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'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Isn't Even Out Yet And It's Already Getting A Sequel


guardians of the galaxy poster

Nearly a week before the film comes out, Marvel announces a "Guardians of the Galaxy" sequel will come out in 2017.

Director James Gunn and star Chris Pratt appeared at the end of Marvel's San Diego Comic-Con panel to announce the news. 

The news shouldn't come as a huge surprise. "Guardians of the Galaxy," has already received great buzz. The film currently has 25 positive reviews, according to film site Rotten Tomatoes.

We checked out a screening of the film last week, and it should definitely satisfy. Fans who have diligently watched every end-credits scene from a Marvel film will be rewarded.

Earlier this week, Marvel announced six new mystery films through 2019. Now, that we know one is "Guardians 2," here's how the lineup currently looks for the future:

"Guardians Of The Galaxy"– 8/1/2014
"Avengers: Age Of Ultron"– 5/1/2015
"Ant-Man"– 7/17/2015
"Captain America 3"– 5/6/2016
Untitled movie – 7/8/2016
Untitled movie – 5/5/2017 
"Guardians of the Galaxy 2"– 7/28/2017
Untitled movie – 11/3/201
Untitled movie – 7/6/2018
Untitled movie – 5/4/2018
Untitled movie – 11/2/2018
Untitled movie – 5/3/2019 

"Guardians of the Galaxy" is in theaters August 1.

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Here's The 'Batman V Superman' Teaser Trailer Everyone's Going Crazy Over


The first "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" teaser trailer has made its way online after premiering at San Diego Comic-Con Saturday.

Director Zack Snyder stepped out during a two-hour Warner Bros. panel for fans to debut the first footage of the film. 

It's not the best quality, but you get a great sense of fans' reactions to the clip.

Check it out below before it's taken down:

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First 'Avengers' Sequel Footage Receives A Standing Ovation


avengers panel san diego comic con

Marvel showed off its two new films for next year at San Diego Comic-Con late Saturday afternoon: "Ant-Man" and "Avengers: Age of Ultron."

Fans had to wait until more than halfway through the panel for footage of the most anticipated movie of next summer, the "Avengers" sequel, but it was worth it. 

Update:Watch the panel here.

Robert Downey Jr. came to the stage with a suitcase of roses and dancing to Michael Jackson, throwing them out to the crowd.robert downey jr roses sdccrobert downey jr throws roses

After the entire panel arrived, the cast briefly spoke with moderator Chris Hardwick about working on the movie.

Actress Elizabeth Olsen, who will be playing the Scarlet Witch in the sequel, received some boos when she nearly used the word mutant to describe characters in the film. (Per a tricky rights negotiation between Disney/Marvel and Fox, both are using different versions of the same two characters in their films. One stipulation is that Disney is reportedly not allowed to refer to X-Men crossover characters The Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver as mutants.)

Soon after, footage for the film was show.

Marvel's Executive Editorial Director, Ryan Penagos live-tweeted the clip as it aired. Here's how he and fans described it:

According to Buzzfeed reporter Adam Vary, the footage was so well received, the crowd gave the trailer a standing ovation in the crowded Hall H of the San Diego Convention Center. 

Others echoed that same sentiment.

Marvel wasn't done yet. 

Actor Josh Brolin, who will play one of Marvel's most villainous characters on screen, Thanos, came out on stage. Comic fans were quick to notice he was wearing the Infinity Gauntlet, a device which harnesses the power of six gemstones and is at the center of an iconic Marvel comic that all of the current films have been building toward.thanos josh brolin sdcc 2014

Of course, Downey Jr. saved a rose for Brolin.josh brolin robert downey jr avengers

So. Much. Power.  robert downey jr josh brolin

"Avengers: Age of Ultron" is in theaters May 1, 2015.

NOW: Watch the "Avengers: Age of Ultron" panel

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Marvel Showed Off Really Cool Footage From 'Ant-Man'


ant man sdcc 2014Director Peyton Reed’s Ant-Man isn’t scheduled to actually go into production for another two weeks, but that didn’t stop Marvel Studios from bringing some new footage from the movie to Hall H this morning as part of their presentation at San Diego Comic-Con. While none of the material actually featured Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas in person. Marvel was still able to deliver our first look at the movie by pairing some voice over recordings with some visual effects tests and teaser stuff that they had already shot. And it was pretty damn fantastic. 

The first of the two sequences began in a laboratory where we hear – but don’t see – Dr. Hank Pym (Douglas) talking with Scott Lang (Rudd). Pym wants to take Lang under his wing and do a job for him, but Lang is extremely resistant to this idea. As the camera pans around the lab, Pym goads his young friend into taking the gig, saying that superheroes are a joke and that he should be trying to do the right thing. The camera then lands on an Ant-Man helmet sitting on a table. Lang reluctantly agrees, and Pym reassures him by telling him that it’s "a small job." 

ant man concept posterWe then cut to a rooftop where Lang is wearing the Ant-Man suit and has shrunk down to insect size. He is clearly still very uncomfortable with the whole thing and just a bit uncoordinated, as he runs, trips and falls on his face. Pym communicates with him over a radio and tells him to work on communicating with ants as a flying one comes down from above and lands right in front of the newbie superhero. Lang attempts this, but fails – apparently his fall has damaged the translator device within the helmet. After a few frustrating moments, Pym tells him that he has run out of time and that what he needs to do is jump. Lang leaps off of the edge of the building, but as he is falling he lands on the back of an ant that is flying as part of a swarm. As they take off towards a vent, Lang proclaims, "Okay, I got this!" 

Given how it was put together, it’s obviously very hard to judge Ant-Man on this footage – but it did offer up some very interesting character dynamics. Even though we don’t actually get to see him, Lang sounds like he is kind of a meek guy and maybe even a bit of a loser – which Pym clearly has no problem taking advantage of. It’s unclear at this point exactly how the two characters meet, but considering that the film has been described as being a heist movie, I wouldn’t be surprised if the storyline from the comics where Lang tries to steal the Ant-Man costume makes it to the big screen. 

In addition to Paul Rudd and Michael Dogulas, Ant-Man also stars Corey Stoll and Evangeline Lilly and will be in theaters on July 17th. For more info about the plot of the movie, be sure to check out the rest of our coverage of the panel.

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There's Going To Be A New King Kong Movie In 2016


king kong

A couple of years ago, Legendary Pictures surprised audiences at San Diego Comic-Con by revealing test footage of director Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla.  The fan reaction to that surprise was a significant factor in Legendary and Warner Bros.’ decision to greenlight the film, and during the Legendary panel at Comic-Con earlier today, the studio didn’t leave without one more surprise. 

Some fans were expecting a peek at Jurassic World, though given that Legendary isn’t the primary studio on that film it seemed unlikely.  Instead, we were shown an ominous teaser that concluded with the reveal of King Kong himself and the title Skull Island, which the studio intends to release in theaters on November 4, 2016.  More after the jump.

Now that Legendary is housed at Universal Pictures—home of the monsters—it appears that CEO Thomas Tull is keen on reviving the classic ape King Kong.  The Skull Island teaser was incredibly brief, but it opened with a pan over a violent, storm-entrenched ocean while an ominous passage was read through narration.  The camera then found an isolated island, also entrenched in storm, and as we crossed through the untouched trees, bypassed swinging monkeys, and flew with wild birds, we finally came upon Kong himself standing tall and pounding his chest.

The audience reaction was almost one of disappointment, since they were expecting Jurassic World and seemed to believe that the island/ocean footage was leading up to a dinosaur reveal (even though the footage looked nothing like Jurassic Park).  I thought the teaser was great, and I’m in seeing Legendary bring a new King Kong movie to the screen.  Moreover, since Guillermo del Toro is a frequent collaborator of the studio, I’d say it’s possible he could produce or at least provide input on the pic.

It’s a shame that the Hall H audience was thinking “Jurassic World” the entire time the footage was playing, as I think the response would have been more enthusiastic without those expectations.  Regardless, Legendary announced that it is definitely making the film, and I’m really curious to see what kind of filmmaker they bring aboard to re-envision King Kong.  With the release date only a couple of years away, I’d imagine they already have a pretty impressive shortlist in mind.

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Fans Needed To Go Through A Strange, Swanky Gallery To Watch The New 'Hunger Games' Trailer At Comic-Con


"The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part I" trailer won't be released globally until Monday, but if you're at San Diego Comic-Con you can watch it now. You just have to enter the world of the film. 

Lionsgate partnered with Samsung to exclusively premiere the teaser trailer at the four-day convention on the Samsung Tab S Friday afternoon.

In order to see it before anyone else, fans were asked to head to the Hard Rock Hotel outside of the San Diego Convention Center.

hard rock hotel san diego comic con 2014

They had to wait in pretty long lines to get a first look at the world premiere of the first teaser for "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part I."hunger games line samsung experience sdcc 2014

Once inside, fans headed to a section of Samsung's Galaxy Experience called the Capitol Gallery. It's named after the fictional utopian city in "The Hunger Games" where the world's most elite live. capitol gallery sdcc 2014 hunger games samsung

It looked like a giant art gallery.capitol gallery hunger games sdcc 2014

Fans were welcomed by actors completely covered in white make-up ...hunger games white makeup experiencehunger games trailer premiere sdcc 2014

... and others dressed in their Capitol Couture finest.hunger games sdcc 2014 capitol gallery

Also looming were these guys. No, they weren't "Star Wars" stormtroopers. They're "peacekeepers" who could be found watching over a tribute wall to "heroes" from the 12 different Capitol districts where citizens live.peacekeeper the hunger games sdcc 2014

After waiting in line, fans were finally ushered into a large, dimly lit room filled with many pod-shaped chairs.hunger games trailer gallery sdcc 2014

The individual setup at each station looked cozy with a pillow and big headphones.

hunger games trailer pod sdcc 2014

The room was crowded in no time with eager attendees.samsung hunger games sdcc 2014san diego comic con hunger games experience sdcc 2014

And after it was all over, fans had the chance to enter a throne room — as long as you could get past another one of those Peacekeepers.peacekeeper gallery hunger games sdcc 2014Once inside, fans could sit beside hologram versions of Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) and Johanna Mason (Jena Malone).

samsung lionsgate mockingjay peeta

Select Best Buy stores around the U.S. began previewing the teaser trailer starting Saturday. The trailer will be released wide to the public Monday.

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Jennifer Lawrence Prepares For Battle In The First 'Hunger Games: Mockingjay' Teaser Trailer


jennifer lawrence hunger games mockingjay

Fans don't have to wait any longer. The girl on fire is back. 

Lionsgate has debuted the first teaser trailer for "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay: Part I" online and it's exactly what fans have been waiting for.

The trailer first premiered Friday for San Diego Comic-Con attendees and was released exclusively on the film's Facebook page.

You won't get to see Jennifer Lawrence right away on screen. The teaser opens with the late Philip Seymour Hoffman. 

"The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part I" is in theaters November 21.

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Scarlett Johansson's Superhero Movie 'Lucy' Had A Killer Weekend At The Box Office



Scarlett Johansson commanded the box office this weekend with $44 million easily taking out Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's "Hercules."

The movie about a woman who gets injected with a drug that allows her to unlock 100% of her brain cost Universal Pictures about $40 million to make.

Meanwhile, The Rock's latest goliath, "Hercules," cost Paramount a whopping $100 million to make. The film managed to bring in $29 million — much better than the other "Hercules" bomb from earlier this year which made $8.9 million opening weekend.

Despite the number seeming slightly low for the price tag of the film, the figure is actually in check with, and even higher, than most opening weekends for The Rock

"Lucy" started gaining a lot of traction after Johansson was so prominently featured in this spring's "Captain America: The Winter Soldier." Her role in that film may have helped this become a breakout over the weekend.

The performance of "Lucy" opening weekend may be one signifier that audiences are ready for more female superheroes on screen.

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The 'Godzilla' Sequel Will Feature 3 New Monsters


Godzilla roaring

Legendary Pictures kicked off their Hall H Comic-Con panel with some exciting news, confirming that Godzilla filmmaker Gareth Edwards will be back to direct Godzilla 2, which will also feature classic Toho monsters Rodan, Mothra and King Ghiodrah! Take a look at the announcements from Legendary's official Twitter account, then read on for more details.

While director Gareth Edwards wasn't at the panel in person, the studio showed a video of the filmmaker in San Francisco, who joked that he was there to "rebuild" the city after the destruction Godzilla created. He confirmed an earlier report that he was coming back to make the sequel, but it isn't clear when that may happen, since he talked about "taking a break from franchises," even though he is making one of the Star Wars: Episode VII spin-off movies.

He teased that he wanted to reveal the creatures that will be used in Godzilla 2, but this revelation was bleeped out. Instead, Thomas Tull took the stage to introduce a Monarch video that revealed newsreel footage similar to the opening of Godzilla, which featured the following revelation.

"There is still one secret that remains hidden. There are others."

The video ended with a shadow of Rodan, with the tag "Codename: Rodan," followed by more vague images that reveal "Codename: Mothra" and "Codename Ghiodrah."

Are you excited that these classic monsters will be a part of Godzilla 2? Chime in with your thoughts below.

Godzilla 2 is in development. The film is directed by Gareth Edwards.

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8 Things We Learned About 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' At Comic-Con


Avengers cast, comic con

Marvel was the highlight of the day at Comic-Con on Saturday. The studio took over Hall H with most of the stars of next year's Avengers: Age of Ultron, and while director Joss Whedon couldn't be there (he's recovering from knee surgery in London), the panel did feature Robert Downey Jr., Chris EvansChris HemsworthMark RuffaloElizabeth OlsenAaron Taylor-JohnsonJames SpaderJosh BrolinSamuel L. Jackson, and producer Kevin Feige

Here's What We Learned:

1. Ultron Is 8-Feet Tall

James Spader voices Ultron, the evil robot who will fight the Avengers, and it sounds like he'll tower over the Avengers. Spader said he's 8-feet-tall.

2. Elizabeth Olsen Is Prone to Word Slips

While talking about her character, Scarlet Witch, Olsen accidentally slipped up, almost calling her character a "mutant." That's a loaded word since Marvel and Fox have agreed that mutants will only exist in Fox's X-Men world, but not in Marvel's Avengers universe. Olsen tried to catch herself, referring to "mutated people," but the savvy Hall H crowd "oooh"ed at the slip.

3. Iron Man and Hulk Will Rumble

In the footage shown in Hall H, Iron Man finds himself fighting Hulk, and to be able to stand up to the big guy, Stark is wearing his famous-in-the-comics Hulkbuster armor.

4. Paul Bettany's Kids Are More Excited Than He Is

In Age of Ultron, Paul Bettany graduates from being the voice of Jarvis to playing The Vision. That means he's no longer doing disconnected voice work in a sound studio. He's now on set, and one of the team. But Bettany has always seemed a little ambivalent about his work in the superhero mega-franchise, and said, this was "the most exciting thing that's ever happened to my kids."

Avengers, comic con, thanos5. Thanos Will Eat Your Flowers

Josh Brolin is playing Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers: Age of Ultron, and he made a surprise appearance at the Comic-Con panel wearing a giant toy Thanos glove and eating a flower given to him by Robert Downey Jr. 

6. Captain America Might Be Worthy of Mjolnir

In some of the footage shown at the panel, the Avengers are all partying together and trying to lift Thor's hammer, Mjolnir. As we know, only those worthy can lift the hammer, and Captain America moves it a little. Thor looked nervous!

7. The Avengers Dead? WTH?!

The final footage from Age of Ultron showed Iron Man in outer space with the other Avengers lying dead around him, and Captain America's shield was broken. What's it all mean? We'll have to wait for the movie to find out.

8. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Is Coming

James Gunn's Guardians doesn't hit theaters until Friday, but we'd already heard rumors that Marvel was leaning heavily on the new movie to set up parts of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's continuity, eventually pushing Thanos and the Avengers onto the same stage. But no one knew Marvel was already planning a Guardians sequel. On Saturday the movie was formally announced and given a release date: July 28, 2017.

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How Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Went From WWE Wrestler To Hollywood's Box Office Champ


Dwayne Johnson, The ESPYS

During his wrestling days, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was known as the "People's Champion."

But thanks to franchises like "Journey to the Center of the Earth" and "Fast and the Furious," Johnson is now better known as Hollywood's box office champion.

In total, his movies have made $4.3 billion worldwide, which helped make him Forbes' top-grossing actor of 2013. This year, he ranked No.2 after pulling in a whopping $52 million.

This weekend, he appeared in Brett Ratner's "Hercules," which beat tracking estimates to bring in $29 million opening weekend.

Here's how Dwayne Johnson went from WWE wrestler to one of the top-grossing stars in the film industry.

Before he was "The Rock," Dwayne Johnson was born May 2, 1972, in Hayward, California.

Source: Biography

Wrestling is in Johnson's blood. His father, Rocky "Soul Man" Johnson, was a member of the first African American tag-team champions and his grandfather, Peter Maivia, was of the first Samoan wrestlers.

Source: YouTube


But Johnson's first sport was football. After being a high school star, he joined college football team, the Miami Hurricanes. Over his tenure at the school, Johnson only started once but appeared in 39 games, had 77 tackles, and was a part of the 1991 national championship team.

Source: ESPN


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Watch The Eerie New Teaser Trailer For 'The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies'


Warner Bros. just released the first teaser trailer for the final film in the "Hobbit" series, "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies" and it is chilling. 

While there's some great action scenes, most of the trailer is pretty grim with heroes like Gandalf lying on the field of battle, and Bilbo recounting that he'll remember the whole journey especially those that don't make it home. 

The most eerie part of the new trailer is the singing of what sounds like Pippin's rendition of "Mist and Shadow" from the "Return of the King."

"The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies" finishes its epic journey when it hits theaters December 17th.

Watch the trailer below: 

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Freddie Prinze Jr. Almost Quit Acting After Working With 'Unprofessional' Kiefer Sutherland On '24'


Freddie Prinze Jr.

The actor, 38, spoke to ABC News this week, and didn't hold back when it came to his former 24 costar Kiefer Sutherland

"I did 24, it was terrible," Prinze Jr. said of his 2010 gig on the hit FOX television show. "I hated every moment of it."

"Kiefer was the most unprofessional dude in the world," the '90s heartthrob added about 24's leading man, now 47. "That's not me talking trash, I'd say it to his face, I think everyone that's worked with him has said that."

Indeed, another one of Sutherland's 24 costars, Shohreh Aghdashloo, gave her two cents on the actor in June 2013. 

"I'm afraid working with him proved to be hard," she told Fox News about Sutherland. "That young man was pretty angry. It wasn't just me, he was angry with others too. At the end of the day, I thought he must be angry with himself and that's how he projects it."

Sutherland's alleged lack of professionalism bothered Prinze Jr. so much that he considered giving up acting for a bit. "I just wanted to quit the business after that," he explained. "So, I just sort of stopped."

His hiatus turned out to be temporary, though. In recent months, Sarah Michelle Gellar's husband has beefed up his résumé, making appearances on Witches of East End, Bones, and the upcoming animated series Star Wars RebelsSee the latest pics of Freddie here.

Sutherland, for his part, has nothing but nice things to say about his former costar. "Kiefer worked with Freddie Prinze Jr. more than five years ago, and this is the first he has heard of Freddie's grievances," his rep tells Us Weekly. "Kiefer enjoyed working with Freddie and wishes him the best."

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Why TV Was Bigger Than Movies At This Year's Comic-Con


the walking dead comic con sdcc 2014

Gale Ann Hurd rose to the pinnacle of Hollywood by producing some of the biggest and brashest films in history, none more so than “The Terminator,” directed by her then-husband James Cameron. Yet when thinking about the current state of the movie business, Hurd referenced another one of Cameron's movies – “Titanic.”

“They can see the iceberg coming,” Hurd told TheWrap at Comic-Con.

Hurd is no longer on the ship. She has moved on to television, producing “The Walking Dead,” the highest-rated cable show in America. She will have no involvement in the upcoming reboot of “The Terminator,” nor does she seem to have much interest.

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The rise of TV in both power and prestige has been well-chronicled, and there is no questioning its importance from a financial perspective. Media companies rely on television to deliver the vast majority of their profits while movie studios are an afterthought in Fox's pursuit of Time Warner, owner of HBO, TNT, TBS, CNN and a host of lucrative sports TV rights.

Comic-Con this year reinforced the changing balance of power. The buzz around movies was minimal compared to even last year, when “Batman v. Superman” was the big news.

The loudest cheers at this year's convention were reserved for TV shows such as “Game of Thrones” and “The Walking Dead,” and the actors who elicited the most felicity – even during movie panels — were TV-bred thespians such as Benedict Cumberbatch and Karen Gillan.

game of thrones 2014 sdccHere comes the caveat: several movie studios left their big guns on the sidelines. Still licking its wounds from the decline of its “Spider-Man” franchise, Sony did not preview a third movie or its “Sinister Six” spin-off. Instead, it convened a panel for two of its non-comic-book movies, “Pixels” and “Goosebumps,” in the Indigo Ballroom, a smaller venue than Hall H, its normal home.

Fox left its “X-Men” and “Fantastic Four” in Culver City, opting to preview a number of movies all targeted at the same young, male demographic. Like Fox, Paramount offered up a taste of five upcoming movies, but none of them got much time to shine. The only one that did, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” opens in two weeks. The panel is part of its last-minute marketing push, not a tease of bigger things to come.

Lionsgate brought “Divergent” to its booth and “The Hunger Games” to the Hard Rock, but neither entered Hall H, the cavernous atrium that hosts the event's biggest panels.

The two exceptions to this rule were Marvel and Warner Bros., with Marvel in a class of its own. Fanboy excitement transformed Hall H into an Ohio State pep rally around 5:30 Pacific Time on Saturday evening. Fans clamored “We Want Marvel” and “We Will Rock You,” while others attempted to initiate the wave.

In an era when everything is on-demand, Marvel has crafted a strategy that is Netflix-proof. Some of that is intrinsic to its fans, but the studio has weaved together its storylines and created TV shows to sustain interest in the characters between each movie.

Also read: Guardians of the Galaxy’ for Dummies: The 12 Comic Book Origins of Marvel's Strangest Superheroes

Many other studios have tried to ape this formula by establishing “film universes” of their own, none more so than Warner Bros. The studio has dated its “Batman v. Superman” movie on the same date as Marvel's “Captain America 3,” a direct challenge to its more established rival.

Warner Bros. devoted the majority of its Comic-Con panel to the final installment in its “Hobbit” trilogy, granting director Peter Jackson and his cast an hour to talk about the film, offer up a teaser and get in character.

Yet the length of the panel also imbued it with a tone of farewell; this may be the last time Jackson appears in Hall H alongside Elijah Wood, Andy Serkis and Cate Blanchett. Though there is no telling what Jackson will make next, he has exhausted The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit books.

Those franchises have buoyed Warner Bros. six of the last 14 Decembers, ensuring that they would boast one of the year's biggest movies. Warner Bros. split The Hobbit, a miniscule book, into three movies to maintain its ATM, frustrating many fans. Everyone except Colbert, who said Jackson now owed him six more Rings movies.

“If Warners could find the way to do that, they would certainly be very happy,” Jackson responded.

The joke holds within it a kernel of truth: Warner Bros is in need of new franchises. With the conclusion of “Harry Potter,” the departure of partner Legendary Pictures and denouement of the Tolkien movies, Warner Bros. cupboard is not as full as the studio likes it to be.

The Strain comic conThat is where DC comes in. Warner Bros. is banking on the Justice League to seed many new franchises, establishing a pipeline of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman movies for many years to come.

Studios have sold their corporate bosses on the allure of prestige and spectacle. The Oscar still matters more than the Emmy, and no TV station can make a movie like “The Hobbit,” “Avatar” or “The Avengers.”

The prestige argument has faded in this golden age of television, as directors such as Steven Soderbergh, David Fincher and Guillermo Del Toro create TV shows and movies in equal number.

The spectacle argument has endured, if only by sheer will power. Movie studios have turned to 3D and comic books, handing Michael Bay, Joss Whedon and J.J. Abrams the keys to the kingdom. (They all came out of TV and music videos, by the way.)

Also read: Legend3D Founder on 3D TVs: ‘It Was Too Much Too Fast’

Comic books facilitate sequels, which reduce risk thanks to pre-existing fans.  Sustaining fan interest is easier for television shows, which run for weeks on-end, but TV networks have also invested more in materials that ensure their loyalty.

“When ‘Walking Dead’ isn't on the air, we have tons of behind the scenes footage, fan content, marathons and webisodes,” Hurd said. “In the offseason, it's not like people aren't learning new things or exploring new worlds in the show. We do think the movie companies should build out the universe a little bit more.”

The movie industry has begun to take this advice to heart. Both Fox and Legendary crafted virtual reality experiences for their movies in partnership with Oculus, the maker of the Rift headset.

Fans could visit Legendary's booth to enter the cockpit of a Jaeger in “Pacific Rim: Jaegar Pilot” and stop by Fox's booth to enter the world of Professor X, Charles Xavier.

“We're invested in making ‘Pacific Rim’ a Transmedia franchise,” ‎Barnaby Legg, Vice President of Theatrical Marketing at Legendary told TheWrap.”We don't just want to make ancillary content.”

Though some tech enthusiasts have branded virtual reality the future of movies, Del Toro, the director of “Pacific Rim,” sounded less certain.

“It's great for a single user,” Del Toro told TheWrap, citing video games as a better outlet. The Rift is an individualized experience for someone sitting at home. Movies still rely on a larger ship, something more like the Titanic.

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7 New Photos Give First Glimpse Of Avengers In 'Age Of Ultron'


Marvel debuted the first footage for next summer's "Avengers: Age of Ultron" at San Diego Comic-Con to a standing ovation. Now, Disney has released images showing off Tony Stark and the entire team re-assembling.

The majority of these photos were first teased in a recent issue of Entertainment Weekly, but now high-resolution versions of the images have been made available.

Check them out below.

Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.), Rhodey (Don Cheadle), Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner), Captain America (Chris Evans), and Thor (Chris Hemsworth) are hanging out in what looks like the party scene that was seen by fans at Comic-Con.avengers age of ultron hanging out party

Take note of Thor's mighty hammer. The entire gang will try and lift that like a scene straight out of "The Sword and the Stone."avengers 2 party

Don't worry. Bruce Banner's (Mark Ruffalo) there, too. He and Stark will be roommates in the sequel.hulk tony stark mark ruffalo robert downey jr. avengers sequel age of ultron

There are two of our heroes, Captain America and Thor, looking more recognizable.avengers age of ultron captain america thor

It looks like both have received an upgrade since we last saw them. captain america thor avengers 2

Things won't stay peaceful for long. Scarlett Johansson gears up for battle as the Black Widow.black widow the avengers age of ultron

Jeremy Renner dodges a blast as Hawkeye.hawkeye avengers age of ultron

Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen will join the team as brother and sister duo Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. (You last saw them play husband and wife in "Godzilla" this summer.)avengers age of ultron quicksilver scarlet witch

Director Joss Whedon directs Olsen and Renner in a scene together.avengers age of ultron joss whedon

Bonus: Here's a look at the costumes hanging up. Who knew a hanger could handle Iron Man's suit? avengers age of ultron costumesFury's outfit hanging in the back let's you know Samuel L. Jackson will reprise his role as well.avengers age of ultron costumes

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People Are Outraged By This 9/11 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Poster Featuring A Giant Explosion


Paramount Australia is facing harsh criticism Tuesday after sharing a “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” poster that invoked memories of 9/11.

“Check out the official poster for #TMNT in cinemas September 11,” read the Twitter and Facebook message, which included an image of the cartoon turtles jumping from an exploding skyscraper.

Ninja Turtles 9/11

True to form, social media quickly responded with outrage, pointing out similarities between the image and message combination alongside the real life horrors that occurred on September 11, 2001.

The offending tweet and Facebook messages were soon deleted without comment.

Here are some of the reactions:

Paramount Australia's Facebook and Twitter accounts have yet to offer up an explanation for the initial message or it's subsequent removal. Paramount Pictures has not yet returned TheWrap's request for comment.

The Michael Bay-produced “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” starring Megan Fox and Johnny Knoxville, hits U.S. theaters Aug. 8.

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Futuristic Box Office Hit 'Lucy' Has A Ridiculous Ending That's A Major Tech Fail


scarlett johannsson

The top box office hit this past weekend was Lucy, a sci-fi thriller starring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman about a woman who learns to use 100% of her brain.

It's a cool concept with a laughably outdated ending.

(SPOILER ALERT: We're about to tell you what happens. Stop reading now if you plan to see it)

At the end of the movie, Johansson, a hard-partying college student, is able to utilize 100% of her brain and she transforms into an immortal being. But before she does, she agrees to give neurologist, Morgan Freeman, a file with everything she's learned about the brain on it. Thanks to her advanced brain, Johansson can control people, objects, and travel through time.

It's all pretty ridiculous, but where the movie starts to stumble from a technology standpoint is when Johansson transforms into a futuristic computer.

Or really, it's when Johansson, now the most advanced computer ever, decides to transfer all of her files to Freeman on a USB flash drive, a technology from the late 90s that is rapidly falling out of use.

Flash drives are losing relevance because they can't compete in speed and flexibility with cloud computing services provided by companies like Google, Box, and Dropbox. Flash drives also can't carry that much information. Apparently, though, this super computer prefers old technology.

After Johansson gives Freeman the antiquated flash drive, she sends a text message to a French detective in the room that reads, "I am everywhere" to show she's immortal.

And if the flash drive weren't enough, the detective receives the text message on an even more dated piece of technology: a flip phone.

Here's are the screengrabs from the movie's final scenes:

lucy ending flash drive textlucy ending flash drive textlucy ending flash drive textlucy ending flash drive text

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The 'Netflix For Pirated Movies' Will Soon Work With Your Apple TV


Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is a free streaming service that brings the familiar, easy-to-use Netflix interface into the realm of pirated media.

It works by allowing users to stream movies and TV shows without having to worry about deleting any incriminating evidence afterward; Popcorn Time does all the dirty work for you.

You can already use Popcorn Time with your Chromecast, but starting today, Windows users will be able to stream Popcorn Time to their Apple TV, using AirPlay. Windows users who already have Popcorn Time on their computers will see their version automatically updated when the new release goes live.

Mac support will reportedly be ready next week.

It's important to note that Popcorn Time operates in a legal gray area, but nonetheless, the service has gained a large following because of its intuitive Netflix-style interface, self-tidying service, and the ability to stream movies instead of having to wait for a torrent to download.

It doesn't hurt that the service has also promised it "will never be taken down," which can often be the case with streaming services.

The new release with Apple TV support, called Beta 4.3, was set to be available later Wednesday over at Popcorn Time's homepage.

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'Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice' Set Photos Show Off Massive Destruction


While there were many out there who were a little perturbed by the immense destruction featured at the end of Man of Steel, it will probably only slightly diminish the amount of action featured in Zack Snyder's upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Collateral damage will surely be kept to a minimum, but various objects in various environments - buildings, parked vehicles, lamp posts, etc. - will be open season. Don't believe me? Just check out these new photos from the set.

Posted by Twitter user @Bananadoc and discovered by JoBlo, the new show us that something very, very bad is going down in Metropolis. While my first instinct was to think that this is damage caused by fisticuffs between the Dark Knight and the Man of Tomorrow, I quickly realized that the damage doesn't really sync up to that kind of action. If Superman was throwing Batman around or vice versa, the damage would be in the side of of these vehicles, not the top: 

Perhaps Superman is flying, picking up Batman, and then dropping him on buses and cop cars, but the far more believable idea is that something very, very large is stepping on these vehicles. Could this possibly be our first hint at Lex Luthor (played by Jesse Eisenberg) strapping on his warsuit to go to battle with the Kryptonian? There are many, many possibilities, but I personally like that idea. 

We are, of course, currently still coming down off of a Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice high that was delivered to us this past weekend at San Diego Comic-Con. The crowds there were treated with the first ever teaser footage from the movie, which featured Ben Affleck's Batman turning on the Bat Signal during a rainy night in Gotham and coming face to face with Henry Cavill's Superman. It was a pretty epic sight to behold. We also got our debut look at Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman, but thankfully that was quickly made public: 

wonder woman sdcc comic con batman v superman
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which is based on a script by Chris Terrio and developed from a story by Zack Snyder and David Goyer, is obviously still filming, and will be in theaters on May 6, 2016. 

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Fans Are Salivating Over Apparent Footage Of Ryan Reynolds As Marvel's Deadpool


Deadpool, Marvel's first R rated X-Men spin-off, has been in development ever since we first saw the character as portrayed by Ryan Reynolds in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. And while talk continues about the possibilities of this movie actually happening, with Marvel stepping up its Deadpool merchandise in stores to test the waters, we get our first look at the upcoming antihero's solo mission with leaked test footage.

It's believed to be real, as it features theatrical quality CGI and the voice of Ryan Reynolds (maybe its a good impression?). Last year, comic book artist and writer Rob Liefeld teased that he had created test footage along with director Tim Miller and Ryan Reynolds reprising his role as the Merc with the Mouth. It appears that this is that footage.

It's unclear how or why this Deadpool footage wound up on the Internet. It hasn't been pulled down as fast as most bootlegs, so its speculated that it was leaked by either Ryan Reynolds or Rob Liefeld, or possibly even 20th Century Fox to test the waters and see what fan reaction swells from it. With the movie languishing in development, the executives themselves might have slipped this into the universe to see if they should actually make a movie.

Even if that's not the case, they will be paying attention. So make yourself heard. Do you want this movie or not?

Deadpool is in development and stars Ryan Reynolds.

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