very little to do with reality. And I think this is ultimately a really humanizing thing to realize. It makes me feel better about my own body, and about the bodies of other people in my life. I can still appreciate the fantasies, but they have less control over me now."

Watch the trailer for the project below. We're warning you: NSFW.

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The Film That Won Cannes Is Being Blasted By Its Writer As 'Porn'


Blue is the Warmest Color

Graphic lesbian drama "Blue is the Warmest Color" — or "La Vie d'Adele" as the French film is also known — took home the top honor at Cannes on Sunday.

But that doesn't mean that everyone is pleased with director Abdellatif Kechiche's final result.

Author Julie Maroh, who wrote the novel on which "Blue" is based, wrote a blog post in which she says the film's sex scenes are "not convincing,""ridiculous," and likens them to porn.

"As a feminist and lesbian spectator, I can not endorse the direction Kechiche took on these matters," she writes.

Maroh goes so far as to call the film's sex scenes "A brutal and surgical display, exuberant and cold, of so-called lesbian sex, which turned into porn, and me feel very ill at ease."

The author adds that in the theater where she first saw the film, "Everyone was giggling ... and among the only people we didn't hear giggling were the potential guys too busy feasting their eyes on an incarnation of their fantasies on screen."

While Maroh's blog is written in French, Indiewire posted a translation of her main points:

I consider that Kechiche and I have contradictory aesthetic approaches, perhaps complementary. The fashion in which he chose to shoot these scenes is coherent with the rest of what he his creation. Sure, to me it seems far away from my own method of creation and representation, but it would be very silly of me to reject something on the pretext that's it different from my own vision.

That's me as a writer. Now, as a lesbian...

It appears to me this was what was missing on the set: lesbians.

I don't know the sources of information for the director and the actresses (who are all straight, unless proven otherwise) and I was never consulted upstream. Maybe there was someone there to awkwardly imitate the possible positions with their hands, and/or to show them some porn of so-called "lesbians" (unfortunately it's hardly ever actually for a lesbian audience). Because -- except for a few passages -- this is all that it brings to my mind: a brutal and surgical display, exuberant and cold, of so-called lesbian sex, which turned into porn, and me feel very ill at ease. Especially when, in the middle of a movie theater, everyone was giggling. The heteronormative laughed because they don't understand it and find the scene ridiculous. The gay and queer people laughed because it's not convincing, and found it ridiculous. And among the only people we didn't hear giggling were the potential guys too busy feasting their eyes on an incarnation of their fantasies on screen.

I totally get Kechiche's will to film pleasure. The way he filmed these scenes is to me directly related to another scene, in which several characters talk about the myth of the feminine orgasm, as...mystic and far superior to the masculine one. But here we go, to sacralize once more womanhood in such ways. I find it dangerous.

As a feminist and lesbian spectator, I can not endorse the direction Kechiche took on these matters.

But I'm also looking forward to what other women will think about it. This is simply my personal stance.

Read Maroh's full, translated blog post here >

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Johnny Depp Walks Off Mob Biopic Over $20 Million Salary Dispute


Johnny Depp in Public Enemies.

Johnny Depp is not willing to take a pay cut for his craft.

The actor has just bowed out of director Barry Levinson's highly-anticipated biopic, "Black Mass"— about Boston gangster Whitey Bulger— after being asked to take a 50% pay cut from his normal fee.

But the actor's normal fee is a reported $20 million  still leaving him with a hefty $10 million in the bank!

Here's what went down, according to The Hollywood Reporter:

Depp was to have been paid his usual quote of $20 million, according to sources, but with sales of the project at Cannes on the soft side, producers were looking to trim the budget, in the high $60 million range. Depp was asked to take half, according to sources, and the actor and his reps at UTA refused.

With Depp's upcoming "The Lone Ranger" film already getting negative press after a production delay, the actor is in desperate need of a hit film.

Good thing Depp will be reprising his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in "Pirates of the Caribbean 5" lined up for 2015. Automatic $20 million paycheck, ka-ching.

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Pretty Much Every Celebrity Appears In The First Wacky Trailer For 'Machete Kills'


The first trailer for Robert Rodriguez's "Machete Kills" features Sofia Vergara, Jessica Alba, Mel Gibson, Danny Trejo, Michelle Rodriguez, Amber Heard, Antonio Banderas, and Charlie Sheen (as Carlos Estevez).

Even Lady Gaga has a role in the film!

Due in theaters September 13, "Machete Kills" features Danny Trejo as a Machete, who is recruited by the President to stop a billionaire arms dealer.

And it looks ridiculous. But maybe in a good way?

Watch the below trailer (in both Spanish and English) and decide for yourself.

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Watch The Latest Clip From Brad Pitt's Troubled 'World War Z'

Will Smith's 'After Earth' Crashes — Here's Your Box-Office Roundup


will smith jadenWill Smith could not bring in the box office dollars. 

Instead, it was Jesse Eisenberg and Morgan Freeman's "Now You See Me" making movie magic. 

The heist film narrowly edged out the futuristic M. Night Shyamalan flick. 

Not even "Fast & Furious 6" lived up to high expectations for week 2. After a huge $100 million opening weekend, the film dropped 65% at theaters this week. That doesn't matter though as the sixth film in the franchise is quickly becoming the largest-earning film in the series.

Out of the top ten this week are Jackie Robinson film "42" after it dropped 414 theaters this week.  

Tom Cruise's "Oblivion" also fell six notches to knock it from a top spot after 13 weeks at the box office. 

DreamWorks Animations' "The Croods" also bowed out now that another animated features in theaters.

Here are this week's winners and losers in Hollywood: 

10. Reese Witherspoon's movie "Mud" rounds out the top ten with $1.2 million. The Roadside Attractions film has brought in $16.8 million.  

9. Bollywood film "Yeh Jawaani hai Deewan" swooped into theaters earning $1.6 million from 161 theaters. It's a bit of a surprise since Bollywood films usually don't reach the top 15 or even 20 in the states.  

8. "The Great Gatsby" drops more than 53% at theaters earning $6.3 million in week four. Worldwide, the film based on the novel will cross a quarter of a million worldwide.  

7. "Iron Man 3" has finally slowed down a bit at theaters with $8 million. In five weeks the film has earned $1.2 billion.  

6. "The Hangover Part III" took a nosedive in its second week dropping 62% with $15 million. The third film in the series has earned significantly less than the previous two installments to date. Good news for Warner Bros. is that the film is faring better overseas earning more than $110 million.  

4. [TIE] DreamWorks Animation's latest Thumbelina-esque animated flick "Epic" moves down one spot earning $16.4 million in its second weekend. 

4. [TIE] "Star Trek Into Darkness" also pulls in an estimated $16.4 million in week three. J.J. Abrams' sequel to his 2009 film has earned $328.6 million so far worldwide. 

3. M. Night Shyamalan's latest film, "After Earth," failed to meet expectations of more than $30 million and potentially beat "Fast & Furious 6" for the weekend. The Will Smith film brought in $27 million. The Sony picture cost an estimated $130 million to produce. 

2. Instead, magic film "Now You See Me" narrowly beat out Smith and his son earning $28 million at theaters this weekend. The film featured a plethora of stars ranging from Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo — hot off "The Avengers"— "Batman" duo Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine, and Woody Harrelson ("The Hunger Games"). 

1. For the second week in a row, "Fast & Furious 6" revved into first place. The film dropped a lot from it's $100 million dollar opening weekend earning $34.5 million. The film has now earned an impressive $480 million worldwide. 

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There Will Be A Batman Easter Egg In 'Man Of Steel'


bruce wayne batman the dark knight rises

When "Man of Steel" flies into theaters later this month, keep your eyes peeled Batfans.

Director Zack Snyder has found a way to incorporate the Dark Knight into the Superman reboot. 

During interviews for "Man of Steel" Snyder told blog Omelete villain Zod (Michael Shannon) will destroy a satellite with the Wayne Enterprises logo on it. 

Wayne Enterprises is the company run by Bruce Wayne a.k.a. Batman. 

Since we're sure it will be a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, the logo should look something like this 

So, while Zod's (presumably) flying to Earth, keep your eyes open. 

What does this mean? 

For those hoping for a Superman / Batman film down the line it means the two DC superheroes exist in the same timeline and universe.  

When asked about a pairing, Snyder didn't exactly say no to Omelete. 

“I don’t know. Everything is interesting at this point. And don’t forget that Lex is out there, doing who knows what …” 

That "Lex" he's referring to is, of course, Superman's nemesis Lex Luther. 

As for Batman, it helps to have the men who worked on "The Dark Knight" trilogy around behind-the-scenes of the "Man of Steel" films (David S. Goyer and Christopher Nolan).

Naturally, this news has also stirred the pot for "Justice League"filmrumors, a movie Warner Brothers has to be at the least thinking about considering the giant payoff of Disney and Marvel's "The Avengers" last year.

"Man of Steel" hits theaters June 14.

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Michael Cera Had To Get Permission To Slap Rihanna's Butt In 'This Is The End'


this is the end rihanna

If you've watched the trailer for upcoming apocalypse comedy "This Is The End," you've most likely seen Michael Cera get smacked by Rihanna after slapping her behind at a party. 

The hits taken by Cera aren't fake.  

She really did slap him, and quite a few times.  

In an interview with GQ, James Franco and the cast of the picture revealed how the scene with Rihanna came about. 

Cera asked permission of course.  

Costar Evan Goldberg gave a blow by blow of how it went down: 

"Michael said to all of us, 'I’m going to ask her if I can slap her butt for real. I think it will make the joke way funnier.' And we were like, 'Yeah, totally go for it. Go nuts.' And so he asked permission to do the butt slap, and she said, 'You can do it, but I’m coming back way harder.'" 

According to star Seth Rogen, Rihanna hit the actor at least six times. One of the slaps was so hard that it actually temporarily impaired his hearing. 

"It was like a flash bomb went off," said Cera. "There was a high-pitched tone ringing in my ear, and I didn't know where I was."

Goldberg added that Cera needed to take a break.

"He was like, 'No, will you help me sit down? My balance is kind of gone,'" said Goldberg. "I've genuinely never seen a person get slapped that hard in real life."

The movie looks like the funniest of the summer — and maybe the year — and is jam-packed with stars playing versions of themselves. 

"This is the End" hits theaters June 12.

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M. Night Shyamalan Movies Keep Getting Worse [CHART]


M. Night Shyamalan

We need to talk about M. Night Shyamalan. 

He's the director with a reputation for ridiculous unexpected twists. He brought us the line "I see dead people" in "The Sixth Sense" and made crop circles scary in "Signs."

This past weekend the Shyamalan's latest film, "After Earth," a coming-of-age story set on a futuristic unpopulated Earth disappointed at theaters. The star power of Will Smith and his son Jaden came in third behind "Fast & the Furious" and magic movie "Now You See Me" with $27 million.

It was expected to earn closer to $40 million, according to Variety, which is a decent take for a Shyamalan movie but very unimpressive for Smith. The movie cost an estimated $130 million to make.

Not surprisingly, "After Earth" is getting bad reviews.

If we take a look back, Shyamalan's movies have been getting steadily worse, as we have graphed below:

m night shyamalan movie popularity rotten tomatoes


Even as his movies get bad reviews, they fare pretty well in theaters. 


Opening Weekend             

Worldwide Gross                      

Domestic Gross               Estimated Budget
"The Sixth Sense"           $27 million$687 million$294 million$40 million
"Unbreakable"   $30 million  $248 million$95 million$75 million
"Signs"$60 million$408 million$228 million$72 million
 "The Village"$51 million$257 million$114 million$60 million
 "Lady in the Water"$18 million$73 million$42 million $70 million
 "The Happening"$31 million$163 million $65 million$48 million
 "The Last Airbender"$40 million $319 million$131 million$150 million 
"After Earth"$27 million----$130 million

*Note: It's been mentioned that we did not include 2010's "Devil" in our list. While the film does have a higher 52% rating on RT (still rotten), the movie was not directed by Shyamalan. We've included films solely directed by Shyamalan. "Devil" was directed by Drew and John Erick Dowdle. Shyamalan produced and wrote the storyline.

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19 Beautiful Photos From 'Man Of Steel'


man of steel henry cavill superman

The "Man of Steel" flies to theaters next week. 

While promotion is heavily underway for the new filmWarner Bros. has released a ton of new production stills.

We get a better look at Amy Adams as iconic Lois Lane, Michael Shannon as the villainous General Zod, Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner, and, naturally, the man in the red and blue, Henry Cavill.

Before seeing the film, here's a rundown of who's playing who in the reboot.

"Man of Steel" hits theaters June 14. 

Russell Crowe plays Jor-El, Superman's father from the planet Krypton. Note how he's also wearing the iconic "S," which will stand for hope in the new film.

Ayelet Zurer plays his mother, Lara Lor-Van, who will send him off to Earth.

Cooper Timberline fills the shoes of a 9-year-old Clark Kent who already looks like a little hero here.

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