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Samuel L. Jackson Had Only One Request For 'The Avengers' — And He Was Denied


nick fury the avengers

Director and writer Joss Whedon radically changed the script for "Marvel's The Avengers" when he took over the project. Many cast members loved his version, in part because he asked for their insight, particularly with their characters. 

Samuel L. Jackson, playing spy Nick Fury, was pleased to be involved in the writing process but had one request, as Whedon recalls in "Joss Whedon: The Biography," out Aug. 1:

"I don’t want to run," the then-62-year-old actor said. "Don’t make me run a lot."

After reading the script, however, he confronted the director over a stage direction.

"It says, 'Fury run,'" Jackson said.

"I know, it’s just this one time," Whedon said.

Nick Fury running

This isn't the first time Jackson has had a request on set of a major motion picture.

While filming "Star Wars: Episode II — Attack Of The Clones," Jackson requested a purple lightsaber for his character Jedi Master Mace Windu so he could find himself in a big action-sequence of around 300 lightsabers.

Jackson recounted that George Lucas originally tried to tell him lightsabers only came in three colors but eventually relented.star wars episode 2 attack of the clones samuel l jackson

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Here's A Guide To All The Hidden References In Marvel Movies


The Avengers shot, MarvelWARNING: MINOR SPOILERS

As "Guardians of the Galaxy" flies into theaters this weekend, the film (which is getting rave reviews) adds another storyline to the ever-expanding Marvel cinematic universe.

As with its predecessors, it is sure to come with a bunch of easter eggs.

Much like PixarDisney's Marvel Studios has been known to sneak in some hidden references that not only mention the other films in the series, but also give a quick wink to the original comic book material.

MTV News has put together an awesome video that explains every easter egg from all the Marvel films (with the exception of the latest two, "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" and "Guardians").

The easter eggs all started in Marvel studios' first film, 2008's "Iron Man."

For example, you can see a building for the Roxxon Corporation during the battle between Iron Man and the Iron Monger. Roxxon is a company that is an adversary to Tony Stark and who killed his parents in the comics.

Marvel egg, Iron Man, Roxxon

In 2008's often forgotten about "The Incredible Hulk" the pizza place Bruce Banner goes to is called "Stanley's" or "Stan Lee's" an allusion to the famed Marvel comic creator.

Stanleys, egg, Marvel, Hulk

2011's "Thor" was chock-full of hidden references, such as a shout out to Thor's comic book alias "Donald Blake."

Thor name, egg, Marvel, Thor

And more importantly, our first look at the "Infinity Gauntlet" a powerful glove that will play a huge role in the future of the films.

Infinity Gaunlet, egg, Marvel, Thor

For Captain America's debut, 2011's "Captain America: The First Avenger" the film alluded to the cover of 1941's "Captain America #1" in which Cap knocks out Adolf Hitler. 

Cap punch, marvel, comic, egg

Cap cover, egg, Marvel, Captain America

When Marvel's universe came together for 2012's mega-hit "The Avengers" there was a blink and you'll miss it reference to Project PEGASUS  a research facility used by the heroes in the comics  in S.H.I.E.L.D.'s underground base.

Project Peg, egg, Marvel, Avengers

For the rest of Marvel's easter eggs and hidden references, check out the full video below: 

Get More: Music News

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'Lucy' Is An Excellent Movie, And The Haters Just Don't Get It


scarlett johansson lucy

People allow fantasy in "The Avengers" and gobble up pop philosophy in "Star Wars," but for some reason they can't stomach either in Luc Besson's "Lucy."

The Scarlett Johansson thriller out last week is "the dumbest movie ever made about brain capacity," writes The Atlantic's Christopher Orr, a movie with "no brain," writes Grantland's Wesley Morris, that leaves you feeling "shorn of gray matter," writes Time Out's Keith Uhlich. A Universal Pictures release, the Europacorp film has earned $80 million in the U.S. in two weekends despite mixed reviews.

Though almost scared away, I finally saw the movie last night and was shocked at how wrong the haters were.

Yes, the premise about humans only using 10% of their brains is false, as is the idea that activating greater portions of the brain would unlock super-intelligence and super-powers approaching omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence. Yes, it is not science, but it is good science fiction, a fun exploration of an alternate reality that makes you think about the one we live in.

What you get in the movie is in effect the best TED talk ever except that it isn't real: Professor Norman (Morgan Freeman) giving a provocative and charismatic lecture on mankind's place and potential in the universe, accompanied by a great slideshow. His lecture is juxtaposed with the thrilling story of Lucy (Johansson) getting kidnapped by Korean gangsters and exposed to a super drug that unlocks her own full potential, eventually bringing her to Paris to meet Norman. By the second half of the movie, Lucy leads Norman in an even more advanced discourse on the universe, which, too, is juxtaposed with dazzling action.

In short, the movie is intellectually stimulating in a way that most actions movies are not, the action is great, and Johansson is utterly captivating.

Maybe the movie is being criticized as dumb because it's about being smart, as David Sims observed at The Wire.

Or maybe Americans just don't get foreign films, and the French director's movie does have alien touches starting with its discussion of high philosophy, also including the playful insertions mid-scene of clips of analogous moments from the animal kingdom; also the movie has some subtitles.

Or maybe people just don't get science fiction. They may get "Star Wars" and "Guardians of the Galaxy"— simple movies that take place in space — but they don't appreciate movies that make you think. Indeed, that most people don't get science fiction is a conclusion I drew after disagreeing with bad reviews for "In Time,""Repo Men,""Daybreakers," and more.

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There Is Only One End-Credit Scene After 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' — Here's What It Means


guardians of the galaxy benicio del toroWarning: If you have not seen "Guardians of the Galaxy," there are major spoilers below!

You know the drill by now. 

Don't head out as soon as "Guardians of the Galaxy" is over. Stick around after the credits for an extra scene.

Marvel loves adding extra scenes often teasing future movies during and after its end credits.

For the past few movies, Marvel Studios has given viewers two extra scenes to watch. One scene will tease a future film in the larger Marvel universe. The other will expand on a moment from the current film.

If you left the studio early and missed what happened, we have you covered.

Last chance to head back before spoilers!

What happens:the collector guardians of the galaxyThe scene pans down over the wrecked ruins of The Collector's (Benicio del Toro) trophy room after it was destroyed earlier in the film. We see The Collector, a man who collects rare and exotic items across galaxies, beleaguered and injured while sipping a beverage out of a green cup. A dog dressed in an astronaut suit comes up to him and licks his face.

All of a sudden a voice off screen asks, "What do you let him lick you like that for?" The camera then cuts to none other than Howard the Duck, a sci-fi creature from Marvel, who says "Gross" before sipping from his own bright green cup.

After the scene the words, "Howard the Duck created by Steve Gerber and Val Mayerik" appear.howard the duck guardians of the galaxy

If this scene sounds familiar, it's because it leaked online earlier this week ahead of the film's release before quickly being pulled down.

Fans have been freaking out trying to uncover where the duck appears in the film after the fowl's name was spotted in the credits by site Stitch Kingdom.

It's not the only time we see Howard in "Guardians." Director James Gunn recently told /Film you can catch a glimpse of the fair-feathered friend when The Collector first appears on screen.

Upon a second watch, we did spot Howard near the upper right hand corner of the screen in his own tiny cell when Del Toro first turns to face the audience in the film.

Who's Howard the Duck and why is he in "Guardians of the Galaxy"?

As we mentioned, Howard was a Marvel comic character first introduced in 1973, so he's fair game for Disney to use in one of its movies since acquiring Marvel for $4 billion in 2009.

In 1986, Howard was the focus of a live-action Universal movie, "Howard the Duck," produced by George Lucas — yes, that George Lucas. This is how most audiences are familiar with the character.howard the duck 1986 movie

However, it's really interesting that he appeared in "Guardians" if you know anything about the character's history with Disney.

Shortly after his creation in '73, Disney threatened Marvel with legal action claiming Howard the Duck's satirical design bore a striking resemblance to Donald Duck.howard the duck comics

According to an archived Silver Bullet Comics interview — now known as Comics Bulletin — with Howard the Duck co-creator Stever Gerber, Marvel came to a bizarre deal with Disney that virtually allowed the Mouse House to redesign the character.

"To avoid litigation, Marvel's old management signed an incredibly stupid agreement with Disney. Under its terms, all future appearances of Howard must conform to a set of designs that Disney provided for the character. You've seen this design. It's the one from the black-and-white HTD magazine, with the ghastly swollen beak, the beady eyes, and the baggy trousers that make the duck look like a derelict. What's absolutely astonishing, though, is that the Disney agreement is worded in such a way that Marvel isn't even permitted to create a new, alternative design for the character, even if that design bears no resemblance to Donald."

Here's how Howard looked after the redesign in the comics. howard the duck

You can take a look at the sheet calling for redesigns to Howard, here.

It's worth noting the version of the character in "Guardians" appeared more like his original self, and without pants.

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AND: The real-life raccoon who inspired Rocket Raccoon in "Guardians of the Galaxy"

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7 Reasons Why ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Blew Up The Box Office


guardians of the galaxy first photo

“Guardians of the Galaxy” shocked the analysts with its $94 million opening this weekend, about $20 million more than they had projected.

Disney and Marvel's superhero space romp — devoid of the well-known characters like Thor, Captain America and Iron Man who made up the Avengers — posted the biggest August opening of all time. And it came in a summer that was in a major slump, running nearly 20 percent behind last summer's record-breaking box office.

How the heck did Peter “Star Lord” Quill and his rag-tag collection of space misfits pull off the season's biggest stunner?

There were several factors:

1. Marvel Mattersguardians of galaxy
The strength of the brand is undeniable and the massive opening for a film based on obscure characters few in the mainstream had ever heard of stands as testament to that. “This is Marvel's universe, and it seems like everybody else is just playing in it,” said Rentrak's senior analyst Paul Deragarbedian. He said that in April, before the opening of “Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and before “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” and “X-Men: Days of Future Past” stormed to No. 1 debuts. It's never been more true.

Also read: ‘Guardians of Galaxy’ Skyrockets to Stellar $94 Million at Box Office

2. The Comic-Con Bumpchris pratt zoe saldana
When Marvel announced a 2017 sequel to “Guardians at last weekend's fanboy extravaganza in San Diego, it set visions of “Avengers” crossovers dancing in the minds of the true Marvel faithful. Greatly motivated, that crowd turned out in force on Thursday and delivered a 2014-best $11.2 million. That translated to a $37.8 million Friday. They gave the movie an “A” CinemaScore and quickly spread the word on social media. “”They were tremendous ambassadors for us,” said Disney distribution chief Dave Hollis.

3. The Comedy Gamble Paid Offrocket raccoon guardians of the galaxy
The frequently wacky and often wry tone of “Guardians” connected with critics and the moviegoers, both of whom gave it their highest marks. It walked a fine line between delivering as a superhero movie for the faithful, while poking plenty of fun at the genre. “This really is the perfect mesh between “The Avengers” and the “Star Wars” franchise,” said Exhibitor Relations vice-president and senior analyst Jeff Bock. It seems like a great call now, but adding loads of laughs into a $170 million superhero movie filled with unknown comic book characters was no lock to work. “Marvel's creative committee headed by Alan Fine deserves kudos for taking chances on new ways to tell Marvel stories,” Hollis said.

4. Chris Prattchris pratt guardians of the galaxy lighter
The “Parks and Recreation” star is on a box-office roll, having provided the voice for one of the year's earlier hits as Emmet in “The LEGO Movie.” He has an unassuming quality that made him a perfect counter to Chris Evans‘ Captain America and Chris Hemsworth‘s Thor, and he seemed to relish promoting the film in myriad guest appearances. Pratt set the tone for a film that was original but not at all slick. “It had an earnestness that people really appreciated,” said Greg Foster, president of IMAX. Pratt will be back for the sequel of course, and also be in next summer's “Jurassic World.” And let's not forget about all the work he did on those abs.

5. The Summer Slump Actually Paved the Way
Guardians Of The GalaxyThere have been hits like “Transformers: Age of Extinction,” “X-Men: Days of Future Past,”“Godzilla” and “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes,” and surprise breakouts like Scarlett Johannson's “Lucy” and low-budget tear-jerker “The Fault In Our Stars.” But nothing captured the collective cultural consciousness in the way that “Guardians” has. “We came into the weekend knowing that momentum had been a question,” Hollis said, “and we didn't know if that would work against us. But this was something fresh, and people were ready to come back to the theaters.” The slump — and moviegoers’ appetite for something different than the sequels and superheros that dominated earlier — had to give “Guardians” a boost.

6. The Mix Tapeguardians of the galaxy awesome mix 1
Seventies pop classics like 10cc's ‘I'm Not In Love” and Blue Swede's “Hooked on a Feeling” provided the soundtrack and were a key plot line throughout “Guardians.” Those songs struck a chord with older moviegoers and made what was in part a poppy space opera more appealing to mainstream audiences. Fifty-five percent of the opening weekend audience was 25 years of age or older, which means it wasn't just fan boys. A lot of them were tapping their feet to the Five Stairsteps’ “O-o-h Child.”

7. The Big Picturepeter quill guardians of the galaxy
“Guardians” played in an August record 4,080 theaters, and got a big boost from premium surcharges at the roughly 3,200 locations offering 3D, as well as 354 IMAX theaters and about the same number of Premium Large Format theaters. IMAX theaters alone delivered an August-record $11.7 million, or roughly 12 percent of the domestic total. PLF brought in eight percent and the combined 3D total was a whopping 45 percent.

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The Director Of 'Bridesmaids' Wants To Reboot 'Ghostbusters' With An All Female Cast


Ernie Hudson, Dan Aykroyd Bill Murray Harold Ramis ghostbusters

The Ghostbusters 3 saga continues. 

It seems like we’ve been reading about/reporting on a third Ghostbusters film or reboot for close to a decade now, with Dan Aykroyd promising every few months that a new Ghostbusters film is “really close” to happening/shooting/being released. 

Some solid movement actually occurred earlier this year, as Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II director Ivan Reitman decided to step back and simply produce the next Ghostbusters film while working closely with Sony to find a new director for the project.

At that time, we heard that Sony was hoping to start production on Ghostbusters 3 in early 2015, and while 21 Jump Street and The LEGO Movie helmers Phil Lord and Chris Miller quickly emerged as favorites to direct, subsequent reports suggested they turned the project down (indeed, they seemed to imply that they had some sort of discussions with Sony about the project in our interview from June).

But now there’s some forward momentum on the project, as Bridesmaids and The Heat director Paul Feig is apparently being courted as the new Ghostbusters 3 director.  However, instead of a sequel, sources indicate that Feig might actually be spearheading a new Ghostbusters reboot with a female cast.  More after the jump.

The folks over at THR initially reported that Paul Feig was being targeted to direct Ghostbusters 3, emerging as Sony’s top choice to helm the project.  The report was quick in noting that formal discussions have yet to take place, but that Feig has expressed interest in the project.  Subsequently, Variety reported that Feig is actually in line to direct a total Ghostbusters reboot that will “most likely” focus on female characters played by comedic actresses, adding that the script will be started over from scratch.  Instead of denying Variety’s claim, THR updated its story to reflect that “sources” indicate Feig could be eyeing a reboot instead of a sequel.

Ghostbusters PosterAs with everything Ghostbusters 3-related, this is all to be taken with a grain of salt until cameras start rolling.  We’ve heard promises in the past of production start-dates and scripts that were “in great shape”, only to encounter radio silence for years at a time. 

However, if these reports are indeed true, I’d say that Feig is one of the few directors who could get actually me interested in a new Ghostbusters film. Since co-creating Freaks and Geeks with Judd Apatow, Feig has carved out a fantastic niche in studio filmmaking, shepherding refreshingly female-led projects through the studio system to great success.  Bridesmaids was a smash, last year’s The Heat was a big summer hit, and Feig recently wrapped production on a spy action-comedy starring Melissa McCarthy and Rose Byrne called Spy.

If Feig is indeed planning a female-led Ghostbusters reboot, one can imagine the kind of talent he might be able to attract to the project.  More importantly, we could rest assured that this won’t be some pandering “women kick ass too” movie that misses the point of what really makes a strong female character. Variety cautions that Ghostbusters wouldn’t necessarily be Feig’s next film, adding that the director has several scripts in development at Fox that could go after Spy.  Again, neither THR nor Variety say that Feig has had any formal discussions about directing a new Ghostbusters film so this could all be moot by Monday morning, but it’s certainly a promising prospect.

If Feig does direct a new Ghostbusters reboot with a female-led cast, who would you like to see don the proton packs?  McCarthy seems like an obvious choice, and Byrne has certainly been doing some excellent scene-stealing comedic work as of late.  I’d love to see Amy Poehler involved somehow, 22 Jump Street scene-stealer Jillian Bell is an excellent young talent on the rise, and I imagine Jenny Slate would make a fantastic addition to the franchise.  Sound off in the comments below with your picks.

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A 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' And 'Avengers' Crossover Movie Could Be Coming Soon


While doing press for Guardians of the Galaxy, director James Gunn and cast members Chris PrattZoe SaldanaDave BautistaVin DieselKaren Gillan teased that a crossover with the Avengers could happen at some point.

Take a look at the video below, then read on to see what they have to say.


Here's what Vin Diesel had to say about a potential crossover:groot guardians of the galaxy

"I think Marvel will have a lot of options after this movie and one of those options will be integrating teams. I think there's going to be huge fans of the Guardians and there are huge fans of the Avengers and I think the discussion has already been had [at Marvel]. I think the audience may demand something like that."

Director James Gunn, who is confirmed to write and direct Guardians of the Galaxy 2, revealed that a crossover has been discussed:James Gunn guardians of the galaxy director

"We talked about all sorts of possibilities [for a crossover] and I kind of know what the basic plan is. That could or could not include a couple of Avengers and a couple of Guardians meeting up, or all of the Avengers and all of the Guardians. But, we do inhabit the same universe and they're pretty big personalities that are likely to, at some point or another, run into each other. I do not think the Avengers would get on well with the Guardians. The Guardians are like a bunch of jerks, really. The Avengers, for all their problems, they're all do-gooders. And our guys are not do-gooders."

Chris Pratt
 revealed that, while it may be difficult to follow all of the individual stories, it's possible they all may come together:chris pratt guardians of the galaxy lighter

"It's already difficult to follow all of the story lines. It's a delicate balance. If you go from five characters and you add another five characters, that's ten characters. That can be very difficult. That being said, Marvel knows their stuff, knows their business. Rather than taking the worlds that already exist and forcing them together, I think this opens up doors into brand new worlds. We take characters that we didn't even know existed and we see their stories."

Zoe Saldana
 also added that she wants to see what happens when the Guardians and the Avengers join forces:zoe saldana gamora

"It was be awesome for the Avengers to seek help... professional help from the Guardians. [The Guardians] have all been cybernetically altered, so they're kind of super-bionic. Captain America is really good, and he's sort of the equivalent of what Drax would be, in terms of his strength. The Hulk is the only one that matches up to what we normally do, being aliens."

Dave Bautista
, who plays Drax the Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy, revealed that his character would likely clash with Mark Ruffalo's Hulk:drax the destroyer guardians of the galaxy

"I'd like to see it. Just as a fan. I think it would be pretty cool, to take those characters into a new realm like that. It makes for a lot of interesting situations. Drax and Hulk would clash. There would probably be some blows thrown."

Are you excited to see the Guardians of the Galaxy team up with the Avengers? Chime in with your thoughts below.

Guardians of the Galaxy was released August 1st, 2014 and stars Chris PrattZoe SaldanaDave BautistaVin DieselBradley CooperLee PaceMichael Rooker,Karen Gillan. The film is directed by James Gunn.

Avengers: Age of Ultron comes to theaters May 1st, 2015 and stars Aaron Taylor-JohnsonScarlett JohanssonRobert Downey Jr.Elizabeth OlsenChris Hemsworth,Chris EvansCobie SmuldersJeremy Renner. The film is directed by Joss Whedon.

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The Spaceship In 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Was Named After An 80s Teen Heartthrob


Guardians of the Galaxy, Quill flying the Milano

"Guardians of the Galaxy" made a whopping $94 million at the box office this weekend.

One of the reasons audiences resonated with the film is all of the nostalgic 1980s pop culture references, thanks to character Peter Quill/Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) spending his early years on Earth up until 1988, when he was abducted by aliens. 

Quill's love of 80s culture is shown throughout the film.

It's in the music he listens to, the things he talks about (Quill mentions "Footloose,""Raiders of the Lost Ark," and John Stamos in the film), and apparently even the name of his ship.

In the film, Quill is the captain of a spacecraft called The Milano. You can see a picture of the ship in one of its many fire fights below. 

Guardians of the Galaxy, Milano

For anyone who grew up in the 80s, the name Milano may sound familiar thanks to "Who's The Boss" star and teen heartthrob, Alyssa Milano

alyssa milano who's the boss

Milano, now 41, appeared on the hit ABC show from 1984-1992.alyssa milano who's the boss

Many fans caught the reference and figured that Quill named his ship after the actress.

The film's director, James Gunn, tweeted confirmation of the reference last week:

Luckily for 80s babies, Marvel and Disney have already green-lit a sequel for 2017.

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How The Walkman From 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Could Have Survived All Those Years In Space


guardians of the galaxy awesome mix 1

Just as Marvel’s The Avengers gave shawarma sales a huge boost in the summer of 2012, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy has brought forth a newly-rediscovered love for cassette tapes. This is thanks to the “Awesome Mix Vol. 1” that Peter Quill’s (Chris Pratt), dying mother made for him in 1988. Quill kept the joy of mix tapes alive while he bounced around the galaxy for 26 years, rocking out to music from Blue Swede, The Jackson 5, David Bowie, and The Runaways.

As a child of the 80s, I am intimately familiar with cassettes, Walkmans, old-school 1/8” headphones, and the awesomeness of a mix tape. However, I also remember burning through my fair share of cassettes in my youth (and needing a pencil more than a few times). Of course, the track list for “Awesome Mix Vol. 1” will always be awesome, but seeing all that Quill goes through in Guardians of the Galaxy, it got me thinking. Would that mix tape have lasted for 26 years in space? Would it even still work? 

The Answer: Yes, but playing it might be a bigger challenge.

Sure, you had to rewind and fast-forward through tapes to get to certain spots, and you can’t jump around instantly like you can with digital media, but cassette tapes offered a flexibility and functionality in their heyday. Not only were personal portable tape players like the classic Sony Walkman extremely stable (unlike their CD counterparts that tended to skip when jolted), the tapes allowed for even the least-technically-minded person to make a mix. All you needed were two tape decks and the right cable.

However, one of the drawbacks of mix tapes was their lack of longevity. On the positive side, the cassettes themselves were strong, and it took a lot to damage them. As long as you were somewhat careful with your equipment, it was unlikely your tapes were going to be eaten by a player – and if they were, you could literally splice them together back home.

However, making a mix tape on a 60-minute Maxell consumer grade cassette was never going to come off with the quality of studio masters or even the original store-bought product. There was relatively little quality lost when they were dubbed once, but after that tape was played over and over again, damage would occur. The tape could be stretched out. The heads that read the tape could affect the magnetic encoding on the tape itself. Worst of all, leaving your tape in the car where it could get too hot or too cold could damage the recording.

When it comes to Peter Quill’s “Awesome Mix Vol. 1,” it was his only copy. He could have made dubs from the original master, but as is seen in the film, he doesn’t. He plays the hell out of that tape, both in his deck on his ship and on his Walkman. Because audio tapes can last anywhere from 30 to 100 years if cared for properly, he could have kept the tape in decent condition.

But that was just the tape.

What about his equipment?

Here’s where Quill might run into problems. Because he was stranded in space as a young teenager, he couldn’t just run down to Radio Shack to pick up a new Walkman whenever he wanted one. If your interest is to preserve a recording system in space, that’s one thing. However, if you have only one or two playback machines and a single mix tape, things get a lot dicier.

To keep a tape player functioning properly for years, he would have to have some way to perform maintenance on it. At the very least, it would be good to clean the heads of the system at least a few times while on his journeys. Of course, he could presumably figure out a way to do this with whatever resources he had access to in space.

Then there’s the power. The tape deck in his ship was certainly wired into his vehicle’s electric system. However, his Walkman was not. Anyone who used portable tape devices knows that those things go through batteries like crazy. According to Radio Shack, a typical portable tape player will run for about 18 hours of continuous play before the AA batteries wear out. That’s not a big deal if there’s a ready supply of AA batteries at every supermarket, gas station and electronics store within a mile or two. However, Duracell doesn’t have much presence off our planet.

Unless Quill found a way to jury rig a portable power source for his Walkman (which is quite possible), he would probably need a couple thousand AA batteries to keep it running for 26 years.

Still, this is a better option than if his mother had put the “Awesome Mix Vol. 1” on a CD or an iPod. With the physical durability of a cassette tape, he wouldn’t have to worry about the CD (which is also prone to deterioration over time) skipping in the middle of a song or have to forever search for a USB port in which to charge his iPod.

However, while it is possible for the tape to survive and the equipment to run, there’s still a greater challenge to playing “Awesome Mix Vol. 1” for 26 years.

Would it play in space?

gamora star lord guardians of the galaxySpace is a hostile environment. While it is a whole lot of nothing, the scant few things found in its vacuum can wreak havoc on electronics. The first problem with anything in space is that it is exposed to extreme temperatures. The ideal temperature in which to store a cassette tape is between 50 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Unfortunately, the temperature in space can fluctuate to wild extremes, depending on what it’s exposed to. It can be as low as 455 degrees below zero Fahrenheit in the coldest part of space, but it can also be millions of degrees in the path of a solar flare.

Even if the temperature can be dealt with, there’s other things in space that would cause problems. Because there is no atmosphere to act as a cosmic filter, space is filled with high levels of radiation, which can cause a wide variety of problems in electronics. The smaller the electronics, the greater chance they will be susceptible to radiation that can cause electric arcing, voltage spikes, electronic noise and many other issues.

It is because of this intense background radiation that electronics built for space exploration are shielded or radiation hardened to counteract the effects. Because portable cassette players have been made specifically for terrestrial use, they aren’t made with radiation shielding.

So, if Peter Quill took really good care of “Awesome Mix Vol. 1,” and if he managed to keep his equipment in working order with a proper power source, and if he kept the tape in proper storage without exposing it to extreme heat or extreme cold, and if he only used his Walkman inside a space ship or on a planet with a thick enough atmosphere to filter out ionization radiation, then he could still be hooked on a feeling 26 years later.

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'The Big Bang Theory' And 6 Other TV Show Casts That Demanded More Money


the big bang theory

[Editor's Note: This post was written before Monday's news that "Big Bang Theory" cast negotiations were completed on Sunday. Stars Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco, and Jim Parsons have now signed three-year, $90 million salary deals. Read more about the cast's new contracts here >

This time of year, most primetime TV shows are already filming the first episodes of their upcoming seasons, but one notable series hasn’t even begun production; as a result of ongoing salary negotiations between the cast and Warner Bros. TV, The Big Bang Theory has delayed all preparation for season 8 until a decision is made. Meaning: as of now, at least, the futures of Sheldon, Penny, and the rest of the Big Bang crew on the show are perilously unknown. 

6 legendary cast negotiations >

Of course, this is almost definitely just a short-term crisis; there’s no way Warner Bros. and CBS would let the most-watched show on TV go off the air just because of a little issue with money. Most likely, the network will give in to the cast’s demands and resume production within the next few days, because the longer they wait to make a deal, the longer it’ll be until a new episode of The Big Bang Theory will be on the air. Still, there is a chance that the negotiations will fall through, and either CBS or the cast will have a major problem on its hands. Sure, it’s unlikely, but we can’t rule out the possibility that come the fall, Big Bang will just be a memory of seasons past.

And it wouldn’t be the first time it’d have happened to a show, even a popular one. Six TV shows who dealt with cast salary negotiations, some more successfully than others:

NBC's "Friends" banded together to demand $1 million per episode.

The most famous example of a cast negotiating their salaries as a group, the Friends ensemble banded together to demand $1 million each per episode during the last season of the show.  

The number may seem ridiculously high (and at first, NBC thought so), but considering how much money the show was bringing in each week, the stars felt that they deserved the increase — and they got it. Helping each other go from $22,500 an episode to $1 million? “I’ll be there for you” is right.

The CW/WB's "Gilmore Girls" was cancelled after salary negotiations.

The stars of Gilmore Girls, however, didn’t see their negotiations work out quite as well. The series was cancelled after seven seasons, and, according to Varietythe cast and network’s inability to reach a deal regarding salaries was a major reason for the decision.

While the failed negotiations haven’t been cited as the only reasons for the show’s lack of renewal, it was most definitely a factor.

ABC's "Modern Family" fought for so long over salary that production had to be postponed.

In the summer of 2012, the show’s six adult cast members entered into negotiations to increase their salaries, and ended up fighting with the network long enough to postpone season 4’s production.

It got so bad that the ensemble ended up suing 20th Century Fox, with the final decision going in their favor; the adults, save for Ed O’Neill (he was already earning more) nearly tripled their salaries, and while the final numbers were less than what they’d fought for, they got to receive cuts of the show’s profits, as well.

In return, Fox made the cast add a year onto their contracts and drop the lawsuit. As for the show’s child actors, they negotiated raises, too, eventually increasing their salaries to $75,000 per episode.

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Vince Vaughn Reportedly In Talks For 'True Detective' Season 2


delivery man vince vaughn

A few weeks ago, we reported that True Detective had begun casting by bringing on Colin Farrell in one of the four lead roles, and was eyeing Taylor Kitsch for another.

However, rumored plot details indicated that there are only three lead roles: Farrell’s character who suffers from cocaine addiction and anger management issues; a female sheriff who’s an alcoholic and addicted to gambling; and a young highway patrolman who was suspended for sexually exploiting a woman he pulled over.

In an attempt to reconcile these two stories, it could be that there’s a fourth character, but we don’t know have any details on him.  However, we do know that Vince Vaughn is in early talks to join True Detective Season 2.  [UpdateClick here for new details including season 2 character breakdowns.]  

According to TV Line, Vaughn “is in preliminary talks to play one of the three leads,” although the story continues by noting that Pizzolatto says there will be “four central roles”.

Clearly, we’re still largely in the dark when it comes to the highly-anticipated second season.  There could be three leads and four central roles in the sense that in season one Maggie is a central role, but not a lead character.

Either way, Vaughn’s involvement in True Detective is an encouraging sign for his career because it means he probably won’t be playing his standard “Wise Guy Who’s not as Smart as He Thinks” character.  Additionally, he’s starring in the crime drama Term Life, which has the actor playing a criminal who takes out a life insurance policy on himself in order to provide for his daughter, but must stay alive long enough for the policy to take effect.

If Vaughn is looking to take his career in a fresh direction a la Matthew McConaughey, this could be a smart way to do it.

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'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Director Writes Awesome, Heartfelt Letter To Fans


James Gunn guardians of the galaxy director

"Guardians of the Galaxy" director James Gunn was overwhelmed by the movie's success at the box office this weekend.

After the film raked in $94 million— about $20 million more than analysts projected — the 44-year-old director wrote fans a heartfelt message on his Facebook page, saying the movie was "for anyone who ever felt cast aside, left out, or different. It's for all of us who don't belong."

"I am of course happy with all the film has accomplished box-office-wise," he said. "But what touches me the most is that the film I told the folks at Marvel I wanted to make two years ago is the film that you're seeing in theaters today — it's that so many of you seem to be directly EXPERIENCING the film I INTENDED."

Gunn's full message is worth a read below:

Thanks to all of you who saw (and are seeing) Guardians of the Galaxy this weekend, from the bottom of my heart. The Guardians are a group of oddballs, outcasts, and geeks. The movie is for anyone who ever felt cast aside, left out, or different. It's for all of us who don't belong. This movie belongs to you. And, today, I think we're doing okay.

I am of course happy with all the film has accomplished box-office-wise. But what touches me the most is that the film I told the folks at Marvel I wanted to make two years ago is the film that you're seeing in theaters today — it's that so many of you seem to be directly EXPERIENCING the film I INTENDED. The cast, the producers, the crew, and I felt like we were making something special while we were making it. But it is very rare that a director's INTENTIONS in creating a film, or a scene, or a character, or a line of dialogue are, seemingly, specifically what is experienced by an audience (not to mention critics!), and that seems to be what has happened here. You have allowed a talking raccoon — for a moment, a minute, or a day — to make you a little more human. And for that, I am profoundly grateful. 

If I relied on myself to implement these intentions, the film would be a shambling mess. But instead, I had a wonderful cast, genius producers, an incredibly brave studio, sublimely talented visual effects artists, great editors, and the best damn crew of mostly-British bastards to actually implement these intentions for me. Where I had a good idea they would, through alchemy, transform it into a great one. Many of you involved are friends of mine on Facebook. Many of you will read this somewhere else. I love you all.

You may remember me posting here a couple weeks ago how sad I was to be finishing up the film, that I was having trouble letting go of Rocket, and that I was going to miss him. But seeing him (and Groot, and the rest of the team) embraced by the world like they have been, to be UNDERSTOOD, makes it a wonderful letting go. It's like giving a foster pet up for adoption to the most wonderful parents in the world.

And, of course, I'm not really saying goodbye as, while many of you have been enjoying the film, I've spent this weekend hard at work on the sequel. I couldn't help myself! The results are nice but it's really the creative process I love and that keeps me going. I'm on fire with this thing! The Guardians have so many hardships and heartaches and triumphs ahead of them, and I can't wait to share them with all of you.

Onto week two...

Love, James

The comments in response to the post have been overwhelmingly positive:

james gunn facebook comments

Gunn will return to write and direct a "Guardians of the Galaxy" sequel that is expected to hit theaters in 2017.

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Here's A Guide To All The Hidden References In 'Guardians Of The Galaxy'


guardians of the galaxy first photo


Much like the other films in Marvel's universe, "Guardians of the Galaxy" came with its fair share of hidden call backs and easter eggs.

All of the movie's pop culture references prompted YouTube user "Mr. Sunday Movies" to put together a fun video guiding fans through every easter egg in the film.

The opening of the "Guardians" makes it very clear that Star-Lord Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) took a lot of his cues from the globe trotting archaeologist and adventurer, Indiana Jones.

This can be seen by how Quill stares at the mysterious orb artifact in the film, much like how Dr. Jones does with the golden idol in the beginning of 1981's "Raiders of the Lost Ark."

guardians of the galaxy orb

harrison ford indiana jonesIn "Guardians," Rocket Racoon makes fun of Peter Quills' satchel, calling it a purse.

Guardians of the Galaxy purseRocket is voice by Bradley Cooper, whose character in 2009's "The Hangover" made the same dig at Alan (Zach Galifianakis) and his "man purse." 

If you keep your eyes peeled, you will see many little items hidden away in the lair of The Collector (Benicio Del Toro).

the collector guardians of the galaxyThis includes a giant cocoon that houses Adam Warlock, a superhero who comes into play with the "Guardians of the Galaxy" in the comics. The cocoon can also be seen in the post-credits scene for "Thor: The Dark World."

Adam Warlock, Guardians of the GalaxyThe Collector also has Cosmo The Space Dog, who is a talking Soviet area dog from the comics. Cosmo can be seen behind glass and licks the face of the Collector in the post-credits scene of the film.

Cosmo The Space Dog, Guardians of the GalaxyHe also has Howard the Duck locked up. Howard The Duck, who has had a tumultuous career for Marvel, isn't seen in the film but shows up in the post-credits scene.

Fun fact: Howard the Duck was voiced by "Family Guy" actor Seth Green.

Howard the Duck, Guardians of the Galaxy

For the rest of the easter eggs and hidden references from "Guardians of the Galaxy," check out the full video below:


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BOB IGER: The Marvel Brand Is On Fire


bob iger robert iger disney nyse

Disney crushed expectations with its third quarter earnings, released after markets closed on Tuesday.

Chairman and CEO Bob Iger also pointed out what a big hit the company has in a Q4 movie: "Guardians of the Galaxy," which set a record with a $94 million domestic August weekend opening.

"We are thrilled with the spectacular performance of 'Guardians of the Galaxy,' which holds great promise as a new franchise for our company and once again reinforces the tremendous value of Marvel,” Iger wrote in the earnings report.

Since buying Marvel for $4 billion in 2009, Disney's Marvel movies have earned around $6 billion at the box office and contributed much more through merchandise and related sales. According to Iger, this is just the start.

With "Guardians" already set for a 2017 sequel, Iger confirmed, “Our strategy of building strong brands and franchises continues to create great value across our company.”

Appearing on CNBC, Iger explained the importance of the film's success: "It's not just about a good movie, it's about that the Marvel brand has arrived."

Iger continued:

"Guardians of the Galaxy and Marvel is a wonderful story. We believe that when we bought Marvel in 2009 they had great intellectual property, great characters, great stories, and a very talented group of people working for them.

"We did not think that a spot light had been put on the Marvel brand and we thought that the continue success in terms of producing movies and with Disney as a partner, and with them being apart of Disney that we could burnish the Marvel brand. We've done a good job of that. I don't mean to sound overly conceited about it, but I think 'Guardians of the Galaxy' speaks volumes in that regard."

Next up, Iger says, "We look ahead to 'Avengers 2' and 'Ant Man' and 'Captain America 3' and we just announced a sequel to 'Guardians' which will be in 2017 ... the studio is in great shape."

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BOB IGER: 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Footage Is 'Very, Very Exciting'


Bob Iger, Star Wars, Chewbaccas

Disney CEO Bob Iger had a big day with Disney's earning crushing expectations, and the future could be even brighter.

Sitting down on CNBC's "Closing Bell" Iger discussed the hotly anticipated seventh installment of the "Star Wars" series, "Star Wars: Episode VII."

"I can only tell you that production is underway," Iger said. "We had a very brief hiatus ... which is due in part to the fact that Harrison Ford broke his ankle."

Harrison Ford, who is reprising his role as Han Solo, broke his leg (not his ankle as Iger suggested) when a door from the iconic spaceship the Millennium Falcon fell on Ford.

"The footage we've seen  is very, very exciting to us," Iger said. "I think there's about 500 days left between now and December 18th, 2015 when the movie comes out. That doesn't seem like very long."

Director Abrams has given fans snippets of the set here and there, but there's not enough to quell the excitement over the release of the film. A fact that Iger is very aware of.

"There's a lot of pent up demand," Iger added. "We're just as excited as the fans are about it."

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Here's How Much America's Biggest States Go To The Movies


Californians see a whole lot more movies than people in Pennsylvania, according to data from the Motion Picture Association of America.

Check out a chart on the biggest states:

Screen Shot 2014 07 17 at 3.43.10 PM

The MPAA and its data provider, Opinion Research Corporation, couldn't tell us how much people liked movies in the rest of the states, but this chart is interesting in itself.

California leads among large states with 80% of residents seeing movies in theaters last year and 20% going frequently. On the other end of the spectrum, only 52% of Pennsylvanians went to the movie theater last year and only 6% went often.

Compared to the previous year, Indiana and Illinois saw the biggest drops, with 12 percentage points fewer moviegoers. But the MPAA only began tracking these statistics in 2012, so it's too early to note any patterns, MPAA Press Assistant Sam Newton told Business Insider.

Here is the list put out by the MPAA for 2012:

Screen Shot 2014 07 25 at 3.43.58 PM

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Jason Statham Almost Died While Filming 'The Expendables 3'


rosie huntington-whiteley and jason statham

Actor Jason Statham narrowly escaped death while filming "The Expendables 3" when he jumped out of a truck during an action scene that went terribly wrong, according to the UK Mirror.

With Statham behind the wheel of a three-ton truck, the brakes went out and the truck plunged 60 feet into the Black Sea. Fortunately, Statham — who previously competed as a professional diver for England— knew how to handle it.

"Luckily we had taken the doors off before," his co-star Sylvester Stallone told The Mirror at the film's London premiere. "If anyone else had been in that truck we would have been dead because we were all wearing heavy boots and gun belts. We would have drowned. But because Jason is an Olympic-quality diver he got out of it.”

Sly brought up the anecdote recently, although this isn't the first time it's being reported. Actor Terry Crews also told of the incident last year during filming. “He gets out, swims to the top, and the truck is gone," Crews told Jay Leno. "Let me tell you something, Jason Statham is a true bad, bad dude.”

Statham for his part, played down any danger he experienced on set while playing the character of "Lee Christmas," a former British SAS soldier. When asked of his worst injury during filming, he said, "I snapped a shoelace in the very first scene,"according to the UK Independent.

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FIRST LOOK: Ben Affleck As Bruce Wayne On The Set Of 'Batman V Superman'


We finally get to see what Ben Affleck's Batman looks like without the cowl.

Up until this point we've only seen photos of Affleck as the Caped Crusader in the upcoming "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice."

But now, thanks to a video taken on the film's set by YouTube user Samuel Otten, we're able to see the man behind the mask.

The video shows Affleck on set standing next to many buses marked Metropolis City.

Metropolis Buses Batman V Superman

As for the look of Affleck's billionaire Bruce Wayne himself, he seems to be dressed in a nice blue shirt with a dark blue vest.

Ben Affleck, Bruce Wayne, vest_edited 1

Here's a closer look.

Affleck wayne batman close up

Last month during Comic Con, director Zack Snyder showed a brief scene from the film along with photo of Gal Gadot dressed as Wonder Woman, but other than that information regarding the film has been locked down. 

We'll just have to wait until "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" hits theaters May 6th, 2016, to see what Affleck's Bruce Wayne was doing in Metropolis.

You can watch the full set video by Otten below: 

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'The Theory Of Everything' Trailer Tells The Incredible Life Story Of Stephen Hawking


The Theory of Everything stephen hawking

Focus Features has released the first The Theory of Everything trailer for director James Marsh’s (Man on Wire) adaptation of the Stephen Hawking memoir Travelling to Infinity, written by his wife Jane Hawking

The film stars Eddie Redmayne (Les Miserables) as Hawking, chronicling his budding relationship with fellow Cambridge student Jane Wide (Felicity Jones), heartbreaking motor neuron disease diagnosis at the age of 21, and groundbreaking scientific work in the field of time.  I really can’t decide if this looks painfully cheesy (there appears to be a scene with Hawking trying to claw his way up stairs) or somewhat moving.  I hope it’s the latter and the movie’s not going to go for cheap sentiment.

Also starring David Thewlis and Emily Watson, the film will have its world premiere at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival next month and opens in theaters on November 7th.

Click over to Apple to watch in HD.

Here’s the official synopsis for The Theory of Everything:

Starring Eddie Redmayne (“Les Misérables”) and Felicity Jones (“The Amazing Spider-Man 2”), this is the extraordinary story of one of the world’s greatest living minds, the renowned astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, who falls deeply in love with fellow Cambridge student Jane Wilde. Once a healthy, active young man, Hawking received an earth-shattering diagnosis at 21 years of age. With Jane fighting tirelessly by his side, Stephen embarks on his most ambitious scientific work, studying the very thing he now has precious little of – time. Together, they defy impossible odds, breaking new ground in medicine and science, and achieving more than they could ever have dreamed. The film is based on the memoir Travelling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen, by Jane Hawking, and is directed by Academy Award winner James Marsh (“Man on Wire”).

 The Theory of Everything stephen hawking

This article originally appeared at Collider. Copyright 2014. Follow Collider on Twitter.

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Inside The Once-Forbidden Movie Theaters of Afghanistan [PHOTOS]


As the Taliban rose to power in Afghanistan in the 1980s and 90s, restrictions on its citizens became increasingly severe. When the Taliban gained control of Kabul at the end of 1996, music, television, and movies were banned altogether.

But when the U.S. invaded Afghanistan in 2001, those restrictions receded and culture was allowed to re-emerge.

In June 2009, while visiting Kabul to document a separate event, photographer Jonathan Saruk discovered a significant resurgence of Kabul's movie houses, noting them as a "vibrant and remarkable facet" of life in the city.

Saruk wished to document and display a more nuanced version of life in Kabul and in Afghanistan than the visions of war, conflict, poverty, and sadness that we see on television every day, so he began to photograph cinemas and movie theaters.Kabul movies"12 years ago, this scene...would have been unthinkable," Saruk says. Today, he says, there are six cinemas like this one in Kabul.kabul cinemasThe scene inside a movie theater that Saruk describes is one of happiness and camaraderie. Audiences laugh, dance, sing, whistle, smoke cigarettes, and talk with each other. Seeing a movie, Saruk says, "is a respite from the harsh reality that lies outside the confines of the theater."kabul cinemasIn an essay about Saruk's work, Javed Razayee, an Afghan filmmaker writes, "Inside the theater was safe. There were no interruptions from outside... Dramatic music would kick the movie off, and, having my ‘ham’ burger unwrapped, I would lie back, letting myself be transported to great India."kabul cinemasBefore, seeing a movie was nearly impossible. Now, cinemas play at least three movies a day, starting as early as 10am. Men from all over the city come to see action and adventure movies, beautiful women in skirts and pantsuits, passionate love stories, or sometimes all three at once.kabul cinemasFilms from Pakistan, India, and the United States are projected in the theaters, like this one from the U.S., "Bride of Chucky."kabul CinemasWhy does it seem that only men go to the movie theater in Afghanistan? “I got various responses,” Saruk told the Daily Beast when asked about the phenomenon. “Some people said it was because of security and some said that they [women] simply preferred to watch films at home.”kabul cinemasSaruk knew he was onto something when, during a screening of a Bollywood film, members of the audience got up on stage and danced along with the actors being projected. "Watching them, I realized that, in all my time in Afghanistan, I had never witnessed such an outpouring of emotion," says Saruk.kabul cinemas

These images and more are published in Saruk's new book, "The Forbidden Reel," out now on Daylight Books.

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